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Full text of "Psalms and hymns, for social and private worship : carefully selected from the best authors"

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/^ // 9 y 

""''^ JUL 231936 ^ 

m W M W ^m^^^ 




" Sing ye praises with undeistanding." Davi©, 





Be it RE3IEMBERED, that Oil the thirtieth day of Septem- 
ber, in the forty -seventh year of the Independ- 
ence of the United States of America, David 
:PICKERI^'G of the said District hath deposited 
' in this oflice the title of a book the right whereof 
he claims as proprietor ift the words following, 
to : 

Psalms and Hymns, for social and private worship : 
carefully selected from the best authors. By David 
Pickering " Sing j^e praises with understanding/' David. 
In conformity to the Act of Congresss of the United 
States, entitled " An Act for the encouragement of Learof 
inz, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to 
the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the time 
therein mentioned." And also to an Act, entitled ^^ an Actj 
-uppl^mentaiy to an act, entitled an Act for the encourage- 
ment of Learniniz, by securing the copies of Maps, Chart?, 
and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, 
tiuring tli^ times therein mentioned, and extending th^ bene- 
fit? thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching! 
historical and other prints." 

Clerk of the Southern District of J^ew-York. 


THE Compiler, in offering the following Selection of 
sacred Poetry tc Ihe inspection and use of ins christian 
Fri^nfi?, deems it expedient to lay befoie them a few reasons 
r\-hich have induced him to undertake a work of so impor- 
tant a nature. 

Most of the collections now in use among the Societies, 
proftssiijg faith ill the ** ic-titution of all things," contain 
sentiments to which a multitude of the Brethren (though 
firm believer? in the nltirnatc purity and happiness of the 
univerce) feel that the)- cannot conscientiously subscribe. 

In the collections hitherto in use, too great a proportion of 
the Hymns h'^.ve been adapted to private devotion, which 
has necessarily abridged the number and variety for public 
V. orship, and lessened their utility in the assemblies of the 

Although there exists no innate repugnance between taste 
and devotion, yet many highly cultivated minds have found 
just cause to complain of their frequent disunion in the poetry 
used by our Churches. 

I« has aho b'jen a subject of regret that suitable care has 
not been taken in former selections to avoid irregular accents* 
Ti)is defect not only renders the poetry difficult to the reader, 
but fffeatly impairs the harmony of vocal Praise. 

There remains one more defect which is common to all 
the compiiaticns that are now in use. A great number of 
the Hvrans are nearly useless for the service of public 
levotion by reason of their unnecessary length, which 
fatigues the performer, without adding to the religious 
entertainment of the assembly. And it would be useless to 
urge that a part of them might be omitted ; for such omissions 
would generally impair the sense of the whole, and introduce 

In the following Selection, the utmost care has been 
clserved to avoid the introduction of sentiments that mifht 


prove oflensive to our Brethren ; and at the same time to 
preserve the sentiment of universal henevulence and grace 

Equal caution has been maintained against the admi?5i<^n 
of any Hymn that would not alTord instruction, or inspire 
a devotional feeling. 

It is believed that the defects wliich are commonly the 
subjects of complaint in the different collections now used 
by our Societies, have been so far avoided in this Selection, 
as to entitle it, at least, to a fair and unprejudiced exami- 

Should such examination be accompanied with th<? 
approbation of competent inspectors, it is believed that the 
faithful friends of truth will not withhold their patronage. 

To heighten the enjoyments of public devotion, to promote 
uniformity in our Churches, and to in^part instruction and 
comfort to the worshipper, has been the principal object of 
the following Selection. 

"With these views,the Compiler submits the following work 
to the perusal of his Brethren, and commends it to the 
blessing of that God, whose praise it is designed to promot*^ 
on the earth. 

N. B. The alphabetical arrangement of the Psalms and 
Hymns in this Book, with the Index, or table of first lii^s,, < 
is thought to be a sufficient guide for ever}'- purpose to which 
it will be applied, without the addition of an index to the 
♦ubjccts, which would swell the size and expense of the 

Whenever alterations havp been made to improve the 
-tile, or correct the sentiment of the original, in this selection, 
they have notbeen signified, except in cases where the general 
ligatures of the Hymns have been materially changed. 


1. CM. 

The Lord's Day Morning. 

1 Agaix the Lord of life and light 

Awakes the kindling ray. 
Unseals the eyelids of the morn, 
And pours increasing day. 

2 O what a night was that which wrapped 

The heathen world in gloom ! 
O what a sun which broke, this day,- 
Triumphant from the tomb ! 

3 This day be grateful homage paid. 

And loud hosannas sung ; 
Let gladness dwell in ev'ry heart. 
And praise on ev'ry tongue. 

4 Ten thousand diff'ring lips shall join 

To hail this welcome morn, 
Which scatters blessings from its wings 
To nations yet unborn. 

5 Jesus, the friend of human kind, 

Was crucified and slain ! 
Behold, the tomb its prey resign 1 
Behold, he lives again ! 


6 And wliile his coiiqu'ring chariot wheels 
Ascend th^ lofty skies. 
Broken beneath his powerful cross. 
Death's iron sceptre lies. 

Mrs. Barbauldl 

2. S.M. 

Praise to the Creator. 

1 Almighty Maker, God ! 

How wondrous is thy naiive ! 

Thy glories how difFus'd abroad 

Through all creation's frame ! 

2 Natuce in ev'ry dress 

Her humble homaj^e pays ; 
And finds a thousand ways V express 
Thine undissembled praise. 

3 Our souls would rise and sing 

To our Creator^.,too : 
Fain would our tongues adore our King, 
And pay the homage due. 

4 In joy, let us spend 

The remnant of our days ! 

And oft to God our souls ascend 

In grateful songs of praise ! 


3. CM. 

Our lives bl.essed by Divine Goodness.- 

J AsAiN the cheerful beams of day, 
Shine to salute our eyes ; 
Our souls again their tribute pay, 
To him tfrat rules the skies. 


C Our life is ever on the wing, 
And death is ever nigh ; 
The moment when our lives begin, 
We all begin to die. 

'3 Yet mighty God, our fleeting days. 
Thy lasting favors sliare ; 
And with the bounties of thy grace 
Thou crown'st the rolling year. 

4 Thy goodness runs an endless round : 

All glory to the Lord : 
Thy mercy never knows a bound, 
And be tliy name ador-d. 

5 Thus we begin the lasting song; 

And whe.i gur days are o'er. 
Let the next age thy praise prolong. 
Till time shall be no i;uore. 


4. L.M. 

Tl^ Christian Sabbath. 

1 AcAix our weekly labours end^ 
And we the sabbath's call attend : 
Improve, mv soul ! the sacred rest, 
And learn forever to be blest. 

^2 This day may our devotions rise. 
As grateful incense to the skies 4 
May heav'n tliat peace divine bestow, 
AVhich none but they who feel it, know. 

1 This^iioly calm within the breast ; 
Points us to that eternal rest-, 


Which for the sons of God remains ; 
The end of cares, the end of pains. 

4 With joy, great God, thy works we view% 
In varied scenes, both old and new ; 
With praise we think on mercies past. 
By hope, we future mercies taste. 

5 In holy duties, let the day. 
In holy pleasures pass away : 

How sweet this sabbath thus to spend. 
In hope of that which n^'er shall end ! 

Steiinet, altered. 

5 L. M. 

The Operations of Nature speak the Existence of God^ - 
Rom. 1. 20. 

1 All nature speaks, let men give ear. 
And bow the reverential knee ; 
The voice of nature they shall hear. 
The God of nature they shall see. 

2 Behold the stars with brilliant light. 
And planets which in order move ! 
They all proclaim a God of might. 
And testily a God of love. 

3 The glorious sun, whose gentle beams 
Enlivens all things here below ; 
The lucid moon, with paler gleams. 
Proclaim a God that made them so. 

4 Survey the whole capacious earth. 

The sea and land, rocks, hills, and plains ; 
The God of nature gave them birth. 
And by his law the whole maintains. 


5 Behold the trees in verdure rise I 
His wisdom shines in all their leaves : 
Rehoid the birds that mount the skies. 
And fish that fill the mighty seas ! 

6 They all unite to speak his povv'r, 
From whom all life and being came ; 
Then kt us all the Lord adore, 
/Vnd bow J)efore his rev-rend name. 

A. KneelauVi 

6. L. M. 

reiFeciition and Ifitolerafice, absurd. 

1 Absurd and vain attempt ! to bind 
AVith incHi chains, the freeborn mind ; 
To force conviction, and reclaim 
The wand'ring, by destructive flame ! 

2 Bold arrogance, to snatch from heaven. 
Dominion not to mortals given ! 

O'er conscience to usurp the throne. 
Accountable to God alone. . 

J Our blessed Master's law of love, 
Does no such cruelties approve ; 
Mild as himself, his doctrine wields 
No arms, but those persuasion yields 

4 By proofs divine, and reasons strong, 
It draws the willing soul along ; 
And conquests to his church acquires. 
By eloquence, wliich heav'n inspires. 

5 happy, who are thus compelled 
To the rich feast, by Jesus held ! 


May we this blessing know, and prize 
The light, which liberty supplies. 


7. S.M. 

Leaving earthly Enjoyments. 

1 Adieu, all earthly things. 
My soul shall mount on high ; 

Those courts with heav'nly music ringSj, 
And pleasures never die. 

2 For earthly charms no more, 
My soul shall vainly strive ; 

I've made the gospel all my store. 
Thence all my joys derive. 

S I've sought this world around, 
Some solid joy to find ; 
There's none that grows on earthly ground. 
That's fit to cheer the mind. 

4 Then come, without delay. 
My soul, with progress rise ; 
And march with gladness on the way. 
To yonder blissful skies. 

H. Ballou. 

8. L.M. 

Emmaus. A Sacred Ode. 
^^ Abide with us, for it is towards evening." Luke xxiv. 29. 

1 Abide with us, the evening shades 
Begin already to prevail ; 
And as the ling'ring twilight fades. 
Dark clouds in fielus of azure sail. 


2 Abide with us — the night is chill ; 
And damp and cheerless is the air ; 
Be our companion, Stranger, still. 
And thy repose shall be our care. 

3 Abide with us — thy converse sweet 
Has well beguil'd the tedious way ; 
\V ith such a friend we joy to meet. 
We supplicate thy longer stay. 

4 Abide with us — for well we know 
Thy skill to cheer the gloomy hour. 
Like balm thy honied accents flow. 
Our wounded spirits feel their power. 

5 Abide with us — and still unfold 
Thy sacred, thy prophetic lore ; 
What wondrous things of Jesus told ! 
Stranger, we thirst, we pant for more, 


6 Abide with us — and still converse 
Of him who late on Calv'ry died : 
Of him the prophecies rehearse. 
He was our friend they crucified. 

7 Abide with us — our hearts are cold, 
We thought that Israel he'd restore ; 
But sweet the truths thy lips have told, 
And, Stranger, we complain no more. 

8 Abide with us — w^e feel th^ charm, 
That binds us to our unknown friend ; 
Here pass the night secure from harm. 
Here, Stranger, let thy wanderings end. 


9 Abide with us — to their request 

The Stranger bo\\:s, with smiles divine ; 
Then round the board the unknown guest 
And weary travellers recline. 

10 Abide with us— amaz'd they cry, 
As suddenly, whilst breaking bread. 
Their own lost Jesus meets their eye^ 
With radiant glory on his head I 

11 Abide with us — thou heav'nly Friend, 
Leave not thy foll'wers thus alone ; 
Nor let our sweet communion end, 
But lead us to thy heav'nly home. 

T, Raffle.-. 

9. L.M. 

Rain of Heaven. Psa. Ixxii. 6. Isa. Iv. 10, 11, 

1 As show'rs on meadows newly mown, 
Jesus shall shed his blessings down ; 
Crown'd with whose life-infusing drops. 
Earth shall renew her blissful crops. 

2 Lands, that beneath a burning sky. 
Have long been desolate and dry, 
Th' effusions of his love shall share. 
And sudden greens and herbage wear. 

3 The dews and rains in all their store, 
Watering the pastures o-er and o'er. 
Are not so copious as that grace 
Which sanctifies ^d saves our race. 

4 As in soft silence, vernal show 'rs 
Descend, and cheer the feinting flow'rs } 


So, in the secrecy of love, 

Falls tlie sweet influence from abovco 

5 That heav-nly influence let us find, 
In holy silence of the mind, 

While evVy grace maintains its bloom. 
Diffusing wide its rich perfume. 

6 Nor let these blessings be confin'd 
To us, but pour'd on all mankind, 
Till all the wastes in verdure rise. 
And a new Eden bless our eyes. 


10. 8,8, 6 M. 

Immanuel is born. Luke. 1. 68, — 70. 

1 Arise, and hail the happy day ; 
Cast all low cares of life away. 

And thought of meaner things ; 
This day, to cure our deadly woes. 
The Sun of Righteousness arose. 

With healing in his wings. 

2 If angels, on that happy morn 

The Saviour of the world was born, 

PourM forth their joyful songs ; 
Much more should v/e of human race. 
Adore the wonders of his grace. 
To whom tliat grace belongs, 

3 O then, let heav'n and earth rejoice. 
Let ev'ry creature join his voice. 

To hymn the happy day, 
AVhen satan's empire vanquished fell 
And all the pow'rs of death and hell 

Confess'd his sov'reign sway. 

Howard's Col^. 


11. 7S.M. 

Christ risen, and Death-vanquighed. 

1 A^TGELs, roll the rock away ; 
Death, yield up thy mighty prey ; 
See, he rises from the tomb. 
Glowing in immortal bloom. 

2 Shcfut ye aaints, in rapt'rous song. 
Let the notes be sweet and strong ; 
Hail the Son of God, this morn^ 
From his sepulchre new-born. 

3 Pow'rs of heaven, celestial choirs, 
Sing and sweep your sounding lyres ; 
Sons of men, in joyful strain. 

Hail your mighty Saviour's reign I 

4 Ev'ry vtote with w^onder swell. 
And the Saviour's triumph tell ; 
Where, death, is no^v thy sting ? 
Where thy terror, vanquish'd king ? 


12. L.M. 

On Earth Peace, Good will to Men. 

1 Awake the song that gave to earth 
Salvation in Immanuel's birth ! 
Angelic tongues the strain began ! 
'Twas peace on earth, good will to man, 

2 Celestial Peace ! and is it ours 

To strike the harp on Salem's tow'rs r 
To -welcome back the Dove that brings 
The balm of healiiiigin her wings ? 


3 She comes ! and lo, the orphan's wail 
No longer loads the passing gale ; 
Contentment sheds her sacred calm, 
And nature owns the sovereign charm. 

4 She comes ! and banner, spear and plume^ ' 
That led to conquest and the tomb ; 
Wreath'd with the olive, now adorn 

The triumphs of the joyous morn. 

5 She comes ! and with attentive ear. 
The gospel's sound the heathen hear; 
Round blood-stain'd altars throng no more,- 
But suppliant bow, and God adore. 

6 Father, if such the bliss that flows 
Where peace delights to seek repose, 
On earth may she for ever rest. 
Each bosom with her presence blest. 

A. Deerin^. 

13. L.M. 

God our Shepherd and Guardian. 

1 As the good shepherd gently leads 
His wand'ring flocks to verdant mead?, 
Where v/inding rivers, soft and slow^ 
Amid the flow'ry landscape flow. 

£ So God, the guardian of each soul, 
Does all our erring steps control : 
When lost in sin's perplexing maze. 
He brings us back to virtue's ways. 

3 Though we shouldjournev through the plain?. 
Where df ath in all his horror roio;ns, ti^ 


Our steadfast hearts no ill shall fear. 
For thou, O God ! art with us there. 

4 Thine ever-watchful providence 
Is our support and our defence : 
With thee we are of all possessed. 
And in thy favour, fully blest. 

5 bounteous God ! our future days 
Shall be devoted to thy praise ; 
And in thy house, thy sacred name 
And wondrous grace shall be our theme. 

Pope's Collection. 

14. L.M. 

Holy Resolution. 

1 Ah, wretched souls, who strive in vain ! 
Slaves to the world, and slaves to sin 1 
A nobler toil may we sustain, 

A nobler satisfaction win. 

2 We would resolve with all our heart, 
With all our pow'rs to serve the Lord ; 
Nor from his precepts e'er depart, 
Whose service is a rich reward. 

3 be his service all our joy ! 
Arpund let our example shine ; 
Till others love the blest employ. 
And join in labours so divine. 

4 Be this the purpose of our soul» 
Our solemn, our determinM choice, 
To yield to his supreme control, 
And in his kind commands reJQice. 


O may we never faint nor tire. 
Nor wander from thy sacred ways ! 
Great God, accept our souls' desire. 
And give us strength to live thy praise. 

Mrs. Steelf . 

1 5. c. M. 

The Law of Love. 

1 All nature feels attractive pow'r, 

A strong embracing force ; 
The drops that sparkle in the show'r 
The planets in their course. 

2 Thus in the universe of mind. 

Is felt the law of Love ; 
The charity, both strong and kind. 
For all that live and move. 

3 More perfect bond, the christian plan 

Attaches soul to soul ; 
Our neighbour is the sufF'ring man. 
Though at the distant pole. 

4 To earth below, from heav'n above. 

The faith in Christ professM, 
More clear reveals that Go^l is love. 
And whom he loves is bless'd. 


16. L. M. 

'-* Affliction cometh not forth of the Dust." Job. v. 6. 
1 Affliction's faded form draws nigh. 

With wrinkled brow and tearful eye ; 

With sackcloth on her bosom spread ; 

And ashes scatter'd o'er her head. 


£ But deem her not a child of earth ; 
From heav'n she draws li^r sacred birtfa ! 
Beside the throne of God she stands 
To execute his dread commands- 

3 Oft as in pleasure's paths tve stray, 
Perplex'd in sin's deceitful way. 

With storms she thunders o'er our heads. 
And suddeti ruin round us spreads : 

4 The messenger of grace, she flies 
To train us for our sphere, the skie3 5 
And onward as we move, the way 
Becomes more smooth, more bright the day* 

5 Her weeds to robes of glory turn. 

Her looks with kindling radiance burn ; 

And from her lips these accents steal, 

" God smites to bless, he wouids to heal !** 


17. C.M. 

The Light and Glory of God's Wore 

1 A o:lory gilds the sacred pag'r\ 

Majestic as the sun ; 
It gives a light to ev'ry age > 
It gives, but borrows none. 

2 The hand that gave it, still supplier? 

The gracious light and heat ; 
Its truths upon the nations rise, 
Thoy ri&e, but never set. 

^ Let endless thanks, O God ! '^^^ tin ,.. 
For such a bright di&pla ^ 


Ab makes a world of darkness shinv 
With beams of heav'nly day. 

4 ^^ ith steadfast zeal may we pursue 
The paths of truth and love ; 
Till glory break upon our view 
In brighter worlds above, 


IS. CM. 

The vegetable Creation, an Emblem o( the 
Resurrection of Man. 

1 All nature dies, and lives again : 

The flowVs that paint the field. 
The trees that crown the mountain's brow. 
And boughs and blossoms yield. 

2 Tliese, all resign their beauteous form, 

At winter's stormy blast ; 
And leave the naked leafless plain 
A desolated waste, 

S Yet soon reviving plants and flowVs 
Anew shall deck the plain ; 
The woods shall hear the voice of spring 
And flourish green again. 

4 So to the dreary grave consigned, 

Man sleeps in death's dark glooui. 
Until th' eternal mt)rningwake 
The slumbers cff the tomb. 

5 O may the grave become to us 

'l*he bed of peaceful rest ; 
Whence we shall gladly rise at length. 
And mingle wiui the blest ! 


6 Cheerd bv this hope, with patient mind 
We'll wait Heav'n's high decree ; 
Till the appointed period come 
When death shall set us free. 

Edinburgh Coll. 

19. CM. 

Creation of Man. 

1 A God, a God, the wide earth shouts ! 

A God ! the Heav*n's reply : 
He moulded in his palm the world. 
And hung it in the sky. 

2 " Let us make man'- : — with beauty clad. 

And health in ev'ry vein ; 
With reason thronM upon his brow, 
Stepp'd forth majestic tian. 

3 Around he turn'd his wond'ring eyes, 

All nature's works surveys ; 
Admires the earth, the skies, himself; 
And tries his tongue in praise. 

4 Ye hills, and vales ! ye meads and woods ! 

Sun ! with o*erpowTin«; glare, 
Fair creatures, tell me, if ye can. 
From whence, and what ye are ? 

5 What parent powl*, all great and good, 

Do tliese around me own ? 
Tell me, creation, tell me liow 
T' adore the vast unknow n ! 



20. s.M. 


1 A jovful song to God, 

Now let our voices raise ; 
His wondrous works and boundless love 
Demand our highest praise. 

2 He o:ives us wholesome food 

And richest draughts of wine ; 
And life, thro' Christ's redee«iing blood. 
Immortal and divine. 

5 i^o let us sing his praise 

While life and being last ; 
Then taste those beatific joys 
Which cannot be express M. 

S. Strcc<er. 


Christ the Branch of David, and the Morning S^ar- 

1 All hail, mysterious King ! 

Hail David's ancient root ; (sprinij 

Thou righteous Branch, which thence did 
To give the nations fruit, — 

t2 Our wearv souls shall rest 

Beneatfi thy gratei*ul shade ; 
Our thirstinglips thesv.eets ^hall taste^ 
By thy bless'd fruit convey'd, 

S Fair morningstar, arise I 

With living glories bright ; 
And pour on these aw^ak'ning eyes 
A flood of sacred lio;ht. 


4 The horrid gloom is fled, 

PiercM by thy heav'nly ray ; 
Shine, and our wand'ring footsteps lead 
To everlasting day. 

Doddridge, altered, 

22. c. M. 

Pillars in the Heavenly Temple. 

1 All hail, victorious Saviour, hail ! 

We bow to thy command, 
And own that David's royal key 
Well fits thy sovereign hand/ 

2 Open the treasures of thy love. 

And shed thy gifts abroad ; 
Unveil to our rejoicing eyes 
The Temple of our God. 

3 Therein as pillars let us stand. 

On an eternal base ; 
Uprear'd by thy almighty hand. 
And pclish'd by thy grace. 

4 There, deep engraven let us bear 

The title of our God ; 
And mark the New Jerusaleiti. 
As our secure abode. 

' In lasting characters inscribe 
Thy own beloved name ; 
That endless ages there may read 
The great Immanuel's claim. 



23. L.M. 

The \'oice of Nature. 

1 Almighty goodness, pow'r divine, 
Tlie fields and verdant meads display > 
And bless the hand which made them shine. 
With various charms profusely gay. 

S For man and beas^here daily food, 
In wide diffusive plenty grow ; 
And there, for drink, the crystal flood. 
In streams sweet-winding gently flow. 

3 By cooling streams and soft'ning shov> *rs 
The vegetable race are fed ; 

And trees and plants, and herbs and flow'rs, 
Their Maker's bounty smiling spread. 

4 The flow'ry tribes, all blooming rise 
Above the faint attempts of art ; 
Their bright inimitable dyes 
Speak sweet conviction to the heart. 

5 Ye curious winds, that roam abroad, 
And trace creation's wonders o'er. 
Confess the footsteps of our God, 
And bow before him and adore. 

Mrs. Steelex ^ 

24. L. M. 

God eternal and unchangeable. 

1 All-pow'rful, self-existent God, 
Who all creation dost sustain ! 
Thou wast, and art, and art to come, 
And everlasting is thy reign. 


2 Fix'd and eternal as thy days. 
Each glorious attribute divine, 
Through ages in^nite, shall still 
With undiminish'd lustre shine. 

3 Fountain of b«ng ! source of good ! 
Immutable thou dost remain ; 
Nor can the shadow of a change 
Obscure the glories of thy reign* 

4 Nature h«r order shall reverse, 
Revolving seasons cease their round. 
Nor spring appear with blooming pride. 
Nor autumn be with plenty crownd, 

5 Yon shining orbs forget their course, 
The sun his destin'd path forsake, 
And burning desolation mark 
Amid the worlds his devious track. 

6 Earth may with all herpowVs dissolve, 
If such the great Creator's will ; 

But thou forever art the same, 
I AM, is thy memorial still. 

Walker's ColL 

25. H.M. 

Kingdom of Christ. Dan. ii. 44. Psa. xxii. 27. Ixvii 3. 4. 

1 All hail, redeeming Lord ! 

The wondrous things foretold 
Of thee in sacred v/rit. 

With ioy our eyes behold : 
Still does thy arm new trophies wear 
And monuments of glory rear. 


2J To thee the hoary head 
Its silver honours pays ; 
To thee the blooming youth 
Devotes his brightest days : 
And evTy age their tribute brings 
And bow to thee, all conqu'ring King. 

S h^ste, victorious Prince, 
That happy, glorious day, 
"When souls like drops of dew ^ 
Shall own thy gentle sway ! 

may it bless our longing eyes, 

And bear our shouts beyond the skies 1 

4 All hail, triumphant Lord ! 
Eternal be thy reign ; 
Behold the nations sue 
To wear the gentle chain : 
^Vhcn earth and time are known no more, 
Thy throne shall stand forever sure. 

Wesley's CoU. 

26. CM. • 

Aspiiatioii after the Christian Temper. 

1 Almighty Maker ! Lord of all ! 

Of life the only spring 1 
Creator of unnumber'd worlds ! 
Supreme, eternal King I 

2 Drive from the confines of our hearts 

Impenitence and pride ; 
Nor let us in forbidden paths 
With thoughtless sinners glide* 

> Whatever tliine all-discerning eye. 
5?^es for thy creatures fit ; 


We'll bless the good, and to th'e ill 
Contentedly submit. 

4 With gen'rous pleasure let us view 

The prosp'rous and the great ; 
Malignant envy let us fly. 
And odious self-conceit. 

5 Let not despair, nor fell revenge^ 

Be to our bosoms known ; 

O give us tears for other's woes. 

And patience for our own 1 

6 Still let our days serenely pass. 

Without remorse or care ; 

And growing holiness, our souls 

For life's last hour prepare. 

Select Col! 

27. L.M. 


1 All-Seeing, God! 'tis thine to know 
The springs whence wrong opinions flow ; 
To judge, from principles within. 
When frailty errs, and when we sin. 

2 Where is the man, gretit Lord of all ' 
Thy servant to his bar shall call ; 
Jud,ge him for modes of faith thy foe, 
And doom him to the realms oi wo r 

5 Who w^ith another's eye can read. 
Or worship by another's creed ? 
Trusting thy grace, we form our own. 
And bov/ to thy commands alone. 


4 If wron;j, correct ; accept, if right ; 
^Vhile faithful we improve our light, — 
Condemning none, but zealous stiH, 
To learn and follow all thy will. 

5 When shall our happy eyes behold 
All people fashion'd in thy mouUl ; 
And charity their lineage prove 
beriv'd from thee, O God of love ! 


28. L.M. 

The Example of Christ. 

1 And is the gospel peace and love f 
So let our conversation be : 
The serpent blended with the dove. 
Wisdom and meek simplicity. 

5 Whene'er the angry passions rise. 

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife. 
On Jesus let us fix our eye«. 
Bright pattern of the Christian life ! 

3 how benevolent and kind ! 
How mild ! how ready to forgive ? 
Be his the temper of our mind. 
And his tlie rule3 by which we live. 

4 To do his heav'nly Father's will 
Was his employment and delight : 
Humility and holy zeal 

Shone through his life, divinely bright ! 

5 Dispensing good where'er became, 

The labors of his life v.ere love ; 


Then if we bear the Saviour's name. 
By his example let us move. 

Mrs- Steele. 

29. CM 

Acquiescence in the Will of God* 

1 Author of good ! we rest on thee ; 
Thine ever watchful eye. 
Alone our real wants can see, 
Thy hand alone supply. 

€ let thy fear within us dwell. 
Thy love our footsteps guide ! 
That love shall vainer loves expel ; 
That fear, all fears beside. 

3 And since, bj passion's force subdu'd, 

Too oft with stubborn will. 
We blindly shun the latent good, 
And grasp the specious ill : 

4 Not what we wish, but what we want 

Luet mercy still supply : 
The good, unask'd, O Father ! grants 
The ill, though ask'd, deny. 


30. CM. 

Jesu^ owned Lord cf all. Isa. xi. 10. Hab. ii. 14. 

Rom. xi. 25, 26. 

1 All hail the pow'r of Jes^is' name ' 
Let angels prostrate fall . 
Bring forth the royal diadem, 
And ov/Ti him Lord cf ilL 


li Ye wand'rlng seed of Israel's race, 
A reiimant >\'^ak and small ; 
Praise him, who saves you by his grace^^ 
And own him Lord of all. 

3 Ye gentile sinners, ne'er forget 

Tiie wormwood and the o;all ; 
Go — spread your trophies at his feet, 
And own him Lord of all. 

4 Babes, men, and sires, who know his love^ 

^Vho feel your sin and tlirall. 
Now joy with all the hosts above, 
And own him Lord of all. 

5 Let ev'ry kindred, ev'ry tribes 

On this terrestrial ball, 
To him all majiesty ascribe. 
And own him tord of all. 

6 And when with yonder sacred throng, 

We at his feet^shall fall ! 
^Ve*ll join the everlasting song^ 
And own him Lord of all. 

Rippon's CoH* 

31. lls.M. 

*• Prepare ye the Way of the Lord." Luke iii. 4. 

1 A voice from the desert comes awful and shrill : 
" The Lord is advancing : prepare ye the way I 
The word of Jehovah he'comes to fulfil, 
And o'er the dark world pour the splendor of day. 

: Bringdown the proud mountain, though tow'r- 

incr above, 
:^d be the low valley exalted on high ; 


The rough place and crooked be smfoothen'd 

by love. 
For Zion ! your King, your Redeemer is nigh. 

3 The beams of salvation his progress illume. 
The tone dreary wilderness sings to her God ! 
The rose and the niirtle there suddenly bloom, 
The olive of p^eace spreads its branches a- 


32. L.M. 

Personal Virtues. 

1 Awake, my soul ! rouse ev'ry powV, 
Thy native dignity display : 

Let lust and passion reign no more. 
No longer own their lawless sway. 

2 Thy temper meek and humble be. 
Content and pleas'd with ev'ry state ; 
From dire revenge and envy free, 
And wild ambition to be great. 

3 Confine thy roving appetites ; 

From this vain world withdraw thine eyes, 
Fix them on those divine delights, 
Reserv'd for saints above the skies. 

4 With eager zeal pursue the prize ; 
Each fleeting hour of life improve ; 
This course will speak thee truly wise, 
'Till call'd to yon bless'd world above, 



33. CM. 

Zeal and Vigour in the Christian Race. Phil. n\A2y 14. 

1 Awake, each soul ! stretch e\ Ty nerve. 

And press with vigour on : 
A heav'nly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crowa. 

2 A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod. 
And onward urge thy \vay, 

S *Tis God's all-animating voice 
That calls thee from on high ; 
'Tis his own hand presents the prize 
To thine aspiring eye. 

4 That prize, with peerless glory bright, 

\Vhich shall new lustre boast, 
When > ictors' wreaths and monarchs' gem? 
Shall blend inibnimon dust. 

5 Then soul, with all thy waken'd powers. 

Survey th' immortal prize ; 
Nor let the glittVing toys of earth. 
Allure thy vvand'nng eyes. 


34. CM. 

Thomph in Prosp'Jct of future Glory. Rom. xiii. 11 . 

1 Awake, ye saints ! and raise your eye?. 
And raise your voices high : 
Awake, and praise that sovereign love. 
Which shows salvation nigh. 


S On all the wings of time it flies ; 
Each moment brings it near : 
Then welcome each declining day, 
Welcome each closing year. 

3 Not many years their round shall run, 

Not many mornings rise, 
Ere all its glories stand reveal'd 
To our admiring eyes. 

4 Ye wheels of nature speed your course ; 

Ye mortal povv'rs decay ! 
Fast as ye bring the night of death. 
Ye bring eternal day. 


35. CM. 

The Condescension of God. 

1 Amidst the heav'nly pow'rs sublime 
God's throne is fix'd on high ; 
And through eternity (he hears 
The praises of the sky. 

.2 Yet, looking down, he visits oft 
The humble, hallow'd cell ; 
And with the penitent who mourns, 
'Tis his delight to dwell : 

3 The downcast spirit to revive. 

The sorrowful to cheer ; 
And from the bed of dust, the man 
Of contrite heart to rear. 

4 With him dwells no relentless wrath 

Against the human race : 


The souls which he has form'd, shall find 
A refuge in his grace. 

Edinburgh Coll. 

36. s.M. 

The living Sacrifice. 

1 And will th' eternal King 

So mean a gift reward ? 
That off 'ring Lord ! with joy we bring. 
Which thy own hand prepared. 

2 We own thy various claim. 

And to thine altar move, 
The willing victims of thy grace. 
And bound with cords of love. 

3 Descend, celestial fire ! 

The sacrifice inflame ! 
So shall a grateful odour rise 
Through our Redeemer's name. 


37. CM. 

Christian Zeal and Diligence. 

1 Are not thy mercies sovereign stili. 

And thou a faithful God ? 
Wilt thou not grant us warmer zeai 
To run the heav'niy road ? 

2 We need the influence of thy graw*. 

To speed us in thy v/ay. 
Lest we should loiter in'our race. 
Or turn our feet astray. 


S Do not our hearts thy precepts love, 
Aud long to see thy face ? 
And yet how slow our spirits move^ ' 
Without enliv'ning grace ! 

4 But we shall love thy gospel more. 
And ne'er forget thy word. 
When we have felt its quick'ning powV, 
To draw us near the Lord. 


38. L.M. 

The happy State of the Christian. 

1 As we advance in wisdom's ways. 
Thy love demands new songs of praise; 
Our pleasures, joys, and hopes increase. 
And all within is settled peace. 

It Our foes with weaker pow'rs assail ; 
With strength increasing we prevail ; 
Above our ev'ry tempter rise. 
And press with zeal towards the skies. 

3 Look we at death ! 'tis with delight ; 
A gentle sleep, and short the night ; 
Angels support the feeble head. 

Our souls have nothing here to dread. 

4 Think we of judgment! happy dayj[ 
Joyful the summons we oliey ; 

It is to meet the God we love, 
And take our glorious crowns above. 

5 Transporting thought ! celestial state I 
For this we live) for this we wait i 


And wliile we take the happy yoad, 
Our sotgs of praise ascend to God. 


oy. Ts.M. six lines. 

Commencement of Public Worship. 

1 At the portals of thy house, 
Lord ! we leave our mortal cares; 
Nobler thoughts our souls engage, 
Songs of piaise and fervent prayers^ 

Pure and contrite hearts alone, 
Find acceptance at thy throne. 

2 Hapless men, whose footsteps stray 
From the temple of the Lord I 
Teach them Zion-s heav'nly way, 
To their feet thy light aiford : 

Let the world united join, 
To extol thy love divine. 

. J, Taylt)r. 

40. H. M. 

The Lord's Day ^lorning. 

1 Awake, our drowsy souls ! 
Shake ofTeach slothful band!. 
The wonders of this day 
Our noblest songs demand. 

Auspicious morn. Thy blissful rays. 
Bright seraphs hail. In songs of praise T 

2 At thy approaching dawn, 
Reluctant death resigned 
The glorious Prince of life, 
Id Ui^ dark vault confin'd. 


Th' angelic host Around him bends. 

And, midst their shouts, The Lord ascends- 

3 All hail, triumphant Lord ! 
Heav'n with hosanna rings; 
While earth, in humbler strains, 
Thy praise responsive sings. 

Wortny art thou. Who once \vast slain, 
Thro' endless years To live and reign. 

4 Gird on, great King, thy sword. 
Ascend thy conquMng car, 
WMiile justice, truth and love 
Maintain the glorious war. 

Victorious thou. Thy foes shalt tread, 
And sin and death In triumph lead, 

5 Make bare thy potent arm. 
And wing th' unerring dart. 
With salutary pangs. 

To each rebellious heart. 
Then dying souls For life shall sue. 
Numerous as drops Of morning dew. 

Rippon'fi C©IL 

41. CM. 

Hearing the Voice of Gad's Rod. 

1 Attend each soul, with revVent awe. 

The dictates of thy God; 
Silent and trembling hear the voice, 
Of his appointed rod. 

2 Now let us search and try ouj ways. 

And prostrate seek his face, 
Conscious of guilt, before his throhe 
In dust our souls abase. 


? Teach us, God ! uhat's yet unknown. 
And all our crimes forgive ; 
Those crimes we would no more repeat, 
But to thy honour live. 

4 Our wither'd joys too plainly sliow 
That all on earth is vain ; 
In God our wounded hearts confide. 
True rest and bliss to gain. 

i) Father! we wait tiiy gracious calU 
To leave tliis mournrul land. 
And bathe in rivers of delight 
That flow at thy right hand. 


42. CM. 

God tlic Refuge of the Afflicted. 

1 Affliction is a stormy deep, 

Where wave resounds to wave ; 
Thouj!;h o'er our heads the billows roll. 
We know the Lord can save. 

2 When darkness, and when sorrows rose 

And pressed on evVy side, 
The Lord hath still sustain'd our steps, 
And still hath been our guide. 

3 Perhaps, before the morning dawn. 

He will restore our peace; 
For he who bade tlie tempest roar 
Can bid the tempest cea:?e. 

4 In the dark watches Qf tlie night 

We'll count hh mercies o'er : 


We'll praise him for ten thousand past, 
And humbly plead for more. 

5 Here will we rest, here build our hopes, 
Nor murmur at his rod ; 
He^s more to us than all the world. 
Our health, our life, our God. 


43. CM. 

SwiouG Reflections on cnir iNToral Conditiorh-*- 
[For the close of the year.] 

1 And now, my soul ! another year 

Of my short life is past : 

I cannot long continue here ; 

And this may be my last. 

2 Part of my doubtful life is gone/ 

Nor will return again ; 
And swift my fleeting moments run — 
The few which still remain ! 

3 Awnke, my soul ! with all thy care 

Thy true condition learn ; 
What are thy hopes, how sure, how fail'. 
And what thy great concern ? 

4 Now a new space of life begins ; 

Set out afresh for heav'n : 
Seek pardon for thy former sins. 
Through christ, so freely giv'n^ 

5' Devoutly yield thyself to God, 
And on his grace depend ; 
With zeal pursue the heavenly road, 
Nor doubt a happy end* 

Exetef Cdll 


44. L.M. 

The Christian Race. 

1 AwA!tE, our souls ; away our fears ; 
Let every trembling thought be gone : 
Awake, and run the heav'nly race, 
And put a cheerful courage on ! 

2 True His a straight and pleasant road ; 
Yet mortal spirits tire, and faint 
When they forget the mighty God, 
Who feeds the strength of ev'ry saint : 

3 The mighty God, whose powerful hand 
Has matchless works of w^onder done ; 
And shall endure, whilst endless years 
Their everlastiiig circles run. 

4 From him, the overflowing spring, 
Our souls shall drink a rich supply; 
Whilst those who trust their native strength 
Shall melt ^v, ay, and droop and die. 

5 Swift as an e^le cuts the air, 
We'll mount aloft to thine abode, 
On wings of love our souls shall fly. 
Nor tire amidst the heav'nly road. 


45. L.M. 

Praise for Divine Goodness. 

1 Awake, each soul ! awake, each tongue^! 
Our God demands a grateful song: 
Let all our nobler pow'rs record 
The wundro'w mercv of the Lord. 


2 Dmnely free, hts mercy flows. 

Forgives our crimes, allavs our woes; 
He bids approaching death remove^ 
And crowns us with indulgent love. 

3 He fills our longing souls with good. 
Substantial bliss ! immortal food ! 
Youth smiles renew'd in active pnme. 
And triumphs o'er the pow'r of time* 

4 In him the poor oppressed shall find 
A friend, almighty, just and kind ; 
His 2;h)i i<j%i& acts, his wondrous ways, 
To all the world prociaim his praise. 

Mrs. Steek, 

46. L. M. 

For the Dedication of a Plg.ce of Worsliip. Ps. Ixxxvii. 5. 

1 And will the j:reat eternal God 
On earth establish his abode? 
And will he from his radiant throne 
liegard our ttMuples as his own? 

■2 Tl.e^e walls we to thy honour raise ; 
Long may tliey echx) with thy praise ; 
And thou, descending, fill the place 
^Vith choicest blessings of thy grace. 

3 And in the great transcendant day, 
\A hen God the nations shall survey, 
May it before the world appear, 
That crowds were born to glory, here. 



47. L. M. 

An Evening Hymn. 

: Another fleeting daj is gone ; 
Slow o'er the west the shadows lis^ ; 
Swift the soft stealing hours have flown, 
And night's dark mantle veils the skies. 

2, Another fleeting day is gone; 
Swift from the records oTthe year ; 
And still, with each successive sun. 
Life's fading visions disappear. 

^ Another fleeting day is gone ; 
To join the fugitives before ; 
And we, when life's employ is done. 
Shall sleep, in time to wake no more. 

4 Another fleeting day is gone : 
But soon a fairer day shall rise, 
A day whose never-setting sua 

Shall pour its light o'er cloudless sk'uii, 

5 Another fleeting day is gone ; 
In solemn silence rest, my soul ; 
Bow down befor^e his awiul tlirone, 
Who bids the morn and evening r^ll, 

Coljyer's Co!!. 

48. L. M. 

A Morning Hvm^, 

1 Awake, each soul ! and witl^ the sun 
The daily stage of duty run : 
Shake oft^duU sloth, and joyful risp. 
To pay the morning sacriiicer 


2 By influence of the light divine, 
Let our own light to others shine ; 
Kefiect ail heaven's propitious rays, 
In ardent love and cheerful praise. 

5 Lord I we our vows to thee renew. 
Scatter our sins a« moi'ning dew ; 
Guard our first springs of thought and wilL 
And with thvself our spiritB fill. 

4 Direct, control, suggest, this day. 
All we design, or do, or say ; 

T^t all our pow'rs, with all their mightj 
In thy sole glory may unite. 

5 All praise to thee, who safe hast kept. 
And hast refreshed us while we slept : 
Grant, Lord! when wefioni death awake, 
AVe may of endless life partake. 

Bp. Ken-. 

49. L. M- 

On the Death of a Child. 

1 As the sweet fiow'r, which scents the morn. 
But withers in the rising day. 

Thus lovely seem'd the infant's dawn ! 
Thus swiftly fled its life away I 

2 Ere sin could bli^jht, or sorrow fade. 
Death timely cauie with friendly care : 
The op'niiig bud to heav'n convey'd. 
And bade it bfeom forever there. 

5 It died before ihc infant soul 

Had ever burn'd w ith wrong desire ; 
Had ever spurn"d atheav'n's control 
'^>r ever qucucli'd its sabred fire- 


It died to sin, to woe, and caic ; 
Yet for a nuoment felt the rod ; 
Then springing on the viewless air 
Spread its light wings and soarM to God. 


S. M. 

jI icii-L — ?ia. Ixviii. 4. ciii. 1, 4. 
1 Awake, and sing the song. 

Of Moses and the Lamb, 
Walce ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue, 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

2 Sing of his saving love ; 
Sing of his rising pow'r ; 

Sing how^ he intercedes above. 
For those sins lie bore. 

3 Sins: on vour heav^nlv wny, 
1 e lansom d sinners smg ; 

Sing on rejoicing ev-rv day. 
In Christ jour coaqu'riilg king. 

4 Soon shall ye hear him say, 

" Ye blessed children come ;*' 

Soon will he call you hence away, 

And take his waud'i;ers home. 

We5l<?>''s Coll. 

51. L. 31. 

As thy Day is, so shaii thy Strength be. 
Afflicted souls, to Christ draw near. 
Thy Saviour's gracious promise hear : 


Ihs faithful word declares to thee. 
That as thy day, thy strength shall be, 

'2 Let not thy heart despond and saj^ 
** How shall 1 stand the trying day ?'' 
He hath engag-'d by firm decree. 
That as thy day, thy strength slmll be. 

3 Tliy faith is weak, thy foes arc strong*; 
And if the conflict should be long. 
Thy Lord will make the tempter flee ^ 
For as thy day, tiiy strength shall be. 

4 Should persecution rage and flkme. 
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name ; 
In fiVy trials tliou shalt see, 

That as thy day, thy strength shall be. 

5 When call'd to bear the mighty crois. 
Or sore affliction, pain, or loss. 

Or deep distress, or poverty ; 

Still as thy day, thy strength shall be. 

6 When ghastly death appears in view, 
Christ's presence shall thy fears subdue ; 
He comes to set thy spirit free, 

And as thy day, thy strength shall be. 


52. c. M. 

The Grace and Love of Christ. 

1 Aloud w*e sing the wondrous grace, 
Christ to his murd'rers bare ; 
^\ hich n^ade the torturing cross its throni^. 
And hung its trophies there. 


2 ^ Father forgive," hrs mercy cried, 

With his expiring breath. 
And drew eternal blessings down 
On those who wrought his death. 

3 Jesus, this wondrous love we sing, 

And wliile we sing admire ; 
Breathe on our souls and kindte there. 
The same celestial tire. 

4 SwayM by thy dear example, we 

For enemies will pray ; 
By love, their hatred, and their curse 
With blessings we'll repay — 


o3. L. M. 

A general Ifymn of Praise. 

1 Bk thou exaUed, O our God, 
Above the heav'ns where angels dwell ; 
Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad, 
And land to land thy wonders telh 

\ With joyful voice well sound thj praise, 
(3 th^)u, from whem all beings came : 
Our hearts are lix'd, our tongues shall raise 
Immortal honors to thy name. 

3 In thee, O God, are all the springs 
Of boundless love, and grace unknown ; 
The richest Wessings nature brings. 
Are gifts descending from thy throne. 

^ High o'er the earth, thy goodness reigns^: 
And reaches to the utmost sky ; - 



Thy truth to endless jcavs remains, 
Though lower worlds dissolve and diii 

5 Be thou exalted, our G*od, 

Abo\"e the heav-ns where angels dwell , 
Thv pow'r on eartli be known abroad. 
And land to land thy wonders tell. 


54. L. M. 

Praise from all Mankind. 

1 Before Jehovah's awful throne. 
Ye nations I bow with sacred joy ; 
Know that the Lord is God alone ; 
He can create, and he destroy. 

2 His sovereign pow'r, which all things made, 
Gave life to clay, and form'd us men ; 
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray-d. 
He Uiought us to his fold again. 

S We ure his people, we his care, 
He still supports our feeble frame ; 
What lasting honours shall we rear. 
Almighty Maker, to thy name ! 

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful S0Dg§, 
Hi2;h as the heav'ns our voices rais.e ; 
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues. 
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 

5 Wide as the w orld is thy command ; 
Vast as eternity thy love ; 

Firm as a rock* thy truth shall stand. 
When rolling years shall cea^e to move. 


55. 8, 8, 6 M. 

Praise from all Nature. Psalms cxlviil 

1 Begin, my soul ! th' exalted lay; 
Let each enraptur'd thoug))t obey, 

And praise th' Almighty's name; 
Let heav*n, and earth, and seas, and ski^. 
In one melodious concert rise. 

To swell th' inspiring theme. 

fi Thou heav'n of heav'ns, his vast abode, 
Ye clouds, proclaim your Maker, God ; 

Ye thunders, speak his pow*r; 
Lo ! on tlie lightning's rapid wings, 
Li triumph rides the King of kings, 
Th' astonish'd worlds adore. 

3 Ye deeps, whose roaring billows rise 
To join the thunders of the skies. 

Praise him, who bids you roll ; 
His praise in softer notes declare. 
Each whisp'ring breeze of yielding air. 

And breathe it to the soul. 

4 WakQ, -all ye soaring tribes, and sing; 
Ye cheerful warblers of the spring. 

Harmonious anthems raise 
To him, vrho shap'd your finer mould, 
Andtipp'd your glitt'ring wings with gold. 

And tun'd your voice to praise. 

Let iiian, by nobler passions sway'd — • 
The feeling heart, the judg;ing head, 
In heav*nly praise employ; 



■ \ 
Spread tlie Creator's name around, A| 

Till heav'n's broad arch ring back the sound, ^ 

The gen'ral burst of joy. 1 

Ogilvie. i| 

56. s. M. ^ 

The Book of Nature and Scripture. Psalms xi^* : 

1 Behold ! the morning sun j 
Begins his glorious way; 

His beams through all the nations run. 
And life and light convey. 

2 The darkness and the light, 
M'hose gen'ral voice i,s kn-own ; 

Proclaim Jehovah's boundless mighty 
The orders of his throne. 

3 Ye christian lands rejoice ; 
To you his word is giv'n ; 

Nor are you left from nature's voice 
To learn the path to heav'n. 

4 His statutes and commands 
Are set before our eyes; 

He puts his gospel in our hands. 
Where our salvation lies. 

5 His laws are just and pure. 
His truth without deceit ; 

His promises forever sure, 
And his rewards are great. 

6 While with the heart and tongue, 
We spread thy praise abroad. 

Accept the worship and the song. 
Our Saviour and our God. 

Watt?, alx'^ 


57. rs. M. 

I'Vceuoni fiOm Errors, Guilt, and Foliy. Ps. xix. IV. Iv 

1 Bless'd Instructor I from thy ways, 
Who can tell how oft he strays r 
Save from error's growth the mind. 
Leave not. Lord! one root behind. 

'2 Purge us from the guilt that lies 
Wrapt within our hearts' disguise : 
Let us thence, by thee renew'd, 
Each presumptuous sin exclude:. 

3 Let our tongues, from error free. 
Speak the words approved by thee ; 
To thine all -observing eyes, 

Let our thoughts accepted rise. 

4 While we thus thy name adore, 
And thy healins^ ^race iiuplore, 
Bless'd Redeemer I bow thine ear ; 
<jod, our strength ! propitious hear. 

oS. S. M. 

Attraction of the Cioss. Join. xli. C2. 

1 Behold th' amazino; siirht, 

Tlie Saviour lifted high I 
Behold the Son of God's delight 

Kxpire in agony I 

•^ We see, and we admire, 

In sympathy of love; 
We feel the strong attractivt- pov, '; 

To lift our souls above. 


3 Drawn by such cords as these, 
Let all the earrth combine, 

"With cheerful ardour to confess 
The energy divine. 

4 In him our hearts unite ; 
Xor share his griefs alone. 

But from his cross pursue their flij^h: 
To his triumphunr throne. 

Dod.hiige. '. 

59. s. M. 

Christ the Light of the Work;. 

1 Behold the Prince of peace, 
The chosen of the Lord, 

God's well-beloved »Son, fulfils 
The sure prophetic word ! 

2 No royal pomp adorns 
This ting of righteousness: 

But meekness, patience, trutli aiifd love 
Compose his princely dress. 

3 The spirit of the Lord, 
In rich abundance shed. 

On thi:^^ great Propiiet gently lights, 
And rests upon his head. 

4 Jesus, tinm light of rrrcn ! 
Thy doctrine life imparts: 

O may we feel its quick -ning pow'r 
To warm and glad our hearts. 

:> Cheer- d by its beams, our soul- 
Shall run the heav'nlv wav : 


The path which Christ hath mark' tl and trod , 
AVill lead to eixlless day. 


60. L. M. 

Christ tl^ Light and Life of the World. 

1 Behold the light ! now see it rise, 
How fast it spreads 1 fills earth and skies, 
AVhile night and darkness flee apace. 
Before the Savioiir^s day of grace. 

2 The sun's bright beam shall now expire 
In brighter rays and warmer fire ; 
Nature, regenerate and pure. 
Shall rise to glory, and endure. 

3 No winter shall these climes annoy. 
No chilling blasts young buds destroy ; 
The tree of life its"^ fruit shall yield. 
And dying man of death be heal'd. [ 

4 Seraphic raptures swell tlie theme, 
And joys bewilder like a dream ; 
Then wait, each soul, the perfect day; 
Yet walk the bright, the shining way. 


61. L. M. 

The b€?tter Part. Luke x. 43. 

1 Besft with snares on ev'ry hand, 
In life's uncertain path we\stand: 
Father, divine ! diffuse thy light. 
To guide our do^ibtful footsteps ri;;;lit' 


£ Engage our roving treach-roiis heart. 
To choose the vise, the better part; 
To scorn the trifles of a day. 
For joys that neTerfade away. 

3 Then. let the fiercest storms arise, 
L^t tempests mingle earth and skies; 
No fatal shipwrecks shall w^e fear. 
But all our treasures with us bear. 

4 If thou, our Father, still be nigh. 
Cheerful we live, and joyful die ; 
Secure when mortal comforts flee. 
To fmd a thousand worlds in thee. 


62. c. M. 

Christian Charity, 

1 Behold, where, breathing love divine. 

Our dying Master stands ! 
His weeping foll'wers, gathering round. 
Receive' his last commands. 

2 From that mild Teacher's parting lips 

What tender accents fell ! 
The gentle precept which he gave 
Became its author well. 

5 BlessVl is the man, whose soffning hea^t 

Feels all another's pain ; 
To whom the supplicating eye 
Was never rais'd in vajn ; 

4 l]^ spreads his kind supporting arn^s 
To ev'ry child of grief ; 


His secret bounty largely flows,, 
And brings uiiaskM relief. 

5 To gentle ottice^ of love. 
His ieet are never slow : 
He views through mercy's melting eve, 
A brother in a foe. 

To him protection shall be shown ; 

And mercy from above 
Descend on those who thus fulfil. 
The perfect law of love. 

Mrs. Barba^Ji^ 

63. c. M. 

The Example of Jesus. 

1 Behold, where, in a mortal fornu 

Appears eacli grace divine ; 
The virtues, all in Jesus meet, 
With mildest radiance shine. 

£ To spread the rays of heav'nly lighi^ 
To give the mourner joy. 
To preach glad tidings to the poor, 
\Vas his divine employ. 

3 Mid keen reproach and cruel scorn^ 

Patient and meek he stood ; 
His foes ungrateful sought his life ; 
He iabourd for their good. 

4 To God he left his righteous cause. 

And still his task pursued ; 
"While humble prayV, and holy faith^ 
His fainting strength renewed/ 


5 In the last hoiir of deep distress. 

Before his father's throne, 
With soul resigned, he bow'd and said, 
" Thy will, not mine, he done !'^ 

6 Be Christ our pattern, and our guide !, 

His image may we bear ! 

O may we tread his Iwly steps, m 

His joy and glory share ! 1 

Enfie]d. n 

64. c. M. 

Christ's Resttriection the Pledge of ours, 1 Pet. K 3 — 6\ 

1 Bless'd be the everlasting God, 
The Father of our Lord ; 
Be his abounding liiercy projis'd. 
His majesty ador/d^ 

S When from the dead he raised his Son, 
And caird him to the sky, 
He gave our souls a lively hope 
That they sliould never die. 

3 What though his uncontroll*<^ decree 

Comm^d our flesh to dust ; 
Since Chris^ our pledge and pattern, rose. 
So all his foll'wers must. 

4 There's an inheritance divine. 

Reserved against that day ; 
'Tis incorrupted, undefil'd. 
And fadeth not away. 

5 ^Ve by thy pow'r, O God ! are kept 

Till this deliverance com% : 


We ".valk by fulth as strangers Iier^, 
Till thau shalt call us kome, 

Watts altjerejd^ 

65. c. M. 

Confidence founded in the Fear of God. 

1 Bless'd is the man who fears the Lgrd : 

His well establish'd mind. 
In ev'ry varying scene of life, 
Shall true composure find. 

2 Oft through the deep and stormy &ea, 

The heavenly footsjteps lie ; 
But on a glorious world beyond. 
His faiih can fix its eye. 

3 Though dark his pnesent prospects be, 

And sorrows round him dwell, 
Yet hope can whisper to his soul. 
That all shall issue well. 

4 Full in the presence of his God, 

Through ev^ry scene he goes ; 
And fearing him, no other fear 
His steadfast bosom knows. 

5 No dangers can his soul alarm, 

No gloomy views aftVight ; 
For faith assures his humble heart, 
Wliatever is, is right. 

E.^eter CoU. 


66. H. M. 

The Gospel Jubilee. 

i Blow ye the trumpet, blow 

The gladly solemn sound ; 

Let all thii nations know. 

To earth's remotest bound, 
The year of Jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, jiome. 

2 Behold the Son of God, 
ComniissionM from above, 
To all the human race. 
The messenger of love ; 

The year of Jubilee is come, 
Retum, ye ransomM sinners, homCc 

3 The gospel trumpet sounds; 
Let all the nations hear, 
And earth's remotest bounds 
Before the throne appear ; 

The year of Jubilee is come, 
Return, ye rarisomM sinners, home. 

Rippon's Col^ 

67. s. M. 

The Birth of Christ. Luke ii. l4^ 

1 Behold ! the <^'ace appears, 

The blessiiig promised long ; 
Angels announce the Saviour near, 

In this triumphant song : 

£ "^ Glory to God on high, 
And heav'niy peace on earth. 


Good-will to men, to an2;els j/)y, 
At the Redeemer's birth I" 

3 In worship so divine, 

Let saints employ their tongues ; 
With the celestial host we join, 
And loud repeat their songs, 

4 Glory to God on high. 

And heavenly peace on earth ; 
Good-will to men, to ano;eis joy. 
At our Redeemer's birth I 


68. s. M. 

vSupport in Death. Ps. xxiii. 

1 Behold the gloomy vale, 
AVhich thou, my soul ! must tread. 

Beset with terrors fierce and pale, 
That leads thee to the dead. 

2 Ye pleasing scenes, adieu ! 
Which I so long have known : 

My friends, a long farewell to you ! 
For I must pass alone. 

3 But see I a ray of light, 
With splendour all divine. 

Breaks through these dreary realms of nighi. 
And makes their horrors shine. 

4 Where death, where darkness reigns, 
Jehovah is my stay ; 

His rod my trembling feet sustains, 
His staft' defends my way. 



5 Great Shepherd ! lead me on ) 

My soul disdains to fear ; 
Death's c^loomy phantoms all are flo^^•il, 

Now life's great Lord is near. 


69. c. M. 

Faith in the Promise of Salvation. 

1 B(5gin, our tongues, some heav'nly themej 
And speak some lofty thing ; 
The mighty works, or mighty name. 
Of our eternal King ! 

"^l Tell of his wondrous faithfulness. 
Or sound his pow'r abroad ; 
Sing the bless'd promise of his grace. 
And the performing God. 

5 Proclaim salvation from the Loid, 
To sinful, dying men ; 
His hand has writ the sacred word^ 
With-an unerring pen. 

4 Engrav'^d as in eternal brass. 

The gracious promise shines ; 
Nor siiall the hand of time erase 
Those everlasting lines. 

5 Then why these doubts and sad complaints ? 

If Christ and we are one. 
This truth is provM by all the saints. 
Who humbly love the Son. 

6 By faith in this our souls have liv'd. 

And pait of heav'n pos«p?sM ; 


We'll praise him then for grace received, 
^nil trust him for the rest. 


70. c. M. 

Praise to the Goxl of Nature. 

1 Begin, each soul, the lofty strain ; 

In solemn accents sino; 
A sacred hymn of grateful praise 
To heav'n's Almighty King. 

2 Ye curling fountains, as ye roll, 

Your silver waves along. 
Whisper to all your verdant shores. 
The subject of our song. 

5 Retain it long, ye echoing rocks. 
The sacred sound retain. 
And froin your hollow winding cav£S, 
Return it oft again, 

4 Bear it, ye winds, on all your wings. 

To distant climes away. 
And round the wide-extended world 
The lofty theme convey. 

■5 Take the glad burden of his name. 
Ye clouds, as you arise, 
Whether to deck the golden morn 
Or shade the er'ning skies. 

5 Whilst we, with sacred rapture fir'd^ 

The great Cfeator sing. 
And utter consecrated lays 
To heaven's eternal Kins;. 

Mrs. Rcvwe, 

71. S. M. 

Christ the Tree of Life 

1 Behold the living tree, 

Th' inspired prophet saw ; 
Whose fruit is to all nations free. 

Unguarded by the law. 

£ No flaming swords defend 
The garden's sacred ground ; 

No dire denunciations rend 
The ear, witii piercing sound. 

3 Come, and its fruit paiiake. 
Its healing leaves apply ; 

Its vii'tues will re-aniuiatc 
And raise your spirits high.- 

4 'Tis for the nations' use 
To heal their ev'ry wound ; 

Its colours, and its balmy juice. 
Make health and life abound, 

5 'Tis Jesus Christ the Lord, 
PrefigurM by the tree ; 

The gospel is the healing word, 
That sets the sinners free. 


72. c. M. 

'^ He ^ve them Bread from Heaven to eat.*' Jobn vi. 

1 Behold, what joy, through Israel's host. 
When first they manna view'd ; 
They labourM wlio should gather most, 
Ami thoughi it pleasant foocl; 


-2 But when they had it long enjoy'd^ 
Prom day to day the same^ 
Their hearts were by the plenty cioy'd^ 
Although from heav'n it came. 

5 ThiUS gospel bread at first is priz'd. 

And makes a people glad ; 
But afterwards too much despi^'tb 
Vv'lien easy to be had. 

4 But should the Lord, displeased, withhold 
Tne bread, his mercy sends ; 
To have our houses filFd wnth gold. 
Would make but poor amends. 

Sf How tedious would the week appear, 

Hov/ dull the sabbath prove ; 

Could we no longer meet to hear 

The precious truths we love \ 

6 Nor could believing parents bear 

To leave their heedless youth, 
Exposal to ev'ry fatal snare. 
Without the light of truth. 

J. Xewton. 

73. CM. 

The perfect Law of Liberty. 

1 Er.HOLD that wise, that perfect law. 
Wiiich noblest freedom give^ : 
O may it all our souls refine. 
And sanctify our lives ! 

'2 Not with a transient glance sur^"ey*d, 
Anil in an hour forgot, 


But deep ioscrib'd on evTj heart. 
To reign o'er ev'ry thought. 


3 Great Author of each perfect gift 1 
Thy gracious pow'r display, 
That our ungrateful, wan<l 'ring hearts 
May hearken and obeyi / 


74. s. M. 

Salvation by ChTisf. Psal. cxviii. 

1 Behold the Corner- Stone, 
Which God in Zion lays. 

To build our heav'nly hopes upon. 
And his eternal praist! I 

2 The Jewiwsh j^cribc and priest 
Reject it with disdain ; 

Yet on this Rock shall Zion rest, 
And envy ra";e in vain. 

3 The work, O Lord, is thine, 
And wondtous in our c^es ; 

This day declares it all divine ) 
This day, did Jesus rise. 

4 How glorious is the day, 
By our Redeemer made ! 

Let us rejoice, and sing and pray. 
Let all the church be glad. 

5 Hosannato the King 
Of David's royal blood ! 

Bless him, ye saints, he comes tb bring 
Salvation from your God. 


6 "NVe bless thy holy wort), 
Which all this grace di>plays ; 

Ami oft'er on thine altar, Lord, 
Our sacrifice of praise. 


75. s. 31. 


1 Behold, what \vondrous grace 
The t'a.ther hath bestow-d 

On sinners of a mortal race. 
To call them sons of God ! 

2 If in our Father's love 
We share a filial part. 

Send down thy spirit like a dove, 
To rest upon our heart. 

3 We would no longer lie, 

Like slaves beneath the throne ; 
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry. 
And thou the kindred own. 

Watts abridged 

76. L. M. 

Charity rewarded. Psal. xli. 

Blest is the man, whose tender care 
Relieves the poor in their distress ; 
Whose pity wipes the widow's tear. 
Whose hand supports the fatherless. 

His heart contrives for their relief 
More ^ood thau his own hand can do 


He, in the time of gen'ral grief. 
Shall find thfe Lord has pity too. 

3 His soul shall live secure on earth, 
With secret blessings on his head ; 
When drought, and pestiknce, and dearth 
Around him multiply their dead. 

4 Or if he languish on his couch, 

God will pronounce his sins forgiv'n ;. 
Will save him with a healing touch. 
Or take his willing soul to heav'n. 


77. c. M. 

A ble&sed Goapel. Ps. Ixxxix. 

1 Blessed are the souls who hear and know 

The gospel's joyful sound ; 
Peace shall attend the path they go. 
And light their steps surround. 

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up. 

Through their Redeemer's name ; 
His promises e%,a.\i their hopes. 
Nor Satan dare cond^emn. 

3. The Lord our glory and defence. 
Strength and salvation giv^s ; 
Israel, thy King forever reigns. 
Thy God forever lives. 


•pSALMS A.\i) HY.M.\S. 

78. " s. M. 

Brotherly Love. Ps. cxxxili. 

1 Bless'd are the sons of peace, 
\> hose hearts and hopes are one ; 

Whose kind designs to serve and please. 
Through all their actions run ! 

il Bless-d is the pious house, 

W here zeal and friendship meet ; 

Their sono s of praise, their mingled vows, 
Make their communion sweet. 

3 Thus on the heav'nly hills 

The saints are blest above ; 
Where peafce like morning dew distils. 

And all the air is love. 


79. L. M. 

Scriiiture Teachings, and their happy Consequences:.' 

1 Bright source of intellectual rays ! 
Father of spirits and of grace ! 

O dart, w itii energy unknown. 
Celestial beamings from thy throne. 

2 Thy sacred book we would survey, 
Enlighten'd with that heav'nly day ; 
And seek thine influence with the word, 
To teach our souls to know the Lord. 

J So shall our children learil the road. 
That leads them to their father's God ; 
And form'd by lessons so divine. 
Shall infant minds with knowledge shin^. 


4 So shall the haughtiest soul submit. 
With children plac'd at Jesus' feet ; 
The noisy swell of pride shall cease. 
And thy sweet voice be beard in peace. 


80. s. M. 

Living by Faith. 

1 By faith may Jesus dwell 
In our believing hearts ; 

"While he, that love, which none can t-eU, 
In streams of grace, imparts. 

2 Then may we comprehend, 
With all the saints in light, 

And see his boundless grace extend. 
And know its depth and height. 

3 Then fillM with ev'ry grace 
From strength to strength we'll go t 

While Jesus shews his smiling face. 
In ev'ry scene of wo. 

4 Soon we shali victors be. 
And crowns of glory wear ; 

In endless peace our Captain see. 
And dwell iorever there. 

H. BaHoa- 


8, 8, 6 M. 

The Birth of Christ. 
1 Behold that splendor ! hear the shout ; 
Heav'n opens ! angels hsue out. 

And throng the nether sky : 
What heav'nly tidings do they bring ? 


Kapt at th' approach of Israel's King, 
They speak the monarch nigh. 

Whj docs the King approach our land ? 
Comes he with thunder in his hand, 

The merit of our criinf^s r 
Shepherds be glad ! lie comes with peace, 
Not wrath, but uni^^rsal o;race. 

To bless e'en distant climes. 

3 vSee heav'n's great heir, the woman's son *. 
Behold a manger is his throne 1 

Nay, see him born to die : 
Yours is the guilt, but his the pain : 
His are the sorrows, yours the gain : 

Then let his praise be high. 

4 Come, mighty King ! the grace enhance, 
(A stable was thy palace once) 

Dwell in thes.e hearts of ours : 
Teach us to pi'ai^e the Father's love. 
Till bless'd, transported, fir'd above, 

"^Vesing with nobler pow'rs. 


82. L. 51. 

The Pharisee and Publican. St. Luke xviii. 10. 

1 Behold, how sinners disagree. 
The Publican and Pharisee ; 
One doth his righteousness proclaim ; 
The other owns his guilt and shame. 

?. This man at humble distance stands. 
And cries for grace v. ith lifted hands ; 
That boldly rises near the throne, 
And talks of duties he has done. 


3 The Lord their difF'rent language knows, 
And diff-rent answers he bestows ; 

The humble soul with grace he crowns. 
Whilst on the proud his anger frowns. 

4 De^' Father, let us never be 
JoinM with the boasting Pharisee ; 
We have no merit of our own, 
But plead the merit of thj Son. 


83. L. M. 

MiraciCs in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, 
1 Behold, the blind their sight receive ! 
Behold, the dead awake and live ! 
The dumb speak wonders ! and the lame 
Leap like the hart, and bless his name. 

Q Thus dothth' eternal Spirit own 
And seal the mission of his Son ; 
The Father vindicates his cause, 

- While he hangs bleeding on the cros?^ 

5 He dies ! the heav'ns in mourning stood ; 
He rises by the pow'r of God ! 
Behold the Lord ascending high. 
No more to bleed^ no more to die. 

4 Hence and forever from my heart, 
I bid my doubts and fears depart ; 
And to those hands my soul resign, 
'^^'!Hch bear credentiah so divine. m| 



84. L. 31. 

Types and Prophesies of Christ. 

1 Bkhold the woman's promis'd seed ! 
Behold the great Messiah comes ! 
Jtehold the prophets all agreed 

To give him the superior room ! 

2 Abram the saint, rejoiced of old, 
When visions of the Lord he saw ; 
Moses the man of God foretold, 
This great fultilier of tb£ law. 

3 The types bore witness to his name, 
Obtain'd tlieir chief design and ceas'd ; 
Tlie incense, and the bleeding kmb. 
The ark, the altar, and the priest. 

4 Predictions in abundance meet. 

To join their blessings on his head ; 

Jesus, we worship at thy feet. 

And nations own Uie piomis'cl Seed. 


85. c. M. 


1 BoRNK o'er the ocean's stormy wave. 

The Beacon's light appears. 
When yawns tlie Seaman's wat'ry grave, 
And his lone bosom cheers. 

2 Then, tho* the ra^ng ocean foam. 

His heart shall dauntless prove. 
To reach secure his cherish 'd home;> 
The haven of his love. 



3 So when the soul is wrapt in gloom, 

To worldly grief a prey. 
Thy beams, blest Hope, beyond the tomb. 
Illumes the Pilgrim's way. 

4 They point to that serene abode 

Where virtuous faith shall rest; 
Protected by the suif rer's God 
And be forever blest. 

5 Oh still, thro' sorrow's rayless night, 

O'ershade our worldly way — 
May pure Religion's holy light 
Shine witli o'erpow'ring ray. 


86. c. M. 

Sabbath Morning. Psa. 122. 

1 Behold the rising dawn appear. 

Which calls our willing feet 
To tread thy courts, O God, and here 
Our solemn praise repeat. 

2 Fair Zion's gates are our delight ; 

Within her walls we stand ; 
And all her happy gions unite 
In friendship's sacred band. 

3 We love the place where Zion's Lord 

Is pleas'd to shew his face ; 

Here he proclaims his holy word. 

And here accepts our praise. 

4 With rev'rend awe and godly fear, 

We bow before thy throne ; 
For thou the fervent pray'r wilt heaf 
Through thy beloved Son^ 


5 Peace he within tliis hallowM place 
And joy a constant guest ; 
"With holy gifts, and heav*nly grace 
Be her attendants bless'd. 

G Our soul shall pray for Zion still. 
While life oi breath remains ; 
For here our friends and bretliren dwell. 
And here our Saviour reigns. 

Watts Sz Menick, incited & varied 

87. c. M. 

'' Behold the Man/- I 

1 Beho^ th.e man I — thus Pilate spake. 

Reluctant to comply ; 
But all in vain, the clam'rous Jew- 
Demand that Christ shall die. 

2 Come then, each ?oul, behold the man ' 

The silent suft* rcr see ; 
The pris'ner stands at Pilate's bar 
To get the nations free. 

i Behold the Saviour, f rown'd with thorny 
While cruel men deride ; 
Behold they nail him ie the ti-ee. 
And pierce his sacred sid6. 

4 Amazing love ! he bleeds, he dies. 
Our sins his murd'rers were ! 
These were the scourge, the thorjis,the naib^ 
And these the pointed spear. 

i Bjit Jesus died that we might live, 
Hence pleasing thoughts arise ; 


He ro6e a mansion to prepare. 
For us beyond tlie skies ! 

6 And when we join th' cnraptur'd throng. 
We shall his beauties trace ; 
And sing the wonders of his love. 
The riches of his grace ! 


88. c. 31. 

The SuiTe rings of Christ. 

1 Behold the Saviour of mankind, 

NaiI'd to the shameful cross ; 
How vast the love that him inclin'd 
To bleed and die for us ! 

2 Hark, how he groans ! while nations shake. 

And earth's strong pillars bend ; 
The temple's veil in sunder breaks, 
And solid marbles rend ! 

3 'Tis done ! the precious ransom's paid, 

" Receive my soul,'' he cries I 
See where he bows his saaed head ! 
He bows his head, and dies ! 

4 But soon he'll break death's envious chains. 

And in full glory shine : 
O Lamb of God ! was ever pain. 
Was ever love li^e thine ! 


$9. C. M. 

Christ precious in Life g-nd Death. 

1 Bless'd Jesus, when our soaring thoughts 
O'er all thy graces F©ve, 


How are our souls in tra isport losl 
In wonder, joy, and love I 

2 Not softest strains can charm our eais, 

Like thy beiove-l name ; 
Nor autrht beneath iho skies inspir^^. 
Our hearts withec^uai thvAO, 

3 Where'er we look, our wond'ring eyes 

UnniimUer'd ble^?»i»ig:- see ; 
But what is life, with Al its bliss, 
^>'hen once compar'd with thee. 

4 Hast thoii a rival in our breast ? 

Search, Lord, for thou c.uist tell ; 
If aught can raise our passions thu^, 
Or please our souls so well. 

5 No, thou art precious to our hearts ; 

Our portion and our joy ; 
Forever let thy boundless grace 
Our sweetest thoughts employ. 

6 When nature fainfs around our bed, 
Let thy bright ^lories shine ; 

And death shall all his terrors lofe. 
In raptures so dh inc. 


90. L. M. 

Praise to God for his Goodiie's. Ps. 103. 

1 Blfss, each soul, the living God, 
Call home each tliought that roves abroad 
Let ev*ry pow'r within us join, 
fs\ work and wcrrship so divine. 


2 Bless, each soul, the God of grace, 
Itis favors claim oar highest praise ; 

J et uoi the wonders he hath ^vtought, 
Be lost in silence and forgot. 

3 The \ices of the Blind he heals, 

Ard cures the pains that nature feels ; 
Redeems the soul from death, and saves 
Our wasting life from thrcat'ning graves^ 

4 Out- youth decay'd, his pow'r repairs, 
Mis mercy crowns otir growing years ; 
Up satisfies our mouths with good, 
And fills our souls with heav'nly food. 

5 His pow'r he show'd by Moses' hands, 
Ar.d gave to Israel his commands ; 
Bv.t makes his truth and mercy known 
To all the nations through his Son. 

Watts abridg-d;. 

91. L. M. 

All Nations invoked topraise the Creator. 

1 Cei \:sTi A L worlds ! your Maker's name 
Kesoiaid tl "oiigh ev'ry shining coast: 
Our 'joi i n<)bler praise will claim. 
When heunioi'ds his glories most. 

2 Sr.i)jend()iis globe of flaming day, 
Piaisf- hini in thy suhlinie career ; 

Ke struck froi>; ni«ht thy peerless ray. 
Gave the^'. tliy patn, and guides thee there. 

3 Ye starry lamps, to whom 'tis giv*n 
NigiU*s sable horrors to illume, 


Praise him who hung you high in heav'n. 
With vivid fires to u-ild the o-Ioom. 

[ Lightnings, that round th' Eternal plav. 
Thunders, that from liis arm are hurl'ii, 
The grandeur of your God convey, 
Blazino; or bursting; on tlie world. 

I From clime to clime, from shore to shore, 
Be the Almighty God ador'd : 
He made the nations by his powV 
And rules them with hissov'reign word. 


92. s. 31. 

Solemn Call to Praise. Ps xcv, 

1 Come, sound his praise abroad, 
And hvmns of glory sing 1 

Jehovah is the Sovereign God, 
The universal King. 

2 He form'd the deeps unknown ; 
He gave the seas their bound ; 

The wat'ry worlds are all liis own. 
And all the aolid ground. 

3 Come, worship at his thro«e ; 

Come, bow before the Loi*d ; 
We are his work, antl his alone ; 
He formed us by his word. 

4 To-day attend his voice. 
Nor more provoke his rod ; 

Come, majs.e his iieav'nly patiis your choice* 
And own your gracious God^ 

PSALMS AND hymns' i 

5 Thus you the joys will shai'e-, 
AMiich from devotion rise ; 

And heav'nlj grace your souls prepare 
For bliss that never dies. 


93. s. M. 

The Pleasures of Religion. 

1 Come, ye who love the Lord ! 
And let your joys be known ; 

Join in a song with sweet accord. 
And thus surround the throne. 

2 The sorrows of the mind 
Be banish'd from tliis place 1 

"Religion never was designed 
To make our pleasures less. 

3 God, your eternal Friend, 
No present good denies ; 

And when the scenes of time shall e^d^ 
\V ill call jou to the skies, 

'4 There shall you see his face. 

And never, never sin ; 
There, from the rivers of his grace, 

Dnnk endless pleasures in, 

5 The sons of God have found. 
Glory begun below: 

Celestial Iriiits, on earthly ground, 
Fro'ii fnitli and hope may grov/. 

6 Then let our sorrows cease^- 
And evVy tear be dry; 


We're trav'lliiig throuj:h the paths of peace 
To fairer worlds ou high. 


94. c, M. 

Christian Equity. 

1 Come let us search our ways and try, 

Have <hey been just and right ? 
Is the great rule of equity 
Our study and delight ? 

2 What we would have our neighbors do. 

Have we still done the same ? 

From others ne'er withheld the due. 

Which we from others claim ? 

3 Have we ne'er envied others good. 

Nor envied others praise ? 
In no man's path malignant stood. 
Nor us'd detraction's ways ? 

4 Have we not, 4eaf to his request^ 

Turn'd from another's wo r 
The scorn which wrijigs the suff rer's breast. 
Have we abhorr'd tg sl^ov; ? 

5 Thea may w^e raise our humble pray'r 

To Gq(1, the just and kind ; 
May thankful cast on him our care. 
And hopQ l^s grace to find. 

6 Religion's path they never trod. 

Who equity contemn : 
Nor ever are tjiey just to God, 
Who prove yojustto n^en 

8- Un&n^u 


95. c. 31. 

Christ's Invitation to Sinners, Mat xi, 28. — ^30* 

1 Come unto me, all ye who mourn, 

With guilt and fears oppress-d; 
ReJiign to me the willing heart. 
And I will give you rest. 

2 Take up mv yoke, and learn of me, 

A meek and lowly mind ; 
And ibus your weary troubled souls. 
Repose and peace shall find. 

J Forliglit and gentle is my yoke ; 
. Tlie burden 1 impose 
Shall ease the heart which groan'd before, 
Beneath a load of woes. 

Scotch paraphrase?. 

98. 7s M. 

Christ's Invitation. Matt. x. 28. 

1 Come ! said Jesus' sacred yoice, / 
€orp.e, and make my paths your choice t 
I will ii;uide you to your home ; 
Weaiy piigrin).-, hither come ! 

2 Thou, who houseless, sole, forlorn. 
Long hast borne die proud world's scoi'iv. 
Long hast roam'd the barren waste, ) 
Weary pilgrim, hither haste ! 

3 Ye, who toss'd on beds of pain, 
Seek for ease, but seek in vai.i ; 
Ye, wiiose weeping waiting eyes 
V>'atch ro see th-e morning rise : 


4 Ve, by fiercer anu:nish torn, 

In remorse tipr ii»ult wlio innurri, 
Here repcvse your lieavy care : 
\Vho the stinirs of i;iiilt can bear r 

J Sinners, come ! for here is found 
Balm that Hows for evVy wound ; 
Peacj? that ever shall endure, 
Rcit eternal, sacred, sure. 

Mi^. Barbaald. 

97. rsM. 

1 Children of the heav-nlv Kinir, 
As ve journey, sweetly sing; 
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, 

^ Glorious in his works and ways ! 

■I Ye are trav'ling home to God^ 
In the ways the Fathers trod : 
They are hap|)y now, and ye 
Soon their happiness shall see. 

5 O, ye banish'd seed, be glad ! 
Christ our Advocate is made ! 
Us to save, our flesh assumes, 
I>iother to our souls becomes. 

4 Shout, ye little flock, and blessM, 
Vou on Jesus' throne shall re.>t . 
There your seat is noAv pieparM. 
There your kingdom and reward. 

'0 Fear not, brethren, joyful standi 
Oj^the b(»rders of vour land : 


Jesus Christ, wur Father's Son, 
Bids >ou uiidismav'd go on. 

6 Lord, obediontlv we go. 
Gladly kavin^ all below ; 
Only thou our leader be. 
And we >:u\\ vriil follow thee. 


98. s. 31. 

The Resurrection of Christ. 

1 Christians ! dismiss your fear, 
Let hope and joy succeed ; 

The welcome niws with gladness hear ^ 
The Lord is ris'n indeed ! 

2 The shades of death withdrawn. 
His eyes their beams display : 

So wakes ^he sun, when rosy dawn. 
Unbars tlie gates of day. 

3 Angelic hosts above. 
The rising Victor sing ; 

And all the shining seats of lore 
With loud hosannas ring. 

4 Ye pilgrims, too, below. 
Your hearts and voices raise ; 

Let ev'ry breast with gladness glow. 
And ev'ry mouth b^ praise. 


99. L. M. 

Instruction of Piety. Ps. xxxiv. 

1 Chpldrex in years and knowledge young. 
Your parents' hcfpe, your parents' joy ! 


Attend the counsels of my tongue ; 
Let pious thoughts Jour miiuls employ 

2 If you desire a length of days, 

And peace to crown your mortal state, 
"Refrain your feet from impious wa\s. 
Your lips from slander and deceit. 

100. 8. rs M, 

Consolation of Israel. Isa. xlix. 13. Luke. ii. 25, 26 

1 Come, thou Ions: expected Jesus, 

Born to set thy people i'vco: ; 
From our fears and sins release us. 
Let us find our rest iu tliee. 

2 Israel's strength and consolati^y, 

Hope of all the ^aints thou art ; 
Dear desire of ev'iy nation, 
Joy of ev'ry lungiiig heiirt. 

By thine own eternal spirit. 

Rule in all our hearts alone ; 
By thine all-sufficient merit, 
Kaise us to thy glorious throne. 

1 1 an 

101. L. 31. 

Acceptable Warship. 

1 Come ! pay the worship God requires^ ^ 
Inflam'd with pune and holy iires. 
When love celestial warms the breast. 
Our homage, and our vov s, are blest. 


S When pi^ty, and truth refin'd 
Possess the temple of the mind, 
"With grateftil flames the altars glow. 
And God will visit man below. 


102. CM. 

Praise to God and the Lamb. 

1 Come, let us join our cheerful songs 

With angels round the throne. 
Ten thousand thousand are th'eir tongues. 
But all their jojs are one. 

2 " Worthy the Lamb that died," they cry, 

'' To be exalted thus ;" 
" Wo: ihy the Lamb" our hearts reply, 
** For he was slain for us." 

S Jesus is v/orthy to receive 
Honour and pow'r divine ; 
And blessings more than we can give. 
Be, Lord, forever thine. 

4 The whole creation join in one, 
To bless the sacred name 
Of him that sits upon tiie throne, 
And to adore the Lamb 


103. c. M. 

Praise to the Redeemei", 

1 Come, sound the trembling lyre once more* 
Attempt the Saviour's praise : 
Let echo wake from shore to shore. 
And aaswer to yoiir laya. 


2 Bid cv'ry cavern 'd rock reply. 

With echo's sweetest voice, 
And woo the minstrels of the sky, 
To listen and rejoice. 

3 Sweet notes unnumljcr'd angels swell, 

In the bright realms above : 
No ey6 hath seen, m) tongue can tell, 
Th' extent of Jesus' love. 

4 He claims the heathen for his own, 

He lays oppression low ; 
He is our Father's eldest Son, 
To whom all knees must bow. 

' Let ev'ry human tongue proclaim, 
The Saviour is our friend; 
He never changes, still the same, 
His mercy knows no end. 

U. Magazine-. 

104. H. M. 

riie iCingfiom of Christ, and its attendant Glprie?, 

1 Come, sing a Saviour's pow'r. 
And praise his mighty name ; 
His wondrous love adore. 
And chant his growing fame. 

Wide o'er the w^orld, a king shall reign^ 
And righteousness and peace maintain. 

2 The sceptre of his grace, 
He shall forever wield ; 
His foes, before his face. 

To strength divine, shall yield. 
The conquest of his truth shall show 
What an almighty arm can do. 


S His alienated sons, 

By sin heguil'd, betray'd ; 

Shall then be born at once. 

And willing subjects made. 
Such numbers shall his courts adovm 
As dew drops of the vernal morn. 

4 His realm shall ever stand. 

By lib'ral things upheld ; 

And from his bounteous hand, 

All hearts with joy be fiU'd. 
An universe with praise shall own 
The countless honours of his throne. 


105. CM. 

Clod Worshipped as our Creator. Ps. c. 1 — o- 

1 Come, serve the Lord with love and joy. 

And in his presence sing ; 
Cheerful your heaA'ts and tongues emploT. 
The Lord alone is King. 

2 He forms his church by pow'r divine. 

The work is all his ow^n : 
Let us in holy praises join 
To God the Lord alone. 

3 The holy gates we enter in, 

And in his kingdom stand ; 
Released from foes, and sav'd from sin. 
By ids almighty hand. 

4 Ye sons of Zion, rise and sing, 

Who in his pastures feed ; 
Give praises to your sov'reign King, 
For he is God indeed. 


5 We are his people, and his sheep. 
Our shepherd is the Lord ; 
He will oiu* ^uls in safety keep. 
And be his name ador'd. 


106. c. M. 

Breathing after tlie Holy Spirit-. 

1 Come holy spirit, heav'nly dove. 
With ail thy quick'ning pow'rs 5. 
Kindle a flame of sacred love. 
In these cold hearts of ours. 

S Look, how we grovel l>ere below. 
Fond of these trifling toys ; 
Our souls can neither ily nor go 
To reach eternal joys. 

3 In vain we tune our formal songs, 

In vain we strive to rise, 
Hosannas languish on our tongues. 
And our devotion dies. 

4 Dear Lord ! and shall we ever live 

At this poor dying rate ? '^ 

Our love so faint, s(» cold to thee. 
And thine to us sp great ? 

^ Come holy spirit, h^v'nly dove. 
With all thy quickening pow'rs. 
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love. 
And that shall kindle ours. 


107. L. M. 6 lines. 

Jesiis, who is the Christ. 

1 Come, thou universal good ! 
Balm of the wounded conscience, come : 
The hungry, dying spirit's food ! 
The weary, wand'ring pilgrim's home ; 
Haven to take the shipwreck'd in, 
My ev^lasting rest from sin ! - 

£ Come, O my comfort and delight ! 

My strength, and health,and shield, and suu ; 
My boast, my confidence, and might, 
My joy, my glory, and my crown ; 
My gospel hope, my calling's prize, 
JVIy tree of life, my paradise. 


108. L. M. 

The Gospel Feast. Luke xiv. 17. 18. ^1. 2% 

1 Come, sinners, to the gospel feast. 
Let ev'ry soul be Jesus* guest ; 
Ye need not one be left behind. 
For God hath bidden all mankind. 

2 " Have meexcus'd I*' why will you say 
From health, and life and liberty ; 
From all that is in Jesus giv^n. 

From pardon, holiness and lM?av*n. 

S Come then, ye souls, by sin oppressed. 
Ye weary wand'rers after rest. 
Ye poor and maimed, halt and blind. 
In C'lrist an heartv vrelco,me find. 


4 See him set forth before jour eyes 1 
Behold the bleeding sacrifice I 

His boundless love doth all embrace, 
We freely i^)w are sav'd by grace. 

5 Ye, who believe his record true, 
Shall sup with him, and he with you. 
Come to the feast, you're sav'd from sin, 
And Jesus waits to take you in. 


109. t. M. 

Before Sermon. 1 Pet. iv. 11, &c. 

1 Come worship at our Father's feet ; 
See in his face, what wonders meet ! 
Words are too feeble to express 
His worth, his glory, or his grace. 

£ When shall we climb thosfe higher ski^s, 
AVhere storms and tempests never rise ! 
Where he unveils his fovely face. 
And shines and reigns the God of grace ? 

> Nor earth, nor air, nor sun, nor stars, 
Nor heav'n his full resemblance bears ; 
His beauties we can never trace, 
I'ill we behold him face to face- 

W hitfitld's Coil 

110. L. M. 

The Heavenly Bridegroom. Ps. xxiv. 7 — 10. 
1 Come in, thoa bkssed, honoured Lord, 
By earth, by heav^i, by all ador'd ; 
We hail thee welcome ; take thy throne^ 
^Vnd in thy Zion reign atone. 


2 Our only Lord and God thou art. 
Reign thou the sov'reign of the heart \ 
Thou King of glory, ever bless'd 

By angels and by men coiifes^'d. 

3 Enter thy church, thou Lord divioe. 
And be the kingdom everthin^ ! 
We shout thee welcome to thy seat^ 
And lay our honours at thy feet. 

4 O happy church, thy bliss how grea^^ 
Thy King, in all his heavenly state. 
With thee forever will reside. 

Thy husba?nd he, and thou the bride. 

5 O God, our grateful hearts rejoice, 

Sii>ce thou hast made our so,uls thy choice : 
While here, our songs to thee shall rise, 
And join the chorua of the skies. 


111. C. M. 

lutreating the Pieseruce o^f Christ in his 

1 Come, thou desire of all thy saints. 

Our humble strains attend. 
While with our praise* and complaints, 
Low at thy feet we beu^. 

2 When we thy wondrous glories hear. 

And all thy suft'^rings frace. 
What sweetly awful scene^s appear ! 
What rich unbo^inded grace ! 

3 How should our songs, like those above, 

With >yarm devot-ion rise * 


How should our souls on wings of love. 
Mount upward to the skies, 

4 But ah ! the SKing, how cold it flows ! 

How lan2;uid our desire ! 
How faint tlie sacrad passion glows, 
Till thou the heart inspire. 

5 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise 

In us the heav'nly flame ; 
Then shall our lips resound thy praise, 
Our hearts adore thy name. 

6 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine. 

And fill thy dwellings here ; 
Till life, and love, and joy divine, 
A heav'n on earth appear. 

Mrs. Steeie. 

112. 8,7s. M. 

Confidence in God. 

1 Calm, my soul, behold thy Saviour ! 
This blest thought shall joy impart ; 
Though by all the world forsakeii. 
That he bears me on his heart. 

S What tiiQu^i all the world are preaciiing> 
" Dteath shall reign forever more ;-' 
We're instructed by his teaching. 
That its reign shall soon be o'er. 

S See in Christ all things created. 
This was God's eternal plan ; 
In him all are reinstated. 
Sacred head of ev'rv ma,n - 



4 for such transcendent goodn^s. 
May each soul in concert rise ; 
In melodious grateful anthems, 
Sound his praises to the skies. 

113. C. M. 

Christ's Compassion, and Fulnese. 

1 Christ, as our great physician, heals 

Our maladies within ; 
Relieves the pangs the conscience feelsj 
From recollected sin. 

2 He sees our many pressing wants 

With a propitious eye ; 
And from his own abundance grants 
A free and rich supply. 

3 He sympathizes with our grief ; 

He lends a gracious car 
To all pur groans ; and gives relief. 
Whatever we feel or fear. 

4 He manages our best affair^ 

From his high throne above ; 
And soothes our sorrows and our car^ 
With his endearing love. 

5 The soul with sacred rapture saith 

When Jesus is in view ; 

This is the object of my faith. 

And this its author too. 


114. L. 31. 

Invitation to praise God. 

1 Come Zion's daughters, shout and singy 
Israel, thj thankful praises briii^, 
Jerusalem, lift up thy voice, 

And heav'n, and earth, in God pejoic.e. 

2 The Lord Jehovah, mighty God, 
Removes the judgments of his rod ; 
Casts out our ev'ry hurtful foe. 
And doth liis great salvation slu)w, 

3 The King of Israel, Christ the Lord, 
Doth in his church his name record ; 
Her faithful sons^shall faint no more. 
But rise to joy, and God adore. 

4 To God the Lord be praises giv'n^ 
By all on earth and all in heav'n 
<Jur souls the joyful chorus join. 
To giye Jehovah praise divine. 


115. C. M. 

God is Love. 

1 Come ye that know and fear the Lord, 

And raise your thoughts above ; 
Let ev'ry heart and voice accord 
To sing that " God is love." 

2 This precious truth, his word declares. 

And all his mercies prove, 
Jesus the gift of gifts, appears 
To show that " God is love." 


S Beho}d his patience bearing long 
With tl)ose who from him rove ) 
Till mighty grace th^ir hearts subtlue., 
To teach them " God is love." 

4 The work begins, is carried on 

By pow*r from heav-n above. 

And ev'ry moment wlhen begun 

Declares that ** God is love,** 

5 may VvC all while here below. 

This blessing well improve; 
Till nob'ler praise in brighter worlds. 
Proclaim th^t " GoiJ is love." 

116. C, M. 

The afercy ot God. 

Come, let our hearts od MeVcy muse,- 
Our tongues of mercj sing ; 

"Who will refuse for me rcy's gifts 
A tribute st>ng to briing. 

2 'Twas mercy wak'd cfnr infant eyes. 
With light's all glad'ning ray, 
Mercy has fed our countless wants. 
Returning evVy day. 

S Each private comfort wt^ possess, 
By mercy is bestow'd , 
And all the sv/eets of social life 
From nievcy still have flow'd, 

4 Pardon, of all our wan tr» the chief. 
By mercy's hand is gi v'n. 


For mercy slied a Saviour's blood 
To make us heirs of heav'n. 


117. L. M. 

*' Blessed are they that mourn/' 

1 Deem not that they &re blessM alone, 
Whose days a peaceful tenor keep ; 
The God, who loves our race, has shown 
A blessing for the eyes that weep. 

2 Tlie light of smiles shall fill again 
The liJs that overflow with tears. 
And weary hours of w^o and pain 
Are earnests of serener years. 

3 O there are days of sunny rest 
For cv'ry dark and troubled night I 
Grief may abide, an evening guest, 
Bat joy shall come w^ith early light. 

4 And thou, who o'er thy friend's low bier^ 
y.ieddest the bitter drops like rain, 
Hope tliat a brighter, happier sphere, 
Wul give him to thy arms again. 

5 Nor let the good man's trust depart. 
Though life its common gifts deny ; 
Though with a pierc'd and broken heart. 
And spurn 'd of men, he goes to die. 

6 For God hath mark'd each anguish'd day, 
. And numberVl ev'ry secret tear ; 

And heav'n's long age of bliss shall pay 
For all his children suffer here. 

D*' Unkpo>yB, 


118. c. M. 

Love to Chriit. 

1 Do we not love tliee, our Lord: 

Behold each heart and see ; 
And turn each secret idol out^ 
IMiat dares to rival thee. 

2 Do we not love thee from our souk 

Who came frou) realms above? 
Whose ;f^racc and truth to us unfold 
The motives otthj love. 

3 Is not thy name melodious still 

To each att«itive ear? 
Doth not each pulse with pleastire bound, 
A Saviour's voice to hear ? 

4 Thou knoj^v^St we love tliee, dearest Lord; 

But O, we long to soar 
Far from the sphere of mortal joys 
That we may love thee more. 


119. L. M. 

Christian Privileges. 

i Dost thou thy children's namfe record 
Free of thy holy city, Lord ? 
And are we sinners, calPd to share 
The precious privileges there ? 

2 Shall we receive this grace in vain ? 
Siiall we our great vocation strain r 
Away, ye works iu darkn'ess wrought, 
Av/av, each ;?ensi?a1, sinful thought ! 


2 Our souls, we charge them to exce^ 
in thinking riglit and doing well ; 
Deep let our searching pow-rs eiigage, 
UnbiasM in the sacred page. 

4 Heighten the force of good desire, 
To deeds of sliining worth aspire 5 
More firm in fortitude despise 
The world's deducing vanities. 

5 Strong and more strong our passion^ ruTe, 
Advancing still in virtue''s school ; 
Contending still with noble strife. 

To imitate our Saviotir's life. 


120. L. M. 

The one Liviiij^ and True God. 

1 Eternal God ! Almighty cause 

Of earth, and seas, a,nd. worlds unknown i 
All things are subject to thy laws ; 
All things depend on thee alone. 

2 Thy glorious being singly stands. 
Of all within itself possessed ; 

By none control! 'd in thy commandsj 
And in thyself supremely bless'd . 

3 Worship to thee alone bdongs. 
Worship to thee ^ilone we give ; 
Thine be our hearts and thine our songs. 
And to thy glory may we live. 

4 Spread thy great name through ev'ry lanjj; 
In evTy heart erect thy throne ; 


Subdue the world to tliy command. 
And as thou art, reign God alone. 

Browne, alt*d- 

121. L. M. 

Eternal Life. 

1 Eternal life ! how sweet the sound. 
To sinners who in bondage sigh : 
t'ublish the bliss the world around ; 
Echo the joys, ye worlds on high.* 

2 Eternal life ! how will it reign. 

When mounting from this breathless clod. 
The soul discharg'd from sin and pain, 
Ascends t 'enjoy its Father God ! 

3 Eternal life ! how will it bloom 
In beauty on that blissful day, 

"Wlien rescu'd from i\y i^npris'ning tomb. 
The soul awakes to brighter rays. 

4 Eternal life! how refin'd 

The joys! the triumjjh^i how divine! 
When we in body and in mind 
Shall in the Saviour*s image shine. 

5 Holy and heav-nly is the soul, 
Wliere dwells an hope so bright as thi?, 
They wish and long <o reach the goal. 
And seize the prize of endless bliss. 

122. c. M. 

Not Oi Works, ccc. 

] Ev'ry attempt of man to gain 
An ev>erla*ting life, 



Is legal pride, a fancy vain, 
And antichristian strife. 

When gospel grace inspires the breast. 

No legal strife is there ; 
But joy, and peace, and love, and rest. 

And h^av'nly praise and pray'r. 

S Had I a thousand souls Vd cj^t 
Them all on Christ my king; 
And had [ twice ten thousand tongues, 
They all his praise should sing. 

4 Cease, O my soul, fwever ceas.e. 
From legal care and strife; 
Jesus forever is thy peace, 
Thy way, thy truth and life. 


123. c. M. 

Joy and Gratitude. 

1 Etern'al love ! how large the sum 

Of blessings from thy hand ! 
To banish sorrow and be blest 
Is thy supreme command. 

2 Joy is our duty, glory, health. 

The Sunshine of the souU 
The best return that we can make 
To him who plans the whole. 

5 Whatever, Lord, of earthly bliss 
Thy sovereign will denies. 
Accepted at thy throne of grace 
Let this petition rise. 


4 Give us a calm, a thankful heart. 

From ev'ry murmur free; 
The blessings of thy grace impart. 
And make us live to thee. 

5 Let the blessM thought that we are tlime. 

Our life and death attend ; 
Thy presence through our journej shine; 
And crown our journey 's end. 

Young & Rippoc- 

124. L. M. 

Tiie Divine Blessing jmnlorcd. 

i Etekxvl source of life and thought ! 
Be all beneath thyself forgot. 
Whilst thee, great Parent-mind, we own.- 
In prostrate homage round thy tbroue. 

£ may we live before thy face. 
The willing subjects of thy grace ; 
And through each path of duty move 
With filial awe, and filial love ! 


125. L. p. M. 

Lil'e, Death, and Resurrection. 

1 Eternal God, how frail is man : 

Few are the hours, and short the span. 
Between the cradle and the grave i 

Who can prolong his vital breath? 

Who from the bold demands of death 
Hath skill to fiy or pow'r to save ? 

2 But let no murmVing heart complain, 
That, therefore, man is made in vain. 


Nor the Civntor-s jjrac.e distrust ; *" 
For thoii^li lus servants, day by day. 
Goto their graves, and turn to clay, 

A bright rewani awaits the just. 

5 Jesus hath made thy purpose known, 
A new and better life Iwth shown, 

And we the glorious tidings hear : 
Forever blessed be the Lord, 
That we can read his holy word. 
And find a resurrection there. 


126. c. 31. 

The Aged Christian's Reflections and Hopes. 

1 Etkrxal Sire, enthron'd on high ! 

Whom heav'nly hosts adore ; 
^Vho yet to suppliant dust art nigh : 
Thy presence we implore. 

2 O guide us down the steep of age. 

And keep our passions cool ; 
Teach us to scan the sacred page. 
And practice ev'ry rule ! 

S Our flying years time urges on ; 
What's human must decay; 
Our friends, our youth's companions, gone> 
Can we expect to stay ? 

4 Ah! no — then smooth the mortal hour; 
On thee our hope depends ; 
Support us with almighty pawer, 
While dust to du^^t descends, 

WiVUams' Coil, 


127. L. M. 

Tire Year crowned with Goodness. 

1 Eternal Source of evVy joy ! 
Well may thy praise our lips employ. 
While in thy temple we appear. 
Whose goodness crowns the ciroling year. 

£ Wide as the wheels of nature roll, 
Thy hand supports and guides the whole; 
By thee the sun is taught to rise. 
And darkness when to veil the skies. 

3 The fiow'ry spring at thy command. 
Embalms tlue air, and paints the land; 
The summer suns with vigor shine, 
To raise the coru and cheer the \ixi^. 

4 Thyhaud in autumn richly pours 
Through all our coasts, redundant store? ; 
And winters soften'd by thy care. 

No more a face of horror wear. 

5 Seasons and months, and weeks and daj§. 
Demand si^cessive songs of praise; 
Still be the cheerful homage paid. 
With morning light and ev'ning shade- 

5 may our more harmonious tongues j 
Hereafter join in nobler songs; 
And in those brighter courts adore. 
Where days and years revolve no more. 



128. L. M. 

Pieserving Goodness. 

1 Eternal God, we bless thy name, 

The same thy pow'r, thy grace the same; 
The tokens of thy friendly care, 
Open and close and crown the year. 

2 Supported by thy guardian hand, 
Amidst ten thousand deaths we stand ! 
And see, when we survey thy ways. 
Ten thousand monuments of praise. 

S Thus far thy arm has led us on. 
Thus far we make thy mercy known ; 
And whilst we tread this desert land. 
New mercies shall ^ew songs demand,' 

4 Our grateful voice, on Jordan's shore. 
Shall raise one sacred pillar more ; 
Then bear, in thy blight courts above. 
Inscriptions of inipmortal love, 


129. c. M. 

The Conc'escension of God. 
i Eternal pow'r, almighty God, 
Who can approach thy throne ? 
Accessless light is thy abode. 
To angel -eyes unknown. 

^1 Before flie radiance of thin^ ey-e 
The heav'ns no longer shine. 
And all the glories of the sky 
Are but the shade of tliinei- 


3 Great Gdd, and wilt thou condescend 

To cast a look below. 
To this vile world thy notice bend 
The^e seats of sin and woe ? 

4 But Oh ! to shew thy smiling face, 

To bring thy glories near — 

Amazing and transporting grace, 

To dwell with mortals here ! 

5 How strange ! how awful, is thy love ! 

With trembling we adove : 
Not all th' exalted minds above, 
Its wonders can explore. 

6 While golden harps, and angel tongues 

Resound iirtmortal lays. 
Great God, permit our humble songs 
To rise and mean thy praise. 

Mrs. Steele. 

130. L. M. 

Jesus Exalted as a Prince and Saviour. 

i Exalted Prince of life, we own 
The royal honoirs of thy throne : 
'Tis fix'd by God's almighty hand 
And seraphs bow at thy command. 

2 Exalted Saviour, we confess 

The sovereign triumphs of thy grace; 
Where beams of gentle radiance shine. 
And temper majesty divine. 

^ Wide thy resistless sceptre swa^* 
Till all thine enemies obey : 


Wide may thy cross its virtue prove, 
And conquer millions by its love* 

4 Mi^lity to vanquish, and forgive ! 
Thine Israel shall repent and live ; 
And loud proclaim thy healing breath, 
VVhichworkstheir life, who wro't thy death 


131. C. M. 

Prayer for kind Affections. 

1 Far from thy servants, God of grace, 
Th' unfeeling heart remove ; 
And form in our obedient souls. 
The image of thy love. 

9. may our sympathizing breasts 
The gen'rous pleasure know ; 
Kindlv to share in others joy 
And weep for others woe. 

3 Where'er the helpless sons of grief 

In low distress arc laid, 
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel, 
And swift cur hands to aid. 

4 Under the gentle sway of love. 

Be ev'rv passion brou^^cht ; 
O be the law of love fulfil I'd 
In ^-'ry act and thought ! 

Ifl. Jeivi?, 

132. 8, 8, G. M. 

Prayer for Peace. 

i Father of peace, O turn once more 
Thy looks of love along thy shore ; 


Bejiold a people mourns ! 
To thee, the merciful, belong 
Glad incense and the grateful son^:. 

JNot agonizing groans. 

2 Lest foreign hands sho'uld reap the soil, 
The husbandman forbears his toil, 

Lean famine hovers nigh : 
While m£n are hurried to the shades, 
Tlieir worJcs devouring flame invades. 
And towns in ruin lie. 

S The blossoms of our youth are she'd 
Afar upon the unblest beti, 

Which pain and want prepare ; 
Aloud the aged matrons sigh, 
And in ihj temples lift th^ir cry, 

'' Dur sons Jehovah spare." 

4 When shall we bend our swords to shared. 
In joyful praise dissolve our pray'rs. 

And breathe a purer vow ; 
O send thine angel concord here, 
With halcyon win^, to wipe each tear. 
And wave the olive's bow. 

W. Taylor-. 

133. c. M. 

Walking by Faith. 

1 Faith builds upon the evidence 
Of things beyond our sight ; 
It pierces through the veil of sensB 
And dwelis in heav'nly light. 

dr It sets time past in present view. 
Brings distant prospects home : 


Of things a thousaml years ago. 
Or thousand years to come. 

J By faith we know the world was made 
By God's omnific word ; 
And though their form and beauty fade^ 
They'll be again res tor 'd. 

4 Abram gbey'd the Lord's command. 

From his own country driv'n. 
By faith he souglit a promised land. 
But found Ids rest in heav'n. 

5 Thus through life's pilgrimage we stray^ 

The promise in our eye ; 
By faith we walk the narrow way. 
That leads to jovs on Inzh. 


134. L. 31. 

Ordination of a Minist^. 

1 Father of mercies I in thy house. 
We pay our homage and our vows ; 
While with a grateful heart we share 
These pl^^gcs of our Saviour's care. 

£ The Saviour, when to heav'n he rose. 
In splendid triumph o'er his foes, 
Scatter'd his gifts on men below. 
And wide his royal bounties flow. 

5 H^nce sprang i\\^ Apostle's lionor'd name 
vSacred lieyond heroic fame ; 
Hence dictates the Prophetic sage, 
And hence the Evangelic page. 


4 In lower fojms to bless our ejes, 
Pastors from hence and Teachers rise ; 
Who, tliOiigh with feebler rays they shine. 
Still mark a long extended line. 

5 So shall the bright succession run, 
Through all the courses of the sun ; 
Whilst unborn churclres, by their care^ 
Shall ri^e and flourish large and fair. 

6 Jesus, our Lord, their hearts shall know, 
The spring wdience aU these blessings flow ; 
Pastors and people shout his praise, 
Through the long rouixd of endless days. 


135. L. M. 

The Benefit of Afflictions. Ps. cxix. 7t. 

1 Father, we bless thy gentle hand ; 
How kind was thy chastising rod ! 
That forc'd our conscience to a stand, 
And brought our w^and'ring souls to God ! 

3 Foolish and vain, we went astray. 
Ere we had felt thy scourges Lord ; 
AYe left our guide, and lost the way ; 
But now we love and keep thy worc^. 

3 'Tisgood for us to w^ear the yoke, 
For pride is apt to rise and swell ; 
'Tis good to bear a Father ^s stroke, 
That we may learn his statutes well. 

4 The law that issues from thy mouth. 
Shall bid our cheerful hearts rejoice ; 


For we \mv^ trusted in thy Avord, 
Axnd nmde thy grace our only choice* 

136. c. >t. 

Spiritual and E^rnal Joy. 

1 From thei^, O God, our joys shall rise, 

Aitd run eternal rounds, 
Beyond tiwe limits of the skies. 
And all created bounds, 

2 The holy trium|>lis of our souls 

Shifll cleath itself outbrave. 
Leave dull mortality behind. 
And fly beyond tb»e grave. 

5 There where the blessed Si^vioiir rergTiR. 
In heav'n's unnieiitNurM s|»ice, 
We'll spend a long eternity 
In pleasure and in praise. 

4 Millions of years our wondVii^ eycrv- 
Shall O'er thy beauties rove. 
And endless ages we'll adore 
The glories of tliy love. 



L. M. 

^'' -^Vrtat I do thOii kno\vej=t not now ; br.t tiioii siialt J^ao 
hereafter/' John xiii. 7. 

iriist in the G ood neg«^f Gcd. 

1 Frail mortal man caTinot conceive 
Wliat for his future good is best > 
Why sftogld Ive daily mourn and grieve, 
And doubf that Pri>^vic>eiKe is ? 



2 When all is wrapt in midnight gloom, 
And reason can no cause assign ; 
The SQ\}\ still finds sufficient room 
To trace the hand of love divine. 

3 When God our earthly bliss removes, 
He lias some gracious end in view ; 
He always chastens those he loves, 

Yet makes them more than conq'rers tooi 

4 Let this our ev'ry fear control. 

That all our Father's ways are ri«ht ; 

And as eternal ages roll,' 

Shall still unfold with new delight. 

5 Peace, ev'ry rising murmur, then ; 
And let us dry our falling tears ; 
Trust in the love of heav'n again, 
And banish all our doubts and fears. 


138. L. M. 

Delight in Public Worship. 

1 Far from our thoughts vain world begone, 
Let our religious hours alone ; 
Fain would our eyes the Saviour see, 
And wait a visit, Lord, from thee. 

2 Our hearts grow^ warm with holy fire. 
And kindle with a pure desb'e ; 
Conte, dear Redeemer, from above. 
And feed our souls with heav'jily love. 

3 BlessM Saviour! what deli^inus fare, 
Hosv sweet tl)y entertainnieTits are I 


Never did angels taste above 
Redeeming grace, in J,esus' love. 

4 Hail, great Imnianue!, all divine 1 
In thee thy Fatlier's olofies sirme ; 
Thou brightest, sw^ete.^t, fairest one, 
That eves have seen, or angels kno\v n. 

139. L. M. 

God's Omnisci^jice and Omuipr^seiice, 

1 Father of all ! omniscient mind ! 
Thy wisdom w4io can comprehe^idr 
Its hHjhest point v/hat ey€ can find, 
Or to ite lo\\x34; depths descend ? 

2 What cavern deep, what hill sublime, 
Beyond thy reac^, sJiall I pursue ? 
What dark recess, what distant clime, 
ShalUiide me fro;ii thy boundless view? 

3 If up to heav'n's etherial height. 
Thy prospect to elude, I rise ; 

In splendour there, supremely brif>:]it, 
Thypresjence shall my sight sjurprise. 

4 Thee, mighty God ! my wond'ring soul. 
Thee, all her conscious powers adoiT ; 
Whose being circumscribes the whole. 
Whose eyes tlie u inverse explore. 

:] Thine esscnjce fills this breathing frame, 
It glows in cv'ry vital part ; 
Lightship o^r souls with livelier flame. 
And fe^tk v^iih life each beating; heai t 


6 To thee, from whom our being came, 
V-hose smile is all the heav'n we know, 
Inspii'd with this exalted theme, 
I'o thee our grateful strains shall flow. 


140. L. M. 

Public Worship. Psa. Ixv. 

1 For thee, O God, our constant praise 
In Zion waits, thy chosen seat; 
Our pnmiis dal^.a.s there we'll raise. 
And ail om zealous vows complete. 

6 O tiiou, who to our humble prajr 
Di^Jst always bend thylist'ning ear, 
To thee shall all mankind repair. 
And at thy gracious throne appear. 

3 Ot;r sins, though numberless, in vain 
To s^op thy flowing mercy try»f 
For thou wilt purge the guilty stain. 
And wriah away the crimson dye. 

4 Blest is the man, who near thee plac'd, 
AMthin thy sacred dwelling lives; 
Whilst we at humble distance taste 
The vast delight thy worship gives. 


141- L. M. 

Universal Praise. Psa. Ixvi. Rev. v. 19, 

1 From all that dwell below the skies 
1/ct the Creator's praise arise, 
Let the tiedeemer^s name be sung 
Through evYy land, by ev'ry tongu^ 



2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord ; 
Eternal trulh attends thy word: 

Thy praise shall sound fr ^m shoi^ toshore> 
Till suns shall rise to set no mure. 


142. 8, Ts. 31. 

Surrounding the Mercy 6eat. 
1 Far from mortal cares retreating. 
Sordid hopes and fond desires. 
Here, our willing footsteps meeting, 

Ev'ry heart to heav'n aspires. 
From the fount of glory beaming, 

Light celestial cheers our eyes ; 
Mercy from above, proclaiming 
Peace and pardon from the skies. 

£ Who may share this great salvation ? 

Ev-ry pure and humble mind ; 
Ev'ry kindred, tongue and nation. 

From the dross of guilt re^n*d : 
Blessings all around bestowing, 

God withholds his care from none ; 
Grace and mercy ev^r flowing 

From the fountain of his throne. 

3 Et'ry stain of guilt abhcrring. 

Firm and bold in virtue s cause, 
Still thy providence adorino:, 

Faithful subjects to thy laVs. 
Lord I with favour still attend us, 

Bless us wdth thy wondrous love ; 
Thou, our sun and shield, de^fend us; 

All Qun hope is frou^ above. 

/?hn Tajrloi. 


143 L. M. 

Religion, w-ithout Superstition. 

1 Far hence each superstition vain, 
\^ ilcl oftspring of tlie human brain i 
The truths that iBll thy hallow'd page, 
Our liippier choice, great Go<l ! engage 

2 0, ever faithful to thy word. 

Do thou thy vital strength afford ; 
Toy help impart, Eternal Sire ! 
T^Hor let our hope in shame expire. 

3 Sustain'd by thy almighty aid, 
What dangers shall our souls invade r 
Nor errors cloud, nor arts of sin. 
Our souls from thy obedience win. 


144. s. M. 


i Far from these scenes df night 

Unbounded glories rise, 
AiVd realms df infinite delight, 

Unknown to mortal eyes. 

£ Tl^ere sickness never comes ; 

Tiiere grief no more complains ; 
Health trjumphs in immortal bloom, 

And purest pleasure reigns. 

5 No strife, nor envy there 
The sons of peace molest; 

But harmony, and love Sfncere^ 
Fill ev-ry iiappy bi'ea'fet. 


4 No cloud tly)se rejcions know, 
Forever bright and fair; 

For sin, the source of mortal wo, 
Can never enter there. 

5 There night is never known, 
Nor sun's faint sickly ray ; 

But glory from t\v eternal throne 
Spreads everlasting day. 

6 O may this prospect fire 
Our hearts with ardent love ! 

And lively faith and strong desire 
Bear ev'ry thoaght atx)ve. 

Mrs. Steele alt'd. 

145. c. M. 

The Glori€;s of Rediiraption. Isa. i. 1 — 3. 

1 Father, how wide thy ginry shines ! 
How higli tiiy VvonSers rise ; 
Knuv»:n tii!Ough the earth by thousand signs, 
By thousands through tlie skies. 

3 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy powV, 
Their motions speak thy skill ; 
And on the wings of ev-ry hour 
We read thy patience stiR. 

3 Part of ihj name diwinely stands 

On all tny creatures vrrit. 
They show the labour of thy hand^. 
The impress of thy feet. 

4 But when we view thy grand desigJi 

To sav^ rebellious worms. 


^Vherewisdoarijpow'r and goodness shines, 
In their most glorious forms : 

5 Our tho'ughts are lost in rey'relid awe; 

We love, and we adore ; 
The holy angels never saw 
So much of God before. 

6 may we bear some humble part 

In that immortal song; 
Wonder and joy shall tune our heart. 
And love command our tongue. 


146. c. M. 

Virtue the Source of Peace. 


i Forsake, each soul, the tents of sin^ 
How false her joys appear ! 
Noise and confusion dwell within; 
Peace is a stranger there. 

2 The n>ert who keep the laws of God, 
His choicest blessings share; 
Or if he lifts his chast ning rod, 
'Tis with a father's care. 

5 His mighty pbw'r shall guard the just, 
His wrsdom point the way; 
His eye shall watch their sleeping dust. 
His hand rev^e their clay. 

4 Begin, ye saints, the joyful task. 
His praise employ your tongjyie; 
And soon eternity will ask 
A more exalted song. 



147. L. M. 


1 Folly builds high upon the sand » 
But iowiy let our basis be ; 
Firm as a rock our hope shall standi 
Deep founded in humility. 

2 Content, when threat'iiing ills obtrude, 
Sweet meek-eyed patience arm our souls : 
And a prudent fortitude 

Teach us our passions to control. 

3 O Lord, we long to know thee still. 
To loKe and fear and trust thee more ; 
To live submissive to thy will. 

And whilst we feel thy grace, adore- 

4 Our faith and love, obedient be, 

O J^^aviour, to thy just commands ! 
Our ardent sauls still follow^ thee. 
And trust their int'rest in thy hanc^. 

5 Let love aud mercy all divii),e, 
Justice descending from the skies, 
Kindness and truth our hearts incline 
StiiLto forgiye our enemies. 

6 Thus may we act the christian part,^ 
The social, humane and divine ; 
Whilst a wise zeal inspires each heart. 
And we arise to joys sublime. 

Smart ah"d. 


148. CM. 

Universal Depravity. Ps. xiv. 

1 Fools in their hearts believe and say, 

" That all religion's vain ; 
" There is no God that reigns on high, 
" Or minds th' affairs of men." 

2 From thoughts so dreadful and prophane>v 

Corrupt discourse proceeds ; 
And by their impious hands are done 
Abominable deeds, 

3 The Lord, from his celestial throne, 

Look'd down on things below, 
To find the men that sought his grace.. 
Or did his justice know. 

4 He saw^ that all were gone astray. 

Their practice all the same ; 
That none did fear his great command, 
That none did love his name. 

5 Their tongues are us'd to speak deceit, 

Their slandeas never cease ; 
How swift to mischief are their feet, 
Nor know the paths of peace ! 

6 Such seeds of sin, that bitter root. 

In ev'ry heart are found ; 
Nor will they bear diviner fruit 
Till grace refine the ground. 



149. L. M. 

The Lord's Prayer. 

1 Father ! ador'd in worlds above, 

Thy glorious i],ame be hallow'd still -, 
Thy kingdom come with pov/'r and loye. 
And earth, like lieav'n, obey thy will. 

2 Lord make our daily wants thy care ; 
Forgive the sins which we forsake ; 
And let us in thy kindness share, 

As fellow-men of ours partake. 

3 Evils beset us ev'ry hour; 

Thy kind protection we implore : 
Thine is the kingdom, thine the powV; 
Be thine the glory evermore I 

Pope's CoL 

150. c. M. 

The Lord's Prayer. 

1 Fati^er in beav'n ! thy sacred name 
In hallow'd strains ^e siUig; 
Thy kingdom spread o'er all the earth ; 
Thy praise fill ev'ry tongile. 

^ By happy spirits round thy throne, 
x\s thy commands are done 
So be thy perfect will obey'd 
By all beneath the sunl! 

3 Our numerous wants are known to thqe. 
Who canst alone supply; 
O grant each day, our daily bread. 
Nor a^.iier good denv ! 


4 Forgive our sins, as we fordve 

The wrongs that others do; 
Nor let temptations press around^ 
Lest we those siijs renew. 

5 Thou art our safety and defence. 

When dangers threatening stand ^ 
O turn aside impending ills. 
With thy almighty hand ! 

€ Thy sceptre all creation sways ; 
Thy powV knows no control; 
Thy matchless glory shall endure, 
While endless ages roll. 

Liverpool (Paradise-st.) Coil 

151. C. M. 

The Universal Prayer. 

1 Father of all ! whose cares extend 
To earth *s reirotest shore, 
Through evVy age let praise ascend: 
Let ev'Tj clime adore. 

£ What conscience dictates to be done. 
Or warns us not to do, 
This, teach us more thari death to shun, 
That, more than life pursue. 

5 If we are ric,ht, thy grace impart. 
Still in the right to sUy ; 
If we are wrons:. O teach our heart 
To fad the better way I 

4 Save us alike from foolish pride^ 
Or impious discx)iitent ; 


At auglit tliy wisdom hath denied. 
Or aught thy goodness lent. 

5 Teach us to feel another's woe, 
To hide the faults we see ; 
That mercy w^e to others show. 
Let us receive from thee. 

This day, be bread and peace our lot. 

But, all beneath the sun. 
Thou know'st if bestbestow'd or not; 

And let thy will be done. 


152. L. M. 

Tlie Bounties of Providence acknowledged. Matt. iv. 45.^ 

1 Father of light ! we sing thy name. 
Who kindlest up the lamp of day ; 
Wide as he spreads his golden fiame. 
His beams tliy powV and love display. 

2 Fountain of good ! from thee proceeds. 
In copious drops, the genial rain. 

Which o'er the hills, and through the meads. 
Revives the grass and swells the grain. 

3 Through the wide w orld thy bounties spread ; 
Yet thousands of our guilty race. 
Though by thy daily bounty fed, 
Neglect thy law, reject thy grace, 

4 Not so may our forgetful hearts 
O'erlook the tokens of thy care; 
But what thy libVal hand imparts. 
Still own ill praise, still ask in pr.iy'n 


§ So shall our suns more gra-teful shine. 
And show'rs in richer drops shall fall, 
W l\en-^l our hearts and lives are thine. 
And tlipu, God ! enjoy 'd by all. 


153, c. M. 

The Excellency of the Holy Scnpture?> 

1 Father of mercies ! in thy word 
What endless glory shines ! 
Forever be thy name ador'd. 
For these celestial lines. 

£ Here, may tlie wretched sons Qf want 
Kxhaustless riches find ; 
Riches above what earth can grant. 
And lasting as the mind. 

5 Here, the fair tree of knowledge grows. 
And yields a free repast; 
Sublimer sv/eets than nature knows, 
Invite the longing taste. 

4 Here, springs of consolation rise. 

To cheer the fainting mind ; 
And thirsty souls receive supplies, 
And sweet refreshment find. 

5 may thy gospel ever be 

Our study and delight ; 
And still new beauties may we see. 
And still increasing light ! 

Mrs. Ste^e 



154. c. 31. 


The Power of Faith. 

1 Faith adds new charms to earthly bli&Sr 
And saves us fro in its snares ; 
Its aid in evTj duty brings, 
And softens ail our cares. 

- It quells the raging flames of sin. 
And ligfits the sacred fire 
Of love to God and heav'nly tilings. 
And feeds the pure desire. 

3 The wounded conscience knows its pow'r. 

The healing balm to give ; 
That balm the saddest heart can cheer. 
And make the dying live. 

4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds. 

Where deathless pleasures reign ; 
And bids us seek our portion there. 
Nor bids us seek in vain. 

5 It shows the precious promise seal'd 

With the Redeemer's blood ; 
And helps our feeble hope to rest 
Upon a faithful God. 

6 On that bright prospect may we rest. 

Till this frail body dies ; 
And then on love's triumphant wings, 
To endless glory rise. 

f^alisburv Coll. 


155. c. 31. 

Trust in God through all the Changes in Life 

1 Father divine ! before thy view. 
All worlds, all creatures lie; 
No distance can elude thy search. 
No action 'scape thine eye. 

£ From thee our vital tfreath we drew> 
Our childhood was thy care ; ^ 
And vigorous youth and feeble age. 
Thy Kind protection share. 

3 Whate'er we do, where'er we turn, 

Thy ceaseless bounty flows ; 
Oppressed with wo, when nature faints, 
Thine arm is our repose. 

4 To thee \v^ look, thou Pow'r supi-trae; 

O still our wants supply ! 
Safe in thy presence may w^e live, 
And in thy favour die. 

John Taylc.-. 

156. c. M. 

The Vanity of Human Life. 

1 Frail life of man — how sljort its stay. 
And varijoiLS as the wind ! 
Heedless we sport our hours away, 
Nor think of death behind. 

£ See the ftiir cheek -of beauty fade, 
Frail glory of an hour I 
And blooming youth with sick'ning head. 
Droop like the dying flowV. 


S Wealth, pomp, and honour we beliolJ, 
. A\ itli an admiring eje, 
Like summer's insects dress'd in gold> 
That flutter, shine and die. 

4 Then rise, our souls ! and soar away 

Above the thoughtless crowd, 

Abo^e tbe pleasures of the gay. 

And splendours of tiie proud ; 

5 Where everlasting beauties bloom, 

And pleasures all divine ; 
Where w^ealth that never can consume. 
And endfess glones shine, 

Rev. Heriry^^fcor'e. 

157. L. M. 

Acceptance with God. 

1 From north to south, from east to wesl^ 
Advance the myriads of the bless'd ; 
From ev'ry clime of earth they come. 
And tind in heav'n a common home. 

2 In one immortal thiwng we view. 
Pagan and Christian, Greek and Jew ; 
But all their doubts and darkness o'er, 
One only God thej nfow adore. 

3 Howe'er di^*ided here below. 

One bliss, one spirit, now they know ; 
1 hough some ne'er heard of Jesus' name^ 
Yet grace' ad^nita their iunnble ckaim. 


158. H. M. 

Divine Power and Grace, Ps. cxxxvi. 

1 GtvE thanks to God most hi^, 
The universal Lord, 
The sovereign King of kings, 
And be his grace ador'd, 

His pow'r and grace are still the same ; 

And let his name have endless praise. 

9. His wisdom fram'd the sun, 
To crown the day with light ; 
The moon and twinkling stars, 
To cheer the darksome night. 
Earth's utmost ends his pow'r obey : 
His glorious sway the sky transcends. 

o He doth the wants supply 

Of ev ry thing which lives. 

He hears affliction's cry, 

And pities and forgives. 
His mercies sure, just themes of praise. 
To endless days unchang'd endure. 

4 He sent his only Son, 

To save us from our wo. 

From error, sin, and death. 

And ev'ry hurtful foe. 
While earth and sky declare his praise^. 
His saints shall raise his honours high^ 


5 Give thanks aloud to God, 
To God, the heav'nly King, 
And let the spacious earth 
His works and glories sing. 


His po^v'r and grace are still the same; ^ 
Aad let his name have endless praise. 

Watts alt*d. 

159 L. M. 

Divine Power and Grace. Ps. cxxxvi. 

1 Give to our God immortal praise, 
Mercy and truth are all his ways ; 
Wonders of grace to God belong : 
Repeat his mercies in your song. 

2 Give to the Lord of lords renown. 
The King of kings with glory crown ; 
His mercies ever shall endure, 

"SVhen lords and kings are known no more. 

3 He built the earth, he spread the sky, 

And fix'd the starry worlds on high ; 

AVonders of grace to God belong; : 

1 • • • 

Repeat his mercies in your song. 

4 He fills the sun with morning light 
He bids the mpon direct the night: 
His mercies ever shall endure, 

When sun and moon shall shine no mo;e. 

5 He sent his Son with pow'r to save 
From guilt, and darkness, and the grave ; 
"Wonders of grace to Gpd belong. 
Repeat his mercies in your song. 

6 Through thi^ short life he guides oiy f^t^ 
And leads us to his heav'nly seat; 

His mercies ever shall endure. 
When time a^d death shall be no more, 




160. L. p. M. 

God the unfailing Sousce of Good. 

1 Give to the Lord, in cheerful songs^ 
The praise that to his name belong?, 

^V hose goodness still uncea^ng iioirs ; 
Repeat his name with grateful mind. 
Who ever good and ever kiad, 

Nor change nor variation knows. 

2 Sovereign alone of earth and sky ! 
On thee, for ev'ry hour's supply, 

Thyvarious creatures all depend; 
Man, whom thy light hae giv'n to know 
The source whence all his blessings floiv. 

Views in his God ius kindest fhocd * 

3 Yet still our notes we'll higher raise. 
To celebrate in ardent praise 

Eternal life through Jesus giv'n ; 
Thy gracious messexiger he came. 
Forever blessed be thy name ! 

A^d pointed out the way to heav'a. 

Exeter ColV 

161. C. M. 

Sincerity a^id Hypocrisy 

1 God is a spirit, just and wise. 

He sees our inmost mind : 
In vain to heav'n we raise oar cri^s. 
And leave our souls l>ehind. 

2 Nothing but truth before his throne. j 

V» ith hongur can appear; j 


Th^ formal hypocrites :vre known 
'ihrough the disguise tliey wear, 

3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies. 

Their bended knees the grouud; 
But God abhcK'S the sacrifice 
Of pride, and empty sound. 

4 LfOrd I search our thoughts, and try o.ur ways. 

And make our souls sincere ; 
Then niav we stand before thy fa(ie, 
And find acceptance tliere. 


162. c. M. 

God the Creator and Preserver. 

1 Great first of beino;s ! mighty Lord I 

We praise thy glorious name ; 
Produced by thy creating word. 
Arose this mighty frame. 

2 Tliy voice sent forth the hi^ command ; 

' Twas instantly obey-d ; 
And tiuough thy goodness all things stand, 
Which by thy skill were made. 

3 By thee, through fields of azure, roll 

Cn number -d worlds above ; 
Thy mig^ty hand sustains the w*hole ; 
Each creature shares thy love. 

4 By thee, the sun dispenses heat, 

At^d beams of cheering day: 
By thee, the stars, in order set. 
At night thy powT display. 


r? By thee, the earth its products yieid.^, 
And countless myriads live ; 
And trees and plants adorn the fields, 
And their rich treasures give. 

u To thee, all -gracious Powt! we bow, 
And would ourselves resign ; 
Accept the praise, accept the vow. 
And make us wholly thine. 

Bro\vii alt'd, 

163. L. p. M. 

The Works and ^yo^dofGofi. Ps. xix, 
i Great God. the heav'n's well order'd frame 
Declares the glories of thy name; 

There thy rich works of wonder shine : 
A thousand starry beauties there, 
A thousand radiant marks appear 

Of boundless povv-r and skill divine. 

2 From night to day, from day to night. 
The datvning and the dying light. 

Lectures of heav"nly wisdom read ; 
With silent eloquence, they raise 
Our thoughts to the Creator's prais'e, 

And neither sound nor language need. 

3 Yet their divine instructions run 
Wide as the circuit of the sun ; 

And ev'ry nation knows their voice 
The sun in robes of splendor dress'd. 
Breaks from the chambers of the east, 

Moves raund and makes the earth rejoice. 

4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad, 
He speaks the majesty of God : 


All nature joins to show thy praise; 
Thus God in ev'ry creature shines, 
Brigiit in the book of nature's lines. 

But brighter in the book of grace. 


164. L. 31. 

For the Lord's Day Morning. 

1 Gre\t God ! this sacred day of thine. 
Demands our sDuls' collected pow'rs ; 
May we employ in work divide, 
'i'hese solemn, these devoted hours ! 

2 Hence, ye vain cares and trifles, fly; 
Where God r^id«s, appear no more: 
Omniscient God ! thy piercing eye 
Can ev'ry secret thought explore. 

3 Thy word of life dispens'd to-day» 
Invites us to a heav'nly feast; 
May ev'ry ear the call obey, 

Be ev*ry heart an humble guest 1 

4 'rliy gracious aid, God ! impart ; 
Omay thy word, with life divine, 
Eno:ao:e the ear and warm the heart ! 
'iUen shall therday indeed be thine. 

Mrs. Steele 

165. c. M. 

The Mystery and Benignity of Providepce. 
i God moves in a mysterious way, 
• His wonders to perform ; 
He plants his footsteps in the sea; 
And rides upon the storm. 


2 Deep in unfathomable mines 
Oi never-failing skill. 
He treas-ures up his vast designs, 
And works his sovereign will. 

5 Ye fearful souls i fresh courage take ; 
I he clouds ye so much dread 
A^ big with mercy, and will break 
In blessings on jour head. 

4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense. 

But trust him for his grace : 
Behind a frowning providence 
. He hides a smiling face. 

5 His purposes will ripen fast. 

Unfolding ev'ry hour ; 
The bud may have a bitter taste. 
But sweet will be the flowV. 

S Blind unbelief is sure to err. 
And scan his work in vain ; 
But grace and truth unite their powT, 
To make his mercy plain. 

Cowper altM 

166. s. M. 

Blessings of Providence and Grace. 

1 Great God, at thy command 
Seasons in order rise : 

Thy pow'r and love in concert resign 
Through earth, and seas, and skies. 

2 How balmy is the air. 

How warm the solar boams ! 


And to refre^i the ground, the rains 
Descend in gentle streams. 

S With grateful praise we own 

'Fny prcrvidential hand. 
While grass for kine, and herb and torii. 

For m^n, enrich the land. 

4 But greater still the gift 

Of thine incarnate Son: 
By him forgiveness, peace and joy, 

Thro' endles« ages run. 


167. Ts M. 


1 God of mercy ! God of love ! 
Hear our sad repentant songs' ; 
Listen to thy suppliant rac^?, 
Thou to whom all grace belongs ! 

2 Deep regret for follies past. 
Talents wasted, time mispent ; 
Hearts debas'd by worldly cares. 
Thankless for the blessings lent ; 

5 Foolish fears and fond desires. 
Vain regrets for things as vain ; 
Lips too seldom taught to praise, 
Oft to murmur and complain. 

4 These, and ev'ry secret fault, 

FiU'd with grief and shame we own^; 
-Humbled at thy feet we bov, 
Peeking pardon from thy throne. 


5 God of mercy ! God of grace ! 
Hear cur sad repentant songs ; 

restore thy suppliant race, 
Thau to whom all grace belongs I 

J. Taylor. 

168. c. M. 

God the Creator of Mankind. 

1 God of our lives! whose bounteous care, 

First gave us powV to move; 
How shall our thankful hearts declare 
The wonders of thy love ! 

2 While void of thought and sense v/e lay^ 

Dust of our parent earth, 
Thy breath iuform'd the sleep'Aig clay. 
And caird us into birth. 

3 Thine eye beheld in perfect view 

The yet unfmishM plan ; 
Th' imperfect lines thy pencil drev/, 
And form'd the future man. 

4 may this frame, which rising grew, 

Beneath thy forming hands, 
Be studious ever to pursue 
Whate'er thy will commands : 

Dodsley's Poems, alt'dj 

169. s. M. 

Virtuous Desires. Ps. xxxv. 8, 9, 12, 520, 

1 Gor, v/ho is just and kind, 
Will tliose who err instruct ; 

And in the patois of righteousness, 
Tlrcir wandVing steps conduct. 


iZ The humble soul he guides; 

Teaches the meek his way ; 
Kindness and truth he shows to all, 

Who him in truth obey. 

o Give us the tender heart. 
That mingles fear with love ; 

And lead us thro\igh w liatever pftllt 
Thy wisdom shall approve. 

4 O, ever keep our souls 

From error, shame and guilt ■ 

Sor sufter tlie fair hope to I'ail, 
Which on thy tiuth is built. 

170. c. H. 

Divine Providence, and the Folly of self-depcndejicfl* 

1 God reigns ; events in order flow, 
Man's industry to guide ;, 
But in a different channel go^ 
To humble human pride. 

^ The swift, not always in the race, 
Shall win the crowning prize ; 
Not always wealth and honour grace. 
The labours of the wise. 

3 Fond mortals do themselves beguile. 

When on tiiemseives they rest; 
Elind is their wisdom vain their toil^ 
By thee, O Lord, unbless'd. 

4 *Tis ours, the furrows to prepare. 

And sow the precious grain ; 


^Tis thine to give the 'sun and air. 
And send the genial rain. 

^ Evil and good before tliee stand, 
Their mission to perform ; 
The sun shines tnight at thy command; 
Thy hand directs thie storm. 

6 In all our way^, we humbly own 
Thy provide nti'al pow'r ; 
Intrusting to thy care alone, 
The lot (A ev'ry hour. 

Scott ah"d, 

171. S. M. 

" By Grace are ye saved." Ephe?. ii. 5* 

1 Grace — 'tis a pleasing sound. 
Harmonious to the ear; 

Ileav'n with the echo sh'all resound> 
And all the earth shall hear. 

2 Grace first contrived the way, 
To save rebellious man ; 

And all the steps that grace display 
Which drew the \^ndrous plan. 

3 Grace taught our wand'ring feet 
To tread the heavenly road ; 

And fresh supplies each hour we meet, 
NVhile pressing ofi t^ God^, 

4 Gijace all the work shall crown, 
Through everlasting days ; 

It lays in heav-n the tonmost stone 
And well deserves the praise. 




172. L. M. 

Mutability qf the CieatioDj twid Immutability Of God, 

1 Great Former of this various frame ! 
Our sou^s adore thlrce awQil name, 

And bow with rev'rence, while we praise 
The ancient of eternal days. 

2 Beyond an angel's visio^i bright, 
Thou dweJPst in uncreated light; 
Which shin.QS with undiminish'd ray, 
AVhile suns and systems pass a\yay. 

3 Our days a transient period run. 
And change \Vith ev'ry circling sun; 
And in the firmest state we boast, 
A moth can crush us into dust. 

4 But let all nature fall around. 

Let death consign us to tUe ground, 
Let the last gen'ral fiame arise, 
Consume thp eartli, dissolve the skies : 

5 Calm as the summer's ocean, we 
Can all the wreck of nature see : 
While grace secures us an abode. 
Unshaken as the throne of God. 

Doddridge altjd, 

173. c. M. 

The eternal dominion of God. 

1 Great God, how infinite art thou ! 
How w^k and frail are we! 
Let the whole race of creatjiires bow. 
And ho.mage pay to thee 


2 Thy throne eternal ages stood, 

Ere earth or lieav'n was made ; 
Thou art the ever-living God, 
Were all the nations dea^L 

3 Nature and time all open lie 

To thine immense survey, 
From the formation of the sky. 
To tl^ la^t awful day, 

4 Eternity, with all its years. 

Stands present in thy view; 
To thee there's nothing old appears. 
Great God ! there's nothino; new, 

5 Our lives through vacytng scenes are draiFii^, 

And vex'd with*trifliyg cares. 
While thine eternal thought moves on 
Thine undisturbed aSairs. 

6 Great God I how infinite art thou ! 

How frail and helpless we ! 
Let the whole race of creatures bow. 
And glory give to thee. 

WattSy alt'd. 

174. L. M. 

To the Unknown God. 

1 Great God ! in vain man's narrow view 
Attempts to look thy nature through ; 
Our laboring powTS with rev'rence own. 
Thy glories never can be known. 

2 Not the high seraph's mighty thought. 
Who countless y^ars his God has ^ughtj^ 



Such wondrous height or depth can find 
Or fully trace thy boundless mind. 

3 Yet, Lord I thy kindness deigns to show- 
Enough for mortal man to know ; 
^Vhile wisdom, goodness, pow'r divine. 
Through all thy works and conduct shine> 

4 may our souls with rapture trace 
Thy works of nature and of grace ; 
Explore thy sacred name, and still 
Tress on to know and do thy will. 


175. c. M. 

The Omnipresence attd Providence of God. 

1 Great God, how vast is thine abode ! 

Mysterious are thy ways! 

Unseen, thy footsteps in the air, 

And trackless in the seas. 

2 Yet the whole peopled world bespeaks 

Thy being and thy pow'r, 
Mid the resplendent blaze of day, 
And awful midnight hour. 

3 Nor all the peopled world alone. 

Rich fields and verdant pjains ; 
But lonely wilds by man untrod, 
AVhere silent horror reigns : 

4 Tempests and winds that swefep the sky. 

Caverns and mountains bare, 
Eartl^uakes and storms,and swell ingwa^es^, 
Thy grandeur all declare, 




5 Through all creation's widc»^ range. 
The hand of heav'n is near i 
Where'er we wander in the worl^, 
Lo ! God is present there. 

Jervis, alt'd. 

176. c. M. 

Prayer for the Spread of the Gospel. 

1 Great God of grace ! arise and shine, ' 

With beams of heav'nl j light : 
From this dcft-k world of sin dispel 
The long and doleful night, 

2 Let no inferior being share 

The honours due to thee ; 
May ev'ry natiih know thy name, 
And thy ^Nation see. 

3 No more may persecution dare ^ • 

To lift her iron rod ; 
No longer shed the blood of saints. 
And plead a zeal for God. 

4 With its own pure and natiye lights 

Lord, mav thy gospel shine ! 
May error rfy like noxious mists, 
Before this light divine. 

5 White heav'n-born truth her charms r.evealg^ 

May love each breast inspire; 
Nor cHie base passion ever mix. 
To quench tjiis sacred fire. 



177. c. M. 

God our constant Benefactor* 

1 Great God I to thee our grateful tongu^ 

United thanks would raise-: 
Inspire our heafrts to raise the song 
Which celebrates thy praise. 

2 From thine almighty forming hand 

We drew our vital pow'rs; 
Our time revolves at thj command. 
In all its circling houi*s., 

3 Thy powV, our ever-present guard. 

From ev'ry ill defends ; 
While num-rous dangeips hover rounds 
Our help from tl^e descejids. 

4 Beneath the shadow of thy wings. 

How sweet is our repose ! 
Thy ntorning light renews the springs 
From wlience our comfort tlows. 

5 In celebration of thy praise. 

May we employ our breath ; 
And walking- steadfast in thy ways, 
\\'e-ll triumph over death. 


178. L. ^. 

Christian Zeal, tempered by Charity. 

i Gr^at God ! whose all -pervading eye 
Sees ev'ry passion in our soul; 
When sunk too low, or rais'd too high. 
Teach us those passions to control. 


2 Temper the fervours of our frame ; 
Be charity then' constant spring; 
And let no unhallow'd flame 
Pollute the oiT'rino-s which we brina: - 

3 Let love with pietj un^te 

To mend tiie bias of our will : 

While hope and heav'n-eyed faith excite 

And wisdom regulates, our zeal : 

4 That wisdom which to meekness turnSj 
Wisdom descending from above ; 
And let our zeai, whene'^er it burns, 
Be kindled by the fire of love. 


179yL. M. 

The Kingdom of Christ. Ps. Ixxii. 1— -9. 

1 Great God ! v/hose universal sway, 
The knov.n and unknov;n worlds obey ; 
Extend the kin'i,dom of thy Son, 

Till ev*ry land his rule shall own. 

2 The sceptre well becomes his hands, 
And wise and good are his commands ; 
His laws protect the humble poor. 
And bid oppression reign no more. 

3 They form to righteousness the mind. 
To all that s candid, gentle, kind ; 
Inspire with love the human breast. 
And stormy passions soothe to rest 

4 As gentle rain on parching ground. 
His gospel sheds its influence round; 


Its grace on fainting souls distils. 
Like heav'nly dew on thirsty hi}.ls. 

5 The heathen lands that lie beneath 
The shades of darkness and of death. 
Revive at its first dawning light. 
And deserts blossom at the sight. 

6 His throne immoveable shall stand, 
Upheld by thine almighty hand, 
Till all shall love thee and adore. 
And vrce and mi^'ry be no more. 


180 c. M. 

Fruitful Seasons. Ps. Ixv. 

1 God is the Lord, tiie heav'nly King, 

Who makes the earth his care ; 
Visits the pastures evVy spring. 
And bids the grass appear. 

2 The clouds, like rivers rais'd on high. 

Pour out, at thy command. 
Their wat'ry blessings from the sky, 
To cheer the tliirsty land, 

6 The soften 'd ridges of the field 
Permit the corn to spring ; 
The vallies rich provision yield, 
'J'he grateful laborers sing. 

4 The little hills on ev'ry sije 
Rejoice at falling show'rs ; 
The meadows, dress 'din all their pride. 
Perfume the air with flow'rs. 


5 The barren clods, refreshed with rain^ 

Pro mi se a j o vfu I c vop ; 
The fields with verdure fill'd, again 
Revive the reaper ^s hope. 

6 The various mouths thy goodness crowns, 

Ho;v bounteaus are thy ways ! 
The bleating flocks spread o'er the downs, 
And shepherds shout thy praise. 


181. C. M. 

The Example of Christ. 

1 God of our m^rcy and our praise, 
Thy glory is our song. 
We'll speak the honours of thy grace 
With a rejoicing tongue. 

■: When Christ among the sons of men, 
In humble form was found. 
With cruel slanders, false and vain, 
They compass'd him around. 

S Their mis'ries his compassion mov*d, 
Their peace he still pursu'd : 
They render'd hatred for his love. 
And evil for his good. 

1 Their malice ragM without a cause ; 
Yet with his dying breath 
HeprayM for murd'rers on his cro&s. 
And bless'd his foes in death. 

*' O may his conduct all divine, 
To us a model prove : 


Like his, O God ! our hearts incline 
Our enemies to k've. 

182. L. 31. 

The PIcc ciircs of Devotion, 

1 God of our sti-ength I to ihee we cry; 
To ihee, our suftest refuge fly: 

C) may thy ll-ht atienti our way, 
Thy truth aftord its cheering ray. 

2 Conduct us to thy hallow'd seat, 
AMiere wisdom, truth, and mercy meet; 
And there, in all their best array. 

Our hearts their richest gifts shall pay. 

3 Thy mercies, to our h#arts reveai'd, 
A theme of endless transport yield ; 
Thy love does all our bosoms tire. 
Thy piaibe does all our songs inspire. 

4 In all our cares, in all our woes, 

On God our steadfast hopes repose : 
To God our thanks shall still be paid, 
Dur sure defence, our constant aid. 


183. lOs. M. 

Devout Aspirations. 

1 God, our kind Master, merciful and just. 
Knowing our frame, remembers man is dust : 
His ear is open to the softest cry ; 
His grace descends to m^et the lifted eve. 


2 lie reads the language of the silent tear. 
And sighs are incense from an heart sincere , 
He marks the dawn of ev'ry virtuous aim, 
And fans the smoking flax into a flame. 

S O set us from all earthly bondage free ; 
Still evVy wish that centres not in thee : 
Bid our fond hopes, our vain disquiets ce^se. 
And point our path to everlasting peace. 

Mrs. Barbauld 

184. L. M. 

Prayer for Assistance in Divine Worship 

1 Grant us a visit, dearest Lord, 

In gentle streams of grace descend ; 
Open the treasures of thy \yord. 
From ev'ry sin thy church defend. 

2 Thy branches bend, thou Living Vine, 
Clusters of fruit to us impart; 

O may our joys be all divine, 
May heavenly love fill ev-ry hfeart. 

3 In unity may we abound. 

Thy wisdotn with our zeal combine ; 
Antl joyful sing on heav'nly ground, 
And keep the golden path divine, 

4 O may our worship, Lord, to-day, 
Accepted be in Jesus' name; 

TV' he the r we preach, or sing, or pray, 
May love be all the sacred Same. 

F, Ballou, 



185. rs. M. 

Praise lo the R^-d^emer. 

Grateful notes and numbers bring, 
\\'hiie Jehovah's praise we sing ; 
iloly, holy, holy, Lord, 
lie thy glorious name adoif d T 

Men on earth, and saints above, 
Sing the great Redeemer's lov^ ; 
Lord, thy mercies never fail,. 
Hail, celestial goodness, hail ! 

While on earth ordain'd to stay, 
Gu^rle our footsteps in t!iy way : 
Till we come to roiij;n with thee. 
And all thy glorious greatness see I 

Men on oarth, &c. 

Then, svi^h an^^els, we'll again 
Wake a louder^ louder strain : 
There, in joyful songs of praise, 
We'll our grateful voices raise. 

Men on earth, &*. 

186. H. M. 

The House of Prayf^r. 

1 Gkf.\t Father of mankind, 
We bless that wondrous grace, 
Which could for gentiles find. 
Within thy courts a place. 
How kind the care our God displays. 
For us to raise an house of pray "r I 



2 Once we were strangers here. 
But 11 ov approach the throne ^ 
For Jesus brings us near, 
And makes our cause his own. 

Strangers no more, to thee we come } 
And find our home, and rfes,t secure. 

3 To thee our souls we join. 
And love thy sacred name; 
Is more our own, ftut thine, 
We triumph in thy claim. 

Our Father, King, thy co^^'na^t grace,. 
Our s^ouls embrace, tiiy glories smg. 

4 Here in thy house we feast 
On dainties all divine ; 

And whilst such food we taste, 

AMth joy our faces shine. 
Incense shall rise from flames of love> 
And God approve the sacrifice. 

5 May all the nations throng. 
To worsliip in thy house; 
^^'ilt thou attend the song, 
Ann hear their ardent vows ! 

Indiil^j^ent s^ill, till earth conspire 
To joiQ the choir, on Zion's hill. 

D'odclridge- ' 

1S7. c. m. 

The Perfections of God. Ps. cxi. 

L Great is the Lord ; his works of might 
Demand our noblest songs ; 
Let his assembled saints unite 
Their harmony of tongues. 



2 Great is the mercy ot the Lord, 

He gives his children food ; 
And, ever mindful of lus \\K)rd, 
He makes his promise good. 

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came 

To seal his cov'nant supe; 
Holy and rev'rend is his name, 
His ways are just and pure. 

4 They tl|it would grow divinely wise. 

Must luth his tear begin. 
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies 
In hating ev'ry sin. 

188. L. M. 

Humble WoiLhip. 

1 Great Kin^ of kings, eternal God, 
Shall mortal creatures dare to raise, 
Their songs to thy supreme Abode, 
And join with angels in thy praise? 

2 Man, how far removed below I 
Wrapt in the shades of gloomy night, 
His brightest day can only show 

A few faint streaks of distant light. 

3 But see ! t^e bright, the morning Star 
Rising, shall chase the shades away ; 
His beams, resplendent from afar. 
Promise a sweet immortal day. 

4 To him our lodging eyes we raise. 
Our gui4e to thee, the great Unknowa,; 


riirougli him, may our humble praise, 
Acceptex.! rise before thy throne. 

Mrs. Steele. 

189. s. M. 


Gosp.ei Worsliip and Order. Ps. xlviii. 1, 3, 1^, 13, 14. 

1 Great is the Lord our God, 

And let his pi'aise be great ; 
He makes the church his blest abode^ 
His most delightful seat. 

S Far as thy name is known, 
The world declares thy praise ; 

Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throfie. 
Their songs of honour railse. 

3 Let strangers walk around 
The city where we dwell ; 

Compass and view thy holy ground. 
And mark th« building well. 

4 The- order of thy house. 
The worship of thy court, 

The cheerful song?, the -solemn vows, 
And make a fair report. 

5 How decent and how wise ! 
How ^rloj-ious to behold ! 

Beyond the pomp that charms the ej^ 
And rites adorn-d with gold. 

6 The God we woiship now. 
Will guide us till we die ; 

Will be our guide wliilst here below. 
Our God above the sky. 


190. s. M. 

The Spiritual Sense of the holy Word revealed. 

1 Great God, we give thee praise 
For all thy wondrous grace ! 

Thy kind and condescending ways 
For our poor fallen race ! 

2 Thou hast thy love reveal'd, 
Beyond what prophets knew ; 

The holy book of truth unseal'd 
To our astonish-d view. 

3 We wander now no more. 
Where sons of darkness lead ; 

But truth in sacred light explore, 
And wonder while v.e read. 

4 The letter of thy word. 
Before we hardly knew ; 

And in our awful darkness. Lord, 
Deem'd half the word untrue. 

5 But now its inward sense 
Is open'd to the mind : 

We learn thy heav'nly doctrine thence, 
And living waters find. 

6 Lord, we adore thy name. 
For light and truth divine ! 

From thee, the welcome mercies came, 
And be the glory thine I 



191. c. M. 

The God of Nature invoked. 

1 Hail, jireat Creator, w ise and good ! 

To thee our songs we raise : 
Nature, through all her various scenes, 
Invites us to thy praise. 

2 At morning, noon, and evening mild, .] 

Fresh wonders strike our view ; 
And while we gjfze, our hearts exult, 
\\ ith transports ever new. 

5 Thy glory beams in ev'ry star 

Which gilds the ^loom of night; 
Anddeckft the sn-.iling fiice of morn 

AVith ravs of cheerful li"ht. j 

4 The lofty hill, the humble vale, 

A^'ith countless beauties shine : 
The silent grove, the awful shade, 
Piociaim thy powV divine. 

5 Great nature's God I still may these scene:^ 

Our serious hours engage ; 
Still may our grateful hearts consult 
Thy works' instructive page ! 

6 And while, in all thy wondrous works* 

Thy varied love we see ; 
Still may the contemplation lead 
Our hearts, O God ! to thee. 

Crentleman's M^sazirc 


192. L. M. 

The Perfections and Provylcncc of Gou. 

High in the heav'ns, eternal God I 
Thv goodness in full «lorv siiines ; 
Thy truth sliall break through ev'ry cloud 
That veils and darkens tliy designs. 

Forever finn thy justice stands, 
As mountains their foundaticjiis keep ; 
Wise are the wonders of thy hands ; 
Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 

15 Thy providence is kind and large ; 
Both man and beast thy bounty share ; 
The whole creation is thy charge. 
The righteous thy peculiar care. 

4 O God ! how excellent thy grace. 
Thence all our hope and comfort spring : 
In fear, in trouble, and distress, 

We'll seek tiie shadow of thy wino;. 

5 The living bread thy word bestow-, 
Will fainting souls with strensrth renew, 
There mercy like a river flows. 

And brings salvation to our view. 

f) Life, like a fountain rich and free. 
Springs from the goodness of the fiOrd ; 
\nd ir* thy presence, we shall see 
Tiie glories promis'd in t!vv word. 

W utts, al?-J« 


193. c. M. 

Heavenly Wisdom. Proverbs, iii, 13-^17. 

1 How happy is the man who hears 

Instruction's warning voice ; 
And who celestial wisdom makes 
His early, only choice ! 

2 Wisdom has treasures greater far 

Than east or west unfold ; 
And her rewards more precious are 
Than all the gain of gold, 

3 In her right hand she holds to view 

A length of happy days ; 
Her left, the prize of bright renov/n. 
And boundless wealth displays. 

4 She 2:uides the young, with innocence. 

In pleasure's path to tread ; 
A crown of glory she bestows 
Upon the hoary head. 

5 According as her labours rise, 

So her rewards increase ; 
Her ways are ways of pleasantness, 
And all her paths are peace. 


194. c. M. 

The Prospect of the Christian. 

1 Happy the man whose wishes climb 
To p. mansions in the skies.! 
He looks on all the joys of time 
With undesiring eyes. 


£ He knows that all these glittVing things 
Must yield to sure decay ; 
And sees on time s extending wings 
How swift t!iey flee away. 

3 To iWngs unseen by mortal eyes, 

A beam of sacred lig'nt 
Directs his view, his pi'ospects rise, 
All pennanent and bright. 

4 Kis hopes, still fix"d on joys to come. 

Those blissful scenes on high, 
Shall flourish in immortal bloom, 
When time and nature die. 

Mrs. Steele. 

195. L. 31. 


1 Happy the meek, whose gentle breast, 
Clear as the summer's evening ray, 
Calm as the regions of the blessVi, 
Enjoys on earth ceiestiitl day. 

C His heart no broken friendships stin;c» 
No storms his peaceful teut invade ; 
He rests beneath th' Almighty's wing. 
Hostile to none, of none airuid. 

:3 Spirit of grace! all meek and mild, 
Inspire our breasts, oursoul^^ possess ; 
Repel each passion, rude and wdd. 
And bless us, as we aim to b!e-s. 




196. c. M. 

The Mission of Christ. Luke iv. 18, 19. 

1 Hark, the glad sound ! the Saviour comes, 
The Saviour promis'd long ; 
Let evVy heart a throne prepare, 
And ev'rj voice a song. 

5 On him the spirit largely poured. 
Exerts its holy fire ; 
"Wisdom and might, and zeal and love^ 
His sacred breast inspire. 

3 He comes the pris'ners to release, 

III wretched bondage held : 
The gates of brass before him burst. 
The iron fetters yield. 

4 He comes, the broken heart to bind. 

The bleeding soul to cure; 
And with the treasures of his grace. 
Enrich the humble poor. 

5 He comes, from thickest films of vice 

To clear the mental ray ; 
And on the eyes oppressed with night 
To pour celestial day. 

6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of peace. 

Thy welcome shall proclaim ; 
And heav'n's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name ! 



197. c. M. 

The Lord's Day Morning. 

1 Hail, happy morn I whose early ray 
Beheld the Savioiu' rise ; 
M'elconie again, auspicious day ! 
To our rejoicing eyes. 

Z On this bless'd morn, birth -day of hope ! 
Let not one soul be sad ; 
This is the day the Lord hath made. 
And bids his saints be glad. 

5 Come, and the wonders of the day. 
In notes harmonious sing; 
Tell to the world the conquest's gain'd 
By your victorious King. 

4 O happy souls, tliat feel the pow'r 
Of his attractive love! 
With him they die, with him they live. 
And seek the things above. 


198. L. M. 

The Resurrection of Christ. 

1 HosANNA ! let us join to sing 
The glories of our rising king ; 
Recount his victories, and tell 
How Jesus triumph'd when he fell. 

2 Soon as the morning's earliest ray 
Brings on the third, th' appointed day. 
Behold an angel from the skies. 

Roll back the stone, and Jesus rise ! 



3 With strength immortal, forth he comes. 
And pow'r and life from God resumes ; 
The days of pain and sorrow past, 

His triumph shall forever last. 

4 Ye tribes of Adam ! raise the song, 
And with your noblest notes, prolong 
The triumphs of that day of grace, 
Which seal'd salvation to our race. 

5 Salvation — joy -inspiring theme ! 
Best gift of iiim who reigns supreme. 
Sweet balm of ev'ry human wo. 
And source of boundless joy below. 

6 Salvation — sons of men, record 
The glories of your risen Lord; 
The triumphs of the Saviour tell. 
Who died and conquer'd when he fell I 


199. s. M. 

The happy Change. 

i How bless'd is man, God I 

When first with single eye. 
He views the lustre of thy word, 

The day-spring from on high. 

2 Through storms that veil the sky 
And frown on earthly things. 

The sun of righteousness breaks forth. 
With healing in his wings. 

3 Stmck by that lights his heart, 
A barren soil no more. 



Sends shoots of righteousness abroad 
Where follies sprung before. 

4 The soul, so dreary once. 

Once misTy's dark domain, 
Feels happiness unknown before. 

And owns a heav'nly reign. 

Cowper, alt'J. 

200. s. M. 

Reliance on God, a Remedy for Care. 1 Peter v. 6, 7, 10. 

1 How gracious is our God ! 
How kind his precepts are ! 

" Come cast your burden on the Lord 
And trust his constant care." 

2 Since he forever reigns. 
We may securely dwell ; 

That hand which bears all nature up. 
Shall guide his children well. 

3 why shculd anxious thoughts. 
Oppress tlie sinkin» mind? 

Go fall before your Father's throne. 
And sweet relief you- 11 find. 

4 Devoutly fear his name. 
And know no other fear. 

In ev'ry scene of life and death 
Your helper will be r.ear. 


201. L. M. 

A Happy Life. 

1 How happy is he born and taught. 
Who serveth not another's will ; 


"Whose armour is his honest thought. 
And simple truth his utmost skill ! 

2 Whose passions not his masters are, 
Whose soul is still prepared for death. 
Untied to this vain world by care 

Of public fame, or private breath : 

3 Who hath his life from rumours freed. 
Whose conscience is his strong retreat : 
Whose state can neither flatt'rers feed>» 
Nor ruin make oppressors great : 

4 Who God doth late and early pray 
More of his grace than gifts to lend ; 
W hose heart, as open as the day. 
Fears not to call his God his friend. 

5 This man is freed from servile bands 
Of hope to rise, or fear to fall : 
Lord of himself, thouo;h not of lands.. 
He, having nothing, yet hath all. 

Sir II. Wot ton. 

202. c. M. 

A Prospect of the Resurrcction- 

1 How long shall death the tyrant reign 

And triumph o'er the just? 
How long the blood of martyrs slain 
Lie mingled with U^e dust ? 

2 Lo I we behold the scattering shade-. 

'i he dawn of heav'n appears ; 
The sweet immortal morning spreads 
its blushes round the spheres. 


5 We seethe Lord of glory come. 
And flaming guards around : 
The skies divide to make him room. 
The trumpet shakes the ground. 

4 Hark ! hear the voice, "ye dead arise ;■* 

And lo ! the dead obey ; 
And waking saints, with joyful eyes. 
Salute til' expected day. 

5 How wdl our joy and wonder rise. 

When our returning King 
Shall bear us homeward through the skie?, 
On love's triumphant wing I 


203. c. M. 

God the Salvation of his People. Jer. iii. 23. 

1 How long shall dreams of earthly bliss 

Our flatt'ring hopes employ ? 
And mock our fond, deluded eyes, 
Witli visionary joy ? 

2 Why from the mountains and the hills 

Is our salvation soui>htr 
While our eternal rock's disown'd, 
And Israel's God forgot. 

3 The living sprino; neglected flows 

Full in our daily view. 
Yet we with anxious, fruitless toil. 
Our broken cistern hew. 

4 These fa<al errors, gracious God I 

With gentle pity see ; 



To thee our roving eyes direct, ^ 

And fix our hearts on thee. % 


204. c. 31. 

Grace perfected into Glory. 1 Pet. v. 10, 11- 

1 How rich thy favours, God of grace I 

How various, how divine ! 
Full as the ocean they are pour'd. 
And bright as heav'n they shine. 

2 God to eternal glory calls. 

And points the wondrous way 
To those bright realms of peace and joy, 
Where reigns unclouded day. 

3 The songs of everlasting yeai*s 

That mercy shall attend, 
Which leads through suftMngs of an hour 
To joys that never end. 


205. s. 31. 

Family Affection founded on Religious Princicle?. 
Ps. cxxxiii. 

1 How pleasing. Lord, to see, 

How pure is the delight, 
When mutual love, and love to thee, 

A family unite. 

£ From these celestial spring- 

Such streams of comfort iiow, 
As no increase of riches brings. 

Nor honour can bestow. 


w-> 111 ill tiieir stations move, 

And cacii performs Ins part. 
In all the cares of life and love. 

"Willi sympathizing heart. 

4 Form'd for the purest joys, 
By one desire possess'd, 

One aim the zeal of all employs 
'I'o make each other bless'd. 

5 No bliss can equal theirs, 

^^ here such aftections meet: 
While mingled praise and mingled pray'rs 
Make their communion sweet. 

6 ' lis the same pleasure fills 
The breast in worlds above ; 

\Miere joy like morning dew distils. 
And ail inn air is love- 

206. lO&Us. 31. 

Tho unfailing Beneiicence of God. Ps. cxxxvi. 1. 
i ii oust: o i" u r G od , wi i\\ c h e e r f u 1 a n th em s ri ng, 
Wiiile all our lips and hearts his goodness sing; 
^ lie op'ning year his bounties shall proclaim, 
,\nu ail its days be vocal with his name. 
'Hie I^ord is good his mercy never ending, 
His blessings in perpetual show'rs descending. 

2 Thou earth, enlighten'd by his rays divine, 
Enricird with grass and corn, and oil and wine ; 
Crovvndvith his goodnesSjlet thy nations meet, 
And lay t'leir crowns at his paternal feet ; 
%Vith t^rateful love, thatlib'ral hand confessing, 
^VhiclJl each heart diffiiseth evVy blessing, 


3 His mercy never fails ; the dawn, the shade. 
Still see new bounties through new scenes di» 

Succeeding ages bless this sure abode, 
Apd children lean upon their father's God, 
The deathless soul through its immense duratioD 
Drinks from this source immortal consolatiomf 



4 Burst into praise, my soul I all nature join j] 
Angels and men, in harmony combine* 
While human years are measured by the sift 
Yea, while eternity its course shall run. 
His goodness in perpetual show'rs descending^ 
Exalt in songs and raptures never ending! 

207. c. M. 

Christian Viitues- ' 

1 Happy the man whose cautious steps 

Still keep the golden mean : 
A^ hose life, by wisdom's rules well forni^d, 
Declares a conscience clean, 

2 Notof himself he higldy thinks, 

Nor acts the boaster-s part : 
His modest tongue the language speaks 
Of his still humbler heart. 

3 Not in base scandaPs arts he deult^. 

For truth dwells in his breast : 
With grief he sees his neighbour's faults. 
And thinks and hopes the best. 

4 What blessings bounteous lieav'n besU>w3i» 

He takes wi;h thankfui heart; 


AVith temp'rance he both eats ajid drinkg, 
And gives the poor a part. 

5 Tt» sect or party his large soul 
Disdains to be confin'd ; 
The good he loves of ev'ry name, 
Ahd prays for all mankind. 

_ ^.ot on the world his heart is set, 
His treasure is above ; 
Nothing beneath the sovVeign good 
Can ciaim his highest love. 


208. L. 31. 

The Glory and Defence of the Church. 

1 Happy the Church! thou sacred place. 
The seat of thy Creator's grace ! 
Thy holy courts are his abode. 
Thou earthly palace of our God. 

2 Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates 
A guard of heav'nly angels waits; 

l^or shall thy deep foundations move. 
Built on the counsels of his love. 

3 1 hy f(AC5 in vain designs engage, 
Au:iin»t thy walls in vain they rage : 
TJke nsing waves, w'ith anger roar, 

i iiat dash' and die upon the shore. 

4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell, 

?s or fear the pow'r of earth or hell ; 

ince God defends this happy ground. 
Like brazen bulwarks built around. 


5 God is our sun, God is our shield. 
Light and protection he will yield ; 
And we, beneath the genial rays, 
Will sing his love, and speak his praise. 


209. c. M. 

Love to God. 

1 Happy the mind where graces reign. 

And love inspires the breast ; 

Love is the brightest of the train. 

And strengthens all the rest. 

2 Knowledge, alas! 'tis all in vain. 

And all in vain our fear; 
Our stubborn sins will fight and reign. 
If love be absent there. 

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet 

In swift obedience move; 
Affliction's bitter cup is sweet. 
When mix'd with heav'nly love. 

4 Soon as we drop this ml^rtal clay. 

And leave this dark abode. 
On wings of love we'll soar away, 
To see our father, God. 

5 This is the grace that lives and sings, 

^Vhen faith and hope shall ceaf^e ; 
'Tis this shall itrike our joyful strings. 
In realms of endless peace. 

Watt., .Vd. 


210. s. M. 

The Sound of the Gospel Trumpet to a perishing World, 

1 Hear what a Saviour's vcMce, 
To sinners, does proclaim ; 

'* O all ye ransom'd souls rejoice, 
111 jour Redeemer's name I'* 

2 Where sin and death have reign 'd. 
And all their pow'r employ 'd; 

Tliere is his grace and truth maintain'd, 
And heav'nly light enjoy'd. 

3 The needy, starving poor 
Are fill'd with living bread; 

1 he op'ning of the prison door 
Proclaims the captive freed. 

4 The thirsty, panting soul. 
That longs for springs of grace. 

Beholds celestial waters roll, 
And floods of righteousness. 

J Our God, our Saviour too, 
^^e would thy love proclaim ; 

Partake of what is brought to view% 
And sing thy glorious4pame. 


211. C. 51. 

Attendance on Divine Worship. Ps. cxxii. 

1 How did our hearts rejoice to hear 
Our friends devoutly say. 
Within thy courts let us appear. 
And keep the solemn day. 



2 Our souls shall praj^ for Zion still, I 

While life or breath remains : [ 

There our best friends, our kindred dwell, 
There God our Saviour reigns. 

3 Peace be within this sacred place. 

And joy a constant guest ; 
With holy gifts and heav'nly grace. 
Be her attendants blest. 


212. c. M. 

At the Dedictition of Children. 

1 How large the promise ! how divine. 

To Abrah'm and his seed ! 
" I'll be a God to thee and thine, 
Supplying all their need." 

2 The words of his extensive love 

From age to age endure ; 
The angel of the covenant proves. 
And seals the blessing sure. 

3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms. 

To our great fathers giv'n ; 
He takes young children to his arms. 
And calls them heirs of heav'n. 

4 Our God, how faithful are his ways ! 

His love endures the same ; 
Nor from the promise of his grace, 
Blots out the children's name. 


213. 6,6, 8. M. 
The Pleasures of Public Worship. 

1 How does my heart rejoice 

10 liear the public voice, 
■ Come, let us seek our God to-day !*' 

Yes, with a cheerful zeal. 

We'll haste to Zion's hill, 
And there our vows and honours pay. 

C Zion, thrice happy place I 
Adorn'd with wondrous grace, 

'.nd walls of strength enclose thee round ; 
In thee our tribes appear, 
1 pray, and praise, and hear 
The sacred gospel's joyful sound. 

S There God hath fix'd his throne, 

' here makes his pleasure known. 
Reveals his grace and justice there. 

He bids .he saints rejoice, 

"While sinners hear his voice. 
And learn his holy name to fear, 

4 May peace attend thy |ate. 
And joy within thee wait, 

To bless the soul of ev'ry guest ; 

The man who seeks thy peace. 

And wishes thine increase, 
A thousand blessings on hira rest. 

5 My tongue repeat her vows, 

" reace to this sacred house,'* 
For here my friends and brethren dwell; 


And since my glorious God 
Makes this his bless'd abode» 
My soul shall ever love thee well. 


214. c. M. 

Instruction tc the Young, from Scripture. 

How shall the young secure their hearts. 
And guard tiieir lives from sin ? 

Thy word the choicest rules imparts, 
To keep the conscience clean. 

When once it enters to the mind. 

It spreads such light abroad, 
The meanest souls instruction find. 

And raise their thoughts to God, 

'lis like the sun, a heav'nly light ; 

That guides us all the day; 
And through the dangers ot the night, 

A lamp to lead our way. 


215. s. M. 

The Blessedness of Gospel Times. Isa. v. 2 — 7. 

1 How beauteous are their feet 
Who stand on Zion's hill. 

Who bring salvation on their tongues. 
And words of peace reveal I 

2 How charming is their voice, 
How sweet the tidings are! 

** Zion, behold thy Saviour King! 
He reigns and triumphs here.^' 


3 TIow happy are our ears, 
i'hat hear this joyful sound, 

IVhich kings and prophets waited for, 
And sought but never found I 

4 How blessed are oiir eyes, 
Ihat see this heav'nly light; 

Prophets and kings desir d it long, 
But died without the sight. 

5 1 he w^atchmen join their voice. 
And tuneful notes employ; 

Jerusalem breaks forth in songs. 
And deserts learn the joy.' 

6 The Lord makes bare his arm 
Through all the earth abroad; 

Let ev'ry nation now behold 
Their Saviour and their God. 


216. CM. 

Pv-ich Treasure in earthern Vessels. 

II ow rich thy bounty, King of kings, 

] iiy favours, how divine ! 
The blessings which thy gospel brings, 
liow splendidly they shine ! 

I! Gold is but dross, and gems but toys ; 
Sliould gold and gems compare, 
Uow mean ! wiien set a2;ainst those joys 
'] hy poorest servants share! 

S Yet all these treasures of thy grace 
Are lodo,'d in urns of clav. 


And the weak sons of mortal race 
Ih' immortal gifts convey. 

4 Feebly they lisp thy glories forth^ 

Yet grace thevict'ry drives; 
Quickly they moulder back to earth. 
Yet still the gospel lives. 

5 Such wonders, pow r divine effects; 

Such trophies, God can raise; 
His hand from crumbling dust erects 
His monuments of praise. 

Salisbury CoiL 

217. c. M. 

Message of Christ. 

1 High let us swell our tuneful notes, 

And join th' angelic throng; 
For angels no such love have known. 
To wake a cheerful song. 

2 Good-will to guilty mentis shown. 

And peace on earth is giv'n; 
For lo ! th' incarnate Saviour comes, 
\\ ith messages from heav'n. 

S Justice and grace, with sweet accord. 
His rising beams adoi ii : 
Let heav'n and earth in concert join i 
The promised child is born. 

4 Glory to God in highest strains, 
In highest worlds be paid ; 
His glory by our lips proclaim'd, 
And by our lives display Mc 


5 When shall we see those blissful realms, 
Where Christ exalted reigns; 
And learn of the celestial choir, 
Their own immortal strains ? 


318. L. M. 

Psalm cxxxiii. 

1 How pleasing is the scene, how sweet ! 
AVhen kindred souls in friendship join; 
Whose joys and cares united meet 

In bands of amity divine, 

2 Less fragrant was the ointment pour'd 
On Aaron's consecrated head, 

When balmy sweets profusely showerM, 
Down to his sacred vesture spread. 

3 Not flow*ry Hermon e'er displayed, 
(Impearl'd with de^^) a fairer sight; 
Nor Zion's beauteous hills, array'd 
In golden beams of mornino; lig-ht. 

4 'Tis here the liOrd indula:ent sheds 
His kindest gifts, a hea^^lly store; 
With life immortal crowns dieir heads. 
When earth's frail comforts please no more. 

Mis, Steele. 

219. L. M. 

Christ our Intercessor. 

1 He lives, the great Redeemer lives ; 
VN hat jcy the blest assurance gives ! 
And now before his father God, 
Pleads the full merits of his blood. 


2 Repeated crimes awake our fears, 

And justice, arm'd with frowns appears , 
But in the Saviour s lovely face. 
Sweet mercy smiles, and all is peace. 

3 Hence, then ye dark despairing thoughts 1 
Above our fears, above*our faults, 

His pow'rful intercessions rise ; 
And guilt recedes, and terror dies, 

4 In ev'ry dark, distressful hour. 
When sin and satan join their pow"r ; 
Let this dear hope repel the dart, 
That Jesus bears us on his heart. 

5 Great Advocate, almighty Friend ! 
On him our humble hopes depend! 
Our cause can never, never fail, 
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail. 


220. c. M. 

SalvatioB notofWoiks. 

1 How Vast the benefits divine. 

Which we in Christ possess ; 
We're sav'd from guilt and evVy sta, 
And call'd to holiness. 

2 'Tis not for works which we hiive douf., 

Or shall hereafter do. 
But i e of his abounding love 
Salvation does bestow. 

5 The glory. Lord, from first to last 
is due to thpe alone : 



Aught to ourselves we dare not take, ^ 
Or rob thee of thy crown. ^ 

Our glorious surety undertook 
Redemption's wondrous plan; 

And grace was given us in him 
Before the world began. 

5 [Safe in the arms of sovereign love 
We ever shall remain ; 
Nor shall the rage of earth or hell 
Make thy dear counsels vain.] 


221. c. M. 

Christ's Resurrection. 

1 HosANNA to the Prince of light, 
Who cloth'd himself in clay ; 
Enter'd the iron gates of death. 
And tore the bars away. 

i2 Death is no more the king of dread, 
Since our Immanuel rose ; 
He took the tyrant's sting away 
And spoil'd our hellish foes. 

3 See how the conqu'ror mounts aloft, 

And to his Fanier flies ; 
With scars of honour in his flesh, 
And triumph in his eyes. 

4 Raise your devotion, mortal tongues, 

To reach his bless'd abode : 
Sweet be the accents of our songs. 
To our incarnate Lord* 


5 Bright angels, s<trike your loudest strhig-. 
Your sweetest voices raise ; 
Let heav'n, and all created things, 
Sound our Immanuers praise. 

222. L. p. M. 

Eternal Praise for divine Goodness. 
1 I'LL praise my Maker with my breath. 
And when my voice is lost in death, 

Praise shall employ my nobler pow'rs ; 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past. 
While life and thought and being last. 
Or immortality endures. 

52 Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On God alone: He made the sky, 

And earth, and seas, with all their train, 
His truth forever stands secure ; 
He saves th' oppress\l ; he feeds the poor. 

And none shall tind his promise vain. 

S The Lord hath sight to give the blind ^ 
The Lord supports the sinking mind ; 

He sends the contrite spirit peace : 
He helps the stranger in distress. 
The wick)w and the fatherless, 

And grants his children sweet release. 

4 He loves his children ; knows tliem well ; 
His love their joyful lips can tell ; 

Their o;racious God forever reigns - 
Let ev'ry tongue, let ev'ry age,' 
In this exalted work engage : 

Praise him in everlasting: strains! 


223. 8, 8, 6 31. 

Contentment and Resignation. 

If solid happiness we prize, 
Within our breasts the jewel lies ; 

Nor need we roam abroad : 
The world has little to bestow ; 
From virtuous hearts our joys must flow. 

Hearts that delight in God. 

To be resigned, when ills betide. 
Patient, when favours are denied. 

And pleas*d with favors giv'n ; 
This is the wise, the virtuous part. 
This is that incense of the heart, 

Whose fragrance readies heav'n. 

Thus through life's changing scenes we'll go. 
Its chequer'd paths of joy and wo. 

With holy care we'll ti ead ; 
Quit its vain scenes without a tear, 
AVithout a ^'ouble or a fear. 

And mingle with the dead. 

For conscience, like a faithful friend, 
^hall through the gloomy vale attend. 

And cheer our dying breath ; 
Jifliall, when all other comforts cease. 
Like a kind angel, whisper peace. 

And smooth the bed of death. 


224. L. M. 

*' The Mercy of God through Christ. Heb. iv 

1 Immortal God ! on thee we call, 
The great original of all ; 
By thee we are, to thee we tend. 
Our sure support, our glorious end. 

2 We praise thy free, thy heav'nly grace. 
Which pitied our revolted race. 
And Jesus, our victorious Head, 
The Captain of salvation made. 

S He, thine eternal love decreed. 
Should many sons to glory lead ; 
And rich supplies throuo;h him are giv'n 
Toj&t us for the joys of heav'n. 

4 Jesus for us, gracious name ! 
Encountered agony and shame : 
Jesus the glorious and the great. 
By dreadful suif 'rings made complete* 

5 A scene of wonders here we see. 
Worthy thy Son, and worthy thee ; 
This theme shall now inspire our tongues^ 
And raise in heav'n our noblest sono;s. 


225. s. M. 

The Right and Duty of Private Judgment, 
I Imposture shrinks from light. 

And dreads the curious eye ; 
But sacred truths the test invite, 

They bid us search and try. 


S May we, Lord! maintain 

A meek inquiring mind ; 
AssurM we shall not search in vain, 

But hidden treasures find. 

3 With understanding bless'd. 
Created to be free. 

Our faith on man we dare not rest. 
Subject to none but thee. 

4 Give us the light we need. 
Our minds with knowledge fill ; 

From baneful error guard our creed, 
From prejudice our will. 

5 The truth thou shalt impart. 
May we with firmness own ; 

Abhorring each evasive art, 
And fearing thee alone. 


226. CM. 

Resignation to tlie Divine Will. 

1 In all thy dealings, gracious God ! 
We own thy sov'reign pow'r; 
And humbly tiss thy chast'ning rod, 
Tn sorrow's darkest hour. 

£ For sore affliction's sharpest sting. 
In mercy oft is giv'n. 
Our thoughtless, erring steps, to bring 
The safest road to heav'n, 

3 Alike thy providence supplies 
Each blessing which we share ; 


Tliiough clouds obscure our morning skies, 
The ev'ning may be fair. 

4 Since, then, our lot of good or ill 

Is sent with wise design, 
AVeMl bow submissive to thy will, 
And own thy pow'r divine. 

5 To thee, God ! resigned we pray, 

Whate-er the path may be, 
O guide our feet that peaceful way, 
Which leads to heav'n and thee ! 

Exeter Col!. 

227. CM. 

'* Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youih." 
Eccl. xii. 1. 

1 In the soft season of thy youth, 

In nature's smiling bloom. 
Ere age arrive, and trembling wait. 
Its summons to the tomb; 

2 Remember thy Creator, God ; 

For him thy powVs employ ; 
Make him thy fear, thy love, thy hope. 
Thy confidence, thy joy. 

3 He shall defend and guide thy course 

Through life's uncertain sea ; 
Till thou art landed on the shore 
Of bless'd eternity. 

4 Then seek the Lord betimes, and choose 

The path of heav'nly truth . 
The earth affords no lovelier sight 
Than a religious youth. 



228. c; 31. 

To be ashamed of Jesus, is absurd aivJ dangeroB*. 

I Is there on earth a nobler name 
Than Jesus to be found ? 
Who can assert a higher claim, 
Or more with truth abound r 

^ The Son of God,adorn*d with grac^, 
CommissionM from above, 
lie bears to our rebellious race 
The messages of love. 

S Behold his gentle spirit feel 
The suff- rings o£ mankind ; 
And with a word the sorrows heai 
Of body and of mind. 

4 How noble were the trutlis he taugii , 
How pure the life he led ! 
And shall another Lord be sought. 
And we disown our Head? 

3 Forbid it. Lord I nor let us yield 
To this unworthy shame ; 
But each, with holy courage fiil'd. 
Rejoice in Jesus- name*. 

Exrtcr C 

229. c. 3f. 

Praise to Goc|, as the First and the La?!^ 

1 I AM the first, and I the last ; 
Time centres all in me : 
Th' Almighty God, who was, and is, 
And evermore shall be. 


£ To him let evVj tongue be praise. 
And ev'rj heart be love ; 
All grateful honours paid on earth. 
And nobler songs above ! 

Edinburgh Coll. 

230. c. M. 

Desire of all Nations. Hag. ii. 7. Job. xiv. 15. 

1 Infinite excellence is thine. 

Thou lovely prince of grace ; 
Thine uncreated beauties shine 
With never-fading rays. 

2 Sinners from earth's remotest end. 

Come bending at thy feet 
To thee their pray'rs and vows ascend. 
In thee their w ishes meet. 

3 Thy name, as precious ointment shed, 

Delights the church around ; 
Sweetly the sacred odours spread 
Through all Immanuel's ground* 

4 Millions of happy spirits live 

On thine exhaustless store ; 
From thee they all their bliss receive* 
And still thou givest more. 

5 1 hou art their triumph and their joy ; 

They find their all in thee ; 
Tfiy glories will their tongues employ 
In vast eternity. 

Rippon's Coll. 


231. s. 31. 

* As in Adam all die, even so in Christ sh.ill ail be maJe 

1 In God's eternity. 
There shall a day arise, 

When all that's boi-n of man shall be 
With Jesus in the skies. 

2 As night before the rays 
Of morning flees away. 

Sin shall retire before the Waze 
Of God's eternal day. 

3 As music fills the grove, 
Wheji sto^-niy clouds are past, 

Sweet anthems, of redeeming love. 
Shall all employ at last. 

4 RedeemM from death and sin, 
Shall Adam's num-roiis race, 

A ceaseless song of praise bes^in, 
.And shout redeeminfi; ^lace. 

H. 3 alio a. 

232. CM. 

Asking the Way to Zion. Jer. i. 5. 

1 Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way 
That leads to Zion's hill ; 
And thither set your steady face. 
With a determin'd will. 

^ Invite the strangers all around. 
Your pious march to join ; 
\nd spread tho sentiments you feel 
Of faith and love divine.. 


3 Come, let us to his temple haste. 

And seek his favour there. 
Before his footstool humbly bow, 
And pour our fervent prayer. 

4 Come, let us join our souls to God, 

In everlv'isting bands ; 
And seize the blessings he bestows 
.With ea«;er hearts and hands. 

5 Come, let us prove vithout delay. 

The covenant of his grace ; 
No^' shall the years of distant life 
Its memory efface. 

6 Thus may our rising offspring haste 

I'o see their father's God ; 
Nor e'er forsake the happy path 
Their youthful feet have trod. 


233. L. M. 

The Pleasures of Public Worship. 

1 In social temples here we meet. 
Our God to worship as we please: 
V/e find the blest occasion sweet. 
And happy in supreme degrees. 

2 In this our highly favoured land. 
No civil pow'r cati interfere : 
Nor issue edicts of command 

To mar our sacred pleasures here. 

3 ^Ve sit beneath the gospel vine. 
And. in its cooling shade repose ; 


Refresh our spirits with its wine 
And in the pleasure lose our woes. 

In it we have unfading health ; 
Our sins, our pains, our sorrows heal'd; 
It opens stores of boujidless wealth. 
In the eternal cov'nant seal'd. 

Then let us tune the joyful string; 
And speak of mercy in our song ; 
To God our thankful otf- rings bring. 
To whom our praises all belong. 


234. s. M. 

The Day of Rest. 

1 In songs of highest praise, 
We shout the day divine ; 

Which, dawning nuw with heav'niy rays, 
Shall soon with lustre shine. 

2 Dark clouds shall pass away, 
And light shall fast increase 

Till us, the pow'r of perfect day. 
From darkness skkll release. 

S This is the day of rest, 

Preiigur'd by the law ; 
This day shall make all nations blest. 

This day the prophets saw. 

4 This day shall finish sin, 

(Ye saints, you voices raise) 
Shall gather all the outcasts in 

To iing eternal praise. 

H. Ballou. 


ZifiO. H. M. 

God AU in All. 

1 I sing the gospel day, 
"When Christ shall finish sin; 
His wondrous love display, 

. V And conquered rebels bring: 
They prostrate fall, and humbly own, 
That^od alone — is all in all. 

2 The Saviour, Christ, must reign 
Till all his foes submit; 

And being freed from pain. 

Shall v/orship at his feet ; 
Shall prostrate fall, and humbly own. 
That God alone — is all in all. 

S Then death itself shall die. 

And life triumphant reign ; 

No more shall sinners sigh 

In darkness, guilt and pain. 
Prostrate they lall, and humbly own, 
That God alone — is ail in all. 

4 Then Christ shall subject be 

To him who reigns above; 

And ev'ry creature see 

Complete in heav'nly love : 
Shall prostrate fall, and humbly own. 
That God alone— is all in all. 



236. c. M. 

A Hymn of Praise. 

1 Indulgent Father ! how divine. 

How rich thy bounties are ! 
Through nature's ample round they shine^ 
Thy goodness to declare, 

2 But in the nobler work of grace. 

What sweeter mercy smiles, 
Reflected from the Saviour's face^ 
And ev'ry fear beguiles ! 

5 Such wonders, Lord ! while we survey. 
To thee our thanks shall rise. 
When morning ushers in the day. 
Or ev'ning veils the skies. 

4 When glim'ringlife resigns its flame, 

Thy praise shall tune our breath ; 
The sweet remembrance of thy nam« 
Shall gild the shades of death. 

5 But how bless'd our songs sliall rise^ 

In sweet seraphic lay, 
When all thy glories meet our eyes 
Through an eternal day; 


237. CM. 

An Evening Hymn. 

1 Indulgent God ! whose bounteous care 
O'er all thy w<>rks is shown, 
let our grateful praise and pray'r 
Ascend before thy throne ! 


2 W'ljat mercies hath this day bestowM f 

How largely hast thou bless'd ! 
Our cup \\4th plenty overflow'd, 
">\ ith cheerfulness our breast, 

3 Now may sweet slumbers close our eyes. 

From pain and sickness free ; 
And let our waking thoughts arise 
To meditate oti thee. 

4 So bless each future day and night. 

In their alternate round ; 
And after death, in realms of light, 
May we w ith Christ be found I 

Ge!itleman*s Magazine 

238. L. M. 

Gofl our Father. 

1 Is there a lone and dreary hour 

^^'hen worldly ])leasures lose their pow'r ; 

Our Father I let us turn to thee. 

And set each thought of darkness free. 

2 Is there a time of racking grief, 
AVhich scorns the prospect of relief; 
Great Fatlier I break the cheerless gloom, 
And bid each heart its calm resume, 

3 Is there an hour of peace and joy. 
When hope is all our souls' employ — 
Kind Father ! still our hopes will roam. 
Until they rest with thee, their home. 

4 The noontide blaze, the midnight scene. 
The dawn, or twilight's sweet serene, 

i»sal:\is and uy.m.ns. 

Tlie sick, nay, e'en the dyini^ Imu;-, 
Shall own a Father's gvACC aiul pow'r. 


239. L. M. 

Anticipations of Eteinity. 

Ix tluit great day, when Jesus comes 
To raise his children from their tombs. 
He'll take them to the seats ahovf, 
To dwell witix liim, ajid toel his love, 

i Sweet recollection will begin, 
How grace has sav'd them from their sla 
How mercy led them all the way, 
To the blest realms of endless day. 

1 Then will they to perfection know. 
All they have waited for below ; 
F>ror and darkness then shall fly, 
And heav'n reveal a cloudlfss sky, 

4 Then shall the sain4s with joy approve 
The paths of providential love: 
And, with united wonder, trace 
The methods of redeemins; <rrace, 

> They w^i 11 with pleasure then review 
The weary steps tJiey trod below ; 
And in celestial accents tolh, 
The Saviour hath done all things well 

6 The flock w ill Jlien the shepherd ow n, 
And be his joy, and glorious cnu\ n, 
^Vhile mutual love and friendship reign, 
And smile through all the haj^py train. 



240 c. M. 

Christ, the Resurrection, and the Life. John xi. 24, 26. 

1 '' I AM (saith Christ) your glorious liead, 

(May we attention give) 

The resurrection of the dead. 

The life of all that live* 

2 "By faith in me tlie soul receives 

New life, though dead before. 
And he that in my name believes, 
Shall live to die no more, 

3 " The sinner, sleeping in his grav-e^ 

Shall at my voice awake ; 
And vrheu I once begin to save, 
My work I ne'er forsake." 

4 Fulfil thy promise, gracious Lord, 

On us assembled here ; 
Put forth thy spirit with the word. 
And cause the dead to hear. 

5 Preserve the pow'r of faith alive. 

In those who love thy name : 
For sin and satan daily strive 
To quench the sacred flame. 

6 To thee we look, to thee we bow. 

On thee for help we call ; 

Our life and resurrection thou, 

Oi>r lw)pe, our joy, our all. 



241. L. M. 

Christ the Bright and Morning irtar. 

In glory bright the Saviour reigns, 
And endless grandeur there sustains; 
"NVe view lii« beams and from afar 
Hail him the bridu, the Morninf^-Star. 

\ Blest Star I where'er his lustre shines, 
He all the soul with grace refines t 
And makes each happy saint declare. 
He is the bright, tJie Morning- Star. 

Sweet Star 1 his influence is divine ; 
Life, peace, and joy attending shine ; 
Death, hell, and sin, before him flee ; 
The bright, the Moruiiig-star is he. 

Great Star I in whwn salvation dwells. 
His beam the thickest clouds dispels; 
The grossest darkness flies afar, 
Before this bright, this Morning-Star. 

Most glorious Star, be thou our guide, 
Nor from our souls thy splendour hide ; 
Let nothing thy sweet beams debar. 
Thou onlv brij:cht and Mornin2:-Star. 

Eternal Star ! our songs shall rise. 
When we shall meet thee in the skies ; 
And, in eternal anthems, there 
Praise thee, the bright, the Morning-Star. 



242. c. M. 

The unceasing Goodness of our Heavenly Father. 

1 Jehovah God ! thy gracious pow'r. 

On ev'ry hand we see ; 
O n:iay the blessings of each hour. 
Lead all our thoughts to thee, 

2 If on the wings of morn we speed 

To earth's remotest bound, 
TliY hand will there our footsteps lead. 
Thy love our path surround. 

3 Thy pov/V is in the ocean deeps. 

And reaches to the skies ; 
Thine ej ri of mercy never sleeps. 
Thy goodness never dies. 

4 From morn till noon, tiU latest ere. 

The hand of God we see ; 
And all the blessings we receive. 
Pi jceed alone from thee, 

5 In all the varying scenes of time. 

Or: thee our hope© depend ; 
Through evYy age, in ev'ry clime. 
Our father and our friend ! 


243. CM. 

The Coming ai^d Kingdom of Cfcrist. Ps. xcviii. 

1 Joy to the world, the Lord is come ! 
Thi' long predicted King ; 
Let ev'ry heart prepare him room. 
And heav'n and nature sing. 


2 Joy to the earth ; the Saviour reigns ! ^ 

Let men their songs employ ; 
While fields and floods, rocks,hills,an(l plains. 
Repeat the sounding joy. 

3 No more let sins and sorrows grow. 

Nor thorns infest the ground ; 
He comes to make his blessings flow. 
To earth's remotest bound. 

4 Thus God displays his truth and grace. 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of his righteousness. 
And wonders of his love. 

Watts, alt'd.^ 

244. L. M. 

Pi-aise to tlie God of the Seasons, 

1 Jehovah bids the morning ray 
Smile in i\\^ east, and bn?ig the day ; 
He guides the sun's declining wheels 
Beyond the range of v/estern hills. 

2 Seasons a^d times obey hisvpice; 
The ev'ning and the morn rejoice 

To see the earth ma-Ie soft vv^ith show^'rs. 
Laden with fruit, and dre- .vd with fl.ow'rs, 

3 'Tis from his watVy stores on high. 
He gives t'le thirsty land supply ; 
His silent dews enrich the gro':nd. 
And shed the hopes of harvest round 

4 The desert 2:rows a fruitful field ; 
Abunda^fe fruit the vallies yield ; 


The vaUs resound with cheerful voice. 
Till distant hills repeat their joys. 

5 His works pronounce his pow'r divine ; 
On evVy field his glories shine ; 
Through ev'ry month his gifts appear. 
And joy and goodness crowns the year. 

Dublin Coll. 

245. s. M. 

The Love of our Saviour, prompting to Christian Love- 

1 Jesus, the friend of man, 

Invites us to his board ; 
The welcome summons we obey, 

And own our gracious Lord. 

'^ Here we show forth his love. 

Which spake in ev'ry breath, 
Prompted each action of his life. 

And triumph'd in his death. 

3 One faith, one hope, one Lord, 
One God alone we know ; 

Brethren we are ; let ev'ry heai't 
With kind affections glow. 

4 Here let our powers unite, 
His honour'd name to raise ; 

Let grateful joy fill ev'ry m^nd. 
And ev'ry voice be praise. 

|Hi Warm'd with our Master's love. 
And thy unmeasur'd grace, 
Lord ! let our thankful hearts expand. 
And all mankind embrace. 

Watts, partly^ 


246. los. M. 

*'We shall be like hini, for we shall see him as he is.'' 
1 John iii. 2. 

1 Jesus, all hail I thou risen Saviour, hail ! 

At thy command, the till archangel sounds. 
The sun retires, the moon and stars turn pale. 
And seas,and earth,and skies no more are found. 

2 Rous'd at thy word, the slumb'ring nations rise. 
The dead who live not till the trump be blown, 
Lift up to thee their supplicating eyes, 

And they who pierc'd thee, weep at mercy's 
throne : 

3 On all their sins the cleansing fountain rolls. 
Their robes are wash'd in thine all -saving blood ; 
The fount of life supplies their thirsty souls, 
And evVy nation drinks the living flood. 

4 Bath'd in the crimson stream of life divine, 

WitK tears of joy, iia ecstacy they cry ; 

" The east, the v.est, tiie south, tlie north are 

From everlasting thine, we shall not die.-' 

5 " All souls are mine ; all live to God in me. 
The first the last, the last the first proclaim ; 
Jew, G.entile, Greek, Barbarian, bond or free. 
Are one new man, and bear Immanuel's name." 


247. L. M. ~^ 

The Union of and his Church. 

I Jtsus, thou everlasting King, 
Accept the tribute which we bring ; 


Accept the well deserv'd renown. 
And wear our praises as thy crown. 

£ Let ev'ry act of homage be 
Like our espousals. Lord, to thee; 
Like the blest hour, when from above 
We first receiv'd thy pledge of love. 

3 The gladness of that happy day. 

Our hearts would wish it long to stay; 
Let not our faith forsake its hold. 
Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold. 

4 May evVy minute, as it flies. 
Increase thy praise, improve ©ur joys; 
Till we are rais'd to sing thy name. 
At the great supper of the Lamb. 


248. c. M. 

Christ the Head of his Chur«h. 

1 Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace. 

That calls such worms thy own : 
Gives us among thy saints a place, 
And brings us near thy throne. 

2 When join'd to thee, our vital head. 

Our virtues grow and thrive ; 

From thee divided, each is dead, 

Though it may seem to live. 

^Thy saints on earth, and those above. 
^ All join in sweet accord ; 
The body one, in mutual love, 
And thou our common Lord. 


4 O may our humble faith receive 
Thj spirit with delight ! 
Then time amd death in vain shall strive 
The bond to disunite. 


249. L. M. 

King of Nations. Ps. xlvii. G, 7. Ixxii. 10 — 14i 

1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journies run ; 

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore. 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 

2 His truth shall endless glory shed, 
And praises throng to crown his head ; 
His name like sweet perfume shall rise 
With ev'py morning sacrifice. 

3 People and realms of ev'ry tongue, 
Dwell on his love with sweetest song : 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns. 
The prisoner leaps to loose his chains ; 
The weary find eternal rest. 

And all the sons of want are blest. 

3 Where he displays his healing powV, 
Death and the curse are known no more ; 
In him the tribes of Adam boast 
More blessings than their father lost, 

t) Let ev'ry creature rise and bring 
Peculiar honours to their King: 


Arfigels descend with songs again. 
And earth repeat the long Amen. 


250. c. M. 

Christ precious to them that believe. Gal.iv.26. Rom.x.ll. 
1 Pet. ii. 7. 

1 Jesus ! we love thy charming name, 

'Tis music to the ear ; 
Fain would we sound it out so loud. 
That earth and heav'n might hear. 

2 Yes, thou art precious to o^ir souls. 

Our transport and our trust ; 
Jewels to thee are gaud j^ toys. 
And gold is sordid dust. 

3 All our capacious pow'rs can wish. 

In thee doth richly meet ; 
Nor to our eyes is light so dear, 
Nor friendship half so sweet. 

4 Thy grace shall dwell upon our hearts, 

And shed its fragrance there ; 
The noblest balm for all our wounds. 
The cordial for our fear. 

5 We'll speak the honours of thy nanie 

With our last laboring breath ; * 

And dying, clasp thee in our arms. 
The antidote of death. 



251. c. M. 

The Reign of Christ. Ps. Ixxii. 

1 Jesus his empire shall extend ; 
Beneath his gentle sway, 
Kings of the earth sliall humbly bend. 
And his commands obey. 

£ From sea to sea, from shore to shore. 
All nations shall be blest ; 
We hear the noise of war no more, 
He gives his people rest. 

5 As rain descends in gentle showVs 
In the returning spring. 
And calls to life each fragrant flow'r. 
Which makes the turtle sing : . 

4 So Josu?, by his heav'nly grace. 

Descends on man below ; 
His blessings on the human race, 
In gentle currents flow. 

5 Lon2: as the sun shall rule the day, 

Or moon shall cheer x\yd night. 
The Saviour shall his sceptre sway 
With uncontrolled mignt. 

J All that the reign of sin destroy'd 
The Saviour shall restore; 
And, from the treasures of the Lord, 
Shall i:\ye us blessings more. 

H. BaHou. 


252. L. M. 

Jesusj the Sun of Heaven, 

1 Jesus, thou Sun of love divine, 

Thy rays through boundUss nature shine ; 
In thee with briglit eifulgence meet. 
Wisdom and love, and liglit and heat. 

2 Through heav'n thy glory is display'd 
In one bright day without a shade : 
Angels from thee supremely prove 
The nameless, endless joys of love. 

3 With thee they dw-ell iv. fervid light. 
Nor feel nor fear the shades of night ; 
Thy heav'nly beams will never fail. 
But one eternal ds^j prevail. 

4 Be darkness known on earth no more, 
But truth display'd from shore to shore . 
Till men of ev'ry land shall see 

Thy glory, Lord, and worship thee. 

5 'Tis done — -the Sun of love appears. 
The shades withdraw, tlie morning cles,rs: 
Now love and truth prevail again. 

And one eternal day shall reign. 

253, c. M. 

"A King shall reign in Righteousness/' Isa. xxx;;. 1 — 3, 

1 Jesus, our King, his sceptre sv^ays, 
In righteousness divine ; 
Princes, in judgment, 'tend his ways. 
And glories m him sVine. 

i nih inu:i shall be our hiding-place, 

A covert from the storm ; 
And by the riclies of his grace 

i5^ccure from evTj harm. 

As in a dry and barren place. 

Rivers of waters flow ; 
Jesus, the riches of his grace. 

Makes fainting mortals know. 

As shadows of a tow'ring ro«k 

In yonder weary land. 
Is Jesus to his fainting floG4i ; 

lie guards them with his hand. 

Clearness of light he will bestow. 

Our dimness take away ; 
And make us all his goodness know 

In an eternal day. 

The-e we shall hear the joyful sound. 

Salvation in the Lord ; 
And Oil the fiiii' celestial ground, 

Our thankOjl songs record. 

H. Ballou. 

254. c. M. 


Join ev'ry he<irt and evVy tongue. 
And sing Jehovah's praise; 

Come, shout the wonders of his love, 
The victories of his o;race I 

Far as the circuit of the sun 
H ^ isiake-s his mercy known ; 


To evTj soul thro' evVy laiul 
He sends his blessings down. 

S So let his sweetest praises sound, 
By all, thro' ev'ry clime ; 
While moon and stars reflect their light, 
Or suns propitious shine. 

S. Streeter. 

255. H, M. 

Close of Service. 

1 Kind Lord, before thy face, 
A<rain, with joy, we baw, 
For all tlie gifts and grace. 
Thou dost on us bestow ; 

• Our tongues would all thy love proclaim. 
And chant the honours of thy name. 

2 Here, in thine earthly house. 
Our joyful souls have met ; 
Here paid our solemn vows. 
And felt our union sweet: 

For this our tongues thy love proclaim, 
And chant the honours of thy name. 

3 Thy truth like ointment shed. 
Hath breathed a choice perfume ; 
Thy light, divinely spread. 
Hath broke the darksome gloom : 

For this our tongues thy love proclaim, 
And chan;t the honours of thy name. 

4 Now may we dwell in peace, 
Till here again we come; 


And may our love increase, 
Till thou shalt guide us home : 
Then shall our tongues thv love projclaim, 
Ann chant the honours-ot tJiy name. 


256. c. M. 

God's Dominion and Debtees. 

1 Keep silence all created things, 

And wait your Maker-s nodi 
Tie muse stands trembling while she sings 
The honours of her God I 

2 Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown 

Hang on his firm decree ; 
He sits on no precarious throne, 
Nor borrows leave to be. 

S Unnumbered ages ere the skies 
A^'ere into motion brought. 
Whatever through endless years should rise 
Stood present to his thought. 

4 Hie mighty voice bids ancient night 
Her sable realms resign ; 
And lo! ten thousand globes of light 
In fields of azure shine. 

> His wisdom, with resistless sway, 
Guides the vast moving frame 
While all the ranks of beings pay 
Deep rev'rence to his name. 



257. s. M. 

The Influence of Love. 

1 Love is the strongest tie 
That can our heart:* unite ; 

Love makes our service liberty. 
Our ev'ry burden light. 

2 We run in God's commjinds 
When love directs the way ; 

With willing lieart , and active hands. 
Our Maker's will obey. 

S Love softens all our toil. 
And makes our bondage blest ; 

The gloony desert v;ears a smiie 
When love inspires the breast. 

4 Let love forever grow. 

And banish wrath and strife : 
So shall we witness here below 
The joys of social life, 

5 When we ascend the skies, 
And ^ee the Saviour's face. 

Love will to full perfection rise, 
And reign thro' all the plaice. 


258. c. M. 

God kind and merciful, P?a. cxlr. 1^1 — V-. 

Let evVy tongue thy goodness speak,. 

Thou sovereign Loid of all ! 
Thy sirength'ning hands uphold the weak^ 

And raise th^ '-f^r.^ ?^^t fa!!. 


: When sorrow bows the spirit down, 
Or want assails the breast ; 
Thy love can smooth th' invader's fro\vn> 
And jiives the mourner rest. 

3 The Lord supports our infant days. 
And guides our giddy youtli : 
Holy and just are all his ways. 
And all his words arc truth. 

lie knows the pflin his servants feel. 

He iiears his ciiildren cry ; 
And their best wishes to fulfil. 

His grace is ever nigh. 

5 His mercy never will remove 
From men of heart sincere, 
From those, whose humble, fervent iove^ 
Is joiii'd with holy fear. 

Watts, alt'J. 

259, rs. M. 

Praise to God the sovereign King. 

1 Lift your voice, and joyful sing 
Praise* to your heav'nly King ; 
For his mercies far extend, 
And his bounty knows no end. 

2 Honour pay to heav'n's high Lord, 
And his wondrous deeds record ; 
Through the various realms of earth. 
Praise nim all of human birth. 

3 Him, whose wisdom thron'd on high. 
Built the mansions of the sky ; 


And the orbs that gild tlie pole 
Bade through boundless ether roll. 

4 Him, who o'er this earthly ball, 
Looks with equal eye on all, 
And to ev'ry thing which lives. 
Rich supplies of blessings gives. 

5 To the great eternal King 
Raise your voice, and joytul sing ; 
For his mercies ^vide extend. 
And his bounty knows no end. 


260. L. M. 

The House of God. 

1 Lo ! God is here: let us adore, 
And humbly bow before his face ; 
Let all within us feel his pow'r, 
Let all within us seek his grace. 

2 Lo! God is here: him day and night 
United choirs of angels sing: 

To him, enthron'd above all height, 
Heav'n's hosts their noblest praises bring. 

3 Being of beings I may our praise 
Thy courts with grateful incense fill: 
Still may we stand before thy face. 
Still hear and do thj sovereign will. *" 


261. c. M. 

Unprofitableness under Gospel Privileges. 

Long have we sat beneath the sound 

or thy salvation, Lord ! 
Yet Siill how weak our faith is found, 

And knowledge of thy word ! 

£ Oft we frequent thy holy place. 
And hear almost in vain ; 
^^ hatfrint impressions of thy grace 
Our languid pow'rs retain. 

5 How cold and feeble is our love I 
How negligent our fear ! 
How low our hope of joys above ! 
How few affections there ! 

4 Great God I thy gracious aid impart 
To give thy word success ; 
Write all its precepts on the heart. 
And deep its truths impress. 

J speed our progress in the ^^y 
That leads to joys on high ; 
^Vhere knowledge grows without decay. 
And love shall never die ! 


262. 8,7s. M. 

The divine Blessing implored. 

Lord! dismiss us with thy blessing, 
Hope and comfort from above ; 

Let us, each thy peace possessing. 
Triumph in redeeming love. 


2 Thanks we give, and adoration, 
For thy gospersjoytul sound ; 
May the fruits of thy salvation 
In our hearts and lives abound. 

Topladj^'s ColL alt\i. 

263. L. M. 

*' There r^maineth a rest for the people of God." 

1 Lord of the Sabbath ! hear our vows, 
On this thy day, in this thy house ; 
And own, as grateful sacrifice, 

The songs, \riiich in thy temple rise. 

2 Thine earthly sabbaths. Lord, we love ; 
But there's a nobler rest above; 

To that our longing souls aspire, 
With cheerful liope, and strong desire. 

3 No more fatigue, no more distress, 

Nor sin nor death, shall reach tlie place ; 
No groans siiall mingle with the songs, 
Which dwell upon immortal tongues. 

4 No gloomy cares shall tliere annoy. 
No conscious guilt disturb our joy ; 
Butev'ry doubt and fear shall cease, 
And perfect love give perfect peace. 

5 When shall that glorious day begii;, 
Beyond the reach of death or sin ; 
Whose sun shall never more decline. 
But willi unfading lustre shine I 



264. H. 31. 

Delight in Public Worship. Ps. Ixxxiv. 

Lord of the worlds above. 

How pleasant and how fair 

The dwellings of thy love. 

Thine earthly temples, are ! 
To thine abode each heart aspires. 
With warm desires to see our God* 

0, happv souls that pray, 
^^ here God appoints to hear I 
O happy men, that pay 
Their constant service there I 
They praise thee still ; and happy they, 
Who love the way to Zion's hill. 

They go from strength to strength. 
Through this dark vale of tears, 
i'ill each arrives at length. 
Till each in heav'n appears : 
O glorious seat, when God our king 
^hall thither brin^-our willino; feet I 


265. c. M. 

Universal Goodness of God. 

Lord I thou art good ; all nature shows. 

Its mighty Author kind ; 
Thy bounty through creation flows, 

Full, free, and unconfin'd. 

Whate'er our eyes behold, proclaims 
TLine infinite good- will ; 


It shines in stars, it flows in streams. 
And bursts from ev'rj hill. 

3 It fills the wide extended main, 

And heav'ns which spread more wide ; 
It drops in gentle ghow'rs of rain, 
And rolls in ev'ry tide. 

4 Long hath it been dififus'd abroad. 

Through years and a§es past ; 
And its rich stores, all bounteous God ! 
Forever still shall last 

5 Through the vast whole it pours supplies ; 

Spreads joy through all its parts : 
O may such love attract our eyes, 
And captivate our hearts ! 

6 High admiration, let it raise. 

And strong affections move ; 
Employ our tongues in songs of praise, 
And fill our hearts with love ! 

Browne, alt'd. 

266. c. M. 

Jjastruction to the Young, from a Review of past Dk- 
pensations of Providence. 

1 Let children liear the mighty deeds 

Which God performed of old ; 
Which in our younger years we saw. 
And which our fathers told. 

2 He bids us make his glories known. 

His works of pow'r and grace ; 
And we'll convey his wonders down 
Through ev-ry risino; rac^- 


S Our lij)s shall tell them to our sons. 
Ana they again to theirs ; 
That generations yet unborn 
May teach them to their heirs. 

4 Thus shall they learn, in God alone. 
Their hope securely stands ; 
That they may ne'er forget his M'orks, 
But practice his commands. 


267. L. M. 

The Properties of Christian Charity. 

1 Let men of high conceit and zeal, 
Their fervour and their faith proclaim ; 
if charity be wanting still, 
The rest is but a sounding name. 

*•* Knowledge is apt to bloat the mind, 
And zeal to set the world on fire ; 
But charity is calm and kind. 
And gentle thoughts will still inspire. 

Patient and meek, she suffers long. 
And slowly her resentments rise ; 
Soon she fergets the greatest \n'ong, 
And rage retires, and malice dies. 

4 She envies none their better state, 

But makes her neigliboiir's bliss her own ; 
Nor vaunts herself with mind elate, 
But still a modest air puts on. 

5 This is the grace that reigns on high. 
And will forever brightly burn, 



When hope shall in fruition die, 
And faith to sight triumphant turn. 

Bi owne- 

268. s. M. 

Christian Unity. 

1 Let party names no more 

The Christian world o'erspread ; 
Gentile, and Jew, and bond, and free,^ 
Are one in Christ their head. 

2 Among the saints on earth 
Let mutual love be found, 

Heirs of the same inheritance. 
With mutual blessings crown'd. 

3 Envy and strife be gone. 
And only kindness known, 

While all one common Father have, 
One common Master own. 

4 Thus will the church below 
Resemble that above ; 

Where springs of purest pleasure rise, 
And ev*ry heart is love. 


269. c. M. 

Fore-knowledge and Providence of God, 

Let the whole race of creatures lie 

Abas'd before the Lord ! 
Whatever his pow'rful hand has formxl. 

He governs with a word. 

. Ten thousand ages ere the skies 
Were into motion brought^ 


All the long years and worlds to come, 
Stood present to his thought. 

3 There's not a sparrow, or a worm, 
O'erlook'd in his decrees : 
He raises monarchs to a throne, 
Or sinks with equal ease. 

-I If light attend the course we go. 
'Tis he provides the rays ; 
And 'tis his hand that guides the sun. 
If darkness cloud our days. 

5 Trusting thy wisdom, God oi* love ! 

We would not wish to know 
What, in the book of thy decrees 
Awaits us here below. 

6 Be this alone our fervent pray'r ; 

AVhate'er our lot shall be. 
Or joys, or sorrows — may they form 
Our souls forheav'n and thee ! 


270. CM. 

Devout CoDtemplation of Creation. 

1 Look round, man ! survey this globe ; 

Think of cieatin<>:.pow'r; 

See nature give a d iff rent robe 

To evVy herb and flow'r. 

2 See various beings fill the air. 

And people earth and sea ; 
What grateful changes form the year ; 
How constant nignt and day I " 


S Now raise thine eye ; th' expanse above. 
A pow'r unbounded shows; 
See round the sun the planets move, 
And various worlds compose. 

4 Then turn into thjself, man ! 

With wonder view thy soul ; 
Confess his pow'r who laid each plan. 
And still directs the whole. 

5 And let obedience to his laws 

Tlij gratitude proclaim, 
To him, the first almighty cause ; 
Jehovah is his name, 

Liverpool, Old Coli. 

271. c. M. 

The Goodness of God to those who love and trust in him. 

1 Lord, how resplendent shines thy grace 

Through sorrow's darkest sky, 
To those who humbly seek thy face, 
And on thy love rely. 

2 If wealth take wings and fly away. 

They still have stores divine; 
A treasure that shall ne'er decay, 
A pure exhaustless vnine. 

3 When death has slain their earthly joys, 

Not hopeless th cy deplore ; 
They look to those eternal skies, 
Where friends shall part no more. 

4 And when, with conscious guilt oppressed; 

They own their sins to thee ; 


Thou dost revive the faintiug brea&t 
With pardon full and free. 

O Lord, to thee our hearts we'll bring, 

FixM in thy love and fear; 
Then shall our sorrows lose their sting. 

And dry be ev'ry tear. 

Liverpool, Paradise st. Coll. 

272. L. M. 

God Omnipotent. Ps. cxxxix. 

1 liOUD 1 thou hast search'd and seen us thro'. 
Thine eye commands with piercing view, 
Our rising and our resting hours, 

Our hearts and flesh with all their pow'rs. 

2 Our thoughts, before they are our own. 
Are to our God distinctly known ; 

He knows the words we mean to speak, 
Ere from ourop'ning lips they break. 

3 Within his circling pow'r we stand ; 
On ev'ry side w^ find his hand ; 
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad. 
We are surrounded ^till with God. 

4 Amazing knowledge ! vast and great I 
What large extent ! what lofty height ! 
Our souls, with all the pow'rs they boast, 
Are in the boundless prospect lost. 

5 O may these thoughts possess each breasr. 
Where'er we rove where'er we rest I 



Nor let our weaker passions, dare 
Consent to sin ; for God is there. 


273. L. M. 

Faith in God, in the Darkness of Providence. 

1 Lord, we adore thy vast designs, 
Til' obscure abyss of providence ; 
Too deep to sound with mortal lines. 
Too dark to view with feeble sense ! 

2 Now clouds obscure thine awful face, 
And gc^h'ring darkness hides thy smile ; 
Yet through the clouds w^e see thy grace, 
And trust in thy compassion still. 

3 Through seas and storms of deep distress, 
We sail by faith, and not by sight ; 

Faith guides us in the wilderness. 
And faith can cheer the darkest night. 

4 Father! if thou, with lifted rod. 
Resolve to scourge us here below. 
Still may we lean on thee, our God, 
And may thine arm support us through. 

Watts, alt'd. 

274. c. M. 

God's gracious Regard to his frail Creatures. 

1 Lord ! we adore thy wondrous name, 
And make that name our trust. 
Which rais'd at first this curious frame 
From mean and lifeless dust. 


i Awhile these frail machines eiiJure, 
The fab lie of a day ; 
Then know their vital pow'rs no niore, 
But moulder back to clay. 

3 Yet, Lord ! whate'cr is felt or feai*'d 

This thought is our repose, 
Tliat he, by whom this frame was reai 'd, 
Its various weakness knows. 

4 Thou dost behold w ith pitying eye, 

\Miile struggling witli our load ; 
In pains and dangers thou art nigh. 
Our father and our God ! 

5 Gently supported by thy lo^. 

We tend to realms of peace ; 
Where ev*ry pain shall far remove. 
And ev'ry frailty cease. 


275. c. M. 

Instruction and Consolation from the Scriptures. 

1 Lord ! we would make thy word our jor. 
Our lasting heritage ; 
May this our noblest powVs e^iploy. 
Our warmest th mights engage. 

•3 Tis like the sun, a heav'nly lig^it, 
That guides us all the day; 
And, through the dangers of the night, 
A lamp to lead our way. 

? Thy precepts oft would w^e survey ; 
And keep thy laws in sigiit, 


Tlirough all the business of the day. 
To guide our actions right. 

4 Thy truth's a lanxlof wealth unknown, 

AVhere sprin5!;s of life arise, 
There seeds of endless bliss are sown, 
There boundless glory lies. 

5 The best relief that mourners have. 

It makes our sorrows bless'd ; 
It shows a home beyond the grave ; 
And an eternal rest. 

Watts, alt'd. 

276. CM. 

The Man appi'oved of God. Ps xv. 

1 LoiiD, who's the happy man that may^ 
To thy bless'd courts repair : 
And while he bows before thy throne, 
Shall find acce^^tance there ? 

S *Tis he, ^\ hose ev*ry thought and deed 
By rules of virtue moves ; 
Whose tongue disdains to speak the word 
His honest heart disproves. 

5 Who never will a slander forge, 
His neighbour's fame to wound ; 
Nor hearken to a false report, 
By malice whisper'd round. 

4 Who vice, though dress'd in pomp and pow'r . 
Can treat with just neglect ; 
And piety, when cloth'd in rags, 
Religiously respect. 


.1 Who, thougli he promise to I»is losfi, 
Has ever faitlit'ul prov <l : 
The mail who thus thy hiw fultiU, 
'i hat man shall ne'er be inovM ! 

7de, nlt'd. 

277. c. M. 

Ifymu for those who bavr vetiiuiod iVom abroad. 
Ps. cvi, 

1 Let sono-s of praise from all below, 

To tiiee, God, ascend. 
Whose bounties unexhausted flow, 
Whose mercies know no ciiii. 

2 But chief by tliem tliat debt be paid. 

'Midst dangers ciixlin^ round, 
Who still in thy alji'l^hty aid 
Have sure protection found. 

; The wand^ing exile, doojn'd to stray 
O'er dreary deserts wide ; 
Who fearless takas his timely w*y, 
With God, his gward and ^uide : — 

4 The sailor, on the swellini^sea, 

When storms impending Iowt, 
Or tempests ra2;e ; wiio trusts in tlieo, 
And owns thy mighty pow'r. 

5 The \vretch, who, pressed by countless woes, 

That no cessation see. 
Still bids his steadfast hope repose, 
Almighty Lord ! on thee. 

I' All, all shall join to bless thy 7¥ime, 
W'hose heav Vdy aid they pi*ove ; 


As all have felt, let all proclaim 
Thv boundless pov\ 'r and love. 

New Select. 

278. p. M. 

Hymn for Easter. 

1 Lift vorrr 2:lad voices in triumph on high. 
For Jesus hath risen, and man cannot die. 

Vain were the terrors thatgatherM around him. 
And short tlie dominion of death and the grave: 
He burst from the fetters of darkness that bound 

Resplendent in glorv, to live and k> save. 
Loud tlie chorus of angels on high, 
The Saviour hath risjen, and man shall not die. 

2 Glory to God, in full anthems of joy ; 
The being he gave us, death cannot destroy. 

Sad were the life we must part with to-morrow, 
If tears were onr birth-right and death were our 

end ; 
But Jesus hath cheerM the dark valley of sorrow, 
And bade us, immortal, to heaven ascend. 
Lift then your voices in triumph on high, 
P'or Jesus hath risen, and man shall not die. 

Christian Disciple. 

279. CM. 

Human Frailty, 

i Life is a span, a fleeting hour ; 
How soon the vapour flies ! 
Man is a tender, transient flow'r. 
That e'en in blooming, dies. 


2 The ojice-lov'd form, now cold and dead; 

Each mournful thought employs ; 
And nature weeps her comforts fled, 
And withered all her joys. 

3 But wait the interposing gloom, 

And lo, stern winter flies ; 
And dress'd in beauty's fiiire:>L blooGi, 
• The flow'ry tribes arise. 

4 Hope looks beyond the bounds of time. 

When what we now deplore. 

Shall rise in full immortal prime. 

And bloojn to fade no more. 

5 Then cease, fond nature ! cease thy tears; 

Religion points on high ; 
There everlasting spring appears. 
And joys that cannot die. 

-»Ir3. Steel*., 

280. s. M. 

The Promise is to you and your CluAtcu, 

1 Lord, what our ears have heard. 
Our eyes, delighted, trace ; 

Thv love in lon^ succession showTi 
To evVy rising race. 

2 Our children, thou dost claim ^ 
And mark them out for thine ; 

Ten thousand biasings to thy rjR.ue 
For goodness so djvirie. 

G Thee, l^t the fathers ow n. 
And thee, the sous ail u re ; 


JoinM to the Lord in solemn vow&j 
To be forgot no hiore. 

4 Thy cov'nant may they keep. 
And bless the happy bands, 

Whigh closer still engage their hearts 
To honour thy commands. 

5 How great thy mercies. Lord I 
Row plenteous is thy grace ! 

AVhich in the promise of thy love. 
Includes our rising race. 

6 Our offspring, still thy care, 
Shall own their father's God, 

To latest times thy blessings share. 
And ^ound tliy praise abroad. 

Salisbury Coll, 

281. c. M. 

The Blessings of Nature and Grace. 

1 Let heathens to their iilols haste, 

And worship wood oi' stone ; 
Bat our delightful h>t is cast 
AVhere the true God is known. 

2 In this enlighten'd, pleasant land, 

Our happy portion lies ; 
AVhere nature's ever bounteous hand 
All human want swpplies. 

3 Therefore, our souls shall bless the Lord, 

Wh^se precepts give us light, 
And consolation still afford. 
In sorrow'^s dismal night. 


4 We strive each action to approve 

'1 thine all -seeing eye ; 
No danger shall our hopes remove. 
For thou art ever nigh. 

5 Thou shalt the paths of life display, 

\V hich to thy presence lead ; 
Where pleasures dwell without alloy. 
And joys that never fade. 

Watts and TatCi Taried, 

282. c. M. 

Gospel Invitation. 

1 Let evVy mortal ear attend, 

And ev'ry heart rejoice ; 
The trumpet of the gospel sounds 
With an inviting voice. 

2 Rivers of love and mercy here, 

In a rich ocean join ; 
Salvation in abundance flows. 
Like floods of milk and wine. 

3 The happy gates of gospel grace 

Stand open night and day ; 
Lord, we are come to seek supplies. 
And drive our w ants awav. 


283. H. M. 

Christ cruci£ed. 

Let earth and heav'n agree. 
Angels and men be joiu'd. 


I'o celebrate witli me. 

The Savioiu of mankind : 
To praise the -iil -atoning I^amb, 
And bless the sound of Jesus' name. 

9. Jesus ! transporting sound ! 
The joy of ear :h and heav'n ; 
No other help is found. 
No other name is given, 
By whi'ih we can salvation have,- 
But Jesus came the world to save. 

S Jesus \ harmonious name ! 

If charms the hosts above ; 

They evermore proclaim , 

And wonaer at his love ; 
'Tis all their happiness to gaze, 
'lis heav'nto see our Jesus' face. 

4 O, unexampled love ! 
O, all -redeeming grace ! 
How swiftly didst thou move 
To save a fallen race ; 

"What shall we do to make it known, 
AVhat thou for all mankind hast done ? 

5 0, for a trumpet's voice, 
On all the world to call 

To bid their hearts rejoice ; 

In him who died for all ! 
For all, our Lord was crucified, 
For all, for all, our Saviour died ! 



284. L. 31. 

Devout Piofession of Siuceriry. 

Let sorrow, Lord, o\ir bosoms fiii, 
Wluen impious me'n iransuress thy will ; 
'leach us to mourn wlicn lips profane 
lake thvi*il-gloiious name in vain. 

i! With lone: forbearance may we tiCit 
The works of malice anil deceit ; 
And ever from their friendship lice, 
^N no dare to scorn thy laws and thee. 

3 Lord ! search our souls, try ev'ry thought, 
If our own hearts deceive us net 

Of walking in a vain disguise. 
We seek the trial of thine eyes. 

4 Doth secret mischief lurk within ? 
Do we indulge some unknown sin ? 
O, turn our feet whent^er we stray. 
And lead us in thy perfect way. " 


285. s. M. 


1 Let pure devotion rise. 
And Kindle to a flamt% 

Ascend like incense to the skies. 
In our Redeeaier'S name, 

2 How perfect and !iow free 
Our heav'nly fother's love, 

He gave his only Son that we 
Might dwell with him above. 


3 His word, like drops of dew. 
Descends on ev ry heart, 

Subdues and fashions us anew, 
Aiid bids our sins Uepart. 

4 His grace our faith sustains, 
And dissipates our fear; 

Binds all our wouiids, abates our pains. 
And gives us con forts here. 

5 He bids our willing; eyes 
Lool: through the >;loomy shade. 

To joys immortal in tlie skies. 
That never cloy, nor fade. 


286. c. M. 

Kingdom of Christ 

1 Lo ! what a glorious sight appears 

To ouF- believiag eyes ! 
1 ho earth and seas are pass'd away, 
Aiid the old rolling skies. 

2 Frojr, rhe third heav'n where God resides, 

hat holy, happy place, 
Th'e New -Jerusalem couies down, 
Adorn-il with shining grace, 

3 Att'^nding angels shout for joy,- 

And ihe b. ight armies sing. 
Mortals, behold the sacred seat 
Ot your descending King. 

4 The God of glory down to men 

ivtuioves his blest abode ; 

P8\l:m.s and hymns. 

Men, the dear objocts of his grace, 
Aud he, tiie loving God. 

llis own soft hand shall wipe the tears 

From ev'ry weeping eve. 
And pviins and groans, and griefs, and feurs, 

And death itself shall die. 

» How long, dear Saviour, O how lona; • 
Shall this bright hour delr^v ? 
Fly swifter round ye w heels of time, 
Aij^d bring the welcome dav, 

287. L, M. 

First anil Second Adam. Rom. v. 14. 

i Lord, what was man \rlien made at first, 

Adam, the oftsprinsi; of the dust, 

That thou should^it set him and his ^.ce, 

But just below an aftgel's place \ 

2 That thou shouldst raise his nat-ire -o, 

And make him Lord of all brlov. ; 

Make ev'ry beast and bird subrai*, 

And lay the fishes at liis feet. 

1 But ! what brighter glories wii^ 
To crown the second Adam's s^:U' : 
What honours shall thySonadGii\ 
Who condescended to be boin ! 

4 See him below his ant^els made : 
See him in dust among the dead. 
To save a ruinM world from sin ; 
But he shall reig;n with dow r divin* 



The worU! to come, redeem'd from all 
'ihf^* inlsTies th.U attend the fall, 
Kew made luid glorious, shall submit 
At our exalted Saviour's feet. 


288. L. M. 


1 Lord ! when our thoughts delighted rove 
Amidst the wonders oi thy love. 

Sweet hope revives each drooping heart. 
And bids our doubts and fears depart, 

2 Be all our hearts and all our ways 
Devoted to thy fervent praise ; 
And let our glad obedience prove 
How much we owe, how much we love. 

]VIrs. Steele. 

289. L. ai. 

Thegreat Jubilee of Eternity. From sundry Scriptures 

1 Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound. 
And spread the joyful tidings round : 
Let ev ry soul with transport hear. 
And hail the Lord's accepted year, 

% Ye debtors, whom he gives to know, you ten-thousand talents owe, 
M hen humbled at his feet you fall. 
Your gracious God forgives them all. 

3 Slaves, that have borne th^ heavy chain 
Of sin and hell's tyrannic reign, 

'1 o liberty assert your claim. 

And urge the great Redeemer's namr. 


4 The rich inheritance of heav'n, 
Your joy, your boast, is freely giv'n; 
Fair Salem your arrival waits, 

^Vith golden streets and pearly gates. 

5 Her blest inhabitants no more 
Bondage and poverty deplore ; 
No debt, but love immensely great, 
The joy still rises with the debt. 

5 O Happy souls, that know the sound! 
Celestial light their steps surround. 
And show the Jubilee begun, 
Which through eternal years shall run, 


290. c. M. 

Message of the Angels. 

1 Mortals, awake, with angels join. 

And chant the solemn lay; 

Joy, love and gratitude combine 

1 hail th' auspicious day. 

2 In heav'n the rapt'rous song began, 

And sweet seraphic fire 
Through all the shining legions ran 
And strung and tun'd the lyre. 

5 Hark ! the cherubic armies shout. 
And glory leads the song ; 
Good will and peace are heard throughout 
Th* harmonious heavenly throng. 

4 With joy the chorus we'll repeat. 
Glory to God on high ; 


Good will and peace are now complete, 
Jesus was born to die. 

for a glance of h^av'nly love. 
Our hearts and songs to raise ; 

Sweetly to bear our souls above. 
And mingle with their lays. 


291. s. M. 

1 he Power and Grace of God. 

1 My soul, repeat his praise. 
Whose mercies are so great ; 

Whose anger is so slow to rise. 
So ready to abate. 

3 High as the heav'ns are rais'd 

Above the ground we tread, 
So far the riches of his grace, 

Our highest thoughts exceed. 

3 His pow'r subdues our sins ; 
And his forgivin* love. 

Far as the east is from the west, 
Doth all our guilt femove. 

4 The pity of the Lord, 

To those that fear his name, 
Is such as tender parents feel ; 
He knows our feebly frame. 

5 Our days are like the grass. 
Or like the morning flow'r ; 

If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field, 
It withers in an hour. 


6 But thy compassions, Lord, 

To endless years endure ! 
And children's children ever find 

Thy words of promise sure. 


292. s. M. 

Glad Tidings of the Gospei. 

1 My fellow sinners, hear 
The words of truth and grace, 

1 he jovful sound the gospel brings 
To all the human race. 

2 This gospel, rich and fvee, 
To all mankind good news, 

It will extend to all our race ; 
Gentiles as well as Jews. 

3 Th' apostles of our Lord 
Proclaim'd in language bold. 

The Saviour of the world is come. 
By prophets long foretold. 

4 High let our praises rise, 
Up to the courts above. 

And join the anthems ia the skies 
Of universal love. 


293. 6. 6. 4. M. 


1 M.\Y all our pow'rs of mind. 
To God our Father kind, 

An anthem rai^ie ; 
Whose cloud of glory bright, 


With beams of heavenly light> 
Dispels the gloom of night ; 
O sing his praise. 

2 The God of truth and grace 
Unveils his radiant face. 

And breaks the pow'r 
Of superstition's chain ; 
His grace shall ever reign. 
And righteousness maintain. 

While we adore. 

3 As the blest morning ray 
Drives darkness far away. 

Behold his love 
Our night of sin illumes. 
Our hatred all consumes. 
Each heart with grace perfumes. 

In courts above. 

4 All creatures sliall combine, 
To sing this giace divine, 

And sound his fame. 
Who saves the world from sin, 
And righteousness brings in ; 
O let us now begin, 

To praise his name 1 

H. BaHou. 

294. c. M. 

Progressive Virtue. 

1 Mere human powers shall fast decay. 
And youthful vigour cease; 
But those who wait upon the Lord 
In strensith shall still increase. 


f They with unweary'd feet shall tread 
The path of life divine ; 
With growing ardour onward move. 
With growing brightness shine. 

^ On eagles' wings they mount, they soar; 
The wings of faith and love ; 
Till, past the cloudy regions here, 
They rise to heav'n above. 


295. H. M. 

The Resunection. 

1 My life-s a shade, my days 
Apace to death decline ; 
My Lord is life, hie'll raise 
My dust again, e'en mine ; 

Sweet truth to me, I shall arise. 
And with these eyes my Saviour see. 

2 My peaceful grave shall keep 
My bones, till that sweet day 
I wake from my long sleep. 
And leave my bed of clay, 

Sweet truth, &c. 

3 My Lord, his angels shall 
Their golden trumpets sound ; 
At whose most welcome call 
My grave shall be unbound. 

Sweet truth, &c. 

4 I said sometimes with tears, 
*' Ah me, I'm loath to die !'^ 


Lord, silence thou those fears, 
My life's with thee on high. 
Sweet truth, &c, 

5 What means my trembling heart. 
To be thus shy of death? 
My life and 1 sha'nt part, 
1 hough 1 resign my breath. 

Sweet ti'uth, &c. 



C. M. 

Delight in Ordinances. 

1 My soul, how lovely is the place 

' which thy God resorts ! 
'1 is heav-n to see his smiling face, 
Though in his earthly courts. 

2 There the great Monarch of the skies 

His saving pow'r displays ; 
And light breaks in upon our eyes 
With kind and quick'ning rays. 

3 With his rich gifts, the heav'nly Dove 

Descends and fills the place, 
While Christ reveals his \vondrous love. 
And sheds abroad his grace. 

4 There mighty God, thy words declare 

I'he secrets of thy will ; 
And still we seek thy mercies there. 
And sing thy praises »ti!L 



297. L. M. 

The Greatness of God. 

1 My God ! my King ! O may thy praise 
Fill all the remnant of my days ; 
Thy grace employ my humble tongue. 
And after death exalt my song I 

2 May ev'ry op'nin;!; morning bear 
Some thankful tribute to thine ear; 
And ev'ry setting sun still see 
New works of duty done for thee ! 

Thy works with boundless glory shine. 
And speak thy majesty divine ; 
Let land to land aloud pioclaim 
The matcliless honour of thy name. 

4 But who can speak ^hy wondrous deeds! 
f hy greatness all our thoughts exceeds; 
V'ast and unsearchable thy ways; 
Vast and inunortal be thy praise I 


298. c. M. 

A Liviiigand a Dead Faitli. 

1 Mistaken* souls, that dream of heav'n. 
And make their empty boast 
Of inward joys, and sins forgiv'n, 
And yet are slaves to lust I 

Q. Vain are our fancies' airy flights, 
if faith be cold and dead ; 
Kaug;ht but a living pow'r unites 
To Christ ti;e living Head, 


3 'Tis faith that purifiies the heart ; 

' lis faith that wt)rks by love ; 
That bids all sinful joys depart. 
And lifts the thoughts above. 

4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and hell. 

By a celestial pow*r, 
This is the grace that shall prevail 
In that decisive hour. 

5 Faith must ol)ey our Father's will 

As well as trust his grace. 
And strive to keep his favoljr still. 
By growing holiness. 

Walts, aixV 

299. H. M. 

The Efficacy of the Gospeh Isa. Iv. 10, r 

1 Mark the soft -falling snow. 

And the dittVisive rain ! 

To heav'n^ from whence it fell, 

It turns not back again ! 
But waters earth through evTy pore. 
And calls forth all her secret store 

^ Array M in beauteous green 
The hills and rallies shine. 
And man and beaet are fed 
By providence divine: 
The harvest bows its golden ears.. 
The copious seed of future year^^ 

5 So, saith the God of grace. 
My gospel shall descend. 


Aimiiihtv to effect 

The purpose I intend ; 
Millions of souls shall feel its powV, 
And bear it dowu to millions more. 


300. s. M. 

Obcdionce to God cur Father. 

- My Father ! I adort 

Tliat all-commanding name ; 

O may it virtue's strength restore. 

And raise devotion's flame ! 

2 I bow at thy commands. 
And filial homage pay ; 

AVith heart and life, with tongue and hands, 
I'll cheerfully obey. 

3 No more will I transgress. 
As I too oft have done ; 

But ev'ry sinful thought suppress. 
Each sinful action sliun. 

4 My Father, thus I'll claim, 
And prove myself his son ; 

And while I bear the filial name. 
The filial duties own. 

5 Do thou the strength impart. 
This purpose to fulfil : 

Lord, write thy laws upon my heart. 
That I may do thy will. 

Belknap's Coll. alt'd. 


301. CM. 

The Everlasting Covenant. 2 Sam. xxiu. 5. 

1 My Gotl, the covenant of thy love 

Abides forever sure; 
And in its matchless grace Vv e feel 
Uur happiness secure. 

2 ^Vhat though our liouse be not with thee, 

As nature could desire; 
To higher joys than nature gives. 
Our nobler views aspire. 

3 Since thou, the everlasting God, 

Our Fatlier art become; 
Jesus our Guardian and our Friend, 
And heav n our final home; 

4 We welcome all thy sovereign will. 

For all that will is love ; 
And when thv providence is dark. 
We wait tfie light above. 

5 Thy cov'nant in tiie darkest gloom, 

Shall heav"nly rays impart ; 
And wlien our eyelids close in death, 
Shall cheer the trembl'ing heart. 



C. 31. 

The V>'ay and End of the Ftiul^.tcons and the "Wicked. 
P<. xxxvii. 

1 My God, the steps of pious men 
Are ordered by thy vvill ; 
Though they should fall thev rir^e a^i*in, 
Thy liand supports them stiil. 


2 The Lord delights to see their ways; 
Their virtue lie approves : 
IJc'll ne'er deprive them of his grace. 
Nor leave the, men he loves. 

"^ Tl'.e heav'nly heritage is theirs, 
Their portion and their home ; 
He keeps them now, and makes them heiri; 
Of blessings lonj; to eome. 

4 The haughf^y sinner have I seen. 

Not fearing man nor God ; 
Like princely laurel fair and green. 
Spreading its arms abroad; 

5 And lol he vauishM from the ground. 

Destroyed by hands unseen ; 
Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf was found, 
Where all that pride Ixad been. 

' But mark the man of rigliteousness. 
His sev*ral steps attend ; 
True pleasure runs thro' all his ways. 
And peaceful is his end. 


303. L. 31. 

Things below, and Things above. 

I My soul, forbear on transient things 
Thy hopes and fond desires to place ; 
Their gain no solid comfort brings. 
And weary is the doubtful chase. 

2 Let faith direct my longing eyes 
To realms of lasting good above, 


^Vhcre pleasures ever-bloomino; ri.->e. 
And all is peace, and joy, and love. 

3 Thence sin, and pain, and death, and night, 
Far off forever shall retire; 

And from God's throne, the friendliest light 
Shall beam, and utmost.bliss inspire. 

4 Compared with this, how fades a%vay 
The brightest scenes of earthly joj ! 
Mount up, my soul, to native day, 
Nor rest thy hopes beneath the sky. 

Browne, alt'd. 

304 s. M. 

Obligation to Gratitude and Piaise. 

1 My Maker, and my King! 
To thee my all I owe ; 

Thy sovYeign bounty is the J^pring, 
\\ iience all my blessings flow. 

2 Thou ever good and kind ! 
A thousand reasons move, 

A thousand obligations bind 
My heart to grateful love. 

3 Thy goodness, like the sun, 
Dawn'd on my early days, 

Ere infant reason had begun 
To form my lips to praise. 

4 The creature of thy hand, 
On thee alone I live : 

My God ! thy benefits demand 
More praise than life cxn give. 


let thy ^race^ispire 
My scml with strength divine ; 
Jyt^t all my powVs to thee aspire. 
And all my days be thine 1 

Mrs Steele, alt'd. 

305. CM. 

BrcatkiHg after the Liberty of the Truth. 

1 Maker of earth, shall man despise 

The riches o( thy grace ; 
And wild untutorM | assions rise. 
His glory to deface r 

2 When shall the paw'r of love divine, 

Its light and heat display ; 
To make thy glories brighter shine, 
And bring the promised day ? 

3 Vt'hen shall that monster of deceit 

Be bound with chains of light ; 
And truth and love in one agree 
To speak the Saviour's might ? 

4 When shall thy gons in union join, 

And gospel armour wear; 
Gird on the sword of truth divine, 
And to the cross repair ? 

5 Hasten, God, the happy day. 

When Adam's exil'd race 
Shall bow, and own, without delay. 
The sceptre of thy grace. 

6 While seraphim surround thy throne, 

And saints that reign on high. 


Shall join with harps Ite choral song, 
In strains that never die. 

D. PickeriD; 

306. CM. 

Praise to God in every Scer^e. 

1 My soul shall bless thee, my God ! 

Through all my mortal days ; 
And to eternity prolong 

Thy vast, thy boundless praise. 

2 In each bright liour of peace and hope. 

Be this my sweet employ ; 
Thy praise refines my earthly bliss. 
And doubles all my joy I 

3 When gloomy care, or keen distress 

Invades my throbbing breast, 
My tongue sliall learn to speak thy praise. 
And soothe my pains to rest. 

4 Nor shall my tongue alone proclsim 

The honoyrs of my God ; 
My life, witli all my active powers, 
^all spread his praise abroad. 

5 When death is past, in purer strai^is 

My grateful praise Til pay ; 
The theme demands a nobi^^ song. 
And an eternal day. 



307. c. M. 

rfieciicns on the past Circumstances of the Year. 

Mark how the swift-vvingM minutes fly. 

And hours stiii hasten on ! 
How sNvift the circlinii: months run round ! 

How soon the year is gone ! 

£ Let us indulge the serious thought; 
Tiie year that's past review : 
V>'hat good, what evil, have we wrought? 
What work have we to do? 

5 How is our debt of love increased 
To that sustaining PowV, 
Who hath upheld our feeble frame, 
And brought us to this hour ! 

4 For all thy favours, O our God ! 

Thy goodness we adore : 
Thou hast our cup >\ith blessings fiU'd, 
And made that cup run o'er. 

5 For thy great mercy-s sake, forgive 

Tlie guilt that marks the year ; 

And may we more than ever strive 

To keep our conscience clear. 

6 What shall befal in future life 

We would not. Lord ! inquire : 
To be prepared for all thy will, 
l>e this our chief desire. 

Kxeter CoU. 


308. c. M. 

The Death of Kindred imptovcd 

1 Must friends and kindred droop and die. 

Must helpers be withdrawn, 

AVhile sorrow with a weeping eye, 

Recounts our comforts gone ? 

2 Be thou our comfort, mighty God ! 

Our helper and our Friend : 
Nor leave us in the dang'rous road. 
Till all our trials end. 

3 may our feet pursue the way 

Our pious fathers led ; 
With love and holy zeal obey 
The counsels of the dead ! 


309. L. M. 

Retirement and Meditation^ 

1 My God ! permit us not to be 

Still strangers to ourselves and thee ; 
Amidst ten thousand thoughts we rove. 
Forgetful of oin* highest love. 

2 AVhy should our hopes be fix'd on earth. 
And thus debase our heav'nly birth ? 
AVhy should we cleave to thin^^s below. 
And let our God and Father go? 

3 Call us away from flesh and sense ; 
Thy gracious word can draw us thence ; 
AVe v.'ould obey the voice divine. 

And all inferior joys resign. 


Be oarth with all her scenes withdrawn; 
Lot vanity and noise be gone ; 
In secret silence of the irjnd, 
Our heav'n. and there our God, we find* 


310. s. M. 

Prayer in Sickness. 

1 My Sov'reign, to thy throne. 
With hum Si e hope I press ; 

bow thine ear, to hear the groan 
Of anguish and distress ! 

2 My life bow'd down with pain, 
Mourns its decaying bloom ; 

J^ord, clothe these bones with flesh agalri, 
And save n\e from the tomb. 

3 Without one murnrring word, 
'1 hy chastningl receive; 

ijut with submission ask, Loi?d ! 
A merciful reprieve. 

4 ?4y supplicating voice. 
Unwearied I will raise : 

'^ay to thy servant's soul, ' Rejoice !•- 
Vnd fill my mouth witii praise. 


311. C. M. 

Voluntary Obedience. 

I Not by the terrors of a slave, 
Do sal nt^ perform thy will ; 
But with t\\e noblest powTS they have., 
J hy blest conimand!^ fulfil. 


2 They find access at ev'rj hour 

To Qrod within the veil ; 
Hence they derive a quick'ning power. 
And joys that never fail. 

3 happy men ! O glorious state 

Of thy abounding grace ; 
To dwell so near their Father's seat, 
And see his smiling face ! 


312. c. M. 

" Wc are come to Mount Zion.*^ 

1 Not to the terrors of the Lord, 
The tempest, fire and smoke, 
Not to the thunders of that word 
Which God on Sinai spoke. 

£ But we are come to Zion's hill, 
'1 he city of our God, 
Where milder words declare his wilL * 
And spread his love abroad. 

S Behold th' innumerable host 
Of an^iels cloth'd in li^ht ! 
Behold the spirits of the jtist, 
Whose faith is turn'd to siglit '. 

4 Behold the bless'd assembly there. 

Whose names are writ in heav'n i 
And God, the Judge of all, declares 
Their vilest sins forgiv'n. 

^ The saints on earth, and all the dead, 
But one communion make : 


All join in Christ the living head, 
And of his grace partake I ^ 

[/ 6 In such society as this, 

My weary soul would rest ; 
The man that dwells where Jesus is. 
Must be forever blest. 


^ 313. CM. 

Triumph over Xfiliction. 

1 Now wc can read our title clear 

'J'o mansions in the skies, 
We'll bid farewell to ev'ry fear, 
And wipe our weeping eyes. 

2 Tiiouq;h death against our souls engage, 

And all its darts be hurl'd ; 

' Still we can smile at satan's rage. 

And face a frowning world. 

J Should cares, like a wild deluge come, 
And storms of sorrow fall ; 
Yet we shall safely reach our home. 
Our God, our heav'n,our all. 

4 There shall we bathe the weary soul 
In seas of heav'nly rest ; 
x\ud not a wave of trouble roll 
Across the peaceful breast. 


314. L. M. 

Lca\'ing the Vanities of Time. 

I Now let our souls, on wings sublime. 
Rise from the vanities of time ; 



Draw back the parting veil, aiod see 
The glories of eternity. 

2 Born by a new celestial birth, 

Why should we grovel here on earth ? 
Why grasp ftt transitory toys 
So near to heav'n's eternal joys ? 

3 Should aught beguile us on the road. 
When we are walking back to God ? 
For strangers into life we come. 
And dying is but going home. 

4 Welcome, sweet hour of full discharge. 
That sets our longing souls at large ; 
Unbinds our chains, breaks up our cell. 
And gives us with our God to dwell. 

5 To dwell with God, to feel his love. 
Is tlie full heav'n eiijoy'd above ; 
And the sweet expectation now. 

Is the young dawn of heav'n below. 


315. c. 31. 

Submission in Aflliction. Job. i. 21. 

1 Naked as from the eartli we came 
And enter'd life at first ; 
Naked we to the earth return. 
And mix with kindred dust. 

£ Whatever we fondly call our own. 
Belongs to heav'n's great Lord ; 
The blessings lent us for a day 
Are soon to be restjor'd. 


Tis God who lifts our comforts high, 

Or sinks them in the grave ; 
He ^ves, and when he takes away, 

He tAes but what he gave. 

4 Peace, all our rebel passions then I 
Let each repining sigh 
Be silent at his sovereign willj 
And evTj murmur die. 

\nd everblessed be his name 
Whose goodness swell'd our store ! 

His justice but resumes its own. 
And we will still adore. 

Watts, alt*Q. 

316. p. M. 

Angels proclaiming the Birth of Chris.t 

1 No war nor battle's sound 
Was heard the world around ; 

No hostile chiefs to furious combat ran ; 

But peaceful was the night. 

In which the Prince of light 
His reign of peace upon the earth began. 

2 The sheplierds on the lawn, 
Befor^ the point of dawn, 

In social circle sat ; while all around 

The gentle fleecy brood. 

Or cropp'd the now'ry food. 
Or slept, or sported on the verdant ground. 

3 When lo I with ravish'd ears. 
Each swain delighted hears 

^^veet music, offspring of no mortal hand ; 


Divinely warbled voice, 
Answering the stringed noise, 
With blissful rapture charm'd the listening band. 

4 'i hey saw a glorious light 
Burst on their wond'ring sight. 

Harping in solemn choir, in robes array*d, 

'i he helmed cherubim, 

And sworded seraphim. 
Are seen in glitt'ringranks,with wings display *d» 

5 Sounds of so sweet a tone, 
Before were never known. 

But when of old the sons of morning sung 

V- hile God disposed in air 

Each constellation fair. 
And the well-balanc'd world on hinges hung. 

6 Hail, hail, auspicious morn ! 
The Saviour Christ is born : 

(Such was th' immortal seraph's song sublime.) 

Glory to God in heav n ! 

To man sweet pea^e be giv'n. 
Sweet peace and friendship to the end of time • 

Milton, alt'd by Rev. Dr. GarJ'.^-r. 

317. c. M. 

There ia no Peace to the Wicked. 

1 No peace our starving souls can find, 

[n sin's deceitful wav ; 
No pleasant fruits to cheer the mind, 
Nor ligl^, a single ray. 

2 A guilty conscience gnaws within, 

And we are drown'dwith «;rief ; 


Our souls abhor that monster sin. 
Dear Saviour ! grant relief. 

3 O, why should men in sin remain ? 

Why walk the tiresome way ? 
Lord, may each sinner grace obtain, 
And go no more astray. 

4 Hast thou not promisM in thy word. 

That sin shall finished be r 
Fulfil thy testimonies, Lord, 
And set the sinner free. 

H. BaUou, 

318. lOs. M. 6 lines. 

Idoiatf^r reproved. Ps. cxv. 

i Not to our names, thou only just and true. 
Not to our worthless names is glory due : 
Thy pow'r and grace, thy truth and justiee 

Immortal honours to thy sovereign name ; 
Shine through the earth, from heav'n thy blest 

Nor let the heathens say, where is your God ^ 

'-Z Heav'n is thy higher court ; there stands thy 

And through the lower worlds thy will is done I 
God fram'd this earth ; the starry heav'ns he 

spread ; 
But fools adore the gods their hands have made : 
The kneeling crowd, with looks devout, behold 
Their silver saviours, and their saints of sold. 


3 Be heav'n and earth amaz'd ! 'Tis hard to say, 
AN'hich are more stupid, or their gods or they; 
(), christian, triistthe Lord ; lie hears and sees ; 
He knows thy sorrow, and restores thy peace; 
His worship does a thousand comforts yield ; 
He is thy help, and he thy heav'nly shield. 


819. L. 31. 

All Things work together for Good to them that love Crod_ 

1 Not from dark fate's relentless tomb, 
Nor from the dust our troubles come ; 
No fickle chance presides o-er orief. 
To cause the pain, or send relief. 

2 Look up, and see, ye sorrowing saints ! 
The cause and cure of your complaints : 
Know, 'tis your heav'nly Father's will ; 
Bid evVy murmur then be still. 

3 He sees we need the painful yoke ; 
Yet love directs his heaviest stroke : 
He takes no pleasure in our smart, 
But wounds to heal the broken heart* 

4 Blest trials those that cleanse from sin. 
And make the soul all pure within, 
Wean the fond mind from earthly toys 
To seek and taste celestial joys. 

Bristol Coll. 


320. L. M. 

Glory and Grac in Iinnianuel. 1 Cor. i. 31. 

1 Now to the Lord a noble song! 
Awake, each soul ! awake, each tongue I 
liosanna to th' eternal Name, 

And all his boundless love proclaim. 

2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, 
'i he bri;i;htest^e of his grace ; 
God, in t!^e persori of his Son, 
Uath all his former works out done. 

:> The vspacious earth, and spreading flood, 
Proclaim the wise, the pow'rful God, 
And thy rich glories from afar 
Sparkle iii evry rolling star : 

4 But in his looks a g'ory stands, 
The noblest l^.bour of thy hands : 
The pleasing lustre of his eyes 
Outshines tiie wonders of the skies. 

5 Grace, 'tis a sweet, a charminjr tlien:e ; 
Our thoughts rejoice at Jesus' nan ie ! 
Ye angels, dwell upon the sound ; 

Ye heav'ns. reflect it to the ^jround 1 

6 O, may we live to reach the place 
Where he unveils his lovelv face; 
\Yhereall his beauties we behold, 
And sing his name to harps ufgold! 



321. s. M. 

Rejoicing in the Hope set before us. 

1 Now let our voices join 
To form a sacred song ; 

Yepi'^^rims, in Jehovah's ways. 
With music pass along. 

2 How straight the path appears. 
How open and how fair! 

No lurking gins t' entrap our feet ; 
No fierce destroyer there. 

3 But flowVs of paradise 
In rich profusion spring; 

The sun of glory gilds the path.. 
And dear companions sing. 

4 See Salem's golden spires 
In beauteous prospect rise ; 

And brighter crowns than mortals weai^ 
Which sparkle through the skies. 

5 All honour to his name. 
Who marks the shining way ; 

To him, who leads the wand'rers on 
To realms of endless day. 


322. L. M. 

Jesus hath done all Things well. 

Now shall our souls- with pleasure raise, 
To our dear Lord a song of praise : 
Well sing his love, his goodness tell, 
Our^aviour hath done all things welL 


'2 W ifh pitvin;]^ eyes he viewM our case, 
And came to save our ruin'.l race ; 
lie conquerM sin and deatii and hell ; 
Our Jesus hath done all thiJr^s well. 

3 He will accomplish his di^sl^n. 
And all thinos in himself cimbiae; 
Nor sin on earth forever dv/cll, 
For Jesius will do all things -well. 

4 His work, how great I his plan, how vast 
But when it all appears at last, 

It will our highest praise excel ; 
For Jesus will do all things well. 

5 When the creation is restorM, 
And God shall be by all ador\l, 
How loudly will the triumph swell, 
Oui Jesus hath done all things well. 

6 Sin, death, and hell, will Christ destroy, 
And fill the universe with joy ; 

His love shall tiien each voice con»pel, 
To shout, " he hath done all thinirs well.'* 



L. 31. 

Now to the Lord who built the skies 
Let grrateful soncs of praise arise ; 
By all that dwell beneath t'ne sun, 
Now^ be his grace in concert sung. 

Far as the rolling: planers move 
He spreads his mercy and hh love : 


1 hro' ev'ry land, and ev'ry clime. 
His wondrous works of goodness shine. 

3 So let his goodness be expressed, 

From njorth to south, from east to west. 
And ev'ry living thing adore 
His sacred name, forevermore. 

S. StreeteK 

324. c. 31. 

God's tender Care of Zion. 

1 Now let our inward joys arise, 

And hurst into a song ; 
Almighty love inspires our hearts, 
And pleasure tunes our tongue. 

2 God on his thirsty Zion's hill 

Some mercy drops has thrown. 
And solemn oaths have bound his love 
To show'r salvation down. 

3 Why do we then indulge our fears, 

Suspicions and complaints ? 

Is he a God, and shall his grace 

Grow weary of his saints r 

4 Can a kind Mother e'er ftrget 

A tender infant son. 
And 'mongst a thousand roving thoughts. 
Her suckling have no room? 

5 Yet, saith the Lord, should nature change, 

Aiid mothers monsters prove, 
Zion still dw^ells upon the thought 
Of everlasting Ipve. 


6 Deep on the pahiis of both my hands 
I have engrav'd her name ; 
My pow'r shall raise her ruin'd walls. 
And build her broken frame. 


325. L. M. 

A CaU to Thanksgiving and Praise. 

1 Now to our God let praises rise, 
From all that dS^Tll below the skies ; 
Throughout the earth his love proclftiw. 
With joys eternal in Uis name. 

2 Kn^w that the Lord is Qod alone. 
No rival fills th' eternal tlirone ; 
We are the creatures of his hand ; 
Our form and frame his praise demand. 

^ We are the people of his care, 

His sheep who feed in pastures fair^ 
The objects of hi^ tender love. 
Supply 'd with blessings from above. 

4 Into his earthly temple come, 
And raise the antliem and the song ; 
Let gratitude the lay inspire, 
The bos4)m glow with sacred fire. 

r? "For God in endless goodness reigns, 
And mercy, truth, and love maintains ; 
Nor time, nor years, novmeasur'd space. 
Confines the blessings of his grace. 



326. c. M. 

••' Seei first the Kingdom of God." 

1 Now let a pure ambition rise, 

And ardour fire our breast, 
To roipn in worlds above the skies, 
In heav'nly glories drest. 

2 Behold Jehovah's royal hands, 

A radiant crown display. 
Whose ^ems with vivid lustre shine, 
AVhile suns and stars decay. 

3 Then seek no more for transient good, 

Nor longer call it thine, 
But strive to gain superior joys. 
Immortal antl divine. 

4 Ye hearts, with youthful vigour warm, 

The glorious prize pursue ; 
Nor shall ye want the goods of earth, 
\N hile hcav'n is kept in view. 


327. L. M. 

Image of the InvisinDle. Heb. i. 3 

1 Now, in the form of Jesus, we 
God's bright displays of glory see ; 
Beaming with mild and heav nly rays. 
He all his Father's grace displays. 

2 Blest image of th' eternal God, 
Here his rich glories shine abroad ; 
V ith purest lustre they combine 
Eis poVvT. his truth, and love divine- 


S Of all creation the first-born ; 

Of all that heav'n's bright courts adorn. 
He as a Prince and Sovereign reigns, 
Almighty powT his throne sustains. 

,4 It pleas'd the eternal Fulness well. 
In Christ the Lord alone to dwell ; 
From this rich Fountain freely flows 
Complete relief for all our woes. 


528. c. M. 

Blessings on bira that cometh in the Name of the Lord. 

1 Now blessing, honour^ glo^y, praise, 

By angel hosts are sung ; 
The saints below their voices raise — 
'J'heir harps with gladness strung. 

2 Ador'dbe him, who comes to bless 

The nations with his love ; 
To shew his truth and righteousness, 
And ev*ry cloud remove. 

3 How blest is he who comes to reign 

In Zion's happy land : 
Jerusalem is built again 
And shall forever stand. 

4 No more this kingdom shall decay. 

No more the temple fall ; 
Here Jesus reigns with boundless sway, 
The King and Lord of all 




329. CM. 

The universal Extent of Christ's Kingdom. Isa. ii. Z. 

1 O'er mountain tops, the mount of God, 

In latter days snail rise 
Above the summits of the hills. 
And draw the wond'ring eyes. 

2 To this the joyful nations round. 

All tribes and tongues shall flow ; 
Up to the mount of God they say. 
And to his house we'll go. 

3 The beams that shine from Zion's hil! 

Shall lighten ev'rv land ; 
The King, who reigns in Salem's tow'rs. 
Shall the whole world command. 

4 Among the nations he shall, judge 

l]is judgments truth shall guide: 
His sceptre shall protect the just, 
And crush the silmer's pride. 

5 No war shall I'age, nor hostile strife. 

Disturb tliose happy years ; fsw^ords. 

To plough -shares men shall beat their 
To pruning-hooks their spears. 

6 No longer hosts, encount'ring hosts. 

Shall crowds of slain deplore ; 
They'll lay the martial trumpet by. 
And study Avar no more. 

Scotch Paraphrase. 


:^3o. c. M. 

Umvereal Praise. 

\ O FOR a shout of >acred joy 
To God the sov'*reio;n King! 
liCt ev'ry land their tongues employ, 
And hjnms of triumph sing. 

2 AVhilst angels shout their lofty praise, 
Let mortals learn their strains; 
Let all the earth their voices raise. 
O'er all the earth he reigns. 

Rehearse his praise Nvith awe profound, 
Let kno\vled;ie lead the sons; ; 

Nor mock him with a solemn sound 
Upon a thoughtless tongue. 

4 In Israel stood his ancient throne, 
He lov'd that ciiosen race ; 
But now he calls the world his own, 
.\nd heathens taste his grace, 

331. CM. 

Praise. Ps. cvii. 8. Isa. xxxv. 3 — 6. 

1 FOR a thousand tongues to sing 
The dear Redeemer's praise ! 
The glories ot our God and King, 
The triumphs of his grace ! 

'2 Jesus, the name that charms our fears. 
That bids our sorrows ceas^ ; 
'I is music in the sinner's ears, 
•Tis life, and health, and peace. 


3 He speaks, and, list'ning to his voices 

New life the dead receive ; 
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice, 
The humble poor believe. 

4 Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, ye dumb, 

Yourloosen'd tongues employ; 
Ye blind, behold your Saviour come ; 
And leap, ye lame for joy ! 

Wesley's Cc-L 

332. L. M. 

Opening of Service. 

1 O God of g;race, before thy throne. 
Thy suppliants bow with holy fear; 
Those thou art pleasM to call thine own 
Invoke thy sacred presence here. 

2 Kind Source of Light! thy blessing grant. 
Bestow on us thy cheering rays ; 

Supply ourvary'd mental want. 
And thus inspire our hearts to praise. 

3 Send liiy good spirit from above, 
To dissipate the darksome gloom ; 
Sweet emanation of thy love 1 

To these desiring bosoms come. 

4 Give to thy word successful course, 
And spread the triumphs of thy name ; 
May truth exhibit all her force, 

Ana put the lying lip to shame, 


'5 And while we worship at thy feet, 
Where veiled angels do adore, 
Give us in fellowship to meet, 
To sing thy grace, and speak thy powV. 


333. s. 31. 

God*sdistinguishiiig Go«dness to Man. Ps. viii, 

1 Lord ! our heavenly King I 

Thy name is ail divine ; 
Thy glories round the earth are spread, 

And o'er the heav'ns they shine, 

£ AA'hen to thy work« above 
We raise our wond-ring eyes, 

And see the moon, fair queen of night. 
In peerless splendour rise: 

3 AVlien we survey the stars 
That fill the vaulted sky, 

Lord ! what is man, that he should stand 
In thy regard so high ? 

4 Or what the son of man, 

That thou shouldst love him so r 
Next to thine angels is he placM, 
And lord of all beh^w. 

5 Thine honours crown his head, 
"While subject beasts obey; 

And birds that cut the air with wings. 
And fish that cleave the sea. 


6 How rich thj bounties are! 

How wondrous are thy ways ! 
Of (lust and worms thy pow'r can framed 

A monument of praise. 


334. c. M. 

Th» Times of refreshing. Isa. xxv. 6. 

1 On Zion, his most holy mount, 

God will a feast prepare ; 
And Israel's sons, and Gentile lands. 
Shall in the banquet share. 

2 Marrow and fatness are the food 

His bounteous hand bestows : 
Wine on the lees, and well refin'd,^. 
In rich abundance flows» 

5 See to the vilest of the vile 
A free acceptance giv'n ! 
See rebels, by adopting grace, 

Transform'd, and heirs of heav'n ! 

4 The pain'd, the sick, the dying now 

To ease and health restor'd. 
With eager appetites partake 
The plenties of the board. 

5 But O, what draughts of bliss unknown, 

What dainties shall be giv'n, 
When, with the myriads round the throne. 
We join the feast of heav'n. 


6 There joys inuneasurablj high 
Shall overflow the soul, 
And springs ot life that nerer dry, 
A thousand channels roll. 

Rippon's Coll. 

335. c. M. 

A Prayer. 

1 THOU, whose pow'ii^he mountains form 'd, 

And made the sea his bed ; 
Who sat his raging waves their bound, 
And all his caverns hid. 

2 The mountains thy commands obey. 

The seas thy pow'r confess ; 
Thou dost their caverns deep sui^vey, 
And ev'ry dark recess. 

5 0*er mountains of our sins, O Lord, 
Wilt thou thy hand extend, 
And to thy gracious, pard'ning word 
Their lofty summits bend. 

4 And o^er the raging seas of guilt, 

May thy rich grace abound. 
While in the blood which Jesus spilt. 
Each angry wave is drown'd. 

5 In darkest caverns of the heart. 

Wilt thou thy light display ; 
And to the visual powV impart. 
Thy own eternal day. 

H. Ballon. 


336. c. M. ***^'*^ 


1 0, 'tis a lovelj' thing to see 

The man of prudent heart ! 
^Vhose thoughts, and lips, and life agree 
To act a useful part. 

2 When envy, strife, and war begin 

In little angry sJhls ; 
Mark how the sons of peace come in, 
And quench the kindling coals I 

3 Tlieir minds are humble, mild and meek. 

No furious passions rise ; 
Nor malice moves their lips to speak, 
Nor pride exalts their eyes. 

4 Their lives are prudence mix'd with love ; 

Good works employ their day ; 
They join the serpent w^ith the dove, 
But cast the sting away. 

5 Such was the Saviour of mankind ; 

Such pleasures he pursu'd ; 
His manners gentle and refin'd, 
His soul divinely good. 


337. s. M. 

Lord's Supper. Rom. xii. 4, 5. Luke xxiv. 

1 Our heav'nly Father calls. 

And Christ invites us near ; 
With both, our friendship shall be sweet. 

And our communion dear. 


2 God pities all our griefs ; 

He pardfcns ev'ry day ; 
Almighty to protect our souls. 

And wise to guide our way, 

5 Jesus, our living Head, 

We bless thy faithful care ; 
Our advocate before the throne. 

And our forerunner there. 


4 Here fix each roving heart ! 
Here wait our warmest love ! 

Till the communion be complete 
In nobler scenes above. 


338. H. M. 

Glory of the Church in the Latter Day, 

1 O ZioN, tune thy voice. 
And raise thy hands on high ; 
Tell all the earth thy joys. 
And boast salvation nigh : 
Cheerful in God, arise and shine, 
While rays divine stream all abroad, 

5 He gilds the mourning face 
With beams that cannot fade ; 
His all-resplendent o;race 

He sheds upon thy head ; 
The nations round, thy form shall view, 
With lustre new divinely crown'd. 

3 In honour to his name 
Reflect that sacred light. 
And loud his grace proclaim 
Who makes thy darkness bright ^ 


Pursue his praise till sovereign love 
In worlds above the glory raise. 

4 There, on his holy hill, 

A brighter sun shall rise, 

And with his radiance fill 

Those fairer, purer skies; 
While round his throne ten thousand star^ 
In nobler spheres Jiis influence own. 

• Doddridge. 

339. L. M. 

Immortal Praise due to God. • 

1 O FOR a sweet inspiring ray 
To animate our feeble strains, 

From the bright realms of endless day. 
The blissful realms where Jesus reigns. 

2 There low before his glorious throne, 
Adoring saints and angels fall; 
And witli delightful worship own 

His smiles their bliss, their heav'n, their all. 

3 Immortal glories crown his head, 
While sounding hallelujahs rise, 

And love, and joy, and triumph spread. 
Through all the regions of the skies. 

4 He smiles, and seraphs tune their song8 
To boundless rapture, while they gaze ; 
Ten-thousand thousand joyful tongues 
Resound his everlasting praise. 



340. L. M. 

Prayei for Peace. 

1 HASTE the time, thou Prince of peace. 
When war no more shall lift the shield ; 
But wrath and strife, and lust of spoil, 
To thee their sanguine trophies yield. 

2 Repress the horrid waste of life. 
Destroy the warrior's trade in blood ; 
And say to all the tribes of earth. 

Be still and know that 1 am God. 

3 Jehovah, speed the promised day. 
When love shall hold unbounded reign ; 
And union sheathe the flaming sword. 
That hangs o er desolation's plain. 

4 Ah ! come, ye happy moments, come, 
When the whole earth shall own one Lord ; 
And thou tlie King, the God of peace. 

In peace forever be ador'd. 


341. c. »i. 

Victory over Death. 1 Cor. xv. 55, &c. 

1 FOR an overcoming faith 

To cheer our dying hours. 
To triumph o'er the monster death. 
And all his frightful pow*rs. 

2 Joyful with all the strength we have. 

Our quiv'ring lips should sing, 
'* ^^ here is thy boasted victory, grave I 
And where the monster's sting r" 


3 If sin be pardon'd, we're secure \ 

Death hath no sting beside ; 
The law gives sin its damning pow'r ; 
But Christ our ransom, died. 

4 Now to the God of victory 

Immortal thanks be paid. 
Who makes us conqu'rors when we die. 
Through Christ our living head. 


342. c. M. 

Blissful Prospects beyond the Grave. 

1 On Jordan's stormy banks we stand. 

And cast a wishful eye 
To Canaan's fair and happy land. 
Where our possessions lie. 

2 the transporting, rapt'rous scene, 

That rises to our sight! 
Sweet fields array'd in living green. 
And rivers of delight ! 

3 There gen'rous fruits that never fail. 

On trees immortal grow; 
There rocks, and hills, and brooks and vales, 
/With milk and honey flow. 

4 All o'er those wide extended plains 

Shines one eternal day : 
There God the sun forever reigns^ 
And scatters night away. 


No chilling wiuds, or pois'nous breath 
Can re-^ch that healthful shore : 

There sickness, sorrow, pain and deatli. 
Are felt and fear'd no more. 


343. s. 31. 

Joy and Peace in Christ. 

1 Christ, what o;racious words, 

Are ever, ever tliine; 
Thy voice is music to the soul, 

And life and peace divine. 

£ Good, everlastino; good, 

Giad-tidings full of joy, 
Flow from thy lips, the lips of truth, 

And flow without alloy. 

3 The broken heart, the poor, 
The bruis'd, the deaf, tlie blind ; 

The dumb, the dead, tlie captive wretch. 
In ihee compassion find. 

4 Lord Jesus speed the day, 
The promisM day of grace, 

To all the poor, the dumb, the deaf. 
The dead of Adam's race, 

5 One song shall then employ 
The blessed, blessing whole ; 

And human nature shout thy name. 
The life of ev'ry soul. 



344. L. M. 

Universal Praise. 

1 HOW transporting, how divine. 
When sweetest sounds in concord join. 
And hearts and harps unite to sing 
The praises of th' incarnate King. 

£ Might sinners only mourn and sigh 
Before the Majesty on high, 
And prostrate in his presence pleads 
'Twould be a favour rich indeed* 

3 But oh ! stupendous stoop of grace ? 
Hear and adore ye fallen race, 

For ye may hymn th' eternal King, I 

And of his great salvation sing. 

4 O may this grace our hearts inspire 
With love's all-animating fire ! 

While in sweet sounds we spread the fam^ 
Of «ur adored Saviour's name. 

5 Adoring praise 1 'tis heav'n's employ, 
Bright seraphs wish no higher joy ; 
Amidst the ever blissful throng, 

All, all is love, and sacred song. 

6 Sav'd from the guilt and pow'r of sin. 
May we on earth ourheav'n begin. 
And join that choir in noblest strains. 
Where harmony forever reigns. 



S. M. 

The Grace and Love of Christ. 
I O THE transcendent love 

A sinless Saviour shows 1 
For enemies his bowels move, 

His heart with pity glows. 

^ Jesus invited near 

The vilest of our race ; 
He bids the greatest sinner hear 

Tlie gospel of his grace. 

5 Let Pharisees exclaim, 

And all this grace despise ; 
But we w ill love the Saviour's name, 

'Tis wondrous in our eyes. 

4 Yes, to life's utmost end 

Thy sovereign grace we'll show, 

APxd own thee for the sinner's friend. 
And sin's eternal foe. 


346. s. M. 

Praise for spiritual and temporal Blessings. 

1 BLESS the Lord, our souls 1 
Let all within us join, 

A iid aid our tongues to bless his name. 
Whose favours are divine. 

2 bless the Lord our souls ! 
Nor let his mercies lie 

Forgotten in un thank fulness. 
And without praises die. 


3 'Tis he forgives our sins, 
'Tis he relieves our pain ; 

*Tis he that heals our sicknesses, 
And gives us strength again. 

4 He crowns Oiir lives with love, 
When rescuM from the grave ; 

He who redeems our souls from death. 
From ev'ry ill can save. 

5 He fills the poor with good ; 
He gives the suffVers rest: 

The Lord hath judgments for the proud. 
And mercy for th' oppressed. 

6 His wondrous works and ways 
He made by Moses knov;n ; 

But sent the world his truth and grace 
By his beloved Son. 


347. L. M. 

Praise to the One Supreme. 

1 coMi:, loud anthems let us sing, 
Loud thanks to our almighty King ! 
For we our voices high should raise, 
When our Scilvation's rock we praise* 

2 let us to his courts repair 
And bow with adoration there ; 
Down on our knees devoutly all 
Before the Lord our Maker fall. 

S For God the Lord enthron'd in state, 
Is with unrival'd glory great; 


Ills mercy, hi5i;nest heav'n transcends. 
His truth, beyond the clouds extends. 

Be thou, God ! exalted high ; 
And cs tliy gh)ry fills the sky. 
So let i be on earth displayed 
Till thou art here, as there, obey'd. 

Tate, transposed, 

348. L. 31. 

Acceptable Worship. 

\ HOW delightful is the road 
That leads us to thy temple, Lord 1 
With joy we visit thine abode, 
And seek the treasures of thy word. 

2 heavenly treasures! glorious light! 
From ancient sages long conceal'd ; 
Till Christ restored the feeble sight, 
And God's unchano-ins word reveal *d. 

5 For thee, O Lord! our thoughts prepare 
The sacrifice thy love demands ; 
A soul repentant and sincere, 
A grateful heart, and llb'ral hands. 

J. Taylor. 

349. p. M. 

Praise to the Sapreiue Ruler and Judge. 

1 SING to the Lord a new song ! 
The universe join in the strain ; 
Each day the glad tribute prolong, 
His wonders, his glory maintain. 




Let gratitude ble^s the kind powV 
From whom our salvation descends r 

How great is the God we adore I 

How rich are the blessings he sends I 

2 In beauty of holiness bow : 

O worship with fear and with love ! 
How solemn his temples below! 

How glorious his presence above! 
Proclaim to the nations around, 

Our God, the omnipotent, reigns, 
Whose righteousness space cannot bound. 

Whose purpose unalter-d remains I 

3 let the wide heavens rejoice, 

The earth with her myriads be glad! 
The ©cean shall join his loud voice 

And woods in rich verdure be clad; 
Rejoice ! for the Lord is at hand ; 

Prepare ! for his judgment is nig1\ : 
Before him all nations shall stand ; 

No guilt from his justice shall flv. 

J. Taylor. 

350. L. >i. 

Divine Light and Guidance implored. 

I O SOURCE of uncreated light ! 
By whom the worlds were rais'd from night? 
Come, visit evTy sinner's mind ; 
Come, pour thy joys on human kind. 

^ Plenteous in grace, descend from high. 
Rich in thy matchless energy: 
From sin and sorrow set us free, 
And make us temples worthy thee. 


Chase from our path each noxious foe, 
'nd peace, ihe Iruit of love bestow: 
And leat our feet siiould step astray, 
Protect and guide us in the way. 


351. c. M. 

Divine Condesceniion. Ps. viii. 

1 Tifou to whom all creatures bow, 

VNithinthis earthly frame; 
Througii all the world how great art thou 
How glorious is thy name. 

2 A>'hen heav'n, thy glorious work on high. 

Employs our wondering sight ; 
The moon that nightly rules the sky, 
^^'ith stars of feebler light ; 

5 Lord, what is man, that he is bless'd 
With thy peculiar care I 
AVhy on his off'springis conferr'd. 
Of love so large a share ! 

4 Him next in pow'r thou didst create 

To thy celestial train ; 
Ordain 'd with dignity and might 
O'er all thy works to reign. 

5 All, his imperial will obey : 

The beast that treads the plain; 
The bird that wings its airy way; 
rhe fish that skims the main. 


6 O thou to whom all creatures bow 
Within this earthly frame ! 
Through all the world how great art thou ; 
How glorious is thy name I 

Tate, alt'd. 

352. los. M. 

Divine Light implored. 

THOU, whose powT o'er moving worlds pre- 

Whose voice created and whose wisdom iruides ! 
On darkling manVn pure effulgence shine, 
And cheer the clouded mind v/ith light divine ^ 

'Tis thine alone to calm the pious breast 

With silent confidence, and holy rest; 

From thee, great God! we spring; to thee we 

tend ; 
Path, motive, guide, original, and end. 

Dr. Johnson 

353. c. M. 


1 God ! when we, to praise tliy name, 

AV'ith trembling souls aspire ; 
Imbue us with a heav'nly flame. 
And sanctity the lyre. 

2 By day, thy bounteous sun reveals 

1 he lace of nature fair — 
Then ev'ry eye with gladness sees 
Thy pow'r and goodness there. 

S The vault ofheav'n thou deck'st at night 
With stars of beauty rare : 


We gaze, and fill'd \vit!i vast delight. 
Behold thy glory there. 

4 When awful thunders rend the sky. 

And teinpests move the air; 
What sinful wretch would dare deny 
He hears thy footsteps there ! 

5 We look into our souls, where dwelt 

The blackness of despair — 
And own with rev'rence, we have felt 
Thy wondrous mercy there. 

6 O grant us (when our days are gone) 

Our hcaits' ambitious pray'r ; 
To kneel with rev'rence at thy throne. 
And worship ever there. 

D. Pepoon. 

354. c. M. 

Confidence in our Heavenly Father. 

1 O God ! on thee we all depend. 
On thy paternal care ; 
Thou wilt the Father and the Friend 
In ev'ry scene appear. 

• With open hand and libVal heart, 
Thou wilt our wants supply : 
Thy heav'nly blessings still impart, 
And no good thing deny. 

^ Thou know'st, God ! what's good and fit. 
And wisdom guides thy love ; 
To thine appointments we submit. 
And evh^j choice approve. 


4 In thy paternal love and care, 

^^ itH cheerful hearts we trust ; 
Thy tender mercies boundless are. 
And all thy thoughts are just. 

5 \S'e cannot want while God provides ; 

What he allots is best ; 
And heaven, whate'er we want besides, 
Will give eternal rest. 


355. L. M. 

Trust and Resignation implored. 

1 God ! to thee we raise our eyes ; 
Calm resignation to implore ; 
O let no niunn'ring thought arise, 
But humbly, let us still adore ! 

"2 With meek submission may we bear 
Each needful cross thou shalt ordain; 
Nor think our trials too severe. 
Nor dare thy justice to arraign. 

3 For though mystericjus now thy ways 
To erring mortals may appear, 
Hereafter v.e thy name shall praise, 
For all our keenest suffTin^-s here. 

4 1 hy needful help, God ! afford. 
Nor let us sink in deep despair ; 
Aid us to trust thy sacred word, 
And find our sweetest comforts there^ 


5 There faith unveils a brighter scene. 
Where all life's painful conflict* cease. 
Where no dark clouds shall intervene. 
Nor sorrows e'er disturb our peace. 

Exeter Coll. 

356. L. M. 

Supplication to the Searcher of Hearls. 

1 O HEAR US, Lord ! to thee we call, 
And prostrate at thy footstool fall : 
O Lord, our pray'r propitious hear. 
And bow to our requests thine ear ! 

2 Searcher of hearts ; our thoughts review ! 
With kind severity pursue. 

Through each disguise, thy servants' mind, 
Nor leave one stain of guilt behind. 

3 To thee our inmost heart is knowai : 
Regard us from thy lofty throne ; 
Nor e'er to our desiring eye 

'I hy heavenly presence. Lord, deny. 


357. c. M. 

** God is our B-efuge and Strength." Ps. xlvi. 

i On God supreme our hope depends, 
\N hose omnipresent sight 
E'en to the patliless realms extends 
Of uncreated light. 

^ Plung'd in th' abyss of deep distress. 
To him we raisM our cry ; 
His mercy bade our sorrows cease. 
And fiird our hearts with joy. 


3 Though earth her ancient seat forsake. 

By pangs convulsive torn ; 
Though her self-balanc'd fabric shake, 
And ruin'd nature mourn : 

4 Though hills be in the ocean lost. 

With all their trembling load ; 
No fear shall e'er disturb our trust. 
Or shake our faith in God. 

5 Nations remote, and realms unknown. 

In vain resist his sway ; 
For lo ! Jehovah's voice is shown, 
And earth shall melt awaj. 

6 Let war's devouring surges rise, 

And swell on ev'ry side ; 
The Lord of hosts our safeguard is, 
And Jacob's God our guide. 


358. c. M, 

The Pilgrimage of Life. 

1 Our country is ImmanueFs ground; 

We seek that promis'd soil : 
The songs of Zion cheer our hearts, 
W' hile strangers here we toil. 

2 Oft do our eyes with joy overflow, 

And oft are bath'd \n tears ; 
Yet nought but heav-n our hopes can rais© 
And nought but sin our fears. 

3 Our pow'rs are oft dissolved away 

Ixi ecstacies of love; 


And while our bodies wander here. 
Our souls are fix'd above. 

4 We purge our mortal dross away. 
Refining as we run ; 
And while we die to earth and sense 
Ourheav'n is here begun. 

Mrs. Barbauld. 

359. L. M. 6 lines. 

Imploring divine Mercy. Ps. cxxx. 

1 Out of tlie depth of sad distress. 
The gloomy mazes of despair, 
To heav'n we raise our warm address; 
Deign, O our God ! to hear our pray'r t 
O let thine ear indulge our grief, 
For thine indulgence is relief! 

C Shouldst thou, God I minutely scan 
Our faults, and as severely chide ; 
No mortal seed of sinful man 
Could such a scrutiny abide : 
But mercy shines in all thy ways. 
Bright theme of universal praise ! 

3 With longing eyes we seek the Lord, 
Before his throne our souls attend : 
Firmly on his eternal word 

Our faith is fix'd, our hopes depend : 
On wings of love our souls shall rise 
In contemplation to the skies. 

4 Ye pious minds ! on God rely ; 
With fwU assurance in him trust : 



He sends redemption from on high. 
And raises sinners from-the dust : 
He will forgive the contrite heart. 
And life, eterHal life, impart. 

DenhaiHj ah'd. 

360. L. M. 

Waiting for Heavea. 

1 O COULD we soar to worlds above, 
That bless'd abode of peace and lo^^ I 
How gladly would we mount and fly 
On angels' wings tojojs on high! 

2 But ah ! still longer must we stay, 
Ere darksome night is chang'd to day; 
More crosses, sorrows, conflicts bear, 
ExposM to trials, pains, and care. 

5 Then let th.*se troubles still abound. 
Let thorns and briars strew the ground; 
Let storms and tempests dreadful come 
Till we arrive atheav'n our home. 

4 Our Father knows what road is best, 
And how to lead to peace and rest; 
To him w^e'il cheerful give our all. 

Go where he guides, and wait his call*. 

5 When he commands our souls away, 
Not kingdoms then should tempt our stay» 
With rapture we shall w ake, and rise 

To join our friends above the skies. 


361. c. M. 

A Communion Hymn. 

1 O God I accept the sacred hour 

Which we to thee havegiv'n ; 
And let this hallow'd scene havepow-r 
To raise our souls to heav'n. 

2 Stillletus hold till life departs. 

The precepts of thy Son, 
Nor let our thoughtless, thankless heai ts 
Forget what he has done. 

5 His true disciples may we live. 
From all corruption free. 
And humbly learn like him to give 
Our pow'rs, our wills to thee. 

4 And oft along life's dangTOUs way, 
To smooth our passage through, 
Wilt thou, on this thy holy day. 
For us this scene renew. 


362. L. M. 

On the dangerous Sickness of a Minister. 

1 THOU, before whose gracious throng 
We bow our suppliant spirits down ! 
Thou know*st the anxious cares we fei^]. 
And all our trembling lips would tell. 

2 Thou only canst assuage our grief. 
And give our sorrowing hearts relief; 
In mercy then thy servant spare, 
Xor turn aside thy people's pray'r. 


3 Avert thy desolating stroke. 

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock j 
Restore him, sinking to the grave. 
Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save ^ 

4 Bound to each soul by tender ties, 
In ev'ry heart his image lies ; 
Thy pit'ing aid, O God ! impart. 

Nor rend him from each bleeding heart. 

5 But if our supplications fail. 

And pray'rs and tears cannot prevail. 

Be thou liis strength, be thou his stay : 

., Support him through the gloomy way. 

6 Around him may thine angels stand. 
Waiting the signal of thy hand. 

To bid his happy spirit rise, 

And bear him to their native skies. 

Rippon's Coll, 

363. L. M. 

The Resurrection of Christ. 

1 Our Lord is risen from the dead. 
Our Saviour is ijone up on high : 
The powers of hell are captive led, 
Dragg'd to the portals of the sky. 

2 There his triumphal charriot waits. 
And angels chant their solemn lay : 

" Lift up your heads, ye heav'niy gates! 
Ye everlasting doors give way ! ' 

5 Loose all your bars of massy light, 
And wide unfold th' etherial scene : 
The world and hell his pow'r overthrew ; 
And Jesus is tlie conqueror's name. 


4 Who is this King of glory ! Who ? 

The Christ, with God's own pow'r possessM ; 
And made our King and Saviour too ; 
Thanks be to God, forever bless'd ! 

Edward Taylor. 

364. c. M. 

Morning and Evening Meditation. 

1 Parent of life, in ev'ry age, 

Thy blessings we implore ; 
Thy goodness glows in ev'ry page 
Of nature, we explore. 

2 Thy morning light and evening smiles. 

Conspire to make us blest; 

Thy word our solitude beguiles. 

And gives our spirits rest: 

5 It points to realms of liglit and peace. 

Where saints immortal reign ; 
Proclaims the year of sweet release, 
And breaks the pris'ner's chain. 

4 glorious rest ! from toil and pain, 
VVhere pilgrims meet in love, 
We'd sleep the sleep of death, to gain 
The mansion, far above. 

■'' There ransom'd souls shall meet with joy, 
On that celestial shore ; 
And drink of bliss without alloy. 
And feel their sins no more. 

D, Pickoiing 


365. c. M. 

God's universal Blessings. 

1 Parent of nature, God supreme, 

Thy works are great and good ! 
All nature manifests thy name, 
The sky, the earth, the flood, 

2 Thine is the cheerful day, and thine 

The dark return of night ; 
Thou hast prepared the sun to shine, 
AndevVy feebler light. 

i By thee, each region of the earth 
In perfect order stands : 
The glowing south, the frozen north 
Obey thy fix'd commands. 

4 At thy command, the solid rock 

Pour'd vvater from its side ; 
And thou didst lead thy chosen flock 
Through Jordan's parting tide. 

5 If nature owns its sov'reign Lord, 

We would obey thy will ; 
And whilst we trust "thy faithful word, 
Wc sing thy praises still. 


366. c. M. 

Praise to the Redeemer. 

Plung'd in a gulph of dark despair 
We wretched sinners lay, 

Without one cheering beam of hope. 
Or spark of glimm'ring day. 


-2 With pit'ing eyes the Prince of Grace 
Beheld our helpless grief 
He saw, and (O amazing love 1) 
He came to our relkf. 

3 Down from the sliining seats ab(w« 

With joyful haste he lied ; 
Entered the grave in mortal fiesh. 
And dwelt among the dead. 

4 for this iove let rocks and hills 

Their lasting; silence break, 
And ail harmonious human tongues. 
The Saviour's praises speak. 

5 Angels assist our miirhty joys, 

strike all your harps of gold ; 
But when you raise your highest note?. 
Kib love c-an ne'ei^ be told. 

\V atts. 

367. L. M. 


1 Patience, O what a grace divine, 
Sent from the God of peace and love I 
That leans upon its Father^s hand. 

As through the wilds of life we rove. 

2 By patience we serenely bear 
The troubles of our moKtal state ; 
And wait contented our dischar«:e. 
Nor think our glorv comes too late. 

3 Though we in full sensatioa feel 

The weight, the wounds our God ordains, 
We smile amidst our heaviest woes, 
And triumph in our sharpest pains. 


4 for this grace to aid us on, 

And arm with fortitude the breast, 
Till life's tumultuous voyage is done, 
"We reach the port of endless rest ! 

5 Faith into vision shall be brought, 
Hope shall in full enjoyment die ; 
And patience in possession ^nd 

In the bright world of bliss on high. 

Rippon's ColL 

368. L. M. 

Psalm. cL 

i Praise ye the Lord ; let praise employ, 
In his own courts, your songs of joy ; 
Tlie spacious firmament around 
Shall echo back the joyful soundc 

S Recount his works in strains divine ; 
His wondrous works h.ow bright they shine i 
Praise him for his almighty deeds, 
A-S hose greatness all your praise exceeds, 

3 Awake the trumpet's piercing sound. 
To spread your sacred pleasures round ; 
While sweeter music tunes the lute, 
The warb'ling harp, and breathing flute. 

4 Ye virgin train, with joy advance 
To praise him in the graceful dance ; 
To praise awake each tuneful string, 
And to the solemn organ sing. 

5 Let the loud Cymbal sounding high, 
To softer, deeper notes reply ; 
Harmonious let the concert rise, 
A?id feear the rapture to the skies 


6 Let all whom life and broiitli inspire, 
Attend and join the blissful choir ; 
Rut chiefly you who know his word, 
Adore, and love, and praiae the Lo-(i. 

Mis. Sttjeit 

369. 8,7s. M. 

The Gcd of Mercy adoitd. 
i Praise to God, the great Creator, 
Bounteous source of ev'ry joy ; 
He whose hand upholds all nature, 
He whose word can all destroy ' 
Saints, with pious zeal attending. 
Now the grateful' tribute ral^e ; 
Soleuin songs to heav^i ascending. 
Join the universal praise. 

5 Here indul2;e each grateful feeling ; 

Lowly bend with contrite v^ouU 
Here his niilder grace revealing, 

Mere no avvful thunder rolls : 
Lo I th* eternal pai>:e before us 

Bears the covenant of his love, 
Full of mercy to restore us, 

Mercy beaming from above. 

5 EvVy secret fault confessing!;, 

Deed unrighteous, thoui^iit of^Tnu^ 
.Seize, O seize the proffer'd bles^inir, 

Grace from God, and peace within ! 
Heart and voice with rapture swelling, 

Still the song of glory raise ; 
On the theme immortal dwelling, 
Join the universal praise. 

J. Taylor. 


370. 8, rs. M. 

Universal Praise. 

1 JpRAisii to thee, thou great Creator ; 
Praise to thee from evTy tongue ; 
Join my soul, with ev'ry creature, 
Join the universal song. 

£ For ten thousand blessings given. 
For the hope ofiiiture joy, 
Sound his praise through earth and heavert, 
Sound Jehovah's praise on high. 


371. c. M. 

Inconstancy in Religion. Hos. vi. 4. 
1 Perpetual source of light and grace 1 
We hail thy sacred name ; 
Through ev'rj year's revolving round, 
. 1 y goodness is the same. 

9. On us unworthy as we are, 
Its biessings still it pours ; 
Sure as tlie heav'n's establish'd course^ 
And plenteous as the show'rs. 

5 Inconstant service we repay. 
And transient vows renew ; 
Fleet* no; too oft as morning clouds. 
And like the early dew. 

'-: Oar former follie-, Lord ! we moum^ 
--Vnd now thy grace implore 
To guide our often erring steps, 
That we may stray no more. 


5 Aided by energy divine, 

May we more steadfast prove ; 
And with detennia'd zeal press on 
To gain thy courts above. 

6 So by thy pow'r the morning sun 

Pursues his radiant way, 
Brightens each moment in his race. 
And shines to perfect day. 

Poddrjdge, alt'd, 

372. L. M, 

God the Confidence of the Good at all Times. 

1 Praise, everlasting praise be paid 
To him who earth's foundation laid ; 
Praise to the God, whose sov*reio:n will 
All nature's laws and powers fulfil. 

2 Praise to the goodness of the Lord, 
Who rules his people by his word ) 
Where faith contemplates his decrees, 
And ev'i y gracious promise sees. 

5 There may the piou§, humble mind, 
Support in all its troubles find ; 
And on that reighty God may stay, 
Whose powV the earth and heav'ns display, 

4 Whence then arise, distressing fears :' 
Why do we still indulge our tears r 
Or why without those comforts live 
Our God and Father waits to give ; 

5 O for a strong and lasting fiith. 
To credit what our Father saith ; 
And, having done his will, to place 
A trust unbounded in liiii gi-i^^**! 


) Should earth then to its centre shake 
And all the wheels of nature break ; 
Our steady souls should fear no more 
Than solid rocks when billows roar. 

Watts, altU 

373 s. M^ 

The hope of Salvation through Christ, 

Baise your triumphant songs 
To an immortal tune ; 
Let the wide earth resound (he deeds 
Celestial grace hath done. 

Sing how eternal love 
Its well-beloved chose. 
And bade hmi raise our sinful race 
From tlieir abyss of woes. 

Pardon and peace from heav'n, 
Jesus proclaims abroad ; 
And brings to erring sinful man, 
i^uve mercy from his God. 

Now, sinners ! dry your tears ; 
Let hopeless sorrow cease ; 
Bow to the sceptre of his love 
And take the offer'd peace, 

Lord ! v/e obey thy call ; 
We lay an humble claim 
To the salvation thou hast sent, 
And bless and praise thy name. 

Watts, alt'd. 


374. c. M. 

Joy in believing. 

1 RcjoicE, believer, in the Lord, 
Who makes your cause his own 
The hope that's built upon his word 
Can ne'er be overthrown. 

S Though many foes beset your road, 
And feeble is your arm : 
Your life is hid with Christ in God, 
Beyond the reach of harm. 

S Weak as you are, you shall not faint. 
Or fainting, shall not die ! 
Jesus, the strength of evTv saint, 
Will aid you from on High. 

4 Though now unseen by outward sense 

Faith sees him always near, 
A guide, a glory, and defence ; 
Then what have you to fear ? 

5 As Christ the conqu'rer overcame. 

And triumph'd once for you ; 
He'll raise you from your guilt and shame 
To triumph in him too. 


375. L. M. 

Communing with our Hearts. 
1 Retuhn, each roving heart, return. 
And chase these shad'wy fonns no more ; 
Seek out some solitude to mourn. 
And your forsaken God implore. 


£ ^Visdom and pleasure dwell at home ; 
Retir d and si!ent seek them there; 
True conquest self to overcome, 
True strength to break temptation's snare. 

3 And thou, O God ! whose piercing eye 
Distinct surveys each deep recess, 

III abstracted hours draw nigh. 
And v\ ith thy presence fill the place. 

4 Through all the mazes of our heart, 
The search let heav'nly wisdom guide ; 
And still its radiant beams impart, 
Till all be searched and purified. 

5 Then, with the visits of thy love, 
Vouchsafe our inmo>t souls to cheer ; 
Till ev'rv grace shall join to prove, 
'ihat God hath fix'd his dwelling there, 


376. L. 31. 

FuLilir.ent of God's Proiiiises. Isa. Ixiii. 7. 

1 Risk, ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue. 
Prepare a sweet angelic song ; 
Surprising; mercies must require 
An angels lay, a seraph's fire. 

5 See what the gracious God of heav'n 
Hath now to his own Israel giv*n ; 
No heart can feel, no tongue express. 
The wonders of his love and grace. 

o In ev'ry age the Lord was kind. 
And to his church reveal'd his mind ; 


But we enjoy a wondroii?* store 
<Jf mercies never known before. 

4 The sun ofheav'n illumes the soul, 
Oceans of mercies sweetly roll ; 
The heav'niy streams of truth and love. 
Flow freely from the fount above. 

T happy day ! we live to see 
How kind to men our God can be ; 
His greatest mercies stand confes^M. 
And Zion is forever bless'd. 

6 Thy truth and loving kindness. Lord, 
We will with holy songs record ; 
To us are richest favours giv-n. 
And praises shall return to heav'n. 

377. s. 31. 

Blessings of the Gospel. 

1 Rivers from Jesus flow'. 

And bright prophetic streams ; 

'i'kere trees of life immortal grow. 
And \W\\i etailo^ent beams. 

52 Leaves from those trees shall heal 

The nations of their woe ; 
Sinners the living balsam feel. 

And up to Zion go. 

3 Thus fiom the house of God, 

Waters were seen to flow ; 
And like the all-atoning blood. 

Give health wlierjj|« thev 2:0. 


4 Behold the spicy hills, 

And ever-living groves ! 
Their pleasant fruit the hungry fills. 

And truth spontaneous grows. 

H. FaUou. 

378. c. M. 

Solemn CaU to Praise. 

1 Sing to the Lord, Jehovah's name, 
And in his strength rejoice ; 
When his salvation is our theme. 
Exalted be our voice. 

£ Repeat his praise with awe profound ; 
Let knowledge lead the son^ ; 
Is or mock him with a solemn sound 
Upon a thoughtless tongue. 

S How large his tender mercies are ! 
How w ide his pow'r extends ! 
On his beneficence and care 
The universe depends. 

4 Come, and with humble souls adore ; 
Come bow before his face ; 
may the creatures of his pow'r 
Be children of his grace ! 

Watts, alt'd. 

379. L. M. 

God's NameSj the Encouragement of Faith. Ps. ir. 

1 Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaims 
His various and his saving names ; 
O may they not be heard alone, 
But by our sure experience known. 


2 Let great Jchovali be adoi M 
Th* eternal all-suificient Lord ; 

lie through the world, most liigh confessed, 
By whom 'twas form'd and is jjossesa'd. 

3 Awake our noblest pow'rs, to bless 
Tke God of Abram, God of peace ; 
Now by the dearer title known, 
Father and God of Christ his Son. 

4 Through ev'ry age his gracious ear 
Is open to his servants pray'r ; 
Nor can one humble soul complain 
That God is ever sought in vain. 

' What unbelieving heart shall dare 
In whispers to suggest a fear : 
^N hile still he owns his ancient name ? 
The same his pow'r, his love the same. 

G To thee our souls in faith arise. 
To thee we lift expecting eyes, 
And boldly through the desert tread ; 
For God will guard where God skall lead. 

380. c. M. 

The Sabbath of the Soul. 

1 vSleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cai-es. 

Of earth and folly born I 
Ye shall not dim tlie light that stredmSj 
From this celestial morn. 

2 To-morrow will ht lime to say, 

We feel your harsh controul : 


Ye sliall not violate this day. 
The sabbath of the soul. 

S Sleep, sleep forever, guilty thoughts I 
Let fires of vengeance die ; 
And purgM from sin, may we behold 
A God of purity ! 

Mrs. Barbauld. 

381. CM. 

Close of Evening Service. 

1 Soon will our fleeting hours be past; 

And, as the setting sun 
Now leaves the clouds in yonder west. 
Our parting beams are gone. 

2 May he, from whom all blessings flow. 

Our sacred rites attend. 
Unite our hearts in wisdom's ways. 
Till life's short journey end: 

3 And as the rapid sands run down. 

Our virtue still improve ; 
Till each receive the glorious crown 
Of never fading love. 

Kippes' CoU. 

382. L. M. 

Religious Worship. Ps. xcii. 

1 Sweet is the work, O God! our King! -, 
To praise thy name, give thanks and sing 
To show thy love by morning light. 
And talk of all thy truth at night. 


2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest. 
When earthly cares forsake the breast, 
When our best pow'rs to God we raise. 
And the whole heart's attun'd to praise. 

3 Our souls shall triumph in the Lord, 
And bless his works and bless his word : 
His works of grace, how bright they shine 1 
How deep his counsels, how divine 1 

^4 Lord, may we walk witlV growing strength 
Till all shall meet in heav'n at length. 
Till all before thy face appear. 
And join in nobler worship there : 

5 Then shall we see, and hear, and know. 
All we desir'd, or wish'd below ; 
And ev'ry pow'r find sweet employ 
In that eternal world of joy. 

Watts, altM. 

383. c. M. 

Rejoicing in the Hope of SalyetioD. 

1 Salvation ! O the joyful sound ! 

'Tis music to our ears ; 
A sovereign balm for ev'ry wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 

2 Salvation ! the pow'r and grace 

That here triumphant reign, . 

To raise from death our sinful race 
To life and God again ! 


Salvation ! let the echo fly, 
The spacious earth around ; 

And all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

384. L. M. 


The Love of Jesus to Mankind. 

1 " See how he lov'd !" exclaim'd the Jews. 
As tender tears from Jesus tell ; 

My grateful heart the thought pursues, 
And on the theme delights to dwell. 

2 See how he lov'd, who travelled on, 
Teaching the doctrine from the skies ; 
Who bade disease and pain be gone. 
And caird the sleeping dead to rise. 

3 See how he lov'd, who, firm, yet mild. 
Patient endur'd the scoffing tongue ; 
Though oft provok'd, he ne'er revil'd. 
Nor did his greatest foe a wrong. 

4 See how he lov'd, who never shrank 
From toil or danger, pain or death ; 
Who all the cup of sorrow drank, 
And meekly yielded up his breath. 

5 See how he lov'd, who died for man, 
Who laboured thus, and thus endur'd. 
To finish the all-gracious plan. 
Which life and heav'n to man secur'd. 


6 Such love can we unmov'd survey? 
O may our breasts with ardour glow. 
To tread his steps, his laws obey. 
And thus our warm affection show ! 

Exeter Coll. alt'd. 

385. c. M. 

Value of the Knowledge of God. Hos. vi. 3. 

1 Shine forth, eternal source of light ! 

Make thy perfections known ; 
Fill our enlarg'd, adoring sight. 
With glories all thy own. 

2 Vain are the charms, and faint the rays 

The brightest creatures boast ; 
And all their grandeur and their praise. 
Are in thy presence lost. 

3 To know the Author of our frame. 

Is our sublimest skill : 
True wisdom is to learn his name. 
True life, to do his will. 

4 For this may we unceasing pray ; 

This all our pow'rs pursue. 
Till visions of eternal day 
Fix and complete the view\ 


386. c. M. 

The Blessing of God implored on the Labours of Life 
Ps xc. 17. 

1 Shixe on our souls, eternal God ! 

With rays of mercy shine ! 
let thy favour crown our days, 

And their whole course be thine i 


£ Did we not raise our hands to thee. 
Our hands might toil in vain : 
Small joy success itself would give. 
If thou thy love restrain. 

3 With thee let ev'ry week begin. 

With thee each day be spent. 
For thee each fleeting hour improved, 
Since each by thee is lent, 

4 Thus cheer us midst the toils of life, 

Till all our labours cease ; 
And fill us, in the realms above. 
With everlasting peace. 


387. c. M. 

Christ's first and last Coming, Ps. xcvi. 

1 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands ! 

Ye tribes of ev'ry tongue; 
His new-discover'd grace demand? 
A new and nobler song. 

2 Say to the nations, Jesus came 

A sinful world to save ; 
From guilt and error to reclaim 
And rescue from the grave. 

3 The joyous earth, the bending skies. 

His glorious train display; 
Ye mountains, sink ; ye vallies, rise ; 
Prepare the Saviour's way ! 

4 Behold he comes ; he comes to bless 

1 he nations from their God ; 
To show the world his righteousness^ 
And spread his truth abroad. 


5 Apiii lie comes, with powerful voice, 

To \\:aketlie numerous dead, 
And call his followVs to rejoice 
With their exalted head. 

6 When he who is our life draws near. 

And all, his glory view. 
At that glad hour we shall appear 
^N'ith him in glory too. 

Watts, alt'd. 

388. c. 31. 

The Ilioluvay to Zion. Isa. xxxv. 8 — 10. 

1 Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord, 

Your great Deliverer sing; 
Pilgrims, for Zion's city bound. 
Be joyful in your King! 

2 See the fair way his hand hath raised, 

How lioly, and how plain ! 
The simplest traveler shall not err. 
Nor seek the track in vain : 

3 No rav'nin* lion shall destroy, 

Nor lurking serpent wound ; 
But pleasure, safety, peace and praise. 
Through all the path are found. 

4 A hand divine shall lead you on 

Along the blissful road, 
Till on the sacred mount you see, 
The glory of your God. 


5 There, garlands of immortal joy 
Shall bloom on ev'ry head ; 
While sorrow, sighing, and distress. 
Like shadows all are fled. 


389. L. M. 

Devout Aspirations. 

1 Supreme and universal light ! 
Fountain of reason ! Judge of right ! 
Parent of good ! whose blessings flow 
On all above and all below : 

2 Without whose kind, directing ray, 
In everlasting night we stray. 
From passion still to passion toss*d, 
And in a maze of error lost. 

3 Assist us Lord ! to act, to be 
What thy all-holy laws decree ; 
Worthy that intellectual flame. 
Which from thy breathing spirit came. 

4 May our expanded souls disclaim 
The narrow view, the selfish aim ; 
And with a christian zeal embrace 
Whate'er is friendly to o«r race. 

5 Father ! grace and virtue grant ; 
No more we wish, no more we want : 
To know, to serve thee, and to love. 
Is peace below, is bliss above. 

Rev. Henry Moore. 


390. c. M. 

Our Strength is in the Lord. Isa. xl. 27 — 31. 

1 Supreme in wisdom, love, and grace, 
1 he great Jehovah stands : 
Through his dark providence we trace 
The wonders of his hands. 

9. Strength to the weak he often lends, 
^Vhen they his aid implore ; 
And youth, and feeble age defends. 
In peril's darkest hour. 

G All human pow'r must soon decay. 
And earthly pleasures cease : 
But they who make the Lord their stay, 
Shall find their strength increase. 

4 Then come, and with unwearied pace 

The path of life pursue ; 
For all who trust his heav'nly grace. 
Shall find his promise true. 

5 On eagles' winge they soar away, 

They mount to heav'n above ! 
In realms of pure celestial day, 
They shout in strains of love. 

D. Pickering, 

391. s. M. 

Peace to the returning Penitent, 

1 Sweet is the friendly voice 
That speaks of life and peace ; bids the penitent rejoice. 
And sin and sorrow cease, 



2 No balm on earth like this 
Can cheer the contrite heart ; 

No flatt*ring dreams of earthly bliss 
Such pure delight impart. 

3 Still merciful and kind. 
Thy mercy, Lord ! reveal : 

The broken heart thy love can bind, 
1 he wounded spirit heal. 

4 Thy presence shall restore 
Peace to each anxious breast: 

Lord ! let oui' steps be drawn no more 
From paths which thou hast bless'd. 

Jervis, alt'd. 

392. s. 31. 

Children offered to God, Mark x. 14. 

1 See Israel's Shepherd stand, 
With all engaging charms; 

See, hovv he takes the tender lambs. 
And folds them in his arms ! 

2 '' Permit them to approach. 
Forbid them not," he cried ; 

" Of such my Father's kingdom is. 
And such with him abide." 

3 We brin^:: them, gracious Lord ! 
And yield them up to thee ; 

Rejoic*d that we oui selves are thine. 
Thine let our oSspring be. 

4 Hear him ye little fiock ; 
Ye children seek his face ; 

And iiy with transport to receive 
The bles-in^s of his orace 1 


5 If orphans they are left, 
Thy guardian love we trust; 

Tliat love can heal our bleeding hearts, 
\Vheu weeping o'er their dust. 


393. L. M. 

The Voice of Peace to the troubled Spirit. 

1 Sf.e, from the ark, the mystic dove, 
( Jn living pinions, takes Ker way, 
Through distant regions prone to move. 
And view the wonders of the day. 

2 Lo, she returns and seeks her rest 
And brings the olive branch of peace; 
Thus are the cheerless mourners blest, 
The tidings all their hopes increase. 

3 So we, upon this ocean wide, 
Tliis boist'rous and perturbed state, 
Where sin besets, and woes betide ; 
Nor we observe the floods abate. 

4 Then does the spirit's v.itness show 
A source of love, a fount of grace ; 
A Saviour's goodness makes us know. 
And points to God our righteousness. 

5 Celestial messenger of joy ! 
Speed on thy way to evVy heart; 
Bring with thee peace without alloy. 
And never from our souls depart. 



394. c. M. 

The Works of God speak his Wisdom and P«v/er. 

1 See! the bright monarch of the day 

In ocean dips his beams ; 
While from his brow a parting ray 
In milder glory streams. 

2 The moon, pale empress of the night. 

In sweet succession reigns; 
And finely paints, with silver light. 
The mountains, vales and plains. 

3 The planets in progression rise. 

And shine from pole to pole ; 
Their pleasing course delights our eyes. 
And charms th' attentive soul. 

4 The starry arch in grandour glows. 

Through all its ample round : 
Great God! thypow'r no limit knows. 
Thy wisdom knows no bound. 

Gent. Magazine. 

395. L. M. 

Increase of the Church. Isa. ii. 2. Heb. ii. 14. 

1 Shout! for the blessed Jesus reigns; 
Through distant lands his triumphs spread. 
And sinners, freed from guilt and pains. 
Own him their Saviour and their head. 

2 His sons and daughters from afar. 
Daily at Zion^s gate arrive ; 
Those who were dead in sin before, 
Bv sov'rei£!;n grace are made alive. 


5 Oppressors now beneath his ieet, 
O ercome by his victorious pow'r : 
Pi iiices in humble posture wait : 
And proud blasphemers learn t' adore. 

4 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey, 
Nations remote their offerings bring. 
And unconstrain'd, their homage pay 
To their exalted God and Kinij. 

5 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb, 
From all below and all above ; 
In lofty songs exalt his name. 
In son;rs as lasting as his love. 



C. M. 

The Brazen Serpent, 

i So did the Flebrew prophet raise 
The brazen serpent high ; 
The wounded felt immediate ease. 
The sick forbore to die. 

2 " Look upward in the dying hour. 
And live/' the prophet cries ; 
But Christ performs a nobler cure, 
When faith lifts up her eyes. 

5 High on the cross the Saviour hung ; 
High in the heav ns he reigns ; 
Here sinners, by the rv»rpent stung, 
Look, and forget their pains. 



4 When God's own Son is lifted up, 
A dying world revives ; 
Tl^e Jew beholds the blessed hope, 
Th' expiring Gentile lives, 

397. L. M. 


1 So let our lips and lives express 
Th^ holy gospel we profess ; 

So let our works and virtues shine. 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad 
The honours of our Saviour God ; 
When the salvation reigns within, 
And grace subdues the pow'r of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied, 
Passion and envy, lust and pride ; 
Whilst justice, temperance, truth and love. 
Our inward piety approve. 

4 What though we drink of sorrow's cup — 
Religion bears our spirits up ; 

Hope waits the coming of the Lord, 
And faith stands leaning on his word. 


398. c. M. 


1 Send down thy blessing, gracious Lord, 
And tune our hearts to praise ; 
Help us thy goodness to record, 
Which lengthens out our days 


\1 O irrant us all thy saving grace. 
To run the heav'nij road 
Tune ev'ry heart to sing thy praise, 
Our Saviour and our God. 


399. 8, 7s, M. 

A Call to praise the Lamb of God. 

1 Shout to God, in strains immortal I 
All the holy angels sing: 
Come ye saints, around the altar, 
Kacli a iirateful tribute brino^. 

i2 Loud proclaim the Saviour's merit, 
iSing the wonders of his grace ; 
Sing the sanctifying spirit. 
Sealing all the human race. 

3 Let the strain be loud and joyful. 

Piercing to the lofty sky ; 
Sing the Lamb of God Immortal, 
Once for sinners born to die I 

4 Let all creatures join the chorus. 

Raise to him the grateful song : 
Angels share the bliss before us. 
And the anthem still prolong. 

D. Pickeryig, 

400. L. M. 

Evening Hymn. 

1 To God we'll raise an ev'ning song. 
Each accent shall record his care; 
'Tis he that guides our feet along. 
And keeps our souls from ev'ry snare. 


2 From the first dawn of morning light. 
His watchful eye our .path attends; 
And in returning shades of night, 
Is still the same, our heaviily Friend. 

5 He knows our wants, relieves our fears. 
And satisfies each soul with bread ; 
He numbers all our iiowing years. 
And peurs his blessings on our heads, 

4 He saves us from the tempter's snare. 
And crowns us with his love and grace ; 
Makes ev'ry ransom'd soul his care, 
And smiles on all the human race. 

5 O come, before his altar bend, 

And loud proclaim his matchless love; 
Let grateful incense high ascend. 
To our Almighty Friend above. 

6 Come, rest beneath his guardian care. 
Fearless of danger close our eyes ; 
Till death dislodge our spirits here. 
To soar in worlds above the skies ! 

D. FickeriDg. 

401. c. M. 

The Divine Perfections celebrated. Ps. xxxvi. 

1 The glories. Lord ! thy works proclaim. 

Our pious wonder raise ; 
Thy word still more reveals thy name 
And more exalts thy praise. 

2 The nuniTOus worlds thy hands have inade> 

Thy powT almighty teach; 


The plans thy forming wisdom laid. 
Through endless ages reach. 

5 Thy mercies, far beyond the rqijnds 
Ot earth and heav'n extend ; 
Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds 
Where time and nature end. 

4 I'hy righteousness maintains its throne, 

I'hough mountains sink to dust; 
Thy judgments are a deep unknown, 
Yet always wise and just. 

5 Unbounded is thy goodness. Lord ! 

Jiow bright its wonders shine ! 
Of present, past, and future good, 
The glory all be thine. 

6 Incline us. Lord ! as in thy sight. 

To keep thy holy ways ; 
And all our noblest powVs unite. 
To celebrate thy praise. 

Exeter CoU, 

402. L. M. 

The ExceHency and final Success of the Gospel. Ps. xix» 

1 The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord ! 
In ev'ry star thy wisdom shines; 
But when our eyes behold thy word, 
\Ve read thy name in fairer lines. 

2 Sun, moon and stars, jGonvey thy praise 
Round the whole earth and never stand ; 
So when thy truth began its race, 

It touchMand danc'di on ev'ry land. 


3 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest, 
Till throii2:h the world thv truth has run : 
Till Christ has all the nations bless'd 
That seAhe light, or feel the sun. 

4 O may thy noon-da.y ^lorj rise, 

To bless the world with heav nly light ! 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise, 
Tiiy laws are pure, thy judgments right. 

5 Thy richest mercy here we view, 

In souls renew'd, and sins forgiv'n ; 
Lord ! cleanse our sins, our souls renevt% 
And make thy word our guide to lieav'n. 


403. c. M. 

God may be worshipped in eveiy Place. 

1 The heaven of heav'ns cannot contain 

The nniver&al Lord ; 
Yet he in humble hearts wdll deign 
To dwell, and be ador'd. 

2 Where'er ascends the sacrifice 

Of fervent praise and pray'r. 
Or on the earth or in the skies, 
The God of heav'n is there, 

S His presence is diffused abroad 

Through rcalms,through worlds unknown ; 
Who seek the mercies of our God 
Are ever near his throne. 



404. L. 31. 

i'lit V'uice of Nature proclaims the Existence of God, 

1 There is a God, all nature speaks, 
Through earth, and air, and seas, and skies ; 
See from the clouds his glor}^ breaks. 
When the first beams of morning rise ! 

2 Tlie ri^^ing'sun, serenely bright, 

O'er the wide world's extended frame. 
Inscribes, in characters of light, 
His mighty Maker's glorious name. 

5 Diffusing life, his influence spreads, 
And health and plenty smile around : 
'i'he fruitful fields and verdant meads. 
Are with a thousand blessings crown *d, 

4 The flow*ry tribes all blooming rise. 
Above the vain attempts of art ; 
Their bright inimitable dyes 
Speak sweet conviction to the heart. 

5 \\ hat man that views creation round. 
Can lail to own almighty powT ? 
(.'onfe«s the God with awe profoun^l, 
('Gme, bow before him, and adore ! 

Mrs. Steele, 

405. c. M. 

The Majesty of God. 

1 Thf T.oi d descended from above, 
Ahd bovv'd the heav'ns most high. 
And uiinerneath his teet he cast, 
I'hc uarknccs of the sky. 


2 On cherubim and seraphim 

Full royally he rode. 
And on the wings of mighty winds 
Came flying all abroad. 

3 He sat serene upon the floods. 

Their fury to restrain ; 
And he as sovereign Lord and King, 
For evermore shall reign. 


406. L. M. 8 lines. 

The Voice of God in his Works. Ps. xix. 1— 6> 

1 The spacious firmament on high, 
With all the blue etherial sky, 
And spangled heav'ns a shining frame. 
Their great original proclaim. 
Th' unwearied sun, from day to day. 
Does his Creator's powV display ; 
And publishes to ev'ry land. 
The work of an almighty hand. 

3 Soon as the evening sliades prevail. 
The moon takes up the wondrous tale ; 
And nightly to the listening earth. 
Repeats the story of her birth : 
W hile all the stars which round her burn. 
And all the planets in their turn. 
Confirm the tidings as they roll. 
And spread the truth froni pole to pole. 

3 Wliat though, in solemn silence, all 
Move round this dark terrestrial bail ; 
What though nor real voice nor jsOuikI, 
Amid their radiant orbs be found ; 


In reason's ear they all rejoice. 
And utter forth a glorious voice ; 
Forever singing as they shine — 
'* The hand that made us is divine." 


407. c. M. 

Divine aid implored. 

1 Thine influence, mighty God ! is felt. 
Through nature's ample round ; 
In heav'n on earth, through air and skies. 
Thy energy is found. 

^ Thy sacred influence. Lord I we need 
To form our hearts anew ; 
O cleanse our souls from evVy sin. 
And thy salvation shew I 

3 Father of light I thine aid impart 

To guide our doubtful way; 
•tThy truth shall scatter ev*ry cloud. 
And make a glorious day. 

4 Supported by thy heav'nly grace, 

We'll do and bear thy will ; 
That grace shall make each burden light. 
And ev'ry murmur still. 

5 Cheer'dby thy smiles, v/e'U fearless frca<^. 

The gloomy path of death ; 
And with the liopes of endless bliss. 
To thee resign our breath. 

Salisbiirj Cnl!. 


408. CM. 

For the Lord's Day Morning. 

1 This is the day the Lord hath made ; 

He calls the hours his own : 
Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad. 
And praise surround the throne. 

2 This day arose our glorious head. 

And death's dread empire fell; 
This day the saints his triumph spread, 
And all its wonders tell. 

5 Bless*d be the Lord, who comes to men 
With messages of grace ; 
AVho comes, in God his Father's name. 
To save our sinful race. 

4 Hosanna! in the highest strains 
The church on earth can raise : 
The highest heav'ns in which he reigns. 
Shall give him nobler praise. 


409. c. M. 

Providence ^^ind and bountiful. 

1 Tht kingdom, Lord, forever stands, 

While earthly thrones decay ; 
And time submits to thy commands, 
While ages roll away. 

2 Thy sovereign bounty freely glvc;^ 

Its unexhausted store ; 
And universal nature lives 
On thy sustaining pow'r. 


3 Holy and just are all thy ways; 

'rhy goodness is divine; 
In all tny works, immortal rays 
Of pow'r and mercy shine. 

4 Thy praise, God I delightful tlicme! 

fehall fill each heart and tongue : 
Let all creation bless thy name 
In one eternal song. 

Mrs. Steele. 

410. CM. 

Supplication for the Divine Blessing on the Word. 

i Thy gracious aid, great God! impart, 

To give thy w^ord success ; 
. 'Write all its precepts on the heart. 
And deep its truths impress. 

5 speed our progress in the way. 

That leads to joys on high, 
Where knowledge grows without decay, 
And love shall never die. 

Exeter Coll. 

411. C. M. 

Praise to the God of the Seasons. Ps. Ixv. 

1 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand 

God of eternal pow'r ! 
The seas grow calm at thy command. 
And tempests cease to roar. 

2 Thy morning light, and cv-ning shade, 

Successive comforts brin^: 
Thy plenteous fruits make harvest glad ; 
Thy flowTS adorn the spring. 


;^ Seasons, and times, and days, and hours, 
lieav'B, earth, and air, are thine : 
When clouds distil in fruitful shovv'rs 
The author is divine. 

4 The thirsty ridges drink their fill. 
And ranks of corn appear : 
Thy ways abound with blessings still : 
Thy goodness crowns the year. 


412. L. M. 

Praise for the Blessings given through Jesus. 

1 To God, of ev'ry good the spring. 
The tribute of your praises bring. 

For grace and truth, through Jesus giv'n, 
Mercy, and peace, and hopes of heav'n. 

2 Grateful the joyous news proclaim. 
Salvation is in Jesus' name ; 
Salvation — shout the glorious sound. 
Proclaim it to the world around. 

3 Tell ev'ry fearful, trembling soul. 
That gospel grace will make them whole 
Invite the v/eary popr to come ; 

At Jesus' feast there still is room. 

4 Jesus — that name shall calm their fears. 
Dispel their doubts, and dry their tears. 
Shall ease the anxious throbbing breast. 
And gi^e the v;eary mourner rest 


5 Jesus — our Prophet, Saviour, King, — 
For Jesus, grateful praise we bring 
To tliee, from whom his blessings liow'd. 
To thee, our Father and our Go4 ! 

Exeter Coll. 

413. L. M. 

The Triumphs of the exalted Savieur. Ps ex. 1 — 4, 

1 Thus the eternal Father spake 
To Christ the Son : " Ascend and sit 
At niv ri2:ht hand, till I shall make 
Thy foes submissive at thy feet. 

9 From Zion shall tliy word proceed ; 
Thy word, the sceptre in thy hand, 
Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed, 
And bow tlieir vtills at thy command. 

3 Tliat day shall show thy pow'r is great. 
When siiints shall flock with willing minds. 
And sinners croud thy temple gate. 
Where holiness in beauty shines.** 

4 blessed pow'r ! o;lorious day 1 
What a large vict'ry shall ensue I 
And converts, who thy grace obey. 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 


414. c. M. 

A threefold Cord is not easily broken. 

1 The Lord in pow*r and wisdom reigns. 
With everlasting might ; 
Unchanging love and truth maintains, 
And beams celestial light. 



2 No human mind can comprehend 

His vast, mysterious plan ; 
Nor angels, who before him bend, 
His boundless nature scan. 

5 trust in God, each trembling soul ; 
Dispondency, away ! 
His blessings reach from pole to pole* 
A plenitude for thee. 

4 Wisdom, for good, doth all controul. 

And love and pow'r agree ; 
This threefold cord, believe, my soul. 
Can never broken be. 

5 Unite in praise, men, jour hearts. 

And strike the golden lyre ; 

Angels, attune your golden harps. 

And sound his praises high'r. 

S. Streeter 

415. c. M. 

Christ's Invitation. 

1 The Saviour calls ! let ev'ry ear 
Attend the heav'nly sound ! 
Ye doubting souls dismiss your fear ! 
Hope smiles reviving round. 

£ For ev'ry thirsty, longing heart. 
Here streams of bounty flow ; 
And life and health, and bliss impart 
To banish mortal woe. 

3 Here springs of sacred pleasure rise 

To ease your ev'ry pain ] 


immortal fountain ! full supplies I 
Nor shall jou thirst in vain. 

4 Ye sinnei*s come, 'tis mercy's voice ; 

The gracious call obey ; 
Mercy invites to heav'niy joys. 
And can you yet delay? 

5 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts ; 

To thee let sinners fly, 
And take the bliss thy love imparts. 
And drink, and never die. 


416. c. M. 

These are they which came out of great Tribulatiori, Set.*' 
Rev. vii. 14. 

1 ''These glorious mindsjhow blight they shine ! 

\A'hence all their white array? 
How came they to the liappy seats 
Of everlasting day ?'' 

2 From tort'ring pains to endless joys 

On fiery ^y heels the>- rode, 
And strangely wash'd their raiment vs'.r.e 
In Jesus' dying blood. 

S Now they approach a spotless God, 
And bow before his throne ; 
Their warbling harps and sacred songs 
Adore the Holy One. 

4 The unveil 'd trlories of his face 
Among his saints resiile, 
While the rich treasure of his grace 
Sees all their wants supplied. 


5 Tormenting thirst shall leave their souls. 

And hunger flee as fast; 
The fruit of life's immortal tree 
Shall be their sweet repast. 

6 The Lamb shall lead his heav'nly flock 

Where living fountains rise, 
And love divine shall wipe away 
The sorrows of their eyes. 


417. L. M. 

Desire of Wisdom and Obedience. 

1 Te\cii us, teach us, Lord ! thy way ; 
That to our life's remotest day, 

By thy unerring precepts led, 

Our feet thy heav'nly paths may tread. 

2 Inform'dby thee, with sacred awe 
Our hearts shall meditate thy law; 
And with celestial wisdom fill'd, 
'i thee a pure obedience yield. 

3 Give us to know thy will ariglit, 
Thy will our glory and delight ; 
That, raisM above the world, the mind 
In thee its highest good may find. 

4 turn from vanity each eye ! 

To us thy quickening strength supply; 
And with thy promis'd mercy cheer 
'] he heart devoted to thy fear. 




418. H. M. 

^* Thanks be to God who giveth us the Victorr.*' 

1 Thanks be to God, the Lord, 

The victory is auis ; 
And hell is overcome 
By Christ's triumphant powVsI 
The monster sin in chains is bound, 
And death has felt his mortal wound. 

2 Oppressed with guilt and wo 
In darkness long we lay. 
Till Christ on earth appeared, 
'i hen all was boundless day : 

AVith terror struck, the host of night 
Fled in despair, to shun the light, 

3 Now O'er the vanquish'd tomb 
Behold his trophy blaze, 

The banner of the cross 
That pours its streaming rays ; 
To mark the path v/here Jesus trod ; ' 
And upward guide our steps to God. 

4 Give thanks to God, the Lord, 
The victory is won ; 

And up the path to heav'n 

Our march is now begun : 
'] he hymn of joy exulting raise, 
And shout aloud the Saviour's praise. 



419. CM. 

Prospect of the universal Spread af spiritual Blessings. 

1 The common Parent, Lord of all. 
Who sits enthron'd above, 
AVith perfect wisdom rules the world. 
And with impartial love. 

£ Soon mav his name from shore tb shore 
Sound all the earth abroad ; / 
And distant nations know and love 
'1 heir Saviour and their God ! 

3 The day will come, the happy day, 

Such his eternal will, 
AMien light, and truth, and grace divine^ 
The spacious earth shall all. 

4 God will diffuse the blessings round. 

So richly scatter'd here; 
Till the creation's utmost bound, 
Shall see, adore, and fear. 

^- Warts, altU 

420. WM. 

The weeping Seed-Time, and joyful Harvest. 

1 The darkened sky — how thick it low'rs! 
Troubled with storms, and big with show'rs ; 
No cheerful gleam of light appears, 

But nature pours forth all her tears. 

2 Yet let the sonsofg:race revive; 

God bids the soul that seeks him, live; 
* And from the gloomiest shade of night. 
Calls forth a morning of delight. 


3 The seeds of ecstacy unknown, 
Are in these water'd furrows sown ; 

See the green Wades! how thick theynse, 
And with fresh verdure bless our eyes ! 

4 In secret foldings they contain 
Unnumberd ears of golden grain ; 

And heav-n shall pour its beams around. 
Till the ripe harvest load the ground. 

5 Then shall the trembling mourner come, 
And find his sheaves and bear them home ; 
The voice long broke with sighs shall sing. 
Till heav'n with hallelujahs ring. 


421. L. M. 

The universal Providence of God. 

1 The earth and all the heav'nly frame, 
1 heir great Creator's love proclaim ; 
He gives the sun his genial powV, 
And sends the soft refreshing show'r. 

2 The ground with plenty blooms again. 
And yields her various fruits to men ; 
To men, who from thy bounteous hand 
Receive the gifts of ev'ry land. 

3 Nor to the human race alone 

Is thy paternal goodness shown ; 
The tribes of earth, and sea, uid air, 
Enjov thv universalis care. 


4 Not e-en a sparrow yields its breath. 
Till God permits tlie stroke of death : 
He hears the ravens when they call. 
The Father and the Friend of all ! 


422. c. ai. 

The Instability of worldly Enjoyments. 

1 The evils that beset our path. 

Who can prevent or cure ? 
We stand upon the brink of death. 
When most we seem secure. 

2 If we to-day sweet peace possess, 

It soon may be withdrawn ; 
Some cliange may plunge us in distress. 
Before to-morrow's tfawn. 

3 Disease and pain invade our health. 

And find an easy prey ; 
And oft, when least expected, w^ealth 
Takes wings and flies away. 

4 The gourds from wliich we look for fruit. 

Produce us often pain ; 
A worm unseen attacks the root. 
And all our hopes are vain. 

5 Since sin has filPd the earth with wo. 

And creatures fade and die ; 
Lord ! wean our hearts from things below. 

And fix our hjipes on high. 

Oiney HymnF: 



423. c. M. 

Trust in God, in Prosperity and Adversity. 

1 The Lord, how tender is his love ! 

His justice, how august ! 
Hence, all her fears my soul derives. 
There, anchors all her trust. 

2 He show'rs the manna from above, 

To feed the barren waste ; 
Or points with death the fiery hail, 
And famine waits the blast. 

2 He bids distress forget to groan. 
The sick from anguish cease ; 
In dungeons, spreads his healing wing 
And softly whispers peace. 

4 His pow-r directs the rushing wind. 

Or tips tlie bolt with flame ; 
His goodness smiles in ev*ry breeze. 
And warms in ev-ry beam. 

5 For us, Lord ! whatever lot 

The houi-s commission'd bring ; 
Do all our w ith'ring blessihgs die, 
Or fairer clusters spring ; 

6 grant, that still with grateful heart 

Our years resign'd may ran I 
^Tis thine to give or to resume. 
And may thy will be done I 

- '^_^-*. Darwin. 


424 c. M. 

Tho Word of God the best Guide of Tenth. 

1 The morn of life, how fair and gay ! 

Hov/ cheering and how new ! 
What hopes illume each op'ning day. 
And brighten ev'ry view ! 

2 Youth's ardent mind, with joy elate, 

Elastic and sincere. 
Suspects no ills that may await. 
Nor yields a thought to fear. 

$ But slipp'ry is the path they tread. 
In pleasure's dang'rous way ; 
A thousand snares around them spread. 
And oft their feet betray. 

4 Kow shall they, then, their course pursue 

Through life's uncertain road ? 
What friendly hand will point their view 
To duty and to God ? 

5 In God's own word the way is sure. 

And clear to ev'ry eye ; 
It lords us in a path secure 
i o brighter worlds on high. 

6 be this word our constant guide. 

Our steadfast hope and trust I 
Tliis ne'er can fiiil, thouo:h all beside 

Shall mingle with the dust. 

Exeter CoIJ. 


425. 8,8,6s, M. 

The universal Providence of God. 

1 The mighty God who rolls t'^e spheres, 
And storms, and lire, and hail prepares, 

And guides this vast machine. 
His pow-rful l.and our life sustains, 
And scatters all those joys and pains, 

That fill this chequer-d scene. 

2 His piercing eye at once surveys, 

^^ here thousand suns and systems blaze 

And where the sparrow falls: 
Wlule seraphs time their harps on high 
His ear attends the softest cry, 
When liuaian mis'ry calls. 

3 Eternal God I who shall not fear, 
And trust, and love, with soul sincere, 

Tliine awful glorious name ! 
AVhile man, thy creature, swift decays. 
Time has no r^^easure for thy days ; 

Thou ever art the same. 

J. Taylor. 

426. L. 31. 

Improvement of the Shortness of Life. 

1 The short-liv'd day declines in haste ; 
The night of death approaches fast ; 
"NN ith rapid speed the moments run. 
In which the work of life is done. 


2 With willing hearts, and active hands. 
Lord ! may we practice thy commands. 
Improve the moments as they fly, 
And live as we would wish to die. 

Exeter Coll. 

427. s. M. 

Light and Deliverance. 

1 The trav'ller, lost in night, 
Breathes many longing sighs, 

And marks the welcome dawn of light, 
^Vlth rapture in his eyes. 

2 Thus sweet the dawn of day 
AVhich weary sinners find, 

When mercy with reviving ray 
Beams o'er the fainting mind. 

3 To slaves oppress'd with chains. 
How kind, how dear the friend, 

Whose gen'rous hand relieves their pains. 
And bids their sorrows end ! 

4 Thus dear that Friend divine, 
^Mio rescues captive souls ; 

Unbinds the galling chains of sin, 
And all its pow'r controls. 

5 God ! to gospel light 
Our dawn of hope we owe; 

Once, wand'ring in the shades of night, 
And sunk in hopeless wo. 



6 Thy hand redeem M the slave. 

And set the prisoner free : 
Be all ue are, and all we have, 

Devoted, Lord, to thee ! 

Mrs. Steele. 

428. c. M. 

Prospect of Heaven. 

1 There is aland of pure delight, 

AVhere saints immortal reiijn ; 
Infinite day excludes the night, 
And pleasures banish pain. 

2 There, everlastin^i: spring abides. 

And never-with'ring liow'rs; 

Death, like a narrow sea, divides 

This heav-nly land from ours. 

3 Sweet fields, beyond the swelling flood. 

Stand dress\l in living; green ; 
So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 
While Jordan rolFd between. 

4 But tim'rous mortals start and shrink. 

To cross this narrow sea ; 
And linger s})iv'ring on the Drink, 
And tear to launch away. 

5 could we make our doubts remove^ 

Those gloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love. 
With clear unclouded eye© : 


6 Could we but stand, as Moses stood. 
And view the landscape o'er. 
Not Jordan's streams, nor death's cold flood. 
Should fright us from the shore ! 


429, L. M. 

Diviue Mercy. Ps. cxxx. 

1 There is forgiveness, Lord ! with thee. 
The humble penitent to cheer ; 

That all, who thy rich mercy see, 
jSIaj hope and love, as well as fear. 

2 More welcome than the morning's face 
To those who long for breaking day. 
Great God I is that abundant grace 
AVhich thy kind promises display. 

3 Our trust is fix'd upon thy word. 
Nor shall we trust thy word in vain : 
Let contrite souls address the Lord, 
And find relief from all their pain. 

Exeter Con. 

430. c. 31. 

Earthl)^ and heavenly Treasures compared. Luke xii. 33. 

1 These mortal joys, how soon they fade I 

How swift they pass away ! 
The dying flov/'r reclines its head. 
The beauty of a day. 

2 Soon are these earthly treasures lost, 

We fondly call our own ; 
Scarce the possession can we boast, 
When straight we find thcra gone. 


3 But there are joys, which cannot die, 

With God laid up in store, 
Treasures beyond the changing sky, 
Brighter tlian golden ore. 

4 The seeds, which piety and love 

Have scattered here below. 

In the fair fertile fields above. 

To ample harvest grow. 


431. CM. 

Charity essential to the Christian Character. 

1 Though ev'ry grace our speech adornM 
That flows from ev'ry tongue ; 
Though we could rise to loftier strains 
Than ever angels sung : 

£ Though with prophetic lore inspired. 
We made all myst'ries plain ; 
Yet, were we void of Christian love. 
These gifts were all in vain. 

3 Though we dispense with lib'ral hand. 

Our goods to feed the poor ; 
Or, firm to conscience and to truth, 
A martyr^sfate endure: 

4 Nay, though our faith, witli boundless pow'r 

Ki'en mountains could remove ; 
'Twere all in vain should we be found 
Yet strangers still to love. 

Scotch Paraphrase^. 


432. L. M. 

" Thou hast beea our Dwelling in all Generations." Ps.xc.t. 

1 Thou, Lord I through ev'rj changing scene. 
Hast to thy saints a refuge been ; 
Through ev'ry age, eternal God, 

Their pleasing home, their safe abode* 

2 In thee our fathers sought their rest; 
In thee our fathers still are blessM ; 
And, while the tomb confines their dust. 
In thee their souls abide, and trust, 

3 Lo ! we are ris'n, a feeble race. 
Awhile to fill our father's place : 
Our helpless state with pity view. 
And let us share their refuge too. 

4 Through all the thorny paths we trace 
In this uncertain wilderness. 

When friends desert, and foes invade. 
Revive our heart, and guard our head. 

5 To thee our infant race we leave ; 
Them may their fathers' God receive. 
That voices yet unform'd may raise 
Succeeding hymns of humble praise ! 


433. c. M. 

Living habitually in the Fear of God. 

1 Thrice happy men, who, born from heav'n^ 
While yet they travel here. 
Each day of life with God begin, 
And spend it in kis fear ! 


2 Midst hourly cares, may we present 

Our oft''rings to thy throne : 
And, while the world our hands employ. 
Our hearts be thine alone. 

3 As sanctified to noblest ends, 

Be each refreshment sought; 
And by each various providence 
Some wise instruction brought* 

4 When to laborious duties call'd> 

Or by temptations tried ; 
We'll seek the shelter of thy wings, 
L And in thy strength confide. 

5 As dift'Tent scenes of life arise. 

Our grateful hearts would be 
With thee, amidst the social band. 
In solitude with thee. 

6 In solid, pure delights like these. 

Let all our days be past; 
Nor shall we then impatient wish. 
Nor shall we fear the last. 


434. L. M. 

Our Poiticn in Life appointed by God. 

1 Through all the various shifting scene 
Of life's mistaken ill orgC'od, 

Thy hand, God I conducts unseen. 
The beautiful vicissitude. 

2 Thou givest with paternal care, 
Howe'er unjustly we complain. 


To all, their necessary share 

Of joy and sorrow, health and pain. 

3 All things on earth, and all in heav'n. 
On thy eternal will depend ; 

And all for greater good were giv'n. 
Would man pursue th' appointed end. 

4 Be this our care — to all beside 
Indift^'rent let our wishes be; 
Passion be calm, subdu'd be pride, 

And fix'd our souls, great God I on thee. 

Liverpool Old Coll. 

435. c. M. 

God immutable. Ps. cii. 

1 Through endless years thou art the same, 
ever blessed God ! 
Ages to come shall know thy name. 
And spread thy praise abroad. 

G The strong foundations of the earth 
Of old by thee were laid ; 
By thee the beauteous arch of heav'n, 
With matchless skill was made. 

3 Soon shall this goodly frame of things, 

Form'd by thy powerful hand, 
Be like a vesture laid aside. 
And chang'd at thy command. 

4 But thou, O God ! art still the same. 

And endless are thy days ; 
Thy bright perfections ever shiae 
With undiminished rays. 


5 Thy servant's children, still thy care, 
Shall own their fathers* God, 
To latest time thy favour share. 
And spread thy praise abroad. 

Tate, alfd. 

436. L. M. 

Love to God and Man. Matt. xxii. 37 — 40. 

1 Thus saith the first and great commaud, — 
Let all thy inward pow'rs unite 

To love thy Maker and thy God, 
AVith utmost vigour and delio-ht. 

2 Then shall thy neighbour, next in place. 
Thy heart's sincere aiYection prove ; 
And let thy wishes for thyself 
Measure to him the debt of love. 

3 But while these sacred truths we own, 
How cold remain our bosoms still ! 
Wake our best passions, God of love ! 
And mould our spirits to thy will. 


437. c. M. 

The distinguished Goodness of God to Man. 

1 Thy wisdom, powV, and goodness. Lord ! 
In all thy works appear ; 
But most thy praise should man record, 
Man thy distinguished care. 

5 From thee the breath of life he drew ; 
That breath thy pbw'r maintains : 
Thy tender mercy, ever new, 
His brittle frame sustains. 


S Thy providence, his constant guard, 
Wnen threafnin^ ills impend, 
Or will th' impending danger ward, 
Or timely succours lend. 

4 Yet nobler gifts demand his praise ; 

Of reason's light possess 'd ; 
By revelatlon^s brighter rays 
Still more divinely bless'd. 

5 All bounteous Lord ! thy grace impart : 

O teach us to improve 
Thy gifts with ever grateful heart, 
And crown them with thy love ! 

Mrs. Steele. 

438. CM. 

God the Source of Consolation and Health. 

1 To calm the sorrows of the mind, 

Ourheav'nly friend is nigh, 
To wipe the anxious tear that starts. 
Or trembles iu the eye. 

2 Thou canst, when anguish rends the heart. 

The secret wo control ; 
The inward malady canst heal. 
The sickness of the soul. 

3 Thou canst repress the rising sigh. 

Canst soothe each mortal care ; 
And ev'ry deep and heart-felt groan 
Is wafted to thine ear. 

4 Thy gracious eye is watchful still ; 

Thy potent arm can save 


From threat'ning danger and disease. 
And the devouring grave. 

5 Eternal source of life and health, 
And ev'ry bliss we feel ! 
In sorrow and in joy to thee 

Our grateful hearts appeal. - 


439. L. M. 

The Vanity of earthly Objects. 

1 The trifling joys this world can give, 
A tliirsty s©ul can ne'er supply ; 

A soul, which hopes, through grace, to live 
in realms of bliss beyond the sky. 

2 Yet, my God, I would not slight 
The smallest of thy gifts to me ; 
The least aftbrds me some delight. 
And shews thy mercy rich and free. 

3 My friends, my health, my daily food — 

All blessings given here below, 
Proclaim aloud tiiat thou art good — 
Thy goodness all the world shall know. 

4 But O, it is a greater joy. 

To feel my heart is reconcil'd ; 
To know thou wilt my sins destroy. 
And claim me as thy ransom'd child. 

5 In thee, dear Lord, I stand complete. 
It is enough — I want no more ! 
Prostrate 1 fall before thy feet. 

And all thv boundless loVe adore. 


6 Hence then, ye trifling joys depart 1 
Joys, transient as the fading flow'r ; 
Jesus the Saviour claims my heart, 
'Tis his by purchase, love, and povv-r. 

S. Thompson. 

440. L. M. _ 

Divine Love displayed in the Blessings of the Gospel - 

1 To thee, our hearts, eternal King ! 
Would each a thankful tribute bring ; 
To thee their humble homage raise, 
In songs of ardent, grateful praise. 

2 All nature shows thy boundless love» 
In worlds below, and worlds above ; 
But in thy blessed word, we trace , 
The richer glories of thy grace. 

3 There, what delightful truths are giv'n ; 
There Jesus shows the way to heav'n ; 
His name salutes the listening ear. 
Revives the heart, and checks the fear. 

4 There Jesus bids our sorrows cease, 
And gives the laboring conscience peace 
Raises our grateful feelings high, 

And points to mansions in the sky. 

5 For love like this, may our song 
To-endless years thy praise prolong ; 
And distant climes thy name adore, 
lill time and nature are no more ! 

Exeter Coif. 



441. L. 31. 

C hiist the Sun of Rij;hteousness. Ps. xxxvii. 

1 To thee, God ! we homage pay, 
Source of the lii2:ht that rules the day ! 
AVho, while he t^ilds all nature's frame, 
Ueilccts thy rays, and speaks thy name. 

2 In louder strains we sing that grace 
Which gave the Sun of righteousness ; 
Wiiose nobler liii;ht salvation brings. 
And scatters healing from his wings. 

if O may his glories stand confessed, 
From north to south, from east to west ! 
Successful may his gospel run 
Wide as the circuit of the sun ! 

4 When shall that radiant sun arise. 
Where, fix*d on high in purer skies, 
Christ all his lustre shall display 
Through realms of never-ending day ! 


442. L. 31. 

Divine Protection. Ps. cxxi. 

1 To those bright realm* we lift our eyes ; 
Those realms of bliss beyond the skies, 
Whence all our help our soul derives ; 
There our almighty refuge lives. 

£ He lives, the everlasting God, 

AN ho built the world, who spread the flood ! 
The heav'ns, with all their host, he made, 
And the dark regions of the dead. 


3 He guides our feet, he guards our way ; 
His morning smiles bless all the day ; 
He spreads the ev'ning veil and keeps 
The silent hours while Israel sleeps. 

4 His servants, thus divinely bless'd 
May rise secure, securely rest ; 
Their holy Guardian's wakeful eyes 
Admit no slumber nor surprise. 

5 With grateful hearts his care we own ; 
Still may we go, and still return. 
Safe in the Lord ; still may his care 
Defend our lives from ev'ry snare ! 

Watts, alt'd. 

443. c. M. 

The Power of God. 

1 'TwAs God who form'd the rolling spheres. 

And stretch'd the boundless skies ; 
Who form'd the plan of endless years, 
And bade the ages rise. 

2 From everlasting is his might. 

Immense and unconfin-d : 
He pierces through the realms of light. 
And rides upon the wind. 

S He darts along the burning skies ; 
Loud thunders round him roar : 
All heav'n attends him as he flies, 
A^d hell proclaims his powV. 

4 He speaks, and nature's wheels vStand still ; 
They cease their wonted round : 
The mountains melt ; the trembling hills 
Forsake their ancient bound. 


5 He .-cutters nutions with his breath ; 
The «catter-d nations fly : 
Blue pestilence, and wasting death. 
Confess the Godhead nigh. 

G Ye worlds, with ev'ry living thing 
Fulfil his high command : 
Pay duteous homage to your King, 
And own his ruling hand ! 

Liverpool Old Coll. 

444. L. M. 

The Prayer of the Dying Christian. 

1 The hour of my departure's come ; 
I hear the voice that calls me home ; 
At last, O Lord I let trouble cease. 
And let thy servant die in peace. 

'2 The race appointed I have run ; 
The combat's o'er, the prize is won ; 
And now my witness is on high. 
And now my record's in the sky. 

5 I leave the world without a tear, 
Save for the friends I hold so dear ; 
To heal their sorrows, Lord ! descend^ 
And to the friendless, prove a friend ! 

4 I come, I come, at thy command, 
I yield my spirit to thy hand ; 
Stretch forth thine everlasting arms. 
And shield me in the last alarms. 


5 The hour of my departure's come, 
I hear the voice that calls me home ; 
Now, O my God ! let trouble cease ; 
Now let tliy servant die in peace. 


445. L. M. 

Seed-Time and Harvest. 

1 The rising morn, the closing day, 
Repeat thy praise with grateful voice ; 
Both, bounteous Lord ! thy pow'r display^ 
And laden w ith thy gifts' rejoice. 

2 Earth's wide extended, varying scenes. 
All smiling round, thy bounty show ; 
From seas or clouds, lull magazines, 
Thy rich diffusive blessings flow. 

3 Now earth receives the precious seed,. 
Which thy hidiilgent hand prepares ; 
And nourislies the future bread. 
And ansvvers all the sowers cares. 

4 Thy sweet refreshing showVs attend. 
And through the ridges gently flow, 
Soft on the springing corn descend ; 
And thy kind blessing makes it grow. 

5 Thy goodness crowns the circling year, 
Thy paths drop fatness all around ; 
The barren wilds thy praise declare, 
And echoing; hills return the sound. 


-6 Ueve spreading flocks adorn the plain ; 
There plenty ev'ry charm displays; 
Thy bounty clothes each lovely scene, 
And joyful nature shouts thy praise. 

Mrs. Steele. 

446. L. M. 

Th.e Institution of the Lord's Supper. 

1 'TwAs on that dark and mournful night 
AVIien pow'rs of earth and hell arose 
Again?)t the Son of God's delight. 

And friend be tray M him to his foes. 

2 Before the mournful scene began, 

He took the bread, and bless 'd, and brake; 
AVhat love through all his actions ran; 
What wondrous words of grace he spake ! 

3 " This is my body, broke for sin. 
Receive and eat the living food ; 

Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine, 
'Tis the new covenant in my blood." 

4 " In mem'ry of your dying Lord, 

Do this,'* said he, " till time shall end; 
Meet at my table, and record 
The love of your departed Friend." 

5 Jesus, thy feast we celebrate. 

We show thy death, we sing thy name 
Till thou return, and we shall eat 
The marriage-supper of the Lamb. 



447. L. M. 

The Christian Farewell. 2 Cor. xiii. 

1 Thy presence, ever-living God ! 

Wide through all nature spreads abroad : 
Thy watchful eyes, which never sleep. 
In ev'ry place thy children keep. 

2 While near each other we remain. 
Thou dost our lives and pow'rs sustain ; 
And when apart rejoice to share 

Thy counsels, and thy gracious care. 

3 To thee we now commit our ways. 
And still implore thy heav'nly grace ; 
Still cause thy face on us to shine, 
And guard and guide us still as thine. 

4 Give us w^ithin thy house to raise 
Again united songs of praise. 
Or, if that joy no more be known. 
Give us to meet around thy throne. 


448. L. M. 

God the Protector of Innocence. 

1 Thine is the throne, beneath thy reign. 
Great King of kings I the tribes profane 
Behold their dream of conquest o'er. 
And vanish, to be seen no more. 

2 What eyes like thine, eternal Sire ! 
Thro' sin's dark mazes can inquire ? 
What hand like thine, to virtue's foes 
Such awful judgments can oppose ? 


3 The meek observer of thy laws 

To thee commits his injurM cause : 
111 thee, each anxious fear resigned 
The fatherless a father find. 

4 Thou, Lord ! thy servant's wish canst read^ 
Ere from their lips the pray'r proceed : 
'Tis thine, the drooping heart to cheer, 

To wipe away the starting tear ; 

5 To vindicate the suffVer's cause, 
To rescue fiom oppression's jaws. 
To nni) the haughty tyrant's will. 
And bid the sons of pride be still. 


449. s. M. 

The Saints Enjoyment of God. 

1 The great Jehovah reigns 
Upon a throne sublime; 

And from his own eternity 
Sees tlie wide waste of time. 

2 This great Jehovah's mine ! 
Each saint in rapture cries ; 

And to this everlasting rock 
The joyful spirit fiies. 

3 From this immortal spring. 
Immense salvation flow^s ; 

And with the wonders of his love. 
The grateful bosom glow s* 


4 His name shall be our song, 
While life and breath are giv'n : 

And his unceasing praise shall run 
Through all the jojs of heav'n. 


450. c. M. 

' Come unto me, all yc that labour and are heavy laden ; 
and I will give you rest." 

1 Thus to believers, while below, 

Has God his love expressed ; J 

My presence still shall with you go, * 

And I will give you rest. 

2 This as a comfort each shall know% 

The sweetest and the best; 
My presence shall with them abide. 
And I will give them rest. 

3 Though with affliction's swelling tide 

You sorely are oppressed ; 
My presence shall with you abide. 
And I will give you rest. 

4 When death with solemn call is near. 

Still lean upon my breast ; 
My presence shall support you there. 
And I will give you rest. 

5 Then let his praise be our employ. 

Till we're of heav'n possess d ;• 
Till God imparts celestial joy. 
And gives us endless rest. 



451. s. M. 

Preserving Grace. Jude 24, 25. 

1 To God the only wise, 
Our Saviour and our King, 

Let all the saints below the skies, 
Their humble praises bring. 

2 By his unfading love, 
His counsel, and his care. 

Displayed in mercy from above. 
He guards from evYy snare. 

S He will present our souls, 
Unblemish'd and complete. 

Before the glory of his face, 
\N ith joys divinely great. 

4 There all his numerous sons 
Shall meet around his throne. 

Shall bless the conduct of his grace. 
And make his wonders known. 

5 To God the only v.ise. 
All majesty belongs. 

And be his powV and grace ador*d 
In everlasting songs. 


452. c. M. 

1 he Mission of Christ. 

To God, the great redeeming cause. 

Let men and angels sing ; 
"Who sent liis Sou with powVand love. 

To conquer all our sin. 


Z To raise the wretched by his grace. 
From their abyss of wo ; 
And make hi^ love to all our race. 
In gentle currents flow. 

3 To reconcile the world to God, 

The Saviour left the skies ; 
And loud proclaimed the sacred word. 
Which bids our joys ariae. 

4 His doctrine pure, his precepts just. 

In bright example shine ; 
Through all the ea.^th, his love and grace 
Proclaim a pow'r divine* 

5 That pow'r shall conquer all his foes. 

And bring them home to God ; 
Shall ail hisboundJess love disclose — 
Hosanna to the Lord. 

D. Pickering. 

453. c. M. 

The Love of Christ. 

1 To our Redeemer's glorious name. 

Awake the sacred song I 
O may his love — immortal flame ! 
Tune ev*ry heart and tongue. 

2 His love, what mortal thought can reach ! 

Wliat mortal tongue display I 
Imagination's utmost stretch. 
In wonder dies away. 

3 He left his radiant throne on high. 

Left the bright realms of bliss. 


And came to earth to bleed and die ! 
Was ever love like this ? 

4 Dear Lord, while we adoring pay 
Our aun.hle thanVs to thee ; 
May evTv heart with rapture say, 
" The vSaviour died for me." 


454. L. M. 

God, the Portion ©f his Saints. 

1 The rifjhteous Lord, supremely great. 
Maintains his universal state ; 

O'e. all the earth his pow'r extends, 
Allheav'n before his footstool bends. 

2 Yet justice still with pow'r presides. 
And mercy all his empire guides ; 
Mercy and truth are his delight, 
And saints are lovely in his sight. 

3 No more, ye wise, your v/isdom boast. 
No more, ye strong, your valour trust; 
No more, ye rich, survey your store. 
Elate with heaps of shining ore. 

4 Glory, ye saints in this alone. 

That God, your God to you is known ;^ 
lliat you have own'd his sovereign sway, 
Tliat you have felt his cheeriniz; ray. 

5 Our wisdom, wealth, and pow*r we find, 
In one Jehovah all combined ; 

On him we fix our roving eyes. 
And all our souls in rapture rise. 


6 All else which we our treasures call 
May in one fatal moment fall ; 
But nought their happiness can move 
Who trust in God's unbounded love. 


455. L. M. 

Remembrance of Christ. 

1 " This do in mem'ry of your friend,^ 
Such was the Saviour's last request. 
Who all the pangs of death endur'd. 
That we might live forever bless'd. 

2 Yes, we'll record thy matchless love, 
Thou dearest, tend 'rest, best of friends ! 
Thy dying love the noblest praise 

Of long eternity transcends. 

3 *Tis pleasure more than earth can give, 
Thy goodness through these veils to see; 
Thy table food celestial yields, 

And happy they who sit with thee. 

4 But oh! what vast transporting joys 
Shall fill our breasts, our tongues inspire, 
When, join'd with the celestial trai^. 
Our grateful souls thy love admire ! ^^ 

5 When these vile bodies, all refin'd. 
Perfect and glorious as thy own, 
Unwearied shall our minds obey. 
And join in worship near thy throne. 

Dublin Con. 


456. L. M. 

Fast. Isa. Iviii. 6, ScC 

1 This is the fast the Lord doth choose, 
Each heavy burtiieii to undo ; 
The bands of wickedness to loose. 
And let the captive freedom know. 

'2 Let ev'ry vile and sinful yoke 
Of servile bondage, and of fear, 
By mercy, love, and truth, be broke ; 
From sorrow's eye wipe ev'ry tear. 

3 Yes, to tlie hungry deal thy bread. 
Bring to thine house the outcast poor ; 
O let the fainting soul be fed. 

Nor spurn the needy from thy door. 

4 And when thine eyes the naked see. 
The needed garment fhen bestow^ ; 
To thine own flesh most tender be. 
To all thy charity must flow. 

5 This did the Saviour of our race. 
Himself, the bread of life did give; 
Loos'd all our burdens by his grace ; 
The outcast poor in Jesus live. 

6 We are his flesh ; he did not hide 
Himself from us, in all our wo; 
But freely gave himself, and died. 
That we his boundless love might know. 

H. Ballou, 


457. L. M. 

God dwelling with the Humble. 

1 Thus saith the high and lofty One, 
'' I sit upon my holy throne ; 
My name is God, 1 dwell on high. 
Dwell in my own eternity. 

S But I descend to worlds below. 
On earth I have a mansion too ; 
The humble spirit and contrite 
Is an abode of my dehght. 

3 The humble soul my words revive, 
I bid the mourning sinner live ; 
Heal all the broken hearts 1 find. 
And ease the sorrows of the mind. 

4 When I contend against their sin, 

I make them know hov/ vile they've been ; 
But should my wrath forever Sinoke 
Their souls would &?nk beneath the stroke.'' 

5 O may thy pard'ning grace be nigh, 
Lest we should fair!, despair ;ind die ! 
Thus shall our better thoughts approve 
The methods of thy chasi'ning love. 


458. s. M. 

Praise to God from all Nations. Ps. cxvii. 

1 Thy name. Almighty Lord 

Shall sound through distant lands; 

Great is thy grace, and sure thy word. 
Thy truth forever stands. 


2 Far be thine honours spread ; 

Long may thy praise endure, 
Till morning light and ev-ning shade 

Shall be exchang-^d no more. 

® ITT 

W atts. 

459. c. M. 

Blessings of the Divine Presence. 

1 Thy presence, Lord, gives pure delight. 

Our sorrows takes away. 
Dispels the darkness of our night. 
And spreads effulgent day. 

2 Like water to the thirsty soul 

Are flowings of thy love, 
Thy spirit sways with soft control, 
And bears our thoughts above, 

3 AVhy should we then decline from thee r 

In search of folly rove r 
Or strive to set our passions free 
From the soft bands of love. 

4 Extend around thy loving arms. 

Infold us in thy breast. 
Where, captives to resistless charms, 
Our wav'ring souls may rest. 

5 Raise in our breast aquick'ning zeal, 

That faith which works by love ; 
And to our strengthened eyes reveal 
Our life in Christ above. 

H. Ballou. 


460. c. M. 

Blessings of Providence and Redemption. 

1 Thy goodness. Lord ! our souls confess. 
Thy goodness we adore ; 
A spring whose blessings neyer fail, 
A sea without a shore* 

£ Sun, moen, and stars, thy love attest 
In ev'ry golden ray ; 
Love draws the curtains of the night, 
And love returns the day. 

S Thy bounty evVy season crowns 
With all the bliss it yields ; 
With joyful clusters loads the vine, 
With strength'ning grain the fields, 

4 But chiefly thy compassions, Lord ! 
Are in the gospel seen; 
There, like the sun, thy mercy shines. 
Without a cloud between. 


461. L. M. 

Praise for Providence. Matt. v. 45. Acts. xiv. 17. 

1 Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design, 
Are fram'd upon thy throne above. 
And e\^ry dark or bending line 
Meets in the centre of thy love. 

£ With feeble light, and half obscure. 
Poor mortals thine arrangements view, 
Not knowing that the least are sure, 
And the mysterious just and true. 


3 Thy flock, thine uwn peculiar. care. 
Though now thej soeni to roam uney'cU 
Are led or driven only where 

They best and safest may abide. 

4 They neither know, nor trace the way ; 
But, trwsting to thy piercing eye. 
None of their feet to ruin stray. 

Nor shall the weakest fail or die. 

5 Our favoured souls shall meekly learn 
To lay our reason at thy throne ; 

Too weak thy secrets to discern. 
We II trust thee for our guide alone. 

Rippon's Coll, 

462. L. M. 

■\Ve Walk by Faith, not by Sight. 

1 'Tis by the faith of joys to come 

V. e walk through deserts dark as night ; 
Till we arrive at heav'n our home, 
Faith is our guide and truth our light. 

2 The want of sight sli'^ well supplies ; 
She makes tlie pearly gates appear : 
Far into distant world 3 she piies. 
And brings eternal 'glories near. 

3 Cheerful we tread the desert throu2,h, 
\» hdo faHh receives a heav'n; 7 lay, 
Tliough lix ns roar, a id tempests blow. 
And rocks and dangeisnli tiie way. 


4 So Abr'am, by divine command, 
Left his own house to walk with God : 
His faith beheld the promised land. 
And fir'd his zeal along the road. 


463. c. M. 

Praise for the Gospel. Ps. xcvL 1. Luke iii. 5y6^ 

1 To our Almighty Mak«r, God, 

New honours be address'd ; 

His great salvation shines abroad. 

And makes the nations blest. 

2 He spake the word to Abr'am first. 

His truth fulfils his grace ; 
Thje Gentiles make his name their trust. 
And learn his righteousness. 

3 Let the whole earth liis love proclaim^ 

With all her different tongues ; 
And spread the honours of his name. 
In melody aud songs. 


464. H. M. 

Grateful Praise. 

1 To your Creator God, 
Your great Preserver, raise, 
Ye creatures of his hand. 
Your highest notes of praise : 
Let ev'ry voice proclaim his pow'r. 
His name adore, and loud rejoice. 


2 Thou source of li^ht and lieaf, 
Bright sov'rci^:n of tiie ilay, 
Disjiensina blessings round, 
With all diftusive ray ; 

From morn to night with. e\ 'rj beai^i, 
Record his name, who maile tliec bright. 

3 Fair regent of the night, 
Witli all thy starry train, 
AViuch rise in silent hosts. 
To gild the azure plain ; 

VChh countless rays declare his name, 
Prolong the theme, reflect his jjraise. 

4 Let all the creatures join. 
To celebrate his name, 
And all their various pow'rs 
Assist th' exalted theme. 

Let nature raise frou) ev'ry tongue 
A general song of graceful praise. 

5 But oh ! from human tongues. 
Should noblei' praises flow ; 
And ev^T thankful lieart. 
With warm devotion glow ; 

Your voices raise, ye highly blest ; 
Above the rest, declare his praise. 
Mi>. Steele. 

465. s. M. 


I Thy benediction, L'^rd, 

Upon us now bestow ; 
O bless us with thy sacred v.ord, 

And light the path we go. 


2 Impress upon each mind 
Thy truth, in mercy. Lord, 

And that we may salvation find. 
May each the same regard. 

3 Now unto God on high. 
Be glory ever giv'n : 

fit our longing souls to fly. 
And dv/ell with thee in heav'n. 


466. h. M. 

The Grave destroyed. 

1 Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb. 
Take this new treasure to thy trust; 
And give these sacred relics room 
To slumber in thy silent dust. 

2 No pain, no grief, no anxious fear 
Invade thy bounds ; no mortal woes 
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here. 
Whilst angels watch its soft repose. 

3 So Jesus slept ; God's dying Son 

Past through the grave and blest the bed; 
Here we may rest till from his throne 

1 he morning break, and pierce the shade. 

4 Break from his throne, illustrious morn ! 
Attend, grave, his sov'reign word ! 
Restore thy trust ; the glorious form 
Will then arise to meet the Lord. 



467. H. 31. 

God our Preserver in a sickly Season. Ps. cxxi. 

1 Upward we lift our eyes, ^ 
From God is all our aid ; 

The God who built the skies. 
And earth's foundation laid : 
God is the tow'r to which we fly : 
His grace is nigh in ev'ry hour. 

2 Our feet shall never slide. 
Or fall in fatal snares, 

Since God, our Guard and Guide, 

Defends us from our fears. 
Those wakeful eyes, tliat never sleep. 
Shall Israel keep, when dangers rise. 

3 No burning heats by day, 
Nor blasts of ev'ning air. 
Shall take our health away. 
If God be with us there. 

Thou art our sun, and thou our shade. 
To guard our head by night or noon. 

4 Hast thou not giv*n thy word 
To save our souls from death? 
And we can trust thee, Lord ! 
'I'o keep our mortal breath : 

V\'e"ri go and coiiie, nor fear to die. 
Till from on high thou call us home. 


368. L. M. 

The Christian Sabbath. 

1 We bless thee for this sacred claj, 

Thoi], who hast evjy blessing giv'n. 
Which sends the dreams of earth away. 
And yields a glin^pse of opening heaven; 

2 Rich day of holy, thoughtful rest! 
May we improve thv calm repose, 
And in God's service truly bless'd. 
Forget the world, its joys and woes. 

3 Lord, may thy truth, upon the heart 
Now fall and dwell, as heav'nly dew, 
And fiow'rs of grace in freshness start 
Where once the weeds of error grew. 

4 May pray'r now lift her sacred wings, 
Contented with tliat aim alone 

Vf hich bears her to the of kings, 
And rests her at liis slieit'riiig throne. 


469. c. M. 

The Perfections of God displayed in his Works. 

1 We sing th* Almighty pow'r of God, 

Vv ho bade the mountains ri^e ; 
Who spread the flowing seas abroad, 
And built the lofty skies. 

2 We sing i\\e wisdom that ordain'd 

I'he sun to rule the day : 
The moon shines full at liis command, 
And all the stars obey. 


3 We sing the goodness of tlie Lord, 

Who tills the earth with food; 
Who form'd his creatures by his word. 
And then pronouucM them good, 

4 Lord how thy wonders are displayed 

Where'er we turn our eyes, 
Whether we view the ground we tread, 
Or gaze upon the skies. 

5 Creation, vast as it may be, 

Is subject to thy will: 
There's not a place where we can flee, 
But thou art with us still. 

8 On thee each moment we depend; 
We live beneath thine eye : 
may we ne'er that God oflFend, 
Who is for ever nigh ! 

Watts, altM. 

470. L. M. 

Patience. Isa. xxx. 18. 

1 Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hope ! 
And let his word support your soul : 
Well can he bear your courage up. 
And all your foes and fears control. 

2 He waits his own well-chosen hQur 
His treasur'd mercy to display ; 
And his paternal bosom melts. 
While wisdom dictates the delay. 

$ Bless'd are the patient souls that bow 
With jYieek submission to his will ; 

psalMs and hymns. 

Though sorrows press, they firmly trusty 
And in the midst of storms are still : 

4 Until their Father's well known voice 
Awakes their silence into songs; 
Then earth grows vocal with his praise, 
And heav'n the grateful shout prolongs. 


471. CM. 

Human Frailty. 

1 AVeak and irresolute is man : 
'i he purpose of to-day, 
Woven with pains intoliis plan, 
To-morrow rends away. 

^ Some foe to his upright intent 

Finds out his weaker part; 
Virtue engages his assent, 
But pleasure wins his heart. 

3 Life leads in paths of doubtful leno-th 

Through dangers little known: 
A stranger to superior strennh, 
Man vainly trusts his own. 

4 But oars alone can ne'er prevail 

To reach the distant coast; 
The breath of heav'n must swell the sail, 

Ur all the toil is lost. 



472. c. 31. 

Anxiety reproved. 

j We would not seek, with God our friend. 
With anxious care to know. 
Or how or when our live* shall end, 
Or ^what our lot below. 

2 The same kind pow'r that irave us breath. 

Still holds us in his Iiand; 
And when he bids us sleep in death, 
All- wise is his command. 

3 That powV whose watchful goodness feeds' 

The warblers of the air, 
And clothes with flow'rs the smiling meads, 
Shall we not be his care ? 

4 If lengthen'd years our lives sluill crown 

Then be his prai*e express'd ; 
Or if in this he cuts us down, 
Still what he does, is best. 

5 May we, thegood each hour supplier 

Re<:eive with grateful mind ; 
And when our fairest pleasure dies, 
Be humble and resigned. 

6 How swift our moments steal away ! 

E'en while we speak they fly ; 
Then let us seize the passing\lay. 
And wait for joys on hi^'h. 

Monthly Anthology, ah*d. 


473. L. M. 

The Miracles of Christ. 

1 What works of wisdom, pow'r and love. 
Do Jesus' high commission prove ; 
Attest his heav'n -derived claim. 
And glorify his Father's name I 

^ On eyes that never saw the day. 
He pours the bright celestial ray; 
And d eaten M ears, by him unbound. 
Catch all the harmony of sound. 

5 Lameness takes up its bed and goes 
Rejoicing in the strength that flows 
Through evVy nerve; and, free from pain. 
Pours forth to God the grateful strain. 

4 The shattered mindrhis word restores. 
And tunes afresh the mental powVs; 
The dead revive, to life return, 

And bids affection cease to mourn. 

5 How can our souls, these wonders trace. 
And not admire Jehovah's grace? 

Can we behold the Saviour's powV, 
And not the God of love adore ? 


474. L. M. 

God is Love. 

1 When darkness long has veiPd the mind. 
And smiling day once more appears j 
Then, our Creator I then we find 
The folly of our doubts and fears. 


2 Straight we upbraid our wand'ring heart, 
And blush that we should ever be 
Thus prone to act so base a part. 
Or liarbour doubtful thoughts of thee. 

S O, let us then at length be taught 
AV^hat we are still so slow to learn! 
That God is love, and changes not, 
Nor knows the shadow of a turn. 

4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat! 
But when our faith is sharply tried, 
We find ourselves but learners yet. 
Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 

5 But, our God ! one look from thee 
Subdues the disobedient will. 
Drives doubt and discontent away. 
And then rebellious man is still. 


475. c. M. 

The Supreme Good. 

1 When fancy spreads her boldest wing*. 

And wanders unconfin'd 
Amid th' unbounded scene of things, 
Which entertain the mind : 

2 In vain we trace creation o'er. 

In search of sacred rest. 
The whole creation is too poor 
To make us fully bless-d. 

5 In vain should this low world employ 
Each flattVing, spe«ious wile ; 



For what can yield a real joy 
But our Creator's smile ! 

4 Let earth with all her charms depart, 

Unworthy of the mind ; 
In God alone this restless heart 
An equal bliss can find. 

5 Great Source of all felicity. 

To whom our wishes tend ! 
Do not these wishes rise from thee. 
And in thy favour end ? 

Mrs. Steele, 

476. c. M. 

The Comforts of Religion, 

1 When gloomy thoughts and boding fears 

The trembling heart invade. 
And all the face of nature wears 
An universal shade ; 

2 Religlon-s dictates can assuage 

'{ he tempest of the soul ; 
And ev'ry fear shall cease to rage. 
At her divine control. 

3 Through life's bewildered, darksome way, 

Her hand unerrinj^; leads ; 
And o'er the path her heav'nly ray 
A cheering lustre sheds. 

4 When feeble reason, here confin'd, 

Sinks helpless and afraid ; 
This bless'd supporter of the mind, 
Affords a powerful aid* 


5 may our hearts confess her pow'r. 
And find a sweet relief. 
To brighten ev'ry gloomy hour. 
And soften ev'ry griei. 

Mrs. Steele. 

477. L. M. 

" But no man knoweth of his sepulcre." Deut. xxxiv, 6. 

1 When he, who from the scourge of wrong, 
Arous'd the Hebrew tribes to fly, 
Saw the fair region promis-d long. 
And bow'd him on the hills to die ; 

£ God made his grave to men unknown, 
Where Moab's rocks a vale infold ; 
And laid the aged seer alone 
To slumber till the world grows old. 

3 Thus still, whene'er the good and just 
Close the dim eye on life and pain, 
Heav'n watches o'er their sleeping dust 
Till the pure spirit comes again. 

4 Though nameless, trampled, and forgot. 
His servant's humble ashes lie. 

Yet God has mark'd and seal'd the spot, 
To call its inmate to the sky. 


478. c. M. 

** He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their 
wounds." Ps. cxlvii. 3. 

1 When reft of all, and hopeless care 
Would sink us to the tomb, 
What pow'r shall save us from despair, 
What, dissipate the gloom r 


2 No balm that earthly plants distil 

Can sooth the mourner's smart; 
No mortal hand with lenient skill, 
B,ind up the broken heart. 

3 But One alone, who reigns above, 

Our wo to joy can turn. 
And light the lamp of life and love 
That long has ceas'd to burn. 

4 Then, O my soul ! to that One flee. 

To God thy w^oes reveal ; 
His eye alone thy wounds can see, 
His pow'r alone can heal. 


479. L. p. M. 

The Excellency of the Gospel. 

1 We love the volumes of thy word: 
What light and joy those leaves afford 

To souls benighted and distrest 
Thy precepts guide our doubtful way; 
Thy fear forbids our feet to stray ; 

Thy promise leads our hearts to rest. 

2 From the discoveries of thy law. 
The perfect rules of life we draw : 

These are our study and delight : 
Not honey so invites the taste. 
Nor gold that hath the furnace past. 

Appears so pleasing to the sight. 

3 Thy threat'nings wake our slumbVing eyes, 
Ann warn us where our danger lies ; 

But 'tis thy blessed gos^pel, Lord, 


That makes the guilty conscience clean, 
Converts the soul, subdues our sin, 
And gives a free, but large reward. 


480. s. M. 

The Lord's Day. 

1 Welcome, thou day of rest. 

That saw the Lord arise ; 
AVelcome to this reviving breast, 

And these rejoicing eyes. 

£ The King himself comes near, 

To feast his saints to day ; 
Here we may sit, and see him here. 

And love, and praise, and pray. 

3 One day amidst the place, 
Where Jesus is within. 

Is better than ten thousand da^'s 
Of pleasure and of sin. 

4 Our willing souls would stay 
In such a frame as this, 

Till call'd of him we soar away 
To everlasting bliss. 

Watts, alt*d. 

48L L. M. 

The promised Messiah. 

Welcome the hope of Israel's race. 
The Messenger of truth and grace ! 
Your hearts in rigliteousuess prepare ; 
Behold your wish'd redemption near! 


2 See glory, bursting from the skies. 
O'er Judah's land efTulgent rise. 
And fix amidst her coasts its seat, 
Where justice, truth, and mercy meet : 

3 While faith and hope, their offspring dear. 
Attendant on their steps appear : 

And join'd in friendly compact move, 
Bless'd with philanthropy and love. 

4 Truth in thy lands, earth ! shall spring. 
And righteousness her healing wing 
Expanding, downwards cast her eje, 
While heav'n's great Monarch from on high, 

5 The heathen gloom shall chase away. 
And usher in a glorious day ; 

And from his own propitious will. 
The promised grace to man fulfil. 


482. CM. 

** This mortal shaU put on immortality." 1 Cor. xv. 52 — 58. 
1 When the last trumpet's awful voice 
This rending earth shall shake ; 
The op'ning graves shall yield their charge; 
And dust to life awake : 

S Those bodies that corrupted fell. 
Shall incorrupted rise ; 
And mortal forms shall spring to life. 
Immortal in the skies. 

S Behold ! what heav'nly prophets sung 
Is now at last fulfill d ; 
That death should yield his ancient reigHj 
And, vanquished quit the field. 


4 Let faith exalt her joyful voice. 

Let hope exulting sing : 
O ^rave ! where is tli y triumph now P 
O death ! where is thy sting ? 

5 Our God, whose name be ever bless'd ! 

Disarms that foe we dread. 
And makes us conquTors when we die. 
Through Christ, our living Head. 

6 Then steadfast let us still remain, 

Though dangers rise around. 
And in the work prescrib'd by God, 
Yet more and more abound. 

Scotch Paraphrase!^ alt'ti, 

483. c. M. 

Comfort in Sickness and Death. 

1 When sickness shakes the languid frame 

Each dazzling pleasure flies; 
Phantoms of bliss no more obscure 
Our long-deluded eyes. 

2 Their frail support deceives no more 

When death his sceptre shows. 
And nature faints beneath the weight 
Of complicated woes. 

o The tutt'rirjs: frame ofmortdl life 
Shall crun^ble into dust ; 
Nature shall faint, but learn, each foul ! 
On nature's God to trust. 

4 The man whose pious heart is fix'd 
On kis all-gracious GoJ, 


In ev'ry frown may comfort find. 
And kiss the cliast'ning rod. 

5 Nor him shall death itself alarm ; 
On heav'n his soul relies, 
With joy he views his Maker's love. 
And with composure dies, 


484. L. M. 


5 Wherefore should man, frail child of clar, 
Who, from the cradle to the shroud, 
Lives but the insect of a day — 
! why should mortal man be proud ? 

2 His brightest visions just appear. 
Then vanish, and no more are found ; 
The stateliest pile his pride can rear 
A breath may level with the ground. 

3 By doubt perplex'd, in error lost. 
With trembling step he seeks his way; 
How vain of wisdom's o;ift the boast I 
Of reason's lamp how faint the ray 1 

4 Follies and crimes, a countless sum, 
Are crowded in life's little span : 
How ill, alas I does pride become 
That erring, guilty creature man. 

» God of our life ! Father divine! 
Give us a meek and lowly mind : 
In modest worth, may we shine, 
And peace and humble virtue find 1 




485. c. 31. 

Habitual Devotion. 

1 While thee we seek, protecting Pow'r I 
Be our vain wishes still'd; 
And inaj this cunsecrated hour 
With better hopes be fiU'd. 

Q Thy love the pow'rs of thought bestowNJ 
To thee our thoughts would soar : 
Tiiy mercy o'er our life has flow'd 
That mercy \re adore ! 

S In each event of life, how clear 
Thy ruling hand we see ! 
Each blessing to our souls more dear, 
Because confirmed by thee. 

A In ev'ry joy that crowns our days. 
In ev'iy paiu we bear. 
Our hearts shall find delight in pain. 
Or seek relief in pray'r. 

5 When gladness wings a favourM hour, 

Thy love our thoughts shall fill : 
Resigned when storms of sorrow low'r, 
Our souls shall meet thy will. 

6 Our lifted eyes, without a tear, 

l he gath'ring storm shall see ; 
Our steadfast hearts shall know no fear: 
But firmly rest on thee. 

Miss Williarag. 


486. L. M. 

The one Thing needful. 

1 Why should we waste, in trifling cares. 
The lives, divine compassion spaies. 
While, in the various range of thought. 
The one thing needful is forgot? 

2 Shall God invite us from above, 
Shall Jesus urge his dying Love, 
Shall waken 'd conscience give us pain, 
And all these pleas unite in vain r 

S Not so, our ejes will always view 
The objects which we now pursue ; 
Not so, eternity appear. 
When death's decisive hour is near. 

4 Almighty God ! thine aid impart 
To fix conviction on the heart : 
Thy pow'r can clear the darkest eyes. 
And make the haughtiest scorner wise. 

Doddridge, alt\t 

487. L. M. 

Trust founded on the Divine Perfections. 

1 Why sinks the weak desponding mind ? 
Why heaves tbe heart an anxious sigh? 
Can sov'rei":n "-oodness be unkind r 
Are we not safe, if God be nigh ? 

£ He holds all nature in his hand : 
That gracious hand on which we live. 
Does life, and time, and death command^ 
And has immortal joys to give. 


'Tis he supports the fain tinjr frame. 
On him alone our hopes recline : 

The vrondrous glories of his nam^, (shine ! 
How wide they spread I how bright they 

4 Infinite wisdom ! boundless pow*r ! 
Unchanging, faithfulness and love ! 
liere let us ttTist, while we adore. 
Nor from our refuge e'er remove. 

^Irs. Steele. 

488. c. M. 

Habitual R.esignation. 

1 Vt'iTH God our friend, the radiant sun 

Sheds a more lively ray : 
Each object smiles, all nature charms ; 
We Chase our cares away. 

2 Good, when he gives, supremely good j 

Nor less when he denies : 
Afflictions, from hi^ gracious hand, 
Are blessings in disguise. 

3 Vre cannot doubt his bounteous love. 

Immeasurably kind : 
To his unerring, gracious will. 
Be evVy vvish resign'd. 

Toplady's Coll. 

489. c. M. 

The Provideuce of God in the Seasons. 

1 With songs and honours sounding loud. 
Address the Lord on high ; 
Over the heav'ns he spreads his cloud, 
And waters veil the iky. 


2 He sends his showVs of blessings down 
To cheer the plains below : 
He makes the graves the mountains crown, 
And corn in valleys grow. 

5 His steady counsels change the face 
Of the declining year ; 
He bids the sun cut short his race. 
And wintry days appear. 

4 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow, 

Descend and clothe the ground ; 
The liquid streams forbear to flow, 
In icj fetters bound. 

5 He sends his word and melts the snow. 

The fields no longer mourn ; 
He calls the warmer gales to blow. 
And bids the spring return. 

6 The changing wind} each flying cloud, 

Obeys his mighty word : 
With songs and honours sounding loud, 
Praise ye the sov'reign Lord ! 


490. L. M. 

A Communion Hymn. 
1 We sing thy mercy, God of love I 
That sent the Saviour from above 
To free our race from sin and woe, 
And spread thy peace and truth below, 

S We thank thee for the words he brought; 
We thank thee that he liv'd and taught 
Frail and imperfect man, to be 
In humble mode resembling thee. 


5 We thank tliee for thy gracious care 
That kept those sacred pages fair 
Through ev'rv age, whose lines record 
The deeds and precepts of our Lord. 

4 We thank thee for this solemn rite. 
By us repeated in thy sight ; 
O fill our souls with bread divine, 
And nourish us with heav'nly wine ! 


491. c. M. 

V On the Death of a Young Person. 

1 Whex blooming youth is snatch'd away 

By death's resistless hand, 
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay 
Which sorrow must demand. 

2 While pity prompts the rising sigh, 

O may this truth, impressed 
With awful pow'r — I too must die- 
Sink deep in ev'ry breast I 

6 Let this vain world delude no more; 
, Behold the op'ning tomb ! 

It bids us seize the present hour. 
To-morrow^ death may come. 

4 The voice of this alarming scene 
May ev'ry heart obey ; 
Nor be the* heav'nly warning vain, 
Which calls to watch and pray. 

Mrs. Steele. 


492. L. M. 

The Love of Christ. 

1 When in obedience to their Lord, 
His foU'wers meet around his boards 
His love may well employ the song. 
And dwell with praises on the tongue, 

2 He lov'd mankind — their welfare sought,. 
In all he did, in all he taught, 

Their present peace, their future joy,. 
His whole concern, his life's employ. 

2 Where deep distress prolongs the sigh. 
Behold the tender Jesus nigh ; 
He heals the sick, restores the blind. 
Consoles and soothes the drooping mind. 

4 What love, what kindness, from his tongue^ 
Invite the willing soul to come. 

To hear his gospel, learn the way 

Which leads through death to endless day I 

5 And shall we fail to love his name, 
Who thus to teach and save us came. 
To show his Father's love to man— 
And died to seal the gracious plan ? 

6 While life shall last, let us prove 
Our grateful rev'rence and our love ! 

In deed and thought, through evVy day, 
Our Father's holy will obey ! 

Exeter Colir 


493. c. M. 

Reflections on the Death of Jesus. 

1 With warm aifection let us view, 
AV'ith pious p'ief improve, 
The solemn and impressive scena 
Of Jesus' dyin<5 love. 

t Not all the malice of his foes, 
His pity could subdue; 
*' Father ! forgive," he meekly praj'd, 
" They know not what they do." 

3 what a love was here displayed. 

Beyond our utmost thought ! 
How pure the lessons, how sublime. 
In life and death he taught ! 

4 Let not his sacred truths, by us 

Be lost or misapplied ; 
Nor let our thoughtless hearts forget 
It was for us he ^ied. 

Exeter GoU. 

494. c. M. 

Reason a Divine Gift, 

1 What heav'nly wisdom has bestow'd, 

! let not man despise ; 
Reason's a gift our praise demands; 
And lifts us to the skies. 

2 How could we know or value truth 

Without this beam of light: 
Or concious feel of right and wrong. 
Or in God's praise delight.^ 


3 For ;:eason and for conscience too, 
Accept our praise, Lord ! 
May this be pure, and that be clear. 
And both embrace thy word. 


495. c. M. 

Pleasing Contemplations on Nature. 

1 What beauteous visions, clear and bright 

Attract our ravish 'd eyes ; 
By shining day, and silent night 
On earth and in the skies. 

2 The dawning beam of morn how clear, 

That bids the night adieu ; 
How pleasant do those rays appear, 
That gild the early dew. 

3 How soft, how sweet that robe of green 

That virgin nature wears ; 
How lovely is the flow'ry scene 
She on her bosom bears. 

4 Those fleecy clouds that float on hia;U 

Are pleasing to behold ; 
And bright the jewels of the sky, 
Cerulean, set with gold. 

5 Thus nature smiles in livVy gay, 

Doth heav'nly wisdom tell. 
And whispers goodness in the ray, 
And bids the day farewell. 



496. c. M. 

Homage and Devotion. 

i With sacred joy we lift our eyes 
To thosei^ricrht realms above, 
That glorious temple in the skies, 
Where dwells eternal love. 

Z Before the awful throne we bow 
Of heav'n's almighty King: 
Here we present the solemn vow, 
And hymns of praise we sing. 

3 Thee we adore ; and, Lord ! to thee 

Our filial duty pay: 
Thy service, unconstrain'd and free. 
Conducts to endless day. 

4 AA'hile in thy house of pray'r we kneel, 

With trust and holy fear. 
Thy mercy and thy truth reveal. 
And lend a gracious ear. 

5 With fervour teach our hearts to pray, 

And tune our lips to sing ; 
Tsor from thy presence cast aw^ay 
The sacrifice we bring. 


497. CM. 

Daily and Nightly Devotion. 

.1 When God reveaPd his gracious name, 
And chang'd our mournful state. 
Our rapture seem'd a pleasing dream. 
The work appear'd so great. 


t " Great is the work/' our brethren cryM, 
And own'd the po\v*r divine ; 
"Great is the work,*' our souls replvM, 
" And be the glory thine." 

3 The Lord can clear the darkest skies, 

Can give us day tor night ; 
Make drops of sacred sorrow rise 
To rivers of delight. 

4 Let those that sow in sadness, wait 

Till tlie fair harvest come ; 
They shall confess their sheaves are great. 
And shout the blessings home. 

5 The seed, though buried long in dust, 

AVill not deceive their hope ; 
The precious grain cannot be lost. 
For grace insures the oi'op. 


498. L. M. 8 lines. 

The Star of Bethlehem, 

1 When marshallM on the nightly plain, 
'J he glitt-ring host bestud the sky ; 
One star alone of all the train. 

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. 
Hark ! hark ! to God the chorus breaks. 
From ev'ry host, from ev'ry gem ; 
But one alone the Saviour speaks. 
It is the star of Bethlehem. 

2 Once on the stormy seas we rode, 

The stonn w^as loud, the niglit was dark, 
The ocean yawn'd and rudely blow'd 
- The wind that toss'd our fouud'ricg bark* 


Deep horror then our vitals froze, 
Death -struck, we ceas'd the tide to stem ; 
^Vhen suddenly a star arose. 
It was the star of Bethlehem. 

3 It was our giride, our light, our all ; 
It made our dark forebodings cease ; 

And, through the storm and danger's thrall. 
It led us to the port of peace. 
iSow safely moor'd our peril's o'er ; 
W e'll sing first in night's diadem, 
Forever and forevermore, 
It is the star of Bethlehem. 

499. L, M. 

The Reijn of God. 

! AV'HExGod descends, with men to dwell, 
And all creation makes anew ; 
AN'hat tongue can half the gloiies tell. 
Or eye the matchless wonders view ? 

2 Zion, the desolate, shall sing. 
The wilderness with roses bloom ; 
Carmel and Sharon both shall bring 
Their spices, and their rich perfume. 

5 The weak are strong, the fearful bold, 
The dumb shall sing in anthems sweet 
The lame shall walk, the blind behold 
'i'heir God, and worship at his feet. 

4 Celestial streams shall gently flow, 
The wiklerness shall joyful be : 
J^ilies on paiched ground shall groW; 
Aud ;^ladnesis spring from evVy tree^. 


5 The wolves, with lambs, in meadows go. 
The tiger's harmless as the kid ; 

The lion shall no anger show 

But with the calf shall tamely feed. 

6 Thus kings and slaves shall meet in loves 
Old pride shall die, and meekness reign ; 
When God descends from worlds above. 
To dwell with men on earth again. 

H. Ballou 

500. L. M. 

" God is Love/' 

X When our astonished eyes behold 
Our Maker's worjis, below, above ; 
And read his name in lines of gold. 
We surely know^ that " God is Love." 

2 When we observe his written vv ord, 
His promises of grace we prove; 
With heart and voice weMl praise the Lord, 
For scripture saith that " God is Love." 

$ What gentle streams of pleasure roll I 
W'hat qu^'ck'ning from the mystic Dove : 
For peace divine fills all the soul. 
And we can shout, our " God is love,*' 

4 Now heav'nly courajie we'll put on. 
Since far away our fear is drove ; 
yVe*llbow before theliviii"; Son, 
And loud proclaiii), our " God is love." 

H. Ballou, 


501. s. M. 

The Works of God iavite our Praise, 

i Whex we survey this world. 

With all its beauteous frame. 
Its great Creator we adore, 

And celebrate his name. 

2 The boundless whole displaji 
The wonders of the Lord : 

All nature echoes with his praise, 
And be his same ador'd, 

3 The sun in ev'ry beam 
Proclaims the God above : 

Its ardent rays exhibit him, 
Who rules tlie worlds in love. 

4 The lofty stars by night. 
The moon with paler glow 

In ev*ry twinkling ray of light, 
Their Maker's honour show, 

5 The universal whole 
Proclaims Jehovah's prais* ; 

And 0, that evVy living soul 
Would songs of honour raise. 

6 The worlds were made in love, 
By wisdom all divine ; 

And while in praise our tongues can move. 
That praise, O Lord, be thine ! 




502. c. M. 

The new Creation. 

X When will the eyelids of that morn 
Open upon our sight, 
When all creation shall be born. 
And beauty chase our night ? 

£ When will the sun of righteousness, 
With healing in his wings. 
The numerous sons of Adam bless 
With love's eternal springs ? 

3 The promised day will surely come i 

Its beauties shall unfold 
What Jesus hath for mortals done. 
While we with joy behold. 

4 A new creation then shall rise, 

By the Almighty's hand ; 
And though the old creation dies. 
The new shall always stand. 

H. Ballou. 

503. c. M. 

Repentance and Pardon. Isa. Iv. 

1 When sinners quit their wicked ways, 

Their evil thoughts forego, 
The God to whom their steps return, 
Returning grace will sho^v, 

2 He pardons with o'erflowing love ; 

For hear the voice divine ; 
^^ My nature is not like to yours,, 
Nor like your ways are miner 


5 But far as heavers resplendent orbs 
Beyond this earth extend : 
So far my thoughts, so far my ways. 
Your thought* and ways transcend* 

4 Like as the showers from heav'n distil. 

Nor thither rise again. 
But swell the earth with fruitful juice. 
And all its tribes sustain ; 

5 So not a word that flows from me 

Shall ineffectual fall ; 
But universal nature prove 
Obedient to mt call. 

6 Where briers grew in barren wilds. 

Shall firs and myrtles spring. 
And nature through her utmost bounds 
Eternal praises sing." 

Scotch Paraphrases* 

504. L. M. 

The Guilty Mind relieved by the Hope of Forgiveness. 

1 While with remorse and woe oppressed. 
Distraction haunts the guilty breast ; 
The broken heart, the troubled mind. 

In God alone shall succoui' find. ^ 

2 'Tis his the wounds of vice to heal. 
The charms of mercy to reveal ; 
He grants the penitent relief, 

And cheers the soul o'erwhelmM with griet- 

3 When by temptation^s billows tost, 
On rocks rfruin well wigh lost ; 


Still, hope, the anchor of the soul, 
Shall folly's beating wave control. 

4 To all the world's delusive joys, 
Ensnaring wiles, and empty noise. 
The sinner bids a long farewell, 
And loves with purity to dwell- 

5 In her secure and calm retreat, 
He now enjoys a tranquil state ; 
Conscious that God will deign to hear 
The contrite, humble, and sincere. 


505. L. M. 

Glorying in the Cross of Christ. 

1 When we sui-vey the wondrous cross 
On which the Prince of glory died. 
Our richest gain we count but loss. 
And pour contempt on all our pride. 

2 Forbid it. Lord, that we should boast. 
Save in the death of Christ our Lord, 
All the vain things that charm us most. 
We sacrifice them to his blood. ' 

S See from his head, his hands, his feet, 
Sorrow and love flow mingled dovrn: 
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet? 
Or thorns compose so rich a crown. 

4 Were the whole realm of nature mine, 
That were a present far too small ; 
Love so amazing, so divine 
Demands my soul, my life, my all. 



506. s. M. 

Daily Devotion. 

1 While fhoJi^htless sinners choose 
The road that leads to death ; 

We in the service of our God, 
Will spend our daily breath. 

2 We'll worship at his throne. 
When morning brings the light ; 

We'll seek his blessing er'ry noon, 
And pay our vows at night. 

5 With all our anxious cares. 

We'll lean upon the Lord ; 
We'll cast our burdens on his arm, 

And rest upon his word 

4 His arm shall well sustain 

The children of his love ; 
The ground on which their safety stands, 

No earthly pow'r can move. 


507. s. 31. 

Seeking after God. 

1 Why are our hearts so cold ^ 
No quick'ning zeal for God ? 

Dear Lord, thy warming grace unfold, 
The pow'r of Jesus' blood. 

2 Why should we careful be 

For vanities of life ? 
What can we in creation see. 
That's vvorththis care and strife* 


3 Why should we try to feed 
On folly s poor repast I 

These treacherous baits our souls would lead 
To pain and woe at last/ 

4 O naake thy wisdom shine, 
Give us thy counsels, Lord, 

And raore our hearts to thee incline. 
And more unfold thy word. 

H. Ballou- 

508. c. M. 

Confidence in God. 

1 Why thus dejected, O my soul ? 
Why thus cast down with fear ! 
When floods of sorrow o'er thee roll. 
Is no deliv'rer near ? 

3 Hope thou in God, and in him trust, 
And send thy fears away ; 
He is both merciful and just ; 
Nor can his love decay. 

3 My soul, thy highest notes of praise 

To thy deliv'rer sing ; 
And in thy sweetest anthems raise. 
The honours of thy King. 

4 Thy health, thy beauty, and thy pow'r. 

Is God, thy gracious friend ; 
Then, O my soul ! thy God adore. 
Who 4oth salvation send. 

H. BallfJu. 


509. II. M. 

Christ the Living Stone. 
i With ecstacy of joy, 
Extol his o;lono'js name, 
AV'ho rear'd the spacious earth. 
And rais'd our mortal frame : 
He built the church who spread the sky, 
Shout and exalt his honours high. 

2 See the foundation laid 
By pow'r and love divine ; 
In Christ, his holy Son, 
How briglit his glories shine I 

\Vht) yields to death — in dust he lies. 
That from his tomb a church might rise. 

3 But he forever lives, 
Nor for himself alone ; 
Each saint new life derives 
From liim the living stone ; 

His influence spreads throuiih ev'ry soulj 
And in one house unites the whole. 

4 To him with joy we tnove, 
In him cemented stand. 
The livin;j temple grows. 
And owns the founder^s hand : 

That structure. Lord I still higher rtiis'^ 
Louder to sound its builder's praise. 

5 Descend and shed abroad 
The tokens of thy grace ; 
^nd with more ladiant beams 
Let glory fill the place. 


Our joyful souls shall prostrate fall. 
Anil own our God is all in all. 


510. L. M. 

" Wait thou upoh God.^ 

1 Wait ev'ry soul your Maker's wilt, 
Tumultuous passions, all be still ! 
Nor let a nnirm*ring thought arise ; 
His wa js are just, his counsels wise. 

2 Thick darkness round his throne he draws 
His work performs, conceals the cause ; 
But, thou2;h his methods are unknown. 
Judgment and truth support his thronCc 

5 In heat'n and earth, and air, and sea^, 
He executes his firm decrees ; 
And by liis saints it stands confest^ 
That what he does is ever best. 

4 Wait then, each soul, submissive wait. 
Prostrate before his awful seat, 
And 'midst the terrors of his rod. 
Trust in a wise and gracious God. 


511. C. M. 

Consolation to Mourners. 

1 Why do we mourn departing friends, 

Or shake at death's alarms ^ 
'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends 
To call them to his arms. 

2 Why should w^e tremble to convey 

Their bodies to the tomb ? 
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay. 
And left a long perfume. 


3 The grave of all his children's blest, 

He softens evTy bed ; 
Where should the dying members rest 
But with the dying Head ? 

4 Thence he arose, and burst the chain, 

To show our feet the way ; 
From shades where death and darkness reign. 
To realms of endless day. 

5 Then let the last loud trumpet sound. 

And bid his kindred rise • 
Awake je nations under ;:round. 
Ye saints ascend the skies. 


512. L. M. 

" To die is Gain." 

I Why should we start, and fear te die .^ 
What tim'rous worms we mortals are ! 
Death is the gate to endless joj, 
And jet we dr'^ad to enter there, 

^ The pains, the groans, and dying strife. 
Fright our approaching souls away ; 
And we shrink back again to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

3 if the Lord would come and meet, 
Our »ouls with joy should leave this clay ; 
Pass fearless through deatii's iron gate, 
Nor feel the terrors of the way- 

4 Jesus can make a dying bed 
Feel soft ag downy pillows are ; 


While on his breast we lean our heatl, 
And breathe our life out sweetly there. 


513* L. M. 

All Nations called upon to praise God. Ps. c. 

1 Ye riationr, round the earth rejoice 
Before the Lord your sovereign King ; 
Serve him with cheerful heart and voice. 
And his Unrival'd glories sing, 

§ The Lord is God : His he alone 
Doth life and all its blessings give ; 
And still his guardian care we own. 
And still upon his bounty live. 

Enter his gates with songs of joy I 
Witli praises in his courts appear; 
And make it your divine employ 

To pay your thanks and honours there. 

4 For God, and he alone, is good ; 
His mercy is forever sure; 
His truth hath always firmly stood. 
And shall from age to age endure. 


514. L. M. 

The Divine Perfectioms celebrated. 

1 Ye sons of men, in sacred lays. 
Attempt the great Creator's praise : 
Eut who an equal iong can frame? 
What verse can reach the lofty theme ? 


€ He sits enthronM amidst the spheres. 
And glory like a garment wears ; 
"While boundless wisdom, pow'r and grace, 
Command our awe, invite our praise, 

3 To God all nature owes its birth ; 
He[form*d this pond'rous globe of eaiiiij 
He rais'd the glorious arch on high, 
And measured out the azure sky, 

4 'Tis he who bids the tempest rise, 

And rolls the thunder through the skies | 

His voice the elements obey ; 

Wide o'er the earth extends his sway. 

5 In ev'ry werk and way divine. 
Omnipotence and wisdom shine ; 
And goodness fixes still the end. 
To which they all unvarying tend. 

6 His pow'r we trace on ev'ry side ; 
O may his wisdom be our guide : 
And while we live, and when we die. 
May his almighty love be nigh ! 

Pope's Coll, alt'4* 

515. L. i\i. 

Power and Goodness of God. 

1 Ye sons of men ! with joy record 
The* various wonders of the Lord; 
And let his pow'r and goodness sound, 
Through all your tribes, the earth around. 

2 Lo ! tlie high heav'ns your songs invite. 
Those spacious fields of brilliant light. 
Where sun, and moon, and planets roll, 
Audetars^ that glow from poU to pole. 


5 View the broad sea's majestic plains. 
And think how wide its Maker reigns : 
That band remotest nations joins. 
And on each M^ave his goodness shines. 

4 But p that brighter world above. 
Where lives and reigns eternal love ! 
Thither, my soul ! with rapture soar. 
There, iu tlie land of praise, adore. 


516. H. M. 

Praise to God from his Works. 

1 Ye tribes of Adam ! join 

With heav'n, and earth, and seas, 

And ofter notes divine 

To your Creator's praise. 
Wide as he reigns, his name be sung 
By ev'ry tongue, in endless strains. 

2 The shining worlds above 
In glorious order stand. 
Or in swift courses move 
By his supreme command; 

He spake the word, and all their frame 
In Older came, to praise the Lord. 

3 All have obey'd his will. 
Through unknown ages past, 
And shall his word fullil. 
While time and nature last. 

In difTrent ways, his works proclaim 
His wondrous name, and speak his praise. 

To God, the sovVeign Lord, 
Your joyful thanks repeat ; 


To him due praise aflford, 

As good as he is great : 
Wide as he reigns, his name be sung 
By evVy tongue, in endless strains. 


8, 8, G M. 

All Beings invoked to praise God. 

1 Ye works of God I on him alone 

From earth his footstool, heav*n his tlirotie, 

Be all your praise bestow'd ; 
AVhose hand thii beauteous fabric made, 
"Whose eye the finished whole survey'd, 

And saw that all was good. 

2 Ye sous of men ! his praise displny, 
Who stamp-d his image on your clay, 

And gave it puu t to move : 
Where- er ye go, where'er ye dwcl!, 
. From age to age succeT,sive tell 
The wonders of his love. 

3 Ye spirits of the good and just. 
Who on his word of piotirUe trLi.1^ 

And daily upwards soar ! 
O let your songs his praise display, 
Till nature's self shall waste av.av. 

And time shall be no more I 

4 Praise him ye mejk and humble trdijj. 
Who shall those heav'nly joys obtain, 

Prepared for souls sincere I 
Now praise him till you take your way 
To regions of eternal day. 

To dwell forever lliere. 

35 Merrick, alfd. 


518. c. M. 

God the everlasting Light of goodMen, 

1 Ye golden lamps of heav'n ! farewell. 

With all your feeble light! 
Farewell, thou ever-clianging moon. 
Pale emcress of the night ! 

2 And thou, r^^fulgent orb of day I 

In brighter Hames array'd ; 
My soul, which springs beyond thy sphere, 
Ko more demaiids thine aid. 

3 Ye stars are b»'.t the shining dust 

Of my divine abode. 
The pavement of those heavenly courts^ 
Where I shall reign with God. 

4 The Father of eternal light, 

Sliall there his beams display; 
Nor shall one mome-at s darkness mix 
With that unvaried day. 

5 No more tlie drops of piercing grief 

Sliall swell into mine eyes; 
No more tlie noon-day sun decline. 
Amid those brighter skies. 

G There all the millions of his saints 
Shall in one song unite ; 
And each the bliss of all shall share 
With infinite delight. 



519. c. M. 

Christ's Death and Exnltation. 

1 Yk humble souls! wlio seek the Lord, 

Chase all your fears away ; 
And bow with transport down to see 
Ihe place where Jei^as lay. 

2 His life for us he freely gave ; 

Such wonders love can do I 
Thus cold in death that bo-oin lajr, 
W hich throbb'd and bled tor you ! 

5 A moment give your hearts to gritrf, 
And mourn your Saviour slain : 
Then dry yourteari^, and tune your song^^ 
1 he Saviour lives again 1 

4 High o'er th' angelic bands he rears 
His once dishoiiour'd head ; 
And through unnu;iib*^r d years he reigns, 
^^ ho dwelt among trie dead. 

f^ With cheerful hope may evry saint 
The vale of death survey ; 
Then rise with his ascending Lord, 
To realms oi endiess day. 


520. L. F. M. 

Reflections on Death. 

I Yet a few years, or days perhaps. 
Or moments pass in silei^ lapse, 
And time to me shall bAo more : 


So more the sun those eyes sliall view, 
Kai ih o'er these iimbs her dust shall stre^^ 
And life's delusive dream be o'er. 

2 Great God ! how awful is the scene ! 
A breath, a transient breath between : 
And can I waste life's fleeting day ? 
'I o earth, alas ! too firmly bound, 
Trees deeply rooted in the ground. 
Are shiver'd when they're torn away. 

J Great cause of all above, b^low I 
Wiio knows thee, must forever know 
Tiiou art imnicrtal and divine : 
Tliine iinage on my soul impress- d, 
Of endless being is the test, 
And bids eternity be mine. 

Hawksworth, altM. 

521. c. M. 

Brothcily Kindness, from the Precept and Example of 

1 Ye folTwers of the Prince of peace, 
^N ho round his table draw ! 
Reniember what his spirit was. 
What Ins peculiar law. 

'2 Tiie love which all his bosom fill'd. 
Did all his actions guide ; 
Inspir'd by love, he liv'd and taught ;. 
inspir'd by love, he died. 

Let all tlje sacred law fulfil ; 

Like his be ev'ry mind ; 
Be ev'i'y temp^form'd by love, 

And ev'ry ajpon kind. 


4 Let none who call themselves his friends, 
Disgrace the lionourM name ; 
But by a near resemblance prove 
The title wiiich they claim. 


522. c. M. 


1 Ye favoured children of the Lord, 

Ye lov'd, ye ransom'd race ; 
Come, listen to the cheering word 
Of our Immanuel's grace^ 

2 come ! attend tire Saviour's call. 

He only life can give ; 
His gracious voice proclaimed to all. 
Is " come, believe, and live." 

3 But man, regardless of ids words, 

From Jesus doth depart; 
The joyful sound no life affords 
His unbelieving heart. 

4 Hasten, God, that glorious day, 

In thine own plan designed. 
When thou wilt take the veil away 
From each benighted mind. 

3 Then sinners shall with grateful heart? 
The Saviour's name adore ; 
Aiu\ carnal mind, with subtle arts, 
Shall tempt their souls no more. 

S. Tliom'i5:.oM. 



523. c. M. 

Joyful Confidence in Gofl. 

i Ye li\imble souls, approach your God 
With songs of sacred praise. 
For he is good, supremely good. 
And kind are all bis ways. 

^ All nature owns his guardian care. 
In him we live and move ; 
But nobler benefits declare 
The wonders of his love. 

3 He gave his Son, his only Son, 

To ransom rebel worms ; 
'Tis here he makes his goodness knovvn^ 
In its diviner forms, 

4 To this sure refuge. Lord, we come, 

'Tis here our hope relies i 
A safe defence, a peaceful home. 
When storms and troubles rise. 

5 Thine eye beholds, with kind regard, 

'I'he souls who trust in thee; 
Their humble hope thou wilt reward 
With bliss divinely free, 

6 Great God, to thy unchanging love 

\N hat honors shall we raise ! 
Not all the raptur'd songs above 
Can render equal praise. 




524. L. M. 

*' Blessed are the Poor in Spirit/' 

1 Ye humble souls, complain no more ; 
Let faith survey your future store ; 
How happy, how divinely blest. 
The sacred words of truth attest ! 

2 When conscious grief laments sincere, 
And pours the penitential tear, 
Hope paints to your dejected eyes 

A bright reversion in the skies. 

3 In vain the sons of wealth and pride 
Despise your lot, your hopes deride ; 
In vain they boast their little stores ; 
Trifles are theirs, a kingdom yours. 

4 A kingdom of immense delight, 
Where health and peace and joy unite ; 
A kingdom which shall ne'er decay. 
Though earthly kingdoms fade away. 

5 There shall your eyes with rapture view 
The glorious Friend who died for you ; 
Who died to ransom, died to raise 

To crowns of joy and songs of praise. 

Mrs. Steele. 

525. c, M. 

True'and False Zeal. 

1 Zeal is tliat pure and heav'nly flame, 
The fire of love supplies; 
Whilst that whicl^ften bears the name, 
l9 self but in iJKise. 




It True zeal is merciful and inild. 
Can pity and forbear; 
Tl.e false is headstrong, fierce and wild, 
And breathes revenge and war. 

3 While zeal for truth the christian w^arms. 

He knows the worth of peace : 
But self contends for names and forms, 
Its party to increase. 

4 Zeal has attained its highest aim, 

Its end is satisfied : 
If sinners love the Saviour's name, 
Nor seeks it aught beside. 

5 But self, however w^ell eniploy'd. 

Has its own ends in view ; 
And says, as boasting Jehu cried, 
" Come, see what I can do. * 

6 This idol self, O Lord, dethrone, 

And from our hearts remove ; 
And let no zeal by us be shown 
But that which springs from love. 







WE believe in one God, infinite and unchangeable in all 
his perfections ; and that these perfectioiis are all modifica- 
tions of adorable, incompre^iensible, and unbounded Love, 
and clearly manifested to the world as such, in Christ 

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New 
Testaments contain a faithful revelation of the character, 
will, and purpose of God, and of the final destination of all 

We believe that the moral precepts of the Scriptures con- 
tain a most wholesome rule for the government of our con- 
duct through life, and that the duties wliich are therein 
inculcated, are obligatory upon us, and are of vital impor- 
tance in promoting the happiness of mankind- 

We believe it to be consistent with the character and 
government cf God, and perfectly consonant to the design 
of his law, to punish all wilful offenders, and to administer 
to every transgression and disobedience a just recompense 
of reward. 

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Tes- 
taments, contain suitable evidences lo justify a firm belief 
in the certain restoration and final salvation of all the human 
family: and that the love of God manifested to man in a 
Redeemejfjis the best and most efficient means cf pioducing 
a holy, active, and useful life. 


INFINITELY glorious and unchangeable Jehovah, the 
fountain of life and of happiness ; who from everlasnng to 
everlasting art God, and besides thee there is none else. 
Thou swayestihe sceptre of the universe, and doest accord- 
ing to thy will in the army of heaven, and amongst the 
inhabitants of the earth, and none can stay thy hand. 

Through the r-mplitude of thy creation, thy power and 
wisdom are displayed, and in all the visitations of thy pro- 
vidence, we read the token^ of thy justice, a^^J enjoy the 
testimonials of thy benevolence. When we lift oui eyes 
to the heavens, and contemplate the grandeur of t'-y wo ks, 
where v/orlds in cciintless multitude display their shinmg 
train, we are i^npressed v/ith a deep sense of the iiifinitade 
of thy wisdom and omnipotence, which, while they tran- 
scend the utmost power of h iman thought, lead our hearts 
to inquire with a.stonishment, " what is man, that thou art 
mindful of him?" and the sens of men, that thou sht)uldst 
deign to visit them ? In all th)- works, thy perfections are 
^ displayed, and through ail thy prf vjdence we behold the 
^ expressions of thy universal care and good-will. With 
reverence and deep humility we desire to apprv ach arid 
bow before thy Majesty's piesence, and in the name of Je- 
sus Christ, thy well-beloved Son, acknowledge thee as the 
Father of the spirits of all flesh. To revere thee as that 
onJy God, in whom v/e live, and move, and have our being, 
and from whom we receive every good and perfect gift. 
We desire humbly to confess before thee, O our Gjd, that 
we have sinned, and come short of thy glory, and that in 
point of merit we are no i/ioie worthy to be ca^d thy 
children : For we have strayed from thy commands — We 
have disregarded th}' precepts — Vv''e have forsaken our own 
mercies, and forgotten the resting-place of our souls. The 
imaginations of our hearts have been evil in thy sight, and 
our feet have trodden the path of iniquity. Yet we rejoice 
with unfeigned gratitude, that^Patwithstanding we havr 


forsaken incur affections the best of brings, and have turn- 
ed aside to pursue the follies and vanities of time, thy wis- 
dom hath guided our unstable feet, and thy mercy and 
kindness have attended our path. Through dangers both 
seen and unseen, thou hast been our shield and our de- 
fence ; and in poiirs darkest hour, thine arm hath been our 
sure support. When clouds of mental darkness have gath- 
ered thick around us, thou hast cleared the visual power, 
and by the radiance of thy countenance dispelled the horrid 
gloom, and tuned the hearts of thy children to songs of 
gladness. We adore thee as a Being infinite in thy com- 
passion, unchangeable in the purposes of thy wisdom, bcrund- 
less in the plentitude of thy power, and impartial m the be- 
stowments of thy love and grace. A-I creation lives upon thy 
smiles, snd the whole peopled earth record the faithfulness 
of thy providential love : For *' diiy unto day utteretk 
speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge ;" even the 
knowledge of thy universal goodness. Through all the 
earth the language of thy kind providence is heard, and 
carries conviction to the heart, that thou, Lord, art good 
unto all, and that thy tender mercies are over all toy works. 
We rejoice to adore thee as our Creator and Preserver ; 
and desire to offer unto thee upon the altar of our heartr, 
the tribute of gratitude and praise, for t':? beslowment of 
our natural a-nd moral powers; We devoutl}' thank and 
adore thee, that thou hast seen fit to irj?T>ress th}^ moral 
i nage upon tliine offspring man- and permit him tlie exalted 
privilege of addressing thee by the endearing appellation of 
Father. That thou hast implanted within us a spirit, bv 
which, throjgh the inspiration of the Aimight)-, we are h. 
to understand thy character and thy wiir. That thou ha- 
furnished us with minds, susceptible of social enj03'ment. 
and of moral improvement. That thou hast rendered u^ 
'capable cf growing in the knowledge of thy pcifecticns, aii 
of obeying thy commnndr. 

We rejoice, and piaisc thy venerable imme, thet th.' 
hast spared us as I'Oiiuments of thy goodnest, and brougn 
us ia mercy to tht present hour. That the curtail. s of tir, 
love have been spread ever us, arid that a kind and watcJ: 
lul providence hath supplied out want£. And Wsi tha:- 



thep, O our Gocl, that the tokens of thy divine liberality arf; 
not confined to us, but are mercifully extended to all ou. 
race. " The eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest 
Them their meat in due season : Thou openest thy hand, 
and satisfiest the desire of every living thing." V^e would 
acknowledge before thee, the obligation of gratitude, for 
our civil and religious privileges ; that we are permitted to 
enjoy the pi asures of the sanctuary, and to worship the 
living God agreeably to the dictates of our own conscience. 
We thank thee for the extension of scientific knowledge in 
our land, and the rapid march of religious truth through all 
our borders. 

But above all, we desire to adore thee for the rich displays 
of thine unbounded mercy and grace, in the unspeakable 
gift of thy well-beloved Son," in whom we have redemption, 
through his blood, the forgiveness of our sins." That in 
this precious gift to the children of men, the inexhaustable 
treasures of thy grace are bestowed upon the 'children of thy 
creation, and the smiles of heavenly truth and love are 
made to revisit the plains of mortality and lime, to give the 
knov.'ledge of thj' g'ory, and to excite the blissful hope of 
immortality and eternal life. Tliat darkness and ignorance 
which have pervaded the empire of the human understand- 
ing, are fust teocxling before the efluigent rays of the Sun of 
right<»ousness, while the glorious gospel of a risen Saviour 
is proclaiming '' good tidings of great joy to all people.'' 

We rejoice to acknowledge the visits of thy love, which 
in smiles of grace divine have illuminated our hearts, and 
made us acquainted with the life-giving energies of thy 
truth. That this section of thiiie heritage hath been fa- 
voured with the ligiit and salvation of our God^ and 
through the tender mercies from on high, wc are permitted 
to convene (m thy sanchiari;, or, for thy icorship) to ac* 
kiiTv.ledge our dependence; ^ni\ the grateful sense we en- 
xcrtain of thy good ne^-s. 

Povmit us, almighty and eternal God, to bow with re- 
verence before thee, and while we call to remembrance 
'' '^ benefactions of thy mercy, may our heaits glow with 

veiit gratitude and pure devotion. Be pleased in in- 

:^ mn'^T-.^ion to smile frcin thy holy habitation, and 


r<*ncR' uiit ) u? the token* of ihy faithfulness and love. In 
the ii^uic of J»^-as Chribt, thy Son, and our Redeemer, 
-tvitt thou nieicifully pardon the muliitiide of our transgres- 
sions: And O may thy grace descend upon us in copious 
eft'usion?, thnt by its sacred and benign influence, we may 
be enabled to worship thoe, the living God, in spirit and in 
truth. Wilt ihou impart unto us the blessings of thy wis- 
dom, to lead and guide us into all truth; and that our 
humble endeavours to glorify thy name may be rendered 
acceptable, may they be attended by the purest affections 
of our hearts. 

We entreat thee, most merciful and indulgent Father, to 
remove every cioud of darknrss from our minds, and to dis- 
sipate all our fears. Lead u?, w» beseech thee, into the 
way of life, nor leave us in the p;«th of temptation. Richly 
replenish our understandiniis with the knowledge of thy 
truth, and our hearts with thot evangelical faith which 
works by love. Be pleased to assist us in discharging the 
duties that are incumbent upon us at this time, and may 
we derive spiritual refreshment from thy word of life. O 
our Father, wilt thou comfort our hearts with thy grace, 
and may they be united by the sacred bond of christian love. 
May we rfralize how good and hov/ pleasant it is for breth- 
ren to uvell together in unity, and derive a mutual benefit 
from the promptitude of our obedience to thy commands. 
Cleanse us, O our God, frun all unrighteousness, and pre- 
serAC us in mercy to thy heavenly kingdom. Wilt thou, 
O Lord, our God, bestow thy propitious smiles upon Zion. 
May all her favoured sons be clothed with the whole ar- 
mour of righteousness and become the pinus ornaments of 
this lower creation. May all th se w^hom thou hast ap- 
pointed as watchmen upon her walls, be faithful and dili- 
gent in the administration of the gospel of eternal life, nor 
may they ever shun to declare m11 the counsel of God. 
May they be of quick understanding in thy fear, and be 
rendered instrum.ental of multiplying converts to the faith 
of the Lord Jesus, as drops of the morning dew. Regard, 
we humbi)' entreat thee, the condition of those who are 
visited with sickness and pain. Grant unto them thy 
kind supporting arm, and bless them with composure of 


rnind, and with lesignntion to thy will. Fiil their hearip, 
with the assurance of thy mercy, and reconcile them to 
whatever may await them in thy wise and unerring provi- 
dence. We would solicit thy benedictive smiles upon such 
of thy childi-en as are called to mourn. Wilt thou bind up 
their broken hearts, and comfort them wit^ the blissful hope 
of immortality, which i? brought to light by the gospel of a 
risen Saviour. And may all the subjects of.affliction, become 
the experimental children of thy grace. 

We would remember before thee, O God, those that are 
far from righteousness, who are wandering in darkness,alien- 
ated fiom thee, and enemies in their minds by wicked work?. 
Reclaim their hearts,we beseech thee, and turn their feet into 
thy testimonies. Redeem them from the paths of iniquity, 
and save them from the distress and misery attendant on 
transgression ; and lead them to prove by happy experienc*'. 
that the ways of wisdom alojie are ways of pleasantness, 
and that all her paths are peace and jay. Have mercy, we 
humbly pray thee, upon cur enemies, and bless them who 
in the darkness of their minds, despitefuUy use us, and per- 
secute us I Turn them from the error of their ways, to the 
wisdom of the just, and prepare tiiem for the enjoyments of 
thy kingdom. 

And will the Lord Almighty, in the plentitude of bb wis- 
dom, love, and grace, send the saving influence of heavenly 
Light and Truth through the whole earth, until '* all the ends 
of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord, and all 
the kindreds of the nations shall worship before tluee." 
And may all the ransomed creation, at length be brought to 
Kion, v.'ith songs and everlasting joy, and be raised upon 
the rainbow of thy covenant, to shout in pure immortal 
strains, with ^* every creature which is in heaven, and on 
the earth, and iftider the earth, and such as are in the sea, 
and, all that are irijthem — blessing and honour and gloiy 
and po-wer be unto him that sitteth upon the thjrcne, and 
unto the Lamb forever and ever.** ' 

[^Here raay be added the Lord's Prayer.'] 

'' Our Fathev,*' etc. 



ALMIGHTY and eternal God, the maker of heaven 
and earth, and the wise disposer of events. Me. desire 
again to boid in reverence before thy throne, and to oiler 
the gratitude of our hearts to thee, the giver of all oiir 
mercies. We devoutly thank thee, O our heavenly Father, 
for our creation, and the bestowment of our natural and 
moral powers — For the gifts and blessings of tliy provi- 
dence, upon which we have subsisted — For the condescend- 
ing tokens of thy spiritual mercy and grace, in permit- 
ting us to worship in thy presence ; and for the^gift, and 
labours, of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

May the opportunity which we have here enjoyed, be 
iiBto us a source of improvement, and a subjej;;t of grateiiil 
remembrance ; and saactif)' our hearts, we entreat thee, 
by the in-pouaings of thy spirit, and dismiss us from this 
place under thy propitious smiUs. 

Through the uneven journey of life, wilt thou direct our 
tjteps; and let tliy mercy and love attend us, aiul smooth 
our path to tJie close of time. In the lust alarms, wilt thou 
sooth our spirits by thy presence, sustain our fainting; 
lieartfiinthe valley of death — And finally, through the in- 
iinite riches of thy grace, conduct us, with the wliole in- 
telligent creation^ to the endless enjoyments of thy low, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

SUPREMELY great and glorious God : We adore thee 
for the revelation of thy nature, which i^love. We thani^ 
thy holy name, that thy kind and watchful providence hatii 
sustained us, and that the bounties of thy divine l^be^alit^' 
have been moot wisely and admirably adauted la all.ou'- 
wants, so that we are bound ingratitude to a-c knowledge 
that our hearts have been filled wkh i.x^H :»;in ..!>.J...... 

I'brough the chansiijig scenp^ atter. 
rtcnce, thou hast been one suppoxte 
tlie silent watches of tlie night, tho 
tonceless lives, and in the return of i 
•lessed us with a renew :t' ' :' 
ind benevolent Father, 
rteviiig of our movuiug £,.,...1 «.»<., . 
.IiiPi*. and l<»t tiie wrjkvnie reiuii. 


lis of our constant, obligation to love and obey thy com- 
mandments. Continue, we entreat thee, the benefactions 
of thy mercy, and direct our feet in the path of duty and 
enjoyment. May our lives be devoted to thy service ; 
and grant, we humbly beseech thee, that thy divine 
wisdom may direct our steps in all the duties of this day ; 
and in faithful obedience to the precepts of thy will, may we 
^j.>cnd tlie residue of our lives. Graciously enable us to 
repent of a>l our sins, and to live soberly, righteously, and 
^odly iufe^the world. Let thy compassion, we hum- 
bly ptay thee, be upon all "the children of thy creation, 
and po'j-r o-ut the spirit of thy grace upon all flesh ; until 
the earth shall be full of "the knowledge of God, and every 
tongue be made vocai with thy praise. And when our 
days shall %)e numbered and finished beneath the sun, wilt 
thou in mercy call us to enjoy the bliss of eternity ; and at 
last to join with anjt-ls^ aad all the ransomicd creation, in 
asciiptionsofunbouncipd glory to Him that sitteth upon the 
throne, and unto the Lamb, forever and ever. — [Here the 
Lord's pray tr may be added :] '^ Our Father^' <fL-c. 

O THOU who inhabitest eternity ; who art a Being of 
* infinite vvisdo-ro, power,»Kndjove ; the great Author of our 
Uve% and of (\11 our blessings. 

We leioice that v/e are permitted to rear a domestic al- 
tar,-- and offer the sacrifice of thankr-giving and praise. 

Thou causest the outgo-ings of the morning and of the 
evening to rejoice, and crownest ouv lives with thy goodness. 

We Would present unto thee the offering of our evening 
graittude (or thy crtr^tive benevolence, and for the innu- 
merable blessings of tliy pi ovidence. ** 

We thank thee J Q our God, for thy pa<ernar carp^^an'! 
faithfulness which imve attended usjhrough thr '^'^'- - 
lliat thou hast brought us in safety to the p 
r^n 1 npvrriittpd US "the privilege of reverently bu' 

iiowi'edge our dependencef and hiunbly to soii- 

inuance of thy m<rrcy., " •"'',' • '^ ' 

raruoii, \v^^ be:.oedi tbecj the multitude -of 

rcs'^ion^* an<! iH (5ie rich-abimdance of thy g, 

"'*'■* thou warm our iv. 

:iv we realise tlie 


thy presence. In mercy wilt thou clcais^c i:s 'rom scci 
faults ; and may it be our chief concern to umioi standi t: ; 
will, and to walk iiv all thy commandments blamelcb^. 
May thy peace abide within our hearts, and may we keep 
the example of thy goodness alway in view ; that we may 
love our enemies, and do good to them that desjutefully c 
and persecute us. Mercifully rememVer. the* poor, ai 
bless all the afflicted of thy creation. May thoee who j. 
blindly puVsuing the paths of iniquity- in search of hap: 
ness, be turned from the folly of their ways to the path * 
the just, which shincth more and more unto the perfect d-^ 
And now, O Lord our God, we commit. ourselves to thu- . 
trusting in tb^v' mercy to protect our slumbering hours, and 
humbly imploring thy grace to assist us in discharging v.ith 
fidelity, the duties of the corning day» and aii the duties of 
life. Through the uneven journey of time, ^ivrlt thou be 
our guide; in the gloomy vale of dftath wilt thou supnc" 
our trembling hearts ; and through the^ iniinite riches c 
thy grace, wilt thou finally crown us, and all the inteli:- 
gent creatio*,' with immoriality and endless life, throun 
Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. Amen. 

OUR Father which art in heave'n ; whob^^' ■ > 
things by the word .of thy power, and for thy good pie: 
Sure, they are, and were created. 

We rejoice that thy character is displayed in thy worV.5 
and revealed in thy word of truth : For the heavens n - 
rlare the glory of thy Vvisdom and power, ajid' the inn' 
merable blessings of thy providence testify i« acccrdavir 
with the^yoiceof inspiration, that thou art geed unto a:' 
and tliy tender mercies are OAer all tiiy \rt»rks. 

In the day of prosperity thou hast to rejoi - 
wji"? gratitude, and in tire hoar of locik un 
thee for comfort and sup}>Gtt. - ♦ 

We ack\iw v. \ O \ ' ^ ' . " 

-nd all the 

LQiit to I/; 


a^d grace ; and hast in mercy taught us, that although ii« 
affliction lor the present seemeth to be joyous, but griev- 
L?us ; yet nevertheless, it afterwards yieldeth the peaceable 
fruits of righteousness to them that are exercised thereby. 
As dependent beings, we desire that thou wouldst suit- 
ably impress our minds with the solemnity of the present 
occasion, and seal instruction to our hearts by the dispen- 
sation in which thou art passing before us. 

Forbid, O most holy Father, that we should visit the 
house of mourning with cold indifference ; but may we be 
solemnh' impressed with a sense of our own frailty, and so 
liumber our days, as to apply our hearts unto wisdom, 
rvlay we be enabled to mingle our sympathies with tiie af- 
flictions of thy mourning children, and while we weep with 
them that weep, may the assurance of a future resurrection 
inspire us with the consoling hope, that the bond of socia,! 
affection will again be renewed and perpetuated in a hap- 
pier and better life. And, O most merciful God, wilt thou 
impart the rich consolations of thy grace and truth, to 
comfort the hearts of those bereaved friends, who are call- 
ed to drop afilictions parting tear over the silent remains 
of kindred dust, and to witness the certain destiny of all 
human glory, and the end of all our sublunary enjoyments. 

We beseech thee to sanctify this aiBictive dispensation 
of thy providence to their spiritual welfare, and render it 
subservient to their improvement in a life of virtue. Wilt 
thou reconcile them to thy will, and in nrercy prepare them 
for whatever may await them in the journey of life, and 
finally, through the infinite riches of thy grace, raise them 
to the enjoyment of the blissful society of their departed 
fiiends, in that house not made with hands, eternal in the 

We would remember before thee, O our God, the case of 
all that mourn, and of all that are ah/icted and oppressed. 
We pray that thou wouldst suit, out of thy tender mercies, 
those blessings and comforts best adapted to their respec- 
tive conditions, and prepare them and ourselves for all the 
changi?s of life : And when we are called to repose in the 
d reary recesses of the tomb, may our spirits find acceptance 
at thy throne, and with all the purchased possession, be 
raised to the everlasting enjoyments of thy love, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. 



Again the Lord of life and light - - 1 

Almighty Maker God - - - - 2 

Again the cheerful beams of day - - 3 

Again our weekly labours end - - - 4 

Ail nature speaks, let men give ear - - 5 

Absurd and vain attempt I to bind - - 6 

Adieu, all earthly things ... 7 

Abide with us, ilie ev'ning shades - - ft 

As showVs on meadows newly mown - T^ 

Arise, and hail the happy day - - - 10 

Angels roll the rock away - - - 11 

Awake the song that gave to earth - - 12 

As the good shepherd gently leads - - 13 

Ah, wretched souls, who strive in vain - - 14 

All nature feels attractive pow'r - - 15 

Affliction's faded form draws nigh - - 16 

A glory gilds tiie sacred page - - 17 

All nature dies, and lives again - - 18 

A God^ a God, the wide earth shouts - 19 

A joyful song to God - ' - - - 20 

Ail hail, mysterious King _ - - 21 

All hail, victorious Saviour, hail - - 22 

Almighty goodness, powV divine - - 23 

AU-pow'rful, self-existent God - - 24 

All hail, redeemia'; Lord - - - 25 

Almighty Maker ! Lord of all - - 2G 

All-seeing God ! 'tis thine to know^ - - 27 

And is the gospel peace and love - - 28 

Author of good I we rest on thee - - 29 

All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name - - 30 

A voice from the desert comes awful and shrill - 31 

Awake, my aoul ! rouse ev'ry pow'r - - 32 

Awake, each .^oul I stretch every nerve - - 33 

Awake, ye saints ! and raise your eyes - '^r] 
Amidst the heav'nly pow'rs sublime 


And will th' eternal King - - - 35 

Are not thy mercies sovVeign still - - 37 

As we advance in wisdom's ways - - 38 

At the portals of thy house - - - 39 

Awake, our drowsy souls - - - 4Q 

Attend each soul with revVent awe - 41 

Affliction is a stormy deep - - - 42 

x'Vnd now my soul, another year - « - 43 

Awake, our souls ; away our fears - - 44 

Awake, each soul ; aw ake, each tongue - 45 

And will the great eternal God - - 46 

Angther fleeting day is gone - - - 47 

Awake, each soul ; and with the sun - 4H 

As the sweet flow'r, which scents the morn - 49 

Awake, and sing the song ... 50 

Afflicted souls, to Christ draw near - - 51 

Aloud we sing the wondrous grace - - 52 

BE thou exalted, O our God - - - 53 

Before Jehovah'^s awful throne - - 54 

Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay - - '55 

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Bless'd Instructor ! from thy ways • - - 57 

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Bless'd is the man who fears the Lord - - 65 

Blow ye the trumpet, blow - - - QQ 

Behoki! the grace appears - - - 67 

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Beginj our tongues, some heav'nly theme - - 69 

Begin, each soul, the lofty strain - _ 70 

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Behold, wdiat wondrous grace - - - 75 

Blest is the man, whose tender care - - 76 


T^lcss'H are the souls who hear and know - - 77 

Hless'd are the sons cf peace - - - 7l> 

Bright source of intellectual rays - - - <9 

By faith may Jesus d.vell _ - - 80 

Behol(] th:tt splendour ! hear the shout - - 81 

Behold, how sinners disagree - - ^'^ 

Behold, the l.Und their si^jht receive - - 83 

Behold the woman's promised seed - - 84 

Borne o'er the ocean's stormy wave - - 85 

BehoM the rising dawn appear - - ^^ 

Behold ilie man ! thus Pilate spake - - 87 

Behold the ^aviour of mankind - - 83 

Bless'd Jesus, when our soarins^ thoughts - - 89 

Ble'ts, O eacli soul, the living God. - - 90 

CELES r lAL worlds 1 your Maker's name - 91 

Come, sound his praise abroad - - ^2 

Come, ye w ho love the Lord - - - 93 

Come, let us search our ways and try - ^^ 

Come unto me, all ye who mourn r, - 95 

Come ! said Jesus' sacred voice - - - 96 

Children of the heav'nly King - - 97 

Christians ! dismiss your fear - - - 9S 

Children in years and knowledge young - ^9 

Come, thou long expected Jesus - - - 100 

Come ! pay the worship God requires - 101 

Come, let us join our cheerful songs - - 102 

Come, sound the trembling lyre once more - 103 

Come, sing a Saviours powV - - - 104 

Come, serve the Lord v/ith love and joy - 10l» 

Come holy spirit, heav'nly dove - - - 106 

Come, O thou universal good - - 107 

Come, sinners, to the iiospel feast - - 108 

Come warship at our Father's feet - - 109 

Come in, ihou bk'ssed. honoured Lord - - 110 

Come, tlioude=ire of all thy saints - - HI 

Calm, my soul, behold tny Saviour - - 112 

Christ, a<: our great Physician, heals - 113 

Come, Zion's daughters, shout and sing - - 114 

Come ye that know and fear the Lord - H-^ 

Com«^ let our hearts on mercy muse - - H^ 

DEEM not that they are bless'd alone - H"^ 


Do we not love thee, O our Lord - . - 118 

Dost thou thy children's name record - 119 

ETERNAL God I Almighty cause - - 120 

Eternal life I how sweet the sound - - 121 

Every attempt of man to gain - - - 122 

Eternal love I how large the sum - - 123 

Eternal Source of life and thought - - 124 

Eternal God, how frail is man - - 12.5 

Eternal Sire, enthroned on high - - 126 

Eternal Source of evVy joy - » - 12 < 

Eternal God, we bless thy name - - 128 

Eternal pow'r. Almighty God - - 129 

Exalted Prince of life, we own - - - 130 

FAR from thy servants, God of Grace - 131 

Father of peace. O turn once more - - 132 

Faith builds upon the evidence - - 133 

Father of mercies ! in thy house - - - 134 

Father, we bless thy gentle hand - - 135 

From thee, O God, our joys shall rise - - 13o 

Frail mortal man cannot conceive - - 137 

Far from our thoughts vain world begone - 138 

Father of all! omniscient mind - - 139 

For thee, O God, our constant praise - - 140 

From all that dwell below the skies - - 141 

Far from mortal cares retreating - - 142 

Far hence each superstition vain - - 143 

Far from these pcenes of night - . - 144 

Father, how wide thy glory shines - - 145 

Forsake, each soul the tents of sin - - 146 

Folly builds high upon the sand - - 147 

Fools in their hearts believe and say - - 148 

Father I ador'd in worlds above - - 149 

Father in heav'n I thy sacred name - - 150 

Father of all I whose caies extend - - 151 

Father of light ! we sing thy name - - 152 

Father of mercies ! in thy word - - 153 

Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss - - 154 

Father divine I before thy view - - 155 

Frail life of man — how short its stay - - 156 

From north to south, from east to west - 157 

GIVE thanks to God most high - - - 158 


Give to our God immortal praise • - 159 

Give to the Lord in cheerful songs • - 160 

God is a spirit, just and wise - - 161 

Great first of beings I mighty Lord - - 162 

Great God, the beav'n's well ordered frame •• 163 

Great God I this tacred day of thine - - 164 

God moves in a mysterious way - - 165 

Great God, at thy command - . - 166 

God of mercy 1 Cod of love - - - 167 

God of our lives I whose bounteous care - - 168 

God. who is ju5t and kind - - -. 169 

God reigns, events in order flow - - - 170 

Grace — 'tis a pleasing sound • - - 171 

Great Former of this various frame - - 172 

Great God, how infinite art thou - - 173 

Great God ! in vain man's narrow view - - 174 

Great God, how vast is thine abode - - 175 

Great God of grace! arise and shine - - 176 

Great God I to thee our grateful tongues - 177 

Great Goi I whose all pervading eye - - 178 

Great God I whose universal sway - - 179 

God is the Lord, the heav'nly King - - 180 

God of our mercy and our praise - - 181 

God of our strength I to thee we cry - - 182 

God, our kind -Master, merciful and just - 183 

Grant us a visit, «J«aiest Lord - - - 184 

Grateful notes and numbers bring - - 185 

Great Father of mankind - - - 186 

Great is the Lord ; his works of might - 187 

Great King of king?, eternal God - - - 188 

Great is the Lord our God - _ - 189 

Great God, we give thee praise - - - 190 

HAIL great Creator, wise and good - - 191 

High in the hen %*n5, eternal God - - - 192 

How happy is tiie man who hears - - 193 

Happy the rnan whose wishes climb - - 194 

Happy the meek, whose gentle breast - - 195 

Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes - 196 

Hail, happ}- morn ! whose early ray - - 197 

Hosanna ! let us join to sing , - - 198 

How bless'd is man, O God - - - 19^ 


How gracious is our God • - - - 200 

How happy is he born and taught - - 20i 

How long shall death the tyrant reign - - 202 

How long shall dreams of eaithl)^ bliss - 203 

How rich thy favoui-s, God of grace - - 204 

How pleasing, Lord, to see - - - 205 
House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring - 206 

Happy the man whose cautious steps - - 207 

Happy the Church, thou sacred place - - 208 

Happy the mind where groces reign - - 209 

Hear what a Saviour's voice . - - 210 

How did our hearts rejoice to hear - - 211 

How large the promise I how divine - - 212 

How does my heart rejoice , - - 213 

How :hall the young secure their heaits - - 214 

How beauteous are their feet - - - 215 

How rich thy bounty, King of kings - - 216 

High let us swell our tuneful notes - - 217 

How pleasing is the scene, how sweet - - 218 

He lives, the great Redeemer lives - - 219 

How vast the benefits divine - - - 220 

Hosanna to the Piince of light - - 221 

I'LL praise my Maker with my breath - - 222 

If solid happiness we prize - - - 223 

Immortal God I on thee we call - - - 224 

Imposture shrinks from light - - - 225 

In all thy dealings, gracious God - - 226 

In the soft seasbji of thy youth - - 227 

Is there on earth a nobler name - - - 228 

I am the first, and I the last - - v. 229 - 

Infinite excellence is thine - - - 230 

In God's eternity _ - - - 231 

Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way - - - 232 

In social temples here vve meet - - 233 

In songs of highest praise - - - - 234 

I sing the gospel day - - - - 235 
Indulgent Father ! how divine ... 236 

Indulgent God I whose bounteous Care • 237 

Is there a lone and dreary hour - - . 23o 

In that great day, when JeSus comes - - 239 

^»ra (saith Christ) your glorious head - - 240 

A TAin.E. 

In glory bright the Siiviour rcij^ns 
yEkiOVAH Ciodl thy gracious pow'r 
Joy to the world, the Lord is come 
Jehovah bids the morning ray- 
Jesus, tlie friend of man 
Jesus, all hail 1 thou risen Saviour, hail 
Jesus, thou everlasting King - 
Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace 
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Jesus I we love thy charming name 
Jesus his empire shall extend - 
Jesus, thou Sun of love divine 
Jesus our King, his sceptre sways 
Join ev'ry heart and cv'ry tongue - 
KIND Lord, before thy face 
Keep silence all created things 
LOVE is the strongest tie 
Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness speak 
Lift your voice and joyful sing 
Lo ! God is here ; let us adore 
Long have we sat beneath the sound • 
Lord ! dismiss us with thy blesshig 
Lord of the Sabbath ; bear our vows - 
Lord of the worlds above - 
Lord thou art good I all nature shows - 
Let children hear the might}' deeds 
Let men of high conceit and zeal 
Let party names no more - 
Let the whole race of creatures lie 
Look round, O man ! Eurvey this globe 
Lord, how resplendent shines thy grace 
Lord ! thou hast searched and seen us thro 
Lord, we adore thy vast designs 
Lord I we adore thy wondrous name 
Lord ! we would make thy word our joy 
Lord, who's tlie happy man tliat may 
Let songs of praise from ail below 
Lift your glad voices in triumph on high 
Life is a span, a fleeting hour 
Lord, what our ears have heard 
Let hratJiens to thtir i'^.oh haste 


Let v'iy movtal ear a I lend 

Let earth and heav'n agree 

Let sorrow, Lord our bosoms fill - 

Jjct pure dev'Oticii rise 

Lo ! what a glorious sight appears 

Lord, vxiiat was man when made at first 

Lord I when our thoughts delighted rcve 

L'.uul let the tuncfnl trumpet sound 

5IOIITALS, awake, with angels join 

My sold, repeat bis praise 

My leilow sinners hear - - - 

IMay all ourpow'rs of ndnd - - 

]\Terehur/ia!i pow'rs shall fast decay 

My life's a shade, w»y days 

My soul, bow lovely is the place 

My God I my King 1 O may thy praise 

Mistaken souls that dream of heav'n 

Mark the soft- falling snow 

My Father ! I adore - - - 

My God, the covenant of thy love 

My God* the steps of pious men 

My soul forbear on transient things 

My Maker, and my King 

Maker of earth, shall man despise 

My soul shall bless thee, O my God 

?4ark how the swift-wing'd minutes f.y 

?>lust friends and kindred droop and die 

My God permit us not to be - 

My Sovereign, to thy throne 

KOT by the terrors of a slave 

Not to the terrors of the Lord 

^S'ovv- we can read our title clear 

Now let our souls, on wings sublime 

Naked as from the earth we came 

No war ror battle's sound 

No peticr our starving souls can find 

Not to our names, thou only just and true 

Not from dark fate's relentless tomb 

Now to the Lord a noble song • 

Now let our voices join 

-Vow shall our souls with pleasure raise 


Now to the Lord uho built the 5»kies 

Now let our inward joys arise 

Now to our Gmi let praises rise 

Now let a pure ambition rise 

Now in the form of Jesus, we 

Now blessing, honour, t^lorVf praise 

0*E11 mountain tops, the rRount of God - 

O for a shout of sacred joy 

O for a thousand tongues to sing 

O God of grace, before thy throne 

O Lord I our heav'nly King 

On Zion, his most holy mount 

O thou, whose pow'r the mountains form'd 

O, 'tis a lovely thing to see 

Our heav'nly Father's calls 

O Zion, tune thy voice - • 

O for a sweet inspiring ray 

O haste the time, thou Prince of peace 

O for an overcoming faith 

On Jordan's stormy banks we stand 

O Christ, what gracious words 

O how transporting, how divine 

O the transcendent love 

O bless the Lord, our souls 

O come, loud anthems let us sing 

O how delightful is the road 

O sing to the Lord a new song 

O Source of uncreated light 

O thou to whom all creatures bow 

O thou, whose powV o'er moving worlds presid 

O God ! when we, to praise thy name 

O God I on thee wc all depend 

O God I to thee we raise our eyes 

O hear us, Lord ! to thee we call 

On God supreme our hope depend?. 

Our country is Immanuel's ground 

Out of the depth of sad distress 

O could we soar to worlds above 

O God ! accept the sacred hour 

O thou, before whose gracious throne 

OiXi Lord is risen from the d«ad 


PARENT of life, In ev'ry age 
Parent of nature, God supreme 
Plung'd in a guli of dark despair 
Patience, O what a grace divine 
Praise ye the Lord ; let praise employ 
Praise to God, the great Creator 
Praise to thee, thou great Creator 
Perpetual Source of light and grace 
Praise, everlasting praise be paid 
RAISE your triumphant songs 
Kejoice, believer, in the Lard 
Return, each roving heart, return 
Rise ev\y heart and ev'ry tongue 
Rivers from Jesus flow 
SING to the Lord, Jehovah'*s name 
Sing to the Lord, who loud pioclainis 
Sleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cares 
Soon will our fleeting hours be past 
Sweet is the work, O God ! our King 
Salvation ! O the joyful sound 
** See how he lov'd I" exclaimed the Jews 
Shine forth, eternal Source of light - 
Shine en our souls, eternal God 
Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands 
Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord 
Supreme and universal light 
Supreme in wisdom, love, and grace 
Sweet is the friendly voice 
Sec Israel's shepherd stand 
See, from the ark, the mystic dove 
See I thebrjglit Monarch of the sky 
Shout I for the blessed Jesus reigns 
So did the Hebrew prophet raise 
So let our lips and lives express 
Send down thy blessing, gracious Lord 
Shout to God, in strains immortal 
TO God we'll raise an ev'ning song 
The glorious Lord, thy works proclaim 
The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord 
The heav'n of heav''ns cannot contain 
There is a God, all nature speaks 

A TABLE. • * 

The Lord descended from above - * 403 

The spacious firmament on high - - 406 

Thine influence, mighty God ! is felt - 407 

This is the day the Lord hath made - - 408 

Thy kingdom, Lord, forever stands - - 409 

Thy gracious aid, great God impart - * • 410 

'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand - 411 

To God, of ev'ry good the spring • - -412 

Thus the eternal Father spake • • 413 

Tiie Lord in powV and wisdom reigns • - 414 

The Saviour calls I let ev'ry ear - - 415 

These glorious minds, how blight they shine - 416 

Teach us, O teach us, Lord ! thy way - 417 

Thanks be to God, the Lord - - - 418 

The common Parent, Lord of all - - 419 

The darkenM sky — how thick it lov/is - - 420 

The earth and all the heav'nly frame - 421 

The evils that beset our path - - - 42? 

The Lord, how tender in his love - • - 423 

The morn of lifr, how fair and gay - - 424 

The mighty God who rolls the spheres - - 425 

The short liv'd day declines in haste - - 426 

The traveller, lost in night - - • 427 

There is a land of pure delight - - 428 

'I here is forgiveness, Lord ! with thee - • 429 

These mortal joys, how soon they fade - 430 

Though ev'ry grace our speech adornVl - - 431 

Thou, Lord ! through ev'ry changing scene • 432 

Thrice happy men, w^ho, born fiom heav'n - 43Jf 

Through all the v a ncms shifting scene • -434 

Through endless years thou art the sama - - 435 

'ihus saith the first and great command • 436 

Thy wisdom, powV and goodness. Lord - - 437 

To calm the sorrows of the mind - • 438 

The triflip.gjoys this world can give - 430 

To thee, our hearts, eternal King - - 440 

To thee, O God ! we homage pay - - 441 

To those bright realms we lift our e3-es • 442 

Twas God who formed the rolling spheres - 443 

The hour of my departure's come - - 444. 

The rising morn, tire closing day - - 445 


'Twas on that dark and monrnful night 

Thy presence, ever»living God 

Thine is the throne, beneath thy reign 

The great Jehovah reigns 

Thus to believers, while below 

To God the only wise 

To God, the great redeeming cause 

To our Redeemer's glorious name 

The righteous Lord, supremely great 

" This do in mem'ry of your friend" 

This is the fast the Lord doth choose 

Thus saith the high and lofty One 

Thy name. Almighty Lord 

Thy presence, Lord, gives pure delight 

Thy goodness. Lord I our souls confess 

Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design 

'Tisby the faith of joys to come 

To our Almighty Maker God 

To your Creator God - - - 

Thy benediction Lord 

UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb 

Upward we lift ouv eyes - 

WE bless thee for this sacred day 

We sing the Almighty powV of God 

Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hope 

Weak and irresolute is man ' - 

We would not seek, with God our friend 

What works of wisdom, pow'r and love 

When darkness long has veiled the mind 

When fancy spreads her boldest wings 

When gloomy thoughts and boding fears 

When he, who from the scourge of wrong 

When reft of all, and hopeless care 

We love the volumes of thy word 

Welcome, thou day of rest 

Welcome the hope of IsraeTs race 

When the last trumpet's awful voice 

When sickness shakes the languid frame 

Wherefore should man, frail child of clay 

While thee we seek, protecting Pow'r - 

Why should we waste, in trifling cares 


Why sinks tl'L- weak dcsjviiulinj mind - " 48/ 

"Willi Ood our liieiui, tlie radiant sun - * -^^'j 

"With FoiliiS and honours -Ov.Qding loud * 4i)'« 

Wesii^tliy meicy, Ood of love - * ^''^ 

When youth is snatcird away • - 401 

Wheuin obedience to their Lord - * ^ *-^ 

With warm atteciioii let us view - - - 4. .> 

What heav'nly wisdom has bestowM - - 494 

Whatbeautcous visions, clear and bright - - 4;^^ 

Withsacrcdioy we lilt our eyes - - 49ti 

Wbeu Ood revealM his gracious name - - 4j t 

When marshaliVl oji the ni;;htly plain - - 49o 

When Ttod descends with men to dwell - - 49'J 

When oji astonisli'd eyes behold - • ^^^ 

When wc survey this world - " " ^ 

When will the eyelids of that morn - - ^02 

Vt'lieu -inners quit thi'ir wicked ways - - 50j 

Whil:- with remorse and woe oppress'd • 504 

When we surve}^ the wondrous cross - - ^0^ 

WhiJi* thou«;hllcss sinners rlioosc - - '50t> 

Why are our hearrsso cold - - - 50 1 

Why tlius dejected, O my soul - • 50u 

With erstaCy of joy - - - - •309 

"Wait evVy boul your Maker's will - - olO 

Why do we mourn departing friends - - 511 

Why should we start, and fear to die - - 512 

YE uations round the earth rejoice • - 51J 

Yc sons of men, in sacred lays - - 514 

Ye sons of men ! with joy record - - 515 

Ye tribes ol' Adam join - - - 51 *> 

Te %%'ork5of God I on him alone - - 517 

Ye :;ol(lcn lamps of heav'n farewell - - 518 

Ye humble so^ls I who seek the Loril - - 519 

Yet a few years, or days perhaps - - 520 

Yft foU'wers of the Prince of peace - - 521 

Ye favoured children of the Lord - - 522 

Ye humble souls, approach your God - - 523 

Ye humble souls, complain no more • » 524 

ZEAL is that pure and heavenly ilame • 525 


PRAISE ye the Lord with tuneful voice, J 

Aloud in Christ, the Son, rejoice : * 

Let angels join the solemn lay, ^ 

And shout an everlasting day. ^ 

C. M. j 

Praise ye the Lord in strains sublime» J 

Who dwells in boundless light ; f 

Whose grace and truth through ev'ry clime,^ 

Gives peace and pure delight. 
S. M. ^ 

Praise God, the sovereign King, 

For life's immortal word ; 
Let the redeemed shout, and sing 

Their Saviour and their God. 
H. M. 

Now to the God of love, 

Whose mercies still endure ; 

The Saviour from above, 

Who taught devotion pure ; 
Be endless praise, and glory giv'n, 
By all on earth, and all in heav n. 

8, 8, 6 M. 
Praise God, whose love and mercy flow^ 
To all his creatures here below. 

Nor hides his smiling face : 
Let deathless honours crown his Son, 
And ev'ry harp to music strung, 

While saints admire his grace. 

8, 7s M. 
Shout to God I tiie great Creator, 

Let his praise your tongues employ ; 
Chant high honors to the Saviour ; 

Strains of universal joy. 
7s M. 
Praise, O praise the God of love ; 
Praise the Saviour from above ; 
Praise the Spirit of his grace ; 
Praise him, all ye raftfom''d race 



' *^^''